California Passes Sweeping Gun Control: $50 Ammo Permit Fee, No Detachable Magazines or Mags over 10 rounds

The State of California has once again gone off the deep end, and has approved a whole range of new gun control bills that will make it even harder on law abiding citizens to own a gun in California.

Firing Self-defense HandgunThe California Senate approved a package of bills this week that goes directly after law-abiding gun owners. The bills make the state’s already draconian gun laws even more ridiculous, by outlawing detachable and large-capacity magazines (which they define as anything over 10 rounds), tracking anyone who buys ammunition and reporting orders over 3,000 rounds, imposing large fees for those who do buy ammo, and expanding the category of offenders prohibited from owning guns for 10 years.

One of the most controversial bills will require the State’s residents to submit personal information and a $50 fee anytime they want to purchase ammunition. The State will then determine whether the buyer will be allowed to purchase the ammunition, which means  depending on how the background checks come back, the same day purchase of ammunition in California may be a thing of the past.

The California Senate also OK’d a bill that will outlaw the sale, purchase and manufacture of semiautomatic rifles that can accommodate detachable magazines. It also requires that anyone who currently owns one of these weapons, immediately register it with the State.

Guilty until Proven Innocent

This is nothing more than targeting and criminalizing law-abiding gun owners. In no way do any of these laws make it harder for a criminal to acquire ammunition, since most do so through illegal channels to begin with.

All these bills will do, is send criminals over the California border, ensuring a larger black market of guns and ammunition to stream into California.

Attorney General Approves Mandated Bullet Stamping That Will Effectively Ban All New Guns

Earlier this week, California Attorney General Kamala Harris officially certified a law that will require all new semiautomatic handguns to use technology that stamps identifying information on bullet casings. Since gun manufacturers are not likely to spend money retrofitting their entire production lines, California has effectively banned the sale of all new guns.

Here are the provisions that have been approved by the California State Senate.

  • The state Department of Justice must notify local law enforcement agencies when a person purchases more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition.
  • SB 47 by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, bans so-called “bullet buttons” that are used to get around current laws banning detachable magazines.
  • SB 53 by Sen. Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, to create new state permits that require background checks for buyers of ammunition. Buyers will also have to submit to a $50 permit fee to buy Ammo.
  • An additional 10 percent tax on all ammunition sold in California
  • SB 374 by Steinberg, D-Sacramento, to ban detachable magazines in rifles. (Yep, even a Ruger 10/22 will be considered an illegal assault weapon)
  • SB 396 by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, to prohibit possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • SB 567 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, to change the definition of certain kinds of shotguns to make them assault weapons, thus making them illegal in California.
  • SB 683 by Sen. Marty Block, D-San Diego, to require all gun buyers to take a firearm safety class and earn a safety certificate.
  • SB 755 by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, to increase the number of crimes – including offenses related to drug addiction,  alcoholism and others – that result in a 10-year ban on being allowed to own a gun.
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  1. Attention Californians please stop moving to the surrounding States. You idiots allowed this shit to happen to your state so stop moving to our states and trying to impose your lib bullshit on the rest of the country.

      • Are you seriously thinking the pro-gun nuts will be missed? Like anyone really wants a maniac like Ted Nugent living next-door.

        • See there’s the problem. Someone refers to a pro-gun person and you immediately jump on them calling them pro-gun “nuts”. You realize there are norms and extremes to everything, right? Way to immediately judge people.

        • Hey Silas, why don’t you go blow yourself. And stay the fuck out of Vegas while you’re at it.

          • Are your Sheriffs prepared to support their citizen’s right to the 2nd Amendment? What really confuses me is why all you gun owners and 2nd Amendment supporters didn’t fight those liberal idiots in Sacramento, to stop this nonsense in its tracks!!!

          • Of course we fought them. But the masses of Sheeple in LA and SF wipe out our votes and voices. So, my wife and I are voting with our feet and retiring to Fort Worth, TX next year (which the soonest we can get out of PRK).

          • I would love to have Silas as a neighbor! I would put up one of those “my neighbor dosn’t like guns so I promise not to use mine to defend him” signs.

          • try living some were like stockton ca were unarmed people are killed every day because they dont have the right to carry a gun.wake up people it our right and responsibility to protect ourselves.The only reason we have had so few attacks on our country is because we have the right to bear arms, and if we give up this right we are no better off than other countries.

          • I hate the libtards in the CA legislature. Have you heard of the $50 ammo permit bill? Or the background check to buy ammo? CA is going to hell, and I can’t wait to leave.

          • I wouldn’t want him as a neighbor. People like him made California the garbage dump it is now.

