California Doctors warn Bubonic Plague could hit Los Angeles after Typhus Outbreaks

Talk show host/doctor Drew Pinsky, who predicted the current typhus outbreak infecting Los Angeles residents is now warning bubonic plague could soon sweep through Los Angeles and push out into the rest of the country.

Pinsky was been taking to the airways trying to alert the public to the incredible danger politicians have allowed to let grow out of control on the streets of Los Angeles where homeless encampments, human feces, and hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage now litter the streets.

“This is unbelievable. I can’t believe I live in a city where this is not Third World. This is medieval,” Pinsky said, according to Fox News. “Third World countries are insulted if they are accused of being like this. No city on Earth tolerates this. The entire population is at risk.”

According to CBS News, The city of Los Angeles is grappling with deteriorating sanitation problems, as an increase in homeless camps and illegally dumped trash have created conditions for rats and other vermin to infest L.A. City Hall. As we reported earlier in the year, infectious diseases, some that haven’t been seen since Medieval times, are running through homeless communities throughout Los Angles and starting to spread to residents and city workers. For months Los Angeles has been experiencing a major outbreak of typhus—a sanitation-related disease spread by infected fleas on rats and other animals.

“We have a complete breakdown of the basic needs of civilization in Los Angeles right now,” Pinsky told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “We have the three prongs of airborne disease; tuberculosis is exploding, rodent-borne. We are one of the only cities in the country that doesn’t have a rodent control program, and sanitation has broken down.”

Fears of bubonic plague outbreak growing throughout Southern California

Pinsky said bubonic plague — also known as the “Black Death,” a pandemic that killed off millions in the 14th century — is “likely” already present in Los Angeles. The plague is spread by infected fleas and exposure to bodily fluids from a dead plague-infected animal, with the bacteria entering through the skin and traveling to lymph nodes.

Sadly, liberals know they have created the problem and even know that the bubonic plague is probably inevitable but and instead of coming up with solutions to the filth they have allowed to take over their cities they are already getting ready to shift the blame to Climate Change. Yep, that’s how delusional or possibly evil these people are; instead of fixing the homeless problem that is causing these diseases to spread they are already blaming global warming for the coming outbreak of bubonic plague.

In a report published in the LA Times, journalist and author David K. Randall’s breaks down how climate change creates a perfect storm for some of the key factors behind outbreaks of the plague. “Any climate change conditions that increase the number of fleas [also increase] the distribution of plague,” said Dr. Janet Foley, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at UC Davis.

This is a guy who lives in the city, sees the problem, but writes an article blaming climate change; you can’t make this shit up!

Speaking of Shit…

“The hygiene situation is just horrendous” for people living on the streets, says Glenn Lopez, a physician with St. John’s Well Child & Family Center, who treats homeless patients in Los Angeles County. “It becomes just like a Third World environment, where their human feces contaminate the areas where they are eating and sleeping.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted how California was once a gem, an example of the American dream in action and how it has now become hollowed out with decay thanks to liberal policies.

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  1. Thanks for the report (and warning).
    Wikipedia has some good info on the Bubonic Plague. A “must read”.

    • Pleas the fleas were always awful in lid angeles county. Lived in Hermosa beach summer of 76 and got eaten alive!

      • I call liberal bs on this comment!!! Use your common sense. CA has brought all this mess upon themselves. Take some personal responsibility. Clean up…and don’t bite off more than you can chew. (In other words…close the damn borders until you can learn how to take care of yourself, or you’re going to screw up the entire country.

    • It’s not so much the illegals but mostly lifestyle and/or the lack of interest by LA to address the problem of homelessness.

      • On illegals, quite the opposite. (I heard, take it for what it’s worth…) that Los Angeles county has absorbed 800,0000 aliens (illegals and otherwise) and they FOUND places to stay – family, friends, shelters, etc. Homeless is mostly US citizens. The average homeless period for someone who doesn’t want to be homeless is less than three months. The remainder are “chronic” homeless (choice by lifestyle/mental state/etc.) or drug users. We have to accept the fact that some will choose to be homeless and set up a support infrastructure for sanitation and at least some human services. The cost, if we allow this to follow the natural course will be disastrous.

