New guns effectively banned in California

California has effectively banned the sale of all new guns after Attorney General Kamala Harris officially certified a law that will require all new semiautomatic handguns to use technology that stamps identifying information on bullet casings. Since gun manufacturers are not likely to spend money retrofitting their entire production lines, California has effectively banned the sale of all new guns.

Firing Self-defense HandgunThe law, which was initially signed back in 2007 by then governor Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, was delayed because of patents on the technology. On Friday, the Attorney General of California certified the law, becoming the first state in the country to require new guns use this stamping technology.

The “microstamping” act requires every new handgun produced or brought into the state of California to have a special firing pin that will stamp a serial number onto the primer of a round.

In reality, this technology will do nothing to prevent crime and will never be implemented, making the sale of all new guns into California illegal. In minutes a criminal could easily bypass this technology by filing the firing pin which would completely remove the stamp, rendering the technology completely useless. Despite this, California is pressing on with the new law.

Attorney General Harris was quoted saying “This very important technology will help us as law enforcement in identifying and locating people who improperly and illegally use and discharge firearms.”

That’s all nice and well, but who in their right mind believes a criminal is going to buy one of these self identifying weapons? What about the millions of illegal guns streaming over the Mexican border into California?

In my opinion, this is just another example of punishing law-abiding gun owners and yet again infringing on our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves. Since the law does nothing to stop illegal guns, nothing to go after the criminal gangs who are selling them, and doesn’t prevent criminals from bypassing the technology, there is little doubt what this laws really about – one more step towards banning all guns.

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  1. the concept that NO gun manufacturer will retrofit their production line is pure speculation, fear mongering at best. and while I doubt this will make any change in gun crime rate, assuming criminals wont get their hands on one of these guns is also speculation, you think criminals do background checks to see where their weapons came from? this dosnt infringe on second amendment rights either, no ones taking away your guns and nothing is saying you need to retrofit your old ones, and even if you did, all that would need to be replaced is the firing pin.

    take off the damn tinfoil hat.

    • It’s so sad how many people have been brainwashed by this government into giving away their rights. No gun company is going to completely change how they make guns for the idiots in California. This is a ban.

      You are either severely ignorant or some government troll sent out to sway the idiots who still believe the garbage your selling.

      • throughout history bad ideas have become laws….. the seatbelt laws were litterally sponsored,marketed and lobbied by the company that manufactured the nylon seat belts making themselves quite wealthy…. sure they save lives but they remove our freedom of choice and interfere with natural selection…. the people that came up with this new gun laws are doing NOTHING to prevent crime…people will just use revolvers and take the casings with them if they are doing crimes…. but it will punish law abiding citizens which makes it easier for them to be Victimized by both criminals and now their Governments any A Hole that votes yes for this crap does NOT care about the daughters and wives of Californians and should be frowned upon as if they were as bad as the criminals……for they are making it easier for the Criminals and harder on the good people. I curse your Freedom stealing Politicians familys with Full Blown Aids and anal cancer.

      • You’re right they won’t change how they make guns nor are they required to the firing pin comes out of every firearm in America. Center fire rim fire. The way around this is electricity. Remington experimented with an electronic firing pin that never hits the primer just makes enough contact to discharge

    • Your name does not fit your response.
      It wouldn’t matter if every manufacturer retrofitted their line.., criminals will alter them as they do pin# on a vehicle.
      Also, if they go off the NY newspaper the Journal, and use their interactive map of addresses of gun owners, and burglarize their homes, stealing weapons, and let’s say these weapons were retrofitted, how will this law stop them from using that gun?
      This whole debate is avoiding the actual criminal, and punishing law abiding gun owners.
      This nonsense puts gun owners at a disadvantage by implementing exuberant fees, regulations, and thus forcing UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws upon them, not the criminal!
      Do you even know what the 2ndAmendment stands for, and how it became, obviously not by your uneducated response.
      ” no ones taking away your guns..” you say…, oh really?
      Have you read Feinsteins legislation the Prez and Vice were pushing.., do you think they have dropped this?
      Have you seen bills being voted on now, like here in IL.? Bill 1002
      A uneducated, misguided proposal that will take ones private property (magazines) and if one does not reply, they will be arrested as felons!
      Criminals get a better deal with repeated violent crime here!!!
      Banning weapons, magazines, or ammo IS taking away our property, our rights, and any ability to protect our families as we see fit, not how some politician sitting in an office with armed body guards sees fit!
      Get a grip, and try researching before you make a fool of yourself.

    • If I were a bad guy I would just use a revolver, or if I was determined to use a semi-auto I would just steal one, or buy an older model, or obtain one from out of state.

      This new law is just another in a continual string of never ending restrictions these “do-nothing but feel good” micromanagers of the public like to implement to create the Utopia they envision.