        • We are pro 2nd Amendment and have guns in our home and we are in no way “pro-gun nuts”. We are a normal family who happen to have guns in our house. My husband, myself, and our oldest son (our other 3 are a bit young)are all properly trained in weapon safety and know how to properly fire a weapon. My husband was a firearms instructor in the Marine Corps and has trained many of our friends as well. We live in Southern California in a nice middle class neighborhood just outside of town, but we do have break-ins every couple months. We keep weapons for home defense (police response time in our neighborhood averages 1+ hrs) and recreation. We neither look nor act like Ted Nugent and are not maniacs. I don’t understand people like you who don’t believe people have the RIGHT and OBLIGATION to protect themselves and their family in their own home. If someone illegally enters my home with say…a knife, a baseball bat, or just his bare hands, I don’t want them to get close enough to myself or one of my children to use one of those weapons. I would rather stop them from a good distance and then let the cops come and take care of the rest. But then that is just me, some protective mom A.K.A Maniacal Pro-Gun Nut. So lame.

          • “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

            What part of “WELL REGULATED MILITIA” do you not understand? You are not a “militia” and therefor you do not need an arsenal of military-grade weapons.

          • “What part of “WELL REGULATED MILITIA” do you not understand? You are not a “militia” and therefor you do not need an arsenal of military-grade weapons.”

            The term regulated was meant in the sense of properly provisioned. Look up a dictionary of the time. It had ZERO to do with restriction or some uniform standards otherwise they would have made provisions for that but it never happened. They just meant that the citizens needed to be well armed for the security of the country. Pretty simple.

            Also, the supreme court has already upheld the right as and individual right and not a collective one, meaning each citizen has a right to be a militia unto themselves.

          • hey so called “common sense”, clearly you lack it. every male citizen 18 years to 45 is the militia. thats the law! dumbass! dick act 1903, national defence act 1916. and i am a uniformed member of the california state militia. and we are ready!

          • @Common Sense-What part of what I posted would lead you to believe we have “an arsenal of military-grade weapons”? Please enlighten me. None of the weapons we have in our home were the type that were issued to my husband when he was in the infantry or any other time he was in the military with the exception of MAYBE our .45 pistol.

            @Bob Woo–Thank you. Well stated.

          • Unfortunately, the evidence and every study shows that having a gun in your home makes you and your family less safe, not more. This is a total myth. Guns do not make you safe. And the reckless proliferation of this myth and guns makes us all less safe. Good for California, making laws based on science, not ideology.

          • Good job Jenn. As an Oregon resident, I have to say though, people like those in SF and elsewhere in CA are why the rest of us aren’t very welcoming to people from CA and laugh at so many of them for their total lack of common sense and their total idiocy. You folks are welcome however. I have a wife from Santa Barbara who’s family is mostly conservative and ok with gun ownership. We hope that we and the good people to the north in WA can hold off the idiot liberals west of the Cascades so they don’t try to follow your lead.

          • Common Sense. As has already been pointed out to you, the Supreme Court has reaffirmed the 2nd Amendment as an individual right. If it did actually matter about the militia part, here’s the deal. As has already been said, well-regulated means orderly and properly provisioned. Part of that also means having the same small arms as the military, as that is what it was when the laws were written. The militia is a backup to the military in times when that needs to be, which is why they would have weapons compatible with military weapons. As to that, a most interesting point. In most states, including here in Oregon, with the proper FFL license, a private citizen can own a fully automatic weapon. Care to guess how many crimes have been committed with legally owned full-autos? 2, since the mid-’30’s. I suggest you do some research, as all your comments are 180 off and easily disproven. That’s what the internet is for besides porn.

          • they are not taking guns from you or anyone else they are limiting them if people want to be technical they can send you back to muskets and as long as you can own a firearm(Musket) your right is not infringed

          • “Common Sense” as you claim to have it, I direct your attention to District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008). Being a part of the militia IS NOT a requirement. What part of this do you not get?

          • Also, “Common Sense” do you have a clue that civilians DO NOT HAVE access to “military-grade weapons” because they are restricted to-the-military. California is not addressing “military-grade” they are addressing “civilian-grade”.

          • “I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
            — George Mason, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

          • You need to pay more attention to the 2nd half of that statement. You have in the first place defense, a well regulate militia. Then you have the right of the people. To keep and bear arms. Now some here rightly say the militia was between this age and that age. Yet no where in any court case or writing of our founders. Will you find a case that when that person reached that maximum age they had to turn in their weapon. You now what else you will never find? Women not allowed to own weapons. Women were not allowed in the militia. Yet they were allowed to own weapons. These things all show that people are allowed to own weapons. Your opinions only show the old adage is true. If you tell someone often enough and long enough no matter how stupid it is, eventually they will start to believe it.