        • I can verify this. My ex, when given a choice to live with family, chose to live on the street. He likes the FREEDOM

          • That probably means he doesn’t want to abide by basic rules his family sets, such as no drugs allowed. I think a lot of homeless people have family who will take them in but the family cannot allow unacceptable behavior to totally disrupt a safe home for other family members such as children.

        • We have new neighbors that just moved here from Los Angeles and they say the same thing. It’s not the illegals, it’s the homeless population. A lot of mental illness and drug addiction.

          • They be a lot of this could be because of drugs and mental illness , but not all. Like if a spouse dies. probably today if they turn out the lights. It really hurts to leave 4 kids, but I can’t stand to see them suffer, if I stay they will not get any help.All because my wife die.11 months ago everything was great, had two ladies working for me, I payed them 15. hour.But without her help I went down hill.Had to cut the pay to the workers to 10.after 4 months they booted me and took over my business. Now 64 no job, at least the oldest girl just got a job at taco bell. I feel like Job in the old Testament. It’s God’s will at least no one can take the Lord from me.In the old days when something bad when down people would help out.I know my faith is strong because out of my retirement check 462 a month mortgage I still have100. going to Moody radio.That’s God’s radio station.I’ll have live on I tank God for that.So all I say don’t judge all people. May be the Lord wants me doing his will to spread the gospel.But me being here and no way to support them is to sad and the Lord isn’t looking for sad people sitting around.

        • Very accurate statement, born and raised in So. CA. from experience with homeless and those who don’t want to be, the average time to get off the street is 3 mos. The time frame has increased since the 1990’s. But those who stay, it’s definately a life choice and a learned life style. Politicians have never cared about the growing homeless problem. Gov Grey Davis, Swartzeneger, including whom they have now. Mayor Bono of Palm Springs before passing, was leading politicians to care about their cities. But since Sonny’s passing, the messages have been lost, typhoid and bubonic are only the begining. How can the leaders of So. CA. With good conscence say it’s global warming, when in fact it’s pure neglect. A mother on drugs who neglects her child and death occurs is imprisoned, why do not the same rules apply to a politician when they neglect the needs of the So. CITIES in CA. and death occurs.

          • So true,. Especially when they are encouraging the hispan I c influx,. In Mayor Pete’s city of South Bend housing costs are exhorbitant!! Middle class people cannot afford such costly housing!!! Seniors cannot afford very expensive housing either!!!

        • That has been found to be false. Illegals account for over 70% of those living on the streets in California according to a study done by a group made up of people fro three of California’s Universities. The diseases they bring are not Typhus or the Plague. Those diseases are caused naturally by the conditions of living on the street and of the people being unable or unwilling to make the effort to keep their living and eating area separate from their area for garbage and sewage. Frankly speaking, the authorities have caused the problem in a number of ways and through a number of decisions made without thought of the consequences.

          The first and worst thing the authorities in California did was to let their disagreement and unfounded hatred for Donald Trump cause them to announce to the world that migrants who were willing to bypass our immigration system were welcome in California. This encouraged hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of migrants, all of which were criminals in the view of our laws, to come directly to California rather than spreading across the other forty seven states as they would have done naturally.

          That decision was made worse by the lack of planning for what that announcement was going to bring to California. The number of migrants who flooded into California very quickly overwhelmed the Social Services California had in place. Once those services collapsed from the weight of shear numbers, other services quickly began to get further and further behind. Services that might normally have been able to keep up we’re no longer able. Garbage is the most noticeable. Not only because the garbage collection service is unable to cope with the overload but that is magnified by the utter disdain of the problems they are causing by the people living on the streets.

          The migrants arriving in California did not arrive to find Government provided waiting areas with temporary shelter and facilities for eating, bathing, and toilets as the migrants in most of Europe did. There were no housing facilities being erected for the migrants to be moved into after a stay in the receiving area. There was no organization at all to keep the migration orderly. If the migrant had no friends or relatives to turn to for help, they were left to fend for themselves.

