California Bans Semi-auto Rifles, Ammo Purchases without Background Check, and Loaning Guns to Family

California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed six gun-control bills into law today, including a requirement that ammunition purchasers now undergo background checks anytime they want to buy ammo. The Totalitarian bills do nothing to stop actual criminals or terrorists from getting their hands on firearms, but instead go directly after law-abiding gun owners.

Among the asinine bills signed into law today are bills that make it illegal to loan a family member a firearm, one that requires law-abiding citizens who simply want to purchase ammunition to submit to background checks, and one that makes it a crime to own a magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition.

But by far one of the craziest measures signed into law today was the bill that bans firearms that allow you to change out magazines, essentially banning almost all modern firearms in California.

Explanation of Each Bill From the NRA-ILA

Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880  makes changes of monumental scale to California’s firearm laws by reclassifying hundreds of thousands of legally owned semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons.”  This legislation effectively outlaws magazine locking devices, more commonly known as “bullet buttons”. These are constitutionally protected firearms that have no association with crime.  These changes would happen quickly with great individual costs to many gun owners and without public notice.

Assembly Bill 1511  effectively ends the long-standing practice of temporarily loaning a firearm for lawful purposes. Under this legislation the ability to loan a firearm to anyone other than a family member would now be prohibited unless conducted through a dealer, absent very narrow and limited exceptions. A simple loan to a trusted friend for a few days would take almost a month to complete from loan to return, requiring two background checks, two 10 day waiting periods, two fees and multiple trips to a gun dealer. The result of the misguided legislation would turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals simply for borrowing or storing a firearm with a friend.

Assembly Bill 1695 creates a 10-year firearm prohibition for someone convicted of falsely reporting a lost or stolen firearm. The NRA does not oppose making it a misdemeanor to knowingly file a false lost or stolen report to law enforcement. Our reason for opposition is related to the restriction of a constitutional right for the conviction of a misdemeanor offense.

Senate Bill 1235   places unjustified and burdensome restrictions on the purchase of ammunition and would require the attorney general to keep records of purchases.  This legislation would further require any online ammunition sales to be conducted through a licensed vendor.  First and foremost, the reporting of ammunition sales has already been tried — and failed — at the federal level.  Throughout the 1980s, Congress considered repeal of a federal ammunition regulation package that required, among other things, reporting of ammunition sales.  In 1986, the director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms supported eliminating the reporting requirement, stating: “The Bureau and the [Treasury] Department have recognized that current record keeping requirements for ammunition have no substantial law enforcement value.”  As a result, the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 repealed the ammunition restrictions, with little opposition to the removal of that requirement.  SB 1235 will similarly fail to reduce violent crime, as a law requiring the registration of ammunition purchases by honest citizens will not deter criminals.

Senate Bill 1446  bans the simple possession of ammunition feeding devices/magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 cartridges.  The federal “large-ammunition feeding device” ban of 1994-2004 was allowed to sunset due in part to its ineffectiveness.  Yet, California anti-gun legislators still are persisting with this ban knowing that the congressionally-mandated study concluded that “the banned guns were never used in more than a modest fraction of all gun murders” before the ban and the bans 10-round limit on new magazines was not a factor in multiple-victim or multiple-wound crimes.

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  1. How sad, this is going to kill the gun sale businesses in Cali.
    When are we going to say enough is enough and stop letting these liberals take our rights away.

    • the gun biz in CA is going to BOOM – only difference is that it goes from brick & mortar to car trunk opportunity ….

  2. Don’t we get to vote on these things??? What ever happened to putting things to a vote? Are they so afraid it wont pass that they will just make it law because they THINK it sounds good??!! Do we now have to wait just to purchase ammo to visit the range and practice shooting to stay sharp and prepared for the time when we may actually need to defend ourselves or our families. Would they rather we be unskilled??

    • It wouldn’t have mattered had we gotten to vote on this and was it defeated as they would have found a judge to reverse it.

  3. Revolution is coming soon. The establishment is discentegrating into a quagmire of delusional and tyrannical dysfunction that can not be sustained. The government employees are about to get fired. C’est la vie.

  4. Dear Californians:
    Please send all 10+ magazines and ammo to Texas. Thanks for your support in defending your Second Amendment rights by voting in a bunch of tyrannical zealots that are deciding what is best for YOU!