          • @doc if a criminal came into your house with a gun, what would you grab? a fork? spoon? knife? or would you just say “please don’t hurt me mr. nice man with a gun who wants to hurt me and my family.” Owning a gun is not about being “safe” it’s about leveling the playing field between you and the other guy. Of course, a gun doesn’t make your home more safe if you can’t shoot it properly, but if you can then yes, you are much safer than the man who doesn’t own a gun.

          • To the person that said having guns in the home is less safe. Break into the home of an armed citizen and see if he or you is more safe. I just can’t believe people can be so stupid. You know what makes you more unsafe ? Violent movies that trigger unstable people to commit violent crimes. Mental health is the problem not guns. Timothy McVey killed hundreds without guns. Look at the NY marathon killings. No gun. Twin Towers, no gun. My conclusion, outlaw marathons, airplanes, and fertilizer to end the killings. Makes sense huh!

          • Fayt – So what you’re saying is that if they can force us back to owning muskets, then they can also force all media back to single stage printing presses and their Right to Free Speech will still be protected?

          • The only thing about common sense these days is that it isn’t very common. For all of those folks that believe the Obama or any other politician genuinely cares about our constitutional rights over their ability to be re-elected is naive at best.

            Declaring laws that restrict law abiding citizens does nothing to prohibit criminals from acquiring weapons. Anyone that believes otherwise is just stupid.

        • Stay the hell away from Tx….we dont want your type, we dont need your type. You’re prob one of those who voted for Obama…wouldnt doubt it. Put a sign outside your door saying you are “gun-free”, lets see how long that lasts……..idiots….

          • I love idiots like this guy!!! Lmao anyone leaving CA because of this shit isnt trying to go somewhere to make more laws dumbass and the problem with Ca is we had all the idiots from your states move here and FUCK are state up.

          • @barf: LMAO???? what grown man uses lmao? And its “our” not are…… uneducated people make ignorant people

          • Stay out of Iowa too… Leave California and New England to the libtards that think bad guys will leave them alone out of the goodness of their hearts.

        • Silas, when trouble happens at your place or to those you love, the FIRST thing you will do is call someone with a gun. You’ll wish they could have arrived faster, too. You SHOULD want someone like Ted living next to you- you’d be a heck of a lot safer. Try NOT acting like a sniveling sissy- you might find it nice to become more capable and self-reliant… or just keep drinking from the government tit like they want you to do.

        • I say lets have all the legal gun owners leave California and let it turn into a bigger shit-hole than it already is!!!!

          • Funny thing, alot of the legal gun owners in California are also business owners who would also be taking their JOBS with them!!

          • Any body ever watched demolition man, if not its a movie where in the future all guns are illegal and one criminal come back from the past and uses a gun he get against the people of California. to sum it up criminal will always break the law if it makes their job more easy, the only way to make their job harder is to either have body guards or get a gun.

        • Silas, you forget that the “pro-gun nuts” are the people who have jobs, pay taxes and contribute to society. Without those taxpayers in the State there won’t be anyone available to support the folks collecting that monthly welfare check. I agree that crime in this State is getting out of control, but restricting the rights of honest gun owners isn’t the correct path. Only thing it does is encourages lawful taxpayers to move out of State. I am a law abiding State resident who pays taxes, votes, stays involved in local charity events and owns firearms. If you don’t want my tax dollars or involvement in charities within the State, I “the pro-gun nut” will be happy to take my tax dollars to a more “pro-gun” State.

        • I am a registered democrat. To tell you I would much rather Ted Nugent or a “gun nut”next door than latino gangbangers.

        • Having Ted Nugent as a neighbor is highly preferable to having a milquetoast like you as a neighbor, Silas. I prefer to have stand-up Americans as neighbors over you carriers of European purses.

        • I’d rather have him than you libtool. When they come to rob your home blow them a kiss and see how far that will get you.

        • I would love to be Ted’s neighbor, in fact, I would love to live in a neighborhood full of Ted Nugent’s. I bet you’re one of those liberal idiot’s in California…

        • Ecclesiastes 10:2 Gives Us The Answer ToBoth Conservative And Liberals. WhO Knew God Had The AnsweR Over4 thousand Years Ago!

        • You’ll be wishing you had a pro-gun nut as a neighbor to help you when a criminal has you by the balls….I can hear you now screaming ” Help me Ted! Please Dear God help me!” Sorry Silas, you’re dead.