          Why was the situation in California so different than what was taking place at the border of many European countries? Perhaps the main difference was in Europe the migrants were stopped at the border and then routed to services they required, documented as to who they were, what they required and where they were to be lodged. The authorities were much more organized in all those things because the individual cities and areas allowed the government to follow the laws instead of allowing the migrants to Fred the law underfoot.

          In Europe, there was a plan that moved the migrants from the border to a place where housing was being built to provide shelter and a place where the migrant was able to make a new beginning. Not so in California. The authorities announced migrants were welcome with no thought of providing for those migrants after they arrived. By the time the problems surfaced and became evident, it was too late.

          From that point it became a freight train going downhill. Any funds that California might have had available to provide for the massive numbers of vagrant migrants was now tied up in the never ending process of cleaning up after them. That left no resources, money or manpower, to go back to the beginning and implement any organization into the migration. California has one choice that would allow the authorities to save face. They ignored the problem until they figured out who they could blame it on.

          You know the rest of the story.

      • It’s not a “homeless” problem. I believe it is a Drug, Alcohol, and Mental Health problem! Homelessness is a result.

        • So does joblessness..when one doesn’t have a permanent can’t get a job…
          One of the culprits in the homeless problem is the banks… Fall behind with your mortgage payments,because you’ve lost your job..the bank forcloses..
          I saw this happen in my home town of Hanover Park,Il

        • Dig deeper… what is the cause of the drug, alcohol, mental health problem? Could it be a societal problem? A problem with the conditioning we are all born int0, where a few are rewarded for their ability to play monopoly, and thrive; and those who cannot stomach the game are tossed aside?

        • Youare so wrong! Educate yourselves before you make judgement! Where I live the average 1bd apt is $1218.00 a month. You have just eliminated any one on SSI, SSD, SSI, and alot of the older retirement pensions from being able to afford housing. Some are just one unfortunate circumstance away from ending up homeless. I don’t doubt for a second that it won’t be long before they are self medicating be it alcohol, drugs, etc., to deal with the hopelessness, judgement by others, the hurt and pain that they now deal with, and also the abuse from the street thugs that have been on the streets due to choice. The housing crisis has gotten way out of hand, greediness at it’s best. They have to do whatever it takes to survive, how about a little less funding geared at rehab and set up some port-a-potty’s, dumpsters, and hand wash stations to help them do what they got to do, cuz you clean em all up and you still dont have affordable housing to place them in and they are going to be back in the same position. I pray for a solution and soon as it has gotten out of hand.

      • This is rampant liberalism in full bloom. Hippy dippy, dull eyed, don’t spank your kids, let’s name and call every deed a disorder, “they’re people too” liberalism.Years and years of liberal “leadership”…this is the end result..always has been and always will be. There is hardly a solution anymore because every sensible idea is met with vehemence. The only solution left is 1940’s common sense…but..there’s too many cry babies for that. So, the best thing that could happen is the big earthquake that sends California drifting out to sea to become the western hemispheres Somalia.

    • The homeless problem has been increasing since the 80’s…they are u.s. citizens and have nothing to do with “illegals”…do your research…the homeless problem is a epidemic throughout the U.S. not only L.A. alone…

      • Some of the homelessness is caused by the greed of. House buyers that ask for very expensive rent rates. Not everyone makes thousands of dollars a month to pay rent and other housing costs!!!

        • I agree the cost for a apartment is over $1000 and add to that utilities and not many people make $10 an hour who could afford living normal, them people don’t understand homelessness you know the saying we are a paycheck away from living on the streets

        • You are not living in reality. Homelessness is due to many factors which include: Mental illness, drugs, alcohol….or low intelligence….and finally : Bad decisions in life.

        • Owners of rental property must charge enough to cover the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, major repairs, damage by renters or vandals, unpaid rent or utility bills, eviction and court costs, etc. They aren’t being greedy, or at least most arent. They’re trying to ensure a prop at least breaks even and, hopefully, makes a profit to give them a return on their investment. Renters can be a major PITA (pain in the arse). Granted, some owners are also awful.

