California Passes Sweeping Gun Control: $50 Ammo Permit Fee, No Detachable Magazines or Mags over 10 rounds

The State of California has once again gone off the deep end, and has approved a whole range of new gun control bills that will make it even harder on law abiding citizens to own a gun in California.

Firing Self-defense HandgunThe California Senate approved a package of bills this week that goes directly after law-abiding gun owners. The bills make the state’s already draconian gun laws even more ridiculous, by outlawing detachable and large-capacity magazines (which they define as anything over 10 rounds), tracking anyone who buys ammunition and reporting orders over 3,000 rounds, imposing large fees for those who do buy ammo, and expanding the category of offenders prohibited from owning guns for 10 years.

One of the most controversial bills will require the State’s residents to submit personal information and a $50 fee anytime they want to purchase ammunition. The State will then determine whether the buyer will be allowed to purchase the ammunition, which means  depending on how the background checks come back, the same day purchase of ammunition in California may be a thing of the past.

The California Senate also OK’d a bill that will outlaw the sale, purchase and manufacture of semiautomatic rifles that can accommodate detachable magazines. It also requires that anyone who currently owns one of these weapons, immediately register it with the State.

Guilty until Proven Innocent

This is nothing more than targeting and criminalizing law-abiding gun owners. In no way do any of these laws make it harder for a criminal to acquire ammunition, since most do so through illegal channels to begin with.

All these bills will do, is send criminals over the California border, ensuring a larger black market of guns and ammunition to stream into California.

Attorney General Approves Mandated Bullet Stamping That Will Effectively Ban All New Guns

Earlier this week, California Attorney General Kamala Harris officially certified a law that will require all new semiautomatic handguns to use technology that stamps identifying information on bullet casings. Since gun manufacturers are not likely to spend money retrofitting their entire production lines, California has effectively banned the sale of all new guns.

Here are the provisions that have been approved by the California State Senate.

  • The state Department of Justice must notify local law enforcement agencies when a person purchases more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition.
  • SB 47 by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, bans so-called “bullet buttons” that are used to get around current laws banning detachable magazines.
  • SB 53 by Sen. Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, to create new state permits that require background checks for buyers of ammunition. Buyers will also have to submit to a $50 permit fee to buy Ammo.
  • An additional 10 percent tax on all ammunition sold in California
  • SB 374 by Steinberg, D-Sacramento, to ban detachable magazines in rifles. (Yep, even a Ruger 10/22 will be considered an illegal assault weapon)
  • SB 396 by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, to prohibit possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • SB 567 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, to change the definition of certain kinds of shotguns to make them assault weapons, thus making them illegal in California.
  • SB 683 by Sen. Marty Block, D-San Diego, to require all gun buyers to take a firearm safety class and earn a safety certificate.
  • SB 755 by Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, to increase the number of crimes – including offenses related to drug addiction,  alcoholism and others – that result in a 10-year ban on being allowed to own a gun.
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  1. I bet ammo sales will drop to nothing in Case. and go crazy in nv and az. California is for commies.

  2. As a CT resident currently dealing with new gun law BS. I feel bad knowing that CA crime rate will go up, mostly gun crimes .. because people wont be able to defend them selves. …. and yes gun crimes have already skyrocketed in our state

    • Sad, Since states like California and Conneticut pass these facist type laws and as you say gun crime has now increased. They will surely blame it on the other states for having too laxed gun laws, and not on their own stupidity.

    • tell ya what,the first family that was a prior gun owner,and gets mugged or injured/killed in a home invasion, should sue the piss out of the state of kalifornia,..for unconstitutionaly limiting their rights to self protection….that will show them what happens when they ignore the rights granted to Americans in our constitution,bill of rights,and federalist papers,….we need to vote ALL democraps out of office,..they are destroying America as we know it (knew it :( )

  3. Liberals, stay the hell out of Texas….we dont want you here, we dont need you here. You wanted liberal ideology, you got it. W

  4. This is an open letter to all whom it may concern. The increasingly usurpatious actions by this government tread upon all of us. For too long has corporate interests and foreign investors tied with corrupt politicians ruled this land. My friends this is no longer a government for the people by the people. Our once great republic is now in shambles due to the greedy and self serving career politicians. They use socialist rhetoric gain mass appeal to those whom are uninformed and apathetic to the reality around them, how ever follow through on none of their campaign promises. everything sounds good in theory but never is practiced. when was the last in your memory that a politician followed through with one of their campian promises? A decade if not more….
    In 2008 now president Obama ran on the platform of ending the wars, tax reform, repealing the fascist Patriot act, stopping drone strikes against innocent civilians and closing Guantanamo bay to name a few. How many of those are realities? none that im aware of. In fact he has expanded all of those things to a measure beyond bushes dreams. Yet the majority of you voted for him, again. He blames Congress, They blame Obama Its the same shell game, they are all playing by the same rules and serve the same corporate masters. Yet you all still stand in line, you still nod your head…i don’t blame you, the media is the governments lap dog. you have chosen the path of least resistance and accept being spoon fed, this is not your fault. for a long time now you have been conditioned to passively accept all provisions and increasingly draconian measures passed by this government. You were tought not to question authority…well my friends i say it is time to question our masters.
    We our human beings and therefor we posses certain unalienable rights. Those are life, liberty, and property. This government, which may i remind you was exclusively founded upon those simple principles, is currently depriving us of those rights. Our constitution gauentees us the right to due process yet now as per recent laws passed through congress and approved via the presidents, allows for black clad homeland security agents to take you away in the middle of the night with no warrant, no just cause, all under the guise of national security… remember folks, they serve YOU