        • well we will send the send the home invaders to your house , and let them know you are un-armed… you fuckin idiot….

        • Has Ted Nuggent killed anyone you moron? You think gun control is the answer ? Last time I was in Juarez Mexico, 26 people were murdered in one night. You can’t have a gun in Mexico. Washington D C, Chicago, New York, toughest gun laws and some of the highest gun crimes. Wake up Bozo, you are ruining our country.

        • Yep, it sucks. Time to go. And do it before they impose some kind of wealth tax for those trying to escape these tyrants. Quit wasting time on this totalitarian wet dream. Lads like Silas hate guns but given the opportunity will have no trouble tying your hand behind your, forcing you to your knees and shooting you in the back of the head with a small caliber pistol.

        • Yep, it sucks. Time to go. And do it before they impose some kind of wealth tax for those trying to escape these tyrants. Quit wasting time on this totalitarian wet dream. Lads like Silas hate guns but given the opportunity will have no trouble tying your hands behind your back, forcing you to your knees and shooting you in the back of the head with a small caliber pistol.

      • I just moved from California last week as I knew this crap was coming down. Lived in the SF Bay area for 3 years and hated every minute of it. I returned to my home state of Michigan where law abiding gun owners are respected. There are plenty of firearm enthusiasts in CA, only problem is they are totally outnumbered by ignorant, arrogant, pretentious, socialists.

    • Not all of us are libs. We move from California to get away from this BS. Don’t bunch us all in to one category.

    • I live in CA and am now seriously looking to GTFO. I take exception to your blanket “idiot” comment – people like me are probably a lot like you, and we are the minority here. The liberal MAJORITY have elected these D-bags who keep passing these inane laws. People like me no longer fit in here so, yeah, we’ll soon be moving to the surrounding states.
      People like me probably have more in common with you than the liberal fukcwads who are driving this state into the ground.
      So please don’t ask or expect “us” to stay here – and since I may be your new neighbor, please don’t paint all Comifornians with the same brush.

      • Well said CAsux, not all of us in California are “idiots” who let this happen. This state is basically run from San Francisco, all of the Democrats in charge are from there. I’ve lived here all my life, and when I get ready to retire, my wife, who is from Virginia,we have both decided to probably go to North Carolina. Looking forward to the day when Ca. will no longer get any more of my tax money.

          • I recommend that Californians fight and take back control of their state the way we are doing in North Carolina…. step one: stop allowing the progressives to silence you. be outspoken in your criticism every day. Don’t be shy, go after them.

            It does no one any good to retreat from the battle and give up on a state with the capabilities of California.

        • And we all know about Sissyco.
          Praying for the largest earthquake the west coast has ever seen would be a good thing about now.

          • Well, if it only got rid of the libs making the rules that would be great, but unfortunately my entire family (who are very conservative) lives in the Bay Area and therefore, I can’t pray for their demise. Thanks, though.

        • CAsux and Bill: I agree and understand fully what you pro gun and constitutional folks are facing in the California Socialist State of America. California has separated itself from our U. S. Constitutional Republic, and no longer mirrors our free Republic. It is not surprising to me to see your Legislature attempt to take their citizens right of self defense away. I live in Oregon, and the mentally ill liberals are trying this stuff here to, but so far have been held at bay. Even most of our Sheriffs have gone on record to state that they will NOT allow enforcement of ANY laws that violate our 2nd Amendment. Good luck with your search to find the right State.

        • The Los Angeles basin and the greater San Francisco bay area run this state. Their population centers are dense with “free stuff” voters.

        • There’s plenty of space in NC, just come on over. The only thing we ask is that you burn any bridges you cross so the Libtards don’t follow you. Look me up when you get here and we’ll have a day at the range to celebrate.

        • We in the great state of TENNESSEE,are as happy as can be… to see…California is the place to be…if you want to have a crime spree!!! (start of a great rap song) “YaCrock-YuShame-UsAlla” is overcome with joy to see that he has a place he can send those in GITMO and close GITMO. They should have a great time there! Wait, some of them are already in the cowardornia senate!

        • Yep! We just narrowly made it out of our gun control proposals. Need reinforcements for hipster libs in Seattle take over as they keep moving in.

      • Dude just move right across the Nevada line and buy lots of class 3 weapons and shoot them in your backyard with 100rd drums. Then when ever you want the beach just drive to Cali on the weekends and have fun. I wouldn’t give those scumbags a $ of my tax money.

        • Thanks pal, see ya in a few months.

          I wonder what it’ll be like to actually live in the US of A….