          • You would be correct!!! We owned some apartments and had to sell them because it’s hard to break even because people just don’t care about taking care of things anymore. A lot of tenants do not take care of their apartments. When they leave we had to replace carpeting, make lots of repairs, paint, etc and deposits do not come close to making it ready for the next tenants to tear up again. As for people not being able to afford a one bedroom apartment on minimum wage, I don’t believe that. Where we are, anyone could afford a one bedroom. It may not be the best place, the best location and may not have all the great amenities but there are affordable ones out there. A lot of people want to live above their means so they have cell phones, cable, WiFi, and large credit card debt because they are entitled to everything everyone else has. Live within your means and you can find a place to live. Get a roommate or move back home and save up money. There are ways to make it work. Homeless people are generally mentally ill. A lot are dug users and their families have set boundaries saying they can’t come home and use so they elect to use and stay on the streets.

      • I believe your problem is so extensive is because of your weather. I know if I was homeless in the spring I would walk south or head west. Seems crazy I know but I wouldn’t want yo freeze to death in the north. Of course when the weather gets bad meaning extremely cold the police and others round them up to get them to warmth. Churches, shelters and the like. Our area has started to build tiny houses for some. There are quite a few communities that are working to build some sort of community for the homeless A lot is mental and drugs. I don’t think it’s a liberal thing. Sometimes I think it gets bad because we as humans are to self absorbed it’s gotten to be me me me. Might need more compassion

    • The reply is by a Los Angeles county neighbor, NO,this issue has been brewing for 15 years. Our government has completely ignored the influx of MENTALLY ILL,MANY VETERANS OF OUR MILITARY have returned home without any mental health or transition support. I wasn’t military but I can 2005 I,volunteered to fly into Austin Texas as Hurricane Katrina was making landfall. I may be one of very few who actually saw Katrina from 42,500 feet. Military aircraft flew over the hurricane and down through the eye. Dead calm, dead silence, dead bodies everywhere. After landing I was quickly assigned paramedical rescue area designation. My Supervisor took me aside and fitted a ballistic kevlar vest with fluorescent orange crosses front and back,I immediately asked confused why I wasn’t wearing a lifevrst as the surge and failing Levi’s flooded low lying areas near galveston and east north east,his reply as he laid out my medical gear he handed me a glock 9 mm handgun,”are you familiar with firearms?” I was shocked and replied yes, why?. You will be searching areas that have been beyond decimated, 1 in 10 dead, 3 of 10 wounded, 6of10 in shock. No drug dealers will have survived with product, YOU WILL HAVE THE ONLY SUPPLY OF NARCOTICS, people will be desperate for drugs and you will be humping through debris with 25 pounds of morphine, demerol, percocet, norco,as well as limited amounts of insulin,nitroglycerin,warfin anticoagulants. You will be a target, two snipers will have overwatch, two coastguard and navy helicopters will be orbiting, monitoring the incoming backside of Katrina, the eye was so large and storm seemingly stalled at the mouth of Mississippi river, I was to operate up to the last 10 minutes until evacuation or finding suitable shelter for my team. What we saw and uncovered was worse than war zones, survivors were self rescuing but clueless where to go. My job was to search my area,treat and triage. Immediately it was apparent the priority was finding a survivable structure,something high and solid.I did and continued hoping from area to area establishing red cross shelter triage. Government was helpless, FEMALE had virtually blank check but money was useless, I had been given federal authority to commandeer anything necessary leaving IOU S. I found and abandoned girls Catholic school, gymnasiums were sleeping areas pharmacy, triage medical and psychological, showers,cafeteria,laundry,animal recovery areas with veterinary assistance. Then when functioning move on and continue as a saw lines of buses and helicopter landing patterns full. After Katrina I had a week until Rite hit, then a week further wilma. I returned after 90 days mentally and physically past exhaustion and i became a victim, minor injuries were diagnosed fractures, minor wounds, major infection. Shock, comparable to shell shock. I required mental treatment as well as group therapy to deal with the realization that i had abandoned several people trapped, unrecoverable given conditions, equipment and manpower, euthanasia was a triage rescue reality but I was prohibited to speak publically or to press on pain of isolated imprisonment. Mentally ill veterans are nearly identically symptomatic. But no treatment facilities are provided. Adrenaline is an addictive drug.we release trained killers, armed at home with military type weapons, easily converted to automatic or machine guns.what are we to expect, mass shootings? Yes, suicides yes,homicides yes. BUT HOW DO WE END THIS????