      These people will never be satisfied with making rules for the rest of the world to live by because they know all the correct answers for all the worlds problems and they start with “G” and it rhymes with guns.

      As C. S. Lewis said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.”

    • Your proof that “common sense” really isn’t so common. You just proved yourself an idiot in your own post. If a firing pin can be changed so easily to make it legal, then can’t it be changed just as easily to remove it? Or better yet, like the article says- file it. Go eat some beef so you can gain enough iron to form some red blood cells to think this over a lot more.

    • Common Sense,

      Are you for real? Obama already banned the import of new guns through presidential order. Now California does this? They legalize pot. This Government want’s to have a complaicent population that is stoned and stupid. “Not implying that pot makes you stupid”. Just, saying that is what they want.

      Does no one read History, or even the statements about Liberty that the founding fathers made? The Second Amendment is the peoples liberties teeth. “Ring a bell”. It was NEVER about hunting, or SAVING LIVES, criminals will still have guns, only law abiding citizens will be effected, in essence, making the criminals in the process.

    • Your handle is best described as bitterly ironic.

      I would suggest you find some of that “common sense” that by your handle you tacitly claim to have plenty of. Let me help:

      While I have no doubt that at some point, a small handful of firearm manufacturers will implement this technology but the majority won’t since the California firearms market is only so big.

      Secondly, at this moment and for the foreseeable future, the vast majority of firearms cannot be legally purchased by the citizens of California. How exactly is that not an infringement of the 2nd amendment?

      Lastly, when you attempt to make a persuasive post on a forum, I would suggest the following:

      -Try separating your sentences into.. well.. SENTENCES instead of one long run-on sentence with a buttload of commas. Also, try using spell check. When your writing is sloppier than my 7 year old’s, people tend to not take you very seriously.

      -Make sense. Stating that this law doesn’t infringe on the 2nd amendment and then following that up with a statement about how criminals won’t obey the law isn’t terribly persuasive.

      -Shut up. STFU. Don’t write a post the next time you’re thinking about posting. We could have been spared your incredibly stupid, uninformed and ignorant comment if you had done something else instead of commenting. The next time you have the urge to take a dump on the internet like you did here, instead of cobbling together some words and commas try filling up a large spaghetti pot with water. Set it on the stove and turn on the burner. Once the water is boiling, stick your head in.

      You’re welcome.

    • Tin foil? What are you wearing, blinders? Currently, the firing pin is one of cheapest parts of the hand gun. “Its just the firing pin” implies a total overhaul of the manufacturing process from semi skilled workers taking a part out of a bin and slipping it into place and stamping a serial number after the gun completes assembly to a logistic nightmare just to coordinate the gun serial number to the firing pin stamp. Now, what happens when the firing needs to be replaced? Who maintains this database? All of this of course as you admit will not deter any violent crime and traceability will be hit and miss The net effect will be to make semi auto pistols much more expensive. Few companies will be willing to change and those that do will double to treble their price of guns destined for California because they can. The DOJ doesn’t have the manpower or computer programs to process sex registrants change of address forms let alone changing firing pins. (semi automatics have a nasty habit of breaking them). So we have a law that will not achieve its stated purpose and whose major effect will be to make semi automatic pistols rarer in California and financially out the reach of the poor. But, why do the poor need to defend themselves for, they have you.

    • Are you really that stupid? I should be able to buy a gun in a gun store in California, as in, when I put down the cash, it’s MINE. This crap about “microstamping” and making people pay a tax for a “permit” to buy ammunition, is pure anti-American chutzpah. So screw you and your “microstamping” scheme. It’s just a measure of attrition to try to prevent Americans from buying weapons.

    • The problem is that a serial number will not fit on the head of a firing pin. Therefore it can’t be stamped on a primer. So making something a law that can’t be done means that none of the guns can meet the standard and therefore no guns are legal. And even if the individually serialized firing pins could be produced, criminals would simply change them out with firing pins bought online from other states at a cost of $5.00. So while you law abiding citizens have complied, once again your criminals have not. And, once again the only people punished are the honest ones. If Cali wants to get serious about gun crimes, put to death every person that uses a gun in a crime and is convicted by a jury.

    • You are a total dumbshit. If you did some research you would find out that not even the patent holder of the microstamping tech believes it’s viable. It was created for a different purpose altogether. This is like ruling that all new cars must be self-driving because the tech exists. All car lots would soon be empty. And, if laws stopped crime, we wouldn’t have police.

      There is a reason they call violators criminals…they don’t obey the law you moron. Also, the top 3 manufacturers have clearly stated they will not make incremental investments to satisfy one nanny state. I hope they also refuse to sell to CA law enforcement so they have no means of protecting your stupid ass.

    • There is! But i don’t know why they still allow this hot, dry weather to evaporate our water supply. They must be making money on it somehow!