          • Thanks buddy, my whole family and I are relocating to AZ next year!!! Prescott area, cannot wait to get the heck out if this gross state!!!

          • We’re out in about 5 years and headed to Arizona. We take our guns, ammo, and our tax money with us. So tired of LA, San Fran and Sacramento ruining things for the rest of us.

    • First of all you are the idiot, thinking that we allowed this, we have no say on what the government does or says, I myself call and email senate all the time saying I oppose this crap…

      • yes daniel, YOU did allow it by not gathering, organizing, and standing up to it, violently if need be…

        • So, I assume you’re fighting a one-man armed insurrection against the anti-liberty laws in YOUR state… right?


    • I couldn’t agree more. I hope these liberal butt heads become the victims of these arcane laws. I thought about moving there now I wish they would break off from the rest of us and go floating out to sea.

    • You Sir are a fucktard.. We have no control over this and the people here trying to stop it probably do more work in one week fighting gun control they you will do in your whole fucking life.

    • Not all of us are lib idiots. Some of us have been fighting these measures and many earlier ones like them for years.

    • I escaped the PRC (Peoples Republic of California) so I could attempt to enjoy liberty again, not to push socialist/communist beliefs in Arizona.

    • How the F*CK can you say “we” let this happen? This happened without our consent. They just thought it up and did it. No vote, not polls, nothing. Just freaking did it.

      Unless you are saying that we didn’t write enough letters of opposition. Yeah, like they actually give a crap what we think.

      • So like, you are like,voting like, all those in the senate that voted for like,your enama, completely out of like, office, RIGHT!!! Or are you just going to drink more of like, “YaCrock-YuShame-UsAlla’s kool-aid? Sorry, just trying to “like” speak in terms you might understand.

      • Do you mean to say you can’t gather enough signatures to force these issues to a VOTER REFERENDUM and take it out of these assbite, politicians hands??? It CAN and HAS been done before!

    • Your ignorance toward the matter is astounding, tell me this if people are moving out of this state that is because they want to escape the tyrannical bull these tyrants in office are imposing on us. I just want to be left alone.

    • Thank you-so true. The large influx of Californians is now ruining Nevada because they will elect anybody with a D next to the name, and by doing do, have put in power snakes to our Nevada legislature and federal level. They vote blindly and I can tell you from personal interaction with Nevada Democrats this session-your freedoms and well being are NOT a priority. They will take some more of your money though, thank you. So please, disenfranchised Californians, stay where you are, or get educated before you vote if you move to your neighboring state.

      • Well, luckily I am educated and vote conservative every time. I would also rather have my tongue nailed to the floor than move to Nevada. I am instead taking my Marine veteran husband, our guns (all of which are now illegal, I guess) and our conservative votes to Tennessee.

        • Jenn, Tennessee would love to have you and your MARINE here. I believe you will find open arms especially in east Tn,. We “DO” value our constitution and the rights your MARINE fought for. Leave that maggot state!

      • Yup–same thing has happened to Colorado, however it started in the late 80’s and unfortunately the Californians who were escaping to Colorado brought their liberal values with them. Pretty much ruined the State when they took control of the legislature. Sad.

    • I couldnt agree more. California needs to break off and drown in the ocean already. Its a disgrace to America. However i used to live in that shit hole. Then i took up arms at 18 and got stationed in Arkansas. Im happier than a baby in a titty bar to be out of that bullshit state. Let them all expire at the mess they have created.

    • I would love to lock the borders of California and not allow its insanity to spread further, they are a bunch of idiots!!! HOWEVER… how about us non-idiot angry meat eating, gun toting people that are trapped in this shit hole huh?! Can’t a few of us come hang out with normal people or are we doomed??

    • Hey now! Don’t lump us all in together. We get outvoted by darned libs at every election. My husband and I sure didn’t vote any of these morons into office. I did happen to be born here but, the only reason my husband is here in the first place is because he was stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Base for 13 yrs and got a great paying job after getting out of the Marines working on the same base. With 4 kids, we wanted to be able to put some money away which we are able to do during this particular gov’t contracting job. Once this contract is up next summer, we are outta here and back to his small hometown in Tennessee!! There are a lot of conservatives in Cali (at least here in Southern California). We just get outvoted by nutjobs.

      • I grew up in San Diego and there is a large conservative population but we stand no chance against liberal Northern California. Seriously Northern California and Southern California need to become separate states. SF and the rest of the Liberal bay area are ruining this State for the rest of us.

        • You are correct. The problem is that nobody outside the state sees that. All they see are the liberals and the jack-wads they elect into office.