    • Texan, NO. The reasons for this influx of homeless persons are overwhelming people from this community that have forced out of housing, loss of jobs, or other reasons. A large percentage are mentally challenged with nowhere to get sufficient care. It is not only LA, but many other large cities, even in Texas.

      • Definitely! Here where I live it is hard for a single mother working a part time job because let’s face it nobody wants to hire full time employees anymore nor pony out the benefits for working said job, so now you get Medicaid, and food stamps don’t get me started! $98 dollars a month to feed 3 people! ? How is that supposed to work. Food prices are shoring at phenomenal rates and gas too! Electric keeps going up! It’s insane. The kids turning 18 for the past decade alone are forced to live with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own. Or have to roommate which means no privacy, so yeah nobody can afford to live on their own, and if they try it’s proven statistically that you would have to work 2.5 jobs just to make ends meet, nothing left over to live. So yeah it’s getting really hard just to survive anymore, than it used to be. I feel for everyone involved.

    • Yep.
      And measles.
      And a sundry other things we’d previously eradicated here.
      Until the Dems & RINO’s got control of these cities, made them sanctuaries & raised the cost of living so high that the masses have taken to the streets.

    • Why would you make such a connection!? Filth doesn’t discriminate. And the fact that Los Angeles has done nothing to clean up their city has nothing to do with illegal immigration.

    • Yes, as well as it spreading due to the horrible conditions people are living in. WIW, Maxine Waters is not having any problems in her multi-million dollar mansion. Wonder how she can afford it? Anyone going to investigate??

  2. Google this fact sheet:

    From the State of California California Department of Public Health
    Health and Human Services Agency Division of Communicable Disease Control


    What is plague?
    Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. Historically,
    plague caused thousands of deaths throughout Europe during the 6th and 14th centuries.
    Today, plague in humans is rare in the United States and can be treated effectively with antibiotics if diagnosed early.”

    If I were the proof reader I would only make a small change to the opening narrative.
    Plague killed close to 10 million. This is not a “we have a trivial issue” here. Quit treating it as trivial. Get some sense of urgency – this is going to be expensive to rectify now, but within a year the cost – if plague goes full bore – could cost the entire nation a whole lot more.

  3. These are chronic homeless which have been given the protection by local government. How these officials will sleep at night once an outbreak happens is beyond me. In most cities, homeless are removed for sanitary reasons because it does in fact, pose a health risk. People in California have to be the most simple minded in the country. This will be on their hands, no one else.

    • On their own hands only if they keep it quarantined. Also climate change? How come those in tropical and subtropical countries are still alive? Amazing. There is a real deception that compassion is letting anyone do what they desire and don’t hurt feelings. I lean a little harder toward tough love that may hurt your feelings – but will help you stay alive so you can call me a fascist longer.

    • It isnt that all californians are simple minded. It’s that their are too many bleeding heart liberals. Too concerned with being the nice guy to do whats necessary. And the people pleasers in office. Just once i wish we would elect someone who had the balls to do whats NEEDED. Nice or not.

      • Sadly, President Trump can’t do it all by himself, tho he is trying!! If he could get some help from Congress, he could do a lot more. This only helps to point the finger at liberal run cities & states. CA has been under the liberals thumb for too long. It is going to take time and a lot of help to get it turned around & that won’t happen if they continue their liberal support!

    • Unfortunately, the innocent will suffer for the guilty. The rich folks can run to safety while the poor will have to stay, suffer and die

    • The Demonrats are responsible for this Plague. Their complete mismanagement of Homeless People, and allowing them to live in filth like Seventeenth Century Peasants/Serfs IS responsible. Everyone who dies going forward is doing so because scum like Nancy Piglosi and the rest of the Demonrats. Eric Swalwell et al….They have turned California into a Third World $hithole.

