California Doctors warn Bubonic Plague could hit Los Angeles after Typhus Outbreaks

Talk show host/doctor Drew Pinsky, who predicted the current typhus outbreak infecting Los Angeles residents is now warning bubonic plague could soon sweep through Los Angeles and push out into the rest of the country.

Pinsky was been taking to the airways trying to alert the public to the incredible danger politicians have allowed to let grow out of control on the streets of Los Angeles where homeless encampments, human feces, and hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage now litter the streets.

“This is unbelievable. I can’t believe I live in a city where this is not Third World. This is medieval,” Pinsky said, according to Fox News. “Third World countries are insulted if they are accused of being like this. No city on Earth tolerates this. The entire population is at risk.”

According to CBS News, The city of Los Angeles is grappling with deteriorating sanitation problems, as an increase in homeless camps and illegally dumped trash have created conditions for rats and other vermin to infest L.A. City Hall. As we reported earlier in the year, infectious diseases, some that haven’t been seen since Medieval times, are running through homeless communities throughout Los Angles and starting to spread to residents and city workers. For months Los Angeles has been experiencing a major outbreak of typhus—a sanitation-related disease spread by infected fleas on rats and other animals.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” Pinsky told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “We have the three prongs of airborne disease; tuberculosis is exploding, rodent-borne. We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down.”

Fears of bubonic plague outbreak growing throughout Southern California

Pinsky said bubonic plague — also known as the “Black Death,” a pandemic that killed off millions in the 14th century — is “likely” already present in Los Angeles. The plague is spread by infected fleas and exposure to bodily fluids from a dead plague-infected animal, with the bacteria entering through the skin and traveling to lymph nodes.

Sadly, liberals know they have created the problem and even know that the bubonic plague is probably inevitable but and instead of coming up with solutions to the filth they have allowed to take over their cities they are already getting ready to shift the blame to Climate Change. Yep, that’s how delusional or possibly evil these people are; instead of fixing the homeless problem that is causing these diseases to spread they are already blaming global warming for the coming outbreak of bubonic plague.

In a report published in the LA Times, journalist and author David K. Randall’s breaks down how climate change creates a perfect storm for some of the key factors behind outbreaks of the plague. “Any climate change conditions that increase the number of fleas [also increase] the distribution of plague,” said Dr. Janet Foley, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at UC Davis.

This is a guy who lives in the city, sees the problem, but writes an article blaming climate change; you can’t make this shit up!

Speaking of Shit…

“The hygiene situation is just horrendous” for people living on the streets, says Glenn Lopez, a physician with St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, who treats homeless patients in Los Angeles County. “It becomes just like a Third World environment, where their human feces contaminate the areas where they are eating and sleeping.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted how California was once a gem, an example of the American dream in action and how it has now become hollowed out with decay thanks to liberal policies.


  1. Thanks for the report (and warning).
    Wikipedia has some good info on the Bubonic Plague. A “must read”.

    • It’s not so much the illegals but mostly lifestyle and/or the lack of interest by LA to address the problem of homelessness.

      • On illegals, quite the opposite. (I heard, take it for what it’s worth…) that Los Angeles county has absorbed 800,0000 aliens (illegals and otherwise) and they FOUND places to stay – family, friends, shelters, etc. Homeless is mostly US citizens. The average homeless period for someone who doesn’t want to be homeless is less than three months. The remainder are “chronic” homeless (choice by lifestyle/mental state/etc.) or drug users. We have to accept the fact that some will choose to be homeless and set up a support infrastructure for sanitation and at least some human services. The cost, if we allow this to follow the natural course will be disastrous.

        • I can verify this. My ex, when given a choice to live with family, chose to live on the street. He likes the FREEDOM

        • We have new neighbors that just moved here from Los Angeles and they say the same thing. It’s not the illegals, it’s the homeless population. A lot of mental illness and drug addiction.