          • I’m in Kern County. If you want more conservative than that, you’ll have to move to Texas. My hubby believes the majority of these new laws will be overturned in court. Of course, by the time that happens, we’ll have moved out of this state…and happily shake the dust off our shoes.

      • Please don’t call Sacramento Northern Calif.Those of us that live up here do not claim that area as nothern.I’ve hunted and carried a gun since I was 5yrs old.I served my country in the US ARMY.Retired from the Ca.Dept of Corrections.I posses a current FFL.But now I will become a criminal for standing up for my rights

      • Hey Jenn, I am in a small town in east Tn. Looking forward to having you and your family here! But, don’t bring any “dumpacraps with you! OK?

    • Keep this in mind, when we move to your state it will boost the amount of pro gun people, and help protect your right to bear arms. pretty soon the only people left in California will be the union workers and the illegal aliens.

      • Shame on you Stormegeddon, I thought California did not have illeagal aliens, they only have “undocumented” workers. We do have “illeagal” aliens here and are getting rid of them as often as possible.
        GO VOL’s!

    • This is outrageous!! Time to leave california! Then where will they get their money for welfare recipients!!

    • Comifornia your an idiot, as a gun owner and libertarian I hate Californias politics and I live here, people who are pro gun are vastly outnumbered by the retard liberals, there’s nothing to do, I vote against these people I get out the libertarian message, but they are simply to stupid to get it, and there also used to sucking on the tax payer tit. Why do I stay here you might ask, you simply cannot beat the weather, it is probably one of the only places in the world where you can get up surf, go drive an hour or two and then snowboard, then go to the desert and ride your dirt-bike off road trucks shoot guns, then be back at home before supper. the trade off you have retard liberals, and you’ve got a shit ton of overpriced stuff. but pretty soon its not going to be worth it. I fight for what i believe in and am vastly outnumbered everyday, i don’t have the luxury of having a whole state that believes what i believe. But it sounds nice and that’s where i probably will be moving real soon.

    • excuse me but all the people who are leaving are the ones who opposed all this shit! do you really think any liberal would leave when they have all they could want here? you really want it to stop, then get your own state on the ball and sue california for violating the constitution!

    • “Comifornia – you are an idiot if you think all Californians are liberals!! My family is all born and raised here and we ate as conservative as they come. Unfortunately, there are a lot of liberals in the Bay Area as well as Hollywood. They are the ones who keep putting Feinstein and Boxer back in!!! My family are law abiding, gun loving people. It would be nice if people recognized that fact and not lump all of us together with the IDIOTS who not only came up with these RIDICULOUS laws but also managed to get them passed.

    • I left that floater of a state 25 years ago, I thought it was bad then, but it’s really gone to shit. Glad I left! Now in WV, which so far is gun friendly. Our old governor is now senator and he has flip flopped a good bit on gun issues so we need to keep one eye open at all times with this loser.

    • Commie – go blow yourself. Our problem was caused by so many weak-ass liberals moving TO our state over the years that they eventually outnumbered us. Keep your left-wingers in your own states and quit blaming native Californians for the problems your emigrants created.

    • Up yours Comifornia. It is the Democratic Bureau of shit heads that run this state, who are responsibale for the passing of this no-mind rediciulos Ban on guns and ammo. Just like New York, Colorado, Boston and Chicago, to name a few. Be thankfull that you live in a State that has it’s Head screwd on right. And just so you know, I am moving my ass to Arizona soon.

    • I’ll be glad once i’m out of california, i’m leftist/libertarian leaning and think many of the regulations are a load of bollocks. This legislation will do nothing to make us safer, only more unsafe.

    • If more pro second amendment people helped fight this stuff instead of just saying F those idiots in California maybe this wouldn’t happen. Not everyone in this state votes so that these things will happen.

    • Californians are not welcome in my state to change our lifestyle. Everytime one comes here, they think of another way to limit freedom…..go home

    • First of all I will move anywhere I please. Second, when did you elect yourself dictator and suspend Article IV, Section II, Clause I of the US Constitution by telling Americans (including Vets such as me) that they no longer have the right to travel freely in this country? Do you work for TSA or what? Your rediculous comment puts you in the same class as these communist pigs that are hell bent on destroying our Constitution and the Tenets that are supposed to keep us free. Kiss my ass.

      • Right on Mike. I live free, work my ass off, pay my Tax,and do and go where I please.Yes California is becoming a big shithole, and believe me, writing letters, making phone calls, voting has done nothing for this problem. I have roots in Texas, Oregon and Kansas. The problem is I can’t make the money in any of those other fine places like I do in Ca. So if and when I do move,and the wife and I have started a plan to move, it will be wherever the Fuck I so choose….Praise God and pass the ammunition!