      • I totally agree everyone wants to blame our prezident, wake up people it can affect the entire world nancy pelosi is a dirt bag clean up the mess you have the money

      • Same reason there is a disease threat after any major catastrophe: hurricane, tsunami, earthquake… Interruption of basic potable water and sanitary services, power, and communications. Control and transportation structures are compromised. Medical services are taxed beyond capability and medical assistance is delayed – hours to days. The injured become centralized and in a weakened state. If the event is really bad, dead animals, wet debris, etc. etc.

  4. What really needs to happen is to stop worrying so much about people in other countries and providing them with health care and free education and focus all our efforts on taking care of our own house. Let’s fix the people that live here in squabble before we take in more. Don’t we owe it to them above anyone else?

  5. It is sad that Pelosi and other Dems in California do not do anything for the legal Americans in LA , SF and other cities in our country. Shame on Dems!

  6. Did global warming also cause the bubonic plague that killed 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia in the Middle Ages?

  7. Every action has a reaction why would you not think of this before you allowed boat loads of people to live illegally and homeless in your state. Think of the safety hazards this has caused!!

    • Actually, as a person working in the field, I’d like to correct your misinformation.
      I can speak about the homeless in LA; issues in other areas may be different.
      Most homeless people are US citizens. More than half are mentally ill and unable to work or take care of themselves. A surprising number are families who lost everything due to a catostrophic health emergency if they are unisured. Many of the rest are addicts. Very very few are immigrants.

      • You are right…,a great majority of the homeless are American citizens. Because the gov spends all the money to keep illegals housed and fed so they will vote for democRATS!!

  8. Its the homeless population not illegal immigrants. It’s not climate change it’s people living in their own filth with other people. We have a homeless issue across the states. Sadly some want to give illegals everything for free but not help out their fellow citizens on the street. Some are there by choice, others are there by misfortune. Or inability to live a healthy life due to mental illness or drugs. Not to be mean but we need to stop helping other countries until we fix ours.

    • I totally agree! What happened to good old American dream our grandparents acted on, and jobs I mean good jobs not would you like fries with that jobs, and where you could buy a house for 8000dollars and two cars and a nice yard and everyone got together and everyone helped each other? I miss those days, I was raised up at the tail end of it before it all went to crap.

  9. You hit the nail right on the head and those are my thoughts exactly. America needs to take care of her own before other countries. Let other countries help these foreigners coming to America!!!

  10. Of course you morons blame it on the liberals, dumb fucks!
    How about instead of building the mother fucking unnecessary wall that is useless we use the money for the homeless issue. Help people instead of lining the riches pockets!

    • You are a filthy mouth that do not lend to the solution and obviously part of the problem and undoubtedly, an illegal alien, that is senseless, clueless, mindless, careless, brainless, of course, you have to be a DemocRat.

  11. In south Idaho the plague is spread by the ground squirrels. We are shooting them to try and contain the problem. This is an environmentally caused problem by the homeless.

  12. To start, Why doesn’t the city &/or county set up temporary toilet facilities throughout the homeless areas. Not for homeless people’s convince, but to contain the feces, etc.
    Regarding the rat problem, release all the shelter cats to kill off the rats!!!

    • Release shelter cats! You’re nuts! They get fleas too, and fleas spread the plague!! SMH! Are you going to feed the cats? Or is your solution to let them starve so that they kill and eat and get fleas from infected rats?

  13. Good question. This is my area of expertise. I can speak about the homeless in LA; issues in other areas may be different.
    Most homeless people are US citizens. More than half are mentally ill and unable to work or take care of themselves. A surprising number are families who lost everything due to a catostrophic health emergency if they are unisured. Many of the rest are addicts.

  14. And they’re doing nothing about it. This is another example of why hordes are leaving this horribly managed state. It used to be a shining star of a state. Now California is falling apart and no one even cares. They would rather worry about make believe shit than deal with the problems already here. And whoever is blaming illegals for this is an idiot. These homeless people are almost all American citizens. Who are the people constantly asking for hangouts in the streets? Broke ass drugged out white people. So don’t try to play the coming across the border game. That’s just more finger pointing and avoiding fixing the problem. We need real action.

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