        • Very accurate statement, born and raised in So. CA. from experience with homeless and those who don’t want to be, the average time to get off the street is 3 mos. The time frame has increased since the 1990’s. But those who stay, it’s definately a life choice and a learned life style. Politicians have never cared about the growing homeless problem. Gov Grey Davis, Swartzeneger, including whom they have now. Mayor Bono of Palm Springs before passing, was leading politicians to care about their cities. But since Sonny’s passing, the messages have been lost, typhoid and bubonic are only the begining. How can the leaders of So. CA. With good conscence say it’s global warming, when in fact it’s pure neglect. A mother on drugs who neglects her child and death occurs is imprisoned, why do not the same rules apply to a politician when they neglect the needs of the So. CITIES in CA. and death occurs.

          • So true,. Especially when they are encouraging the hispan I c influx,. In Mayor Pete’s city of South Bend housing costs are exhorbitant!! Middle class people cannot afford such costly housing!!! Seniors cannot afford very expensive housing either!!!

    • The homeless problem has been increasing since the 80’s…they are u.s. citizens and have nothing to do with “illegals”…do your research…the homeless problem is a epidemic throughout the U.S. not only L.A. alone…

      • Some of the homelessness is caused by the greed of. House buyers that ask for very expensive rent rates. Not everyone makes thousands of dollars a month to pay rent and other housing costs!!!

  2. Google this fact sheet:

    From the State of California California Department of Public Health
    Health and Human Services Agency Division of Communicable Disease Control


    What is plague?
    Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. Historically,
    plague caused thousands of deaths throughout Europe during the 6th and 14th centuries.
    Today, plague in humans is rare in the United States and can be treated effectively with antibiotics if diagnosed early.”

    If I were the proof reader I would only make a small change to the opening narrative.
    Plague killed close to 10 million. This is not a “we have a trivial issue” here. Quit treating it as trivial. Get some sense of urgency – this is going to be expensive to rectify now, but within a year the cost – if plague goes full bore – could cost the entire nation a whole lot more.

  3. These are chronic homeless which have been given the protection by local government. How these officials will sleep at night once an outbreak happens is beyond me. In most cities, homeless are removed for sanitary reasons because it does in fact, pose a health risk. People in California have to be the most simple minded in the country. This will be on their hands, no one else.

    • On their own hands only if they keep it quarantined. Also climate change? How come those in tropical and subtropical countries are still alive? Amazing. There is a real deception that compassion is letting anyone do what they desire and don’t hurt feelings. I lean a little harder toward tough love that may hurt your feelings – but will help you stay alive so you can call me a fascist longer.

    • The Demonrats are responsible for this Plague. Their complete mismanagement of Homeless People, and allowing them to live in filth like Seventeenth Century Peasants/Serfs IS responsible. Everyone who dies going forward is doing so because scum like Nancy Piglosi and the rest of the Demonrats. Eric Swalwell et al….They have turned California into a Third World $hithole.

      • I totally agree everyone wants to blame our prezident, wake up people it can affect the entire world nancy pelosi is a dirt bag clean up the mess you have the money

      • Same reason there is a disease threat after any major catastrophe: hurricane, tsunami, earthquake… Interruption of basic potable water and sanitary services, power, and communications. Control and transportation structures are compromised. Medical services are taxed beyond capability and medical assistance is delayed – hours to days. The injured become centralized and in a weakened state. If the event is really bad, dead animals, wet debris, etc. etc.

  4. What really needs to happen is to stop worrying so much about people in other countries and providing them with health care and free education and focus all our efforts on taking care of our own house. Let’s fix the people that live here in squabble before we take in more. Don’t we owe it to them above anyone else?

  5. It is sad that Pelosi and other Dems in California do not do anything for the legal Americans in LA , SF and other cities in our country. Shame on Dems!

  6. Did global warming also cause the bubonic plague that killed 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia in the Middle Ages?

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