    • Hey, I am a white Christian conservative stuck in this state. I have done EVERYTHING I possibly can to combat this stupidity short of shooting politicians. If I need to flee then by God I will and you can suck it up.

      Now if you are only talking about liberal Californians then please, continue on.

      • Then I suspect non-citizens voted for your government officials? If your dumpacraps can bus in votes you can also. Call Greyhound!!!

    • Okay, so let’s recap,

      Every city, every state, and every country that has intense gun control, ALSO has intense violent crimes rates.

      Cali, you already had that problem BEFORE you put ridiculous gun control in place.

      So, my question is, are you crazy?

      So what you’re saying, with all of the gangs, home invasions, robbery, rape, murder, etc going on in California, you think it’s SMART to restrict your average citizens firepower, if not revoke it entirely?

      You ladies and gents, have lost my vote. Period.

    • How does any of this keep the guns away from the criminals. They already have the guns illegally so what makes you think any of this nonsense will change anything?

    • Listen you F$&#, Many of us have been fighting tooth and nail to protect our gun rights and hate every bit of this Liberal Hippie BS that’s ruining our state. I’ve been an outdoorsman all my life and come from a long line of hunters, miiltary and lawmen. Just know once bans start happening here, you’re next. And if I wanna move, I’m finding who YOU are, and moving next door, tough guy.


    • To The person that said we let this to happen,You better wake up. They say so goes california so goes the nation.We have no vote her in california,LA Controls the state on voting.So to you other staes i would start fighting now for your rights,or you will be just like us in time.Notheren California is very different from southeren California, They have the population we dont. So we loose. I will be going to other states to buy my ammo. I am all legal,But i do not belive in this tax they have put on us here to buy ammo

      • And one other thing,You other states should jump in and help us, We would be a lot stronger together. But you other states say you dont want us to move to your home state,We are all the same people,We belive in are gun rights just as well as you do. Here in california my kids are the sixth generation to grow up on are Ranch in northeren california. We are also in road building in the timber business,So we are getting attacked on all side,Its just not the guns they are trying to stop in california. You mite ask why dont we leave,Hard to leave a ranch that are family has owned for over 140 years. So just because we are from california does not mean we are all liberals, We are ranchers loggers farmers ,Just like a lot of you people in other states,We just have big citys her and they are wiping out a very good way of life here.

    • We did not allow this. It was passed without our consent. Trust me. If we move, it’s because of the idiots running the state. If I move to NV or AZ, it will be to get away from the anti gun people, not to spread that crap elsewhere.

  2. Think i want my own island away from any country’s control~ these people have lost their collective minds!!! :(

  3. The gun and ammunition manufacturers need to handle this the same way that the tobacco companies should have handled the very first lawsuit from a state. Stop selling in California, period. Then cut the prices in half in all the neighboring states. Let’s see how they don’t like getting their tax money.

    • No, what they need to do is not sell to law enforcement agencies. No more sales or service of firearms or ammunition to them. See, unfortunately, LEAs stay silent on gun control issues, or worse, they actually endorse them in the name of “officer safety.” Then, a LEO pulls you over and they hide behind the “I don’t make the law, I just enforce the law.” excuse. They say they’re afraid to speak up because they don’t want to lose their job…well, I don’t want to lose my rights, either, but the group that carries the most weight in these kids of discussion stays silent (as long as they’re exempted) and that’s exactly what happens. And people actually think cops will be on “our” side when SHTF…

    • Would love to have all the gun and ammunition manufactures relocate their business to Tennessee from Cali. We could use more jobs here. Cali. don’t need jobs, they want to caudle their people and have their people dependant on the gov. Besides, America needs a place to send preditors. It would be like… enough food to keep them busy for awhile.

  4. Not only is it making it harder for law abiding citizens, it is also making it harder for criminals – but this isn’t necessarily a good thing. Before this a criminal could theoretically steal a gun from someone, then buy ammo at WalMart. Now, he’s either going to get his girlfriend to do that, or he’s going to take the much easier path of stealing the ammo. That coupled with the fact that it is now even less attractive to own a gun for self-protection in CA, so its easier to violently attack citizens, is going to increase violent crime. I’m thankful I live on the opposite coast.

    • California is run by Liberal Democrats, elected by the liberal majority in SanDiego [gays n illegals], LosAngeles [gays, pot smokers n illegals], SanFransisco [gays n pot smokers], Oakland [commies n welfare recipients] and Humboldt county [pot smokers n growers]], the rest of us find it difficult to compete [there are fewer of us due to constant re-districting].