  5. I live in Canada, and I am a gun owner, but I don’t own them because I’m thinking I need them for self defense? I don’t know why , or at least understand why some Americans are so paranoid over needing to defend yourselves and protect yourselves. Never in my life have I ever walked through any part of the many cities in which I live here that I thought oh gee I wish I had my hand gun with me. If that is what is going through most Americans minds; a fear of of bodily or commando attack that you need several assault rifles with 30 rd clips, than your issues shouldn’t be with guns. You’ve got a societal problem folks if you feel you need a gun to feel safe in your home or out and about. I just don’t understand. Not meaning to insult you but just really don’t understand. If I had to live with that fear, I’d be moving out of there. The stress you must be under worrying about commando raids and bands of armed militias attempting to kill you at any given moment must just keep you up at night.

    • Because in Canada you have no second amendment. You are a slave to the system. Now take your assumptions and kick rocks.

    • Nope I sleep quite well thank you. I have two Great Dane alarms and if they go off and you manage to get by them I answer the alarm with my H&K in hand because it is right there on my nightstand. I haven’t been to Canada yet but I assume by your post that you have super safe country that is drug dealer, lone wolf terrorist, home grown terrorist, gang banger, disgruntled employee, wacko copy-cat killer free. Sounds like Utopia, can I join you?

    • Joe Cardio:
      You certainly don’t understand. But let your government keep importing Islamic Refugees and Africans and soon you will understand more than you can ever imagine you arrogant self righteous nincompoop.

    • You have no second amendment to protect your gun rights, and you can’t choose what firearms to own. I respect our Canadian neighbors, but we want to continue to have our freedoms that you have lost.

    • Canada is connected to and protected by the USA…that’s why you FEEL SAFE. Go back to sleep and keep letting us in the USA do the heavy lifting.

    • Well Mr. Self Righteous Pompous Ass it is people like you who in your arrogance define what others should fear or not fear, that have given us this problem in the first place. Keep your ultra liberal crap in Canada. Your leader is one of the biggest pussies to ever disgrace a nation by election. Let me explain this so even a liberal can understand. All human interaction is defined by two means. Reason or force. If i am armed I cannot be forced. Likewise I am no threat to those who would employ reason. I need not carry a gun because I am afraid. I carry a gun to be unafraid. The gun is the only thing that makes a 100 pound woman equal to a 240 pound man. The man in his eighties equal to the man in his twenties. The individual equal to the carload of kids with baseball bats. By removing arms power is given by default to the young and the many. And if there is one thing I have discovered liberals hate it is equality.

  6. We have allowed ourselves to be put in this position. We continually allow the liberals and left to vote thier stooges into office. How many of you vote and do everything you can to get those who think like us to vote. I also believe there will be a revolution in the neat future. I hope it will be one where the conservatives and the right start being as loud and as involved as those on the left and retake California and the US.

  7. Canada is and has been SAFE because it’s connected to and protected by the USA. Our GUNS keep Canada safe…go back to sleep and let the USA keep doing the heavy lifting….

  8. I am currently in comifornia and put 6 transfers in to get out… Once I am out I will never come back or pay one fucking cent to this fucking state. I have 3 weapons which would be illegal on Jan 1, 2017….My exit out of comifornia would be a middle finger too comifornia…

  9. This is a violation of the bill or rights, Why is he still employed in teh peoples business of governance?

  10. These are people that I obviously did not vote for. With a large sweeping type of Bill such as this, the beaurocrats need to put that kind of vote on the ballots for all of US to vote on. Time to stand up for ourselves and get the crazy libs out of the state’s highest offices.

  11. Open war looms in the not to far future. Sic temper tyrannus. If the people of Calif put up with this open tyranny they are serfs and nothing more. Tyranny has gone from being on the march to jogging and the spineless people of Calif are licking the soles of the tyrannts shoes in submission

  12. That this was don6e on July 1 just before the 4th of July is spitting in6t he face of the American people. It isnt holy water folks

  13. Per 20/20 on ABC The National Academy of Sciences reviewed hundreds of reports to see which gun control laws worked. Their conclusion: None. Politicians are slime but they are not stupid. They know these measures will do nothing but push them anyway. Why? I don’t know but the fact that they are hiding their motives doesn’t inspire confidence. The purpose of citizens being armed is to assure the means to throw off the oppression of a tyrant. You folks in California need to stand up to these liberal slime balls and refuse to comply.

  14. So let me get this right. California is putting in place some serious bans on weapons. All about the same time they are closing their last nuclear power plant. Most of the power comes from other states that just might not have enough to share come summer months. If you have seen “American Black Out” you will know California is going to be the example, everyone here has been saying why you should prepare! For everything. Move out now because California is going to BURN.

  15. I have read/seen a few “I will not enforce this law” statements, nothing official. I would be nice to see CA law enforcement stand up and say if they plan to enforce these new laws. A public statement either way would be nice.

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