  2. While I disagree with it. I don’t think it will be a total killer it’s not like the whole gun has to be remade it’ll just mean some guns will go to Cali some to the rest. It will actually put a strain on every one else. There are to many people in Cali for manufactures to ignore. I’d be interested in what the supremes

    • Combine this bill with the lead ban they’re pushing and say goodbye to guns in California. I agree some manufacturers might retrofit the CA guns, but eventually these laws will make it impossible to do business there.

  3. California. …..should break off the continental US and just float away so its stupidity doesn’t spread to the rest of the country. What Idiots thinking micro stamping is gonna stop crime. I don’t know…how about punishing the actual criminal and not the law abiding citizens. Just a thought!!!!!!

    • It’s not about stopping crime. If crime were to stop they (i.e. California’s government) would be out of business – no more prisons, no more police force(s), etc.

      It’s about disarming the public.

  4. This is great. All the criminals have to do now is go to a firing range and pick up spent cartridges with microstamped primors. Then when they commit their next crime, they use a revolver (that doesn’t discard cartridges) and I drop the ones they picked up at the range. Awesome… the state of Kalifornia has given criminals the perfect means of framing someone.

    • You have obviously not been to a shooting range lately brass get scooped up before it hits the ground not to mention it is only one means to use to incriminate. This is a bogus law but not for that reason

      • I was at the shooting range last week. There are spent cartridges laying everywhere. Some on the floor/ground, some in the buckets. But, you missed the point. “Knowing” who originally legally purchased a gun is useless. Repeat criminals don’t use guns that were legally purchased in their name.

        • I get it but it doesn’t mean it’s valid the same argument could be made for DNA or fingerprints wouldn’t be easier to take 1/1000th of a inch off the pin. A person could come up with a million ways to “frame” someone this is a more ridiculous one

  5. Ditto Shannon’s comment.
    Plus, any crim could pre-stamp a number, so the casing would have more than one on it. Then what ??
    With ridiculously low police numbers now who’s going to administer a serial # database ?
    Stolen ammo ? What are they going to do ? Jail the legal owner ?
    Will the police, gov’t entitiies and military have to stamp theirs too ?
    What about reloading with old existing cases?

    No, the whole thing falls apart at every turn as was to be expected when laws are created as knee-jerk responses by rabid gun-fearing clowns.

    The ONLY way out of the big mess that is the USA is for the whole citizenry to rise up and VOTE every last clown out of office AND ensure no vote rigging occurs. Beyond that, you’re all screwed.

  6. Only a dumb bastard would think that politicians would front a nation’s constitution face on – instead they connive and manipulate to circumvent process and achieve he same end.
    Does that not mean they are traitors?
    In the police state of Australia – WE suffered two direct assaults on firearm ownership (not crime) with continual restrictions and obfuscations at every opportunity to frustrate people to the point where they simply give up. Why anybody in their right mind would bother to help our respective nations, or worse – bother to defend is beyond my comprehension. The end result of their efforts is to leave traitors within our nations to ‘whiteant’ it from within. A wise move would be to enlist your armed forces for them in unison with civilians to take a stand and say ENOUGH.
    Civil insurrection of that kind would likely be effective and end the reign of selfish traitors and restore the rapidly dissolving liberties that remain. Peter Cunningham

  7. I need to start up a company that buys guns from the manufacturer , fires off a round or two in each then sell’s them “used”.

  8. So all criminals do is go back the revolver which does NOT spit out any cartridges at the crime scene. I think Politicians should have to wear special shoes with a foot print, so where ever they go we will know where they went. Or an GPS Ankle Bracelet, so when they come anywhere near us, we can be armed before they can do any more damage to us.

  9. Oh, great!
    Now when a psycho with his stolen micro-stamp equipped gun barges into an elementary school and murders 23 children then kills himself….. we’ll know who did it.
    Thanks, libs. We never would have known who did it.

  10. We need to build a fence to keep more of this idiocy from leaking to other western states…They have ruined places like Colorado over the last thirty years by fleeing the liberal utopia they have legislated…

  11. maybe now we can get rid of Darrel Steinberg and the rest of the MORONS who would do the world a favor if they used a gun on THEMSELF!

  12. well the real problem is people who “ilegally” Discharge their firearms do not normally legally buy their ammo its a good thought but only another thing to make guns look and sound bad, if guns are dangerous then so is every thing and everything you can hurt a person with right? Are finger nails will be a minimum of one mm in the future to insure we do not cause harm or our fingers will be rubber banned together in public or some wierd law lol

  13. And I seem to remember when this whole micro stamping farce was first being tossed around, a number of forensic firearm experts stating that micro stamping won’t make any difference in catching criminals or make their jobs any easier. But hey, why bother listening to the actual experts who, you know, actually are involved in the investigation of guns used in crimes?

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