      • Don’t judge gays and pot growers/smokers. A lot of those people are libertarians. Some welfare recipients are truly down on their luck. As for the illegals and communists, I agree. They suck.

      • Karl people like you make it very hard for the rest of us living here with your bigoted opinion. I grew up in Humboldt county and don’t grow pot.I also have gay friends that carry guns that I trust with my life long before someone like you.I hope people don’t judge all of us because of statements like yours

    • No, YOU’RE an IDIOT. You should look into how to use spell check before questioning someone’s intelligence.

      • Glad I don’t live in California. I left Chicago because it’s just like California and New York strict gun laws, the most homicides, full of danger, full of retarded politicians who care about no one but them selves, and the list goes on. Do you really think that limiting and individual’s right to bear arms is really going to stop criminals from getting their hands on any type of firearms from semi auto to full auto firearms criminals still have their ways to get them and no one can stop them not even a gun free zone could stop them and dont even expect for the police to stop them because you call them and all they will do is come pick up your body and make a report about the incident. Look at Chicago for example had the gun ban law from 1987 to 2010 and the homicide rate till now is out of hand from average 30 to 50 homicides a month alone obviously that didnt work with the gun ban law. Oh no lets blame the gun show loophole because thats where all criminals go shopping for their guns. No lets blame for not having universal background checks because if we do the world will be much safer because I forgot that criminals really care about their rights and really care about people’s safety. Lets blame all law abiding citizens for every crime because they are the evil doers. Oh he has an AK 15 with a 100 round magazine clip that has scary military looks and has switch buttons that go pow or pow pow pow. Those are assault rifles if someone like you has it but if you have a badge good job you got a defense weapon. ..seriously all you anti gun advocates are just retards and will never have the knowledge to knew the true definition of a firearm or what a magazine or clip means yet you claim to be smart oh this is a gun free house and we are proud of it if you would like to rob us go ahead because all we got is better knives pans that we can hurt you with. Lol I dont believe you need to be a Democrat to be against guns nor do you need to be a Republican to be with guns I believe its ahuman right to protect your self and others f4om harm and danger and if you choose to not protect your self then that’s your choice but dont go and try to ruin people’s rights because you believe they should be armless and dumb like you..I stand with the 2nd amendment and I believe no man or woman have any right to take that away from you. Thank you

  5. IT sounds like it is time to start talking with your money. If you are a gun owner in California, get out. If you live elsewhere, do not support California economy. No more vacations there and no more purchasing anything from there. I would like to see every gun owner in America stop going to the movies, period. And tell the theaters why.

  6. i don’t know man how is this Constitution what part This new stuff would you not consider infringing on my right to keep and bear arms to defend

  7. This is what happens when the gun owners in Kalifornia don’t get off their butts and vote these anti-gun liberal asshats out of office. We consistently have LOW voter turnout and when sh!t like this gets shoved down our throats, they scream how unfair it is. It’s time gun owners in this F’ed up state take a stand and do something about our 2nd Amendment rights. Make those phone calls, send those letters and emails and VOTE these bastards out of office!

    • It is difficult for anybody who could make a difference to get into office in California. The Dummycrats are constantly re-districting to get the votes in their favor. If that doesn’t seen to be working for them then they enlist with thevoting fraud. We can’t even have a simple local primary Without the libs registering in vacant homes or made up addresses and the Dems sweep those votes into their pile. We are trully screwed in this state, and anytime something. From here comes up a lot of our pro gun “brothers” lump us up as libs and tells us to stay away. Thanks for the warm welcome brothers.

    • Thank God I was born, raised, have lived 48 yrs, have never left, and will hopefully die in Texas…couldnt have it any other way..




  9. On what planet is this even in the realm of enforceable? You have to be a major idiot to believe for one second this garbage will work. And that is if it survives higher court appeals, which I kind of doubt.

    I am so glad I do not live in this nazi occupied state….

  10. I am trapped behind enemy lines here in kalifornia. I cant wait to move from here to some freedom. We are not all brain dead progressives.

    • Well Ca. has done it again, The people we voted in have not represented the people. They went and did what they wanted. I plan on doing all I can to get these TRAITORS voted out. A sad day for all the legal Gun owners. And open door to the thugs that don’t care about the law.

  11. Cant believe this, I grow up in military housing in California 3 years old 6 years old. sad with all the military in California they can’t have good gun laws in California they can’t have good gun control. However it does not surprise me with all the dumb asses my parents moved us back to Washington State get away from it. Californians head south not north. Too bad you let ur state go to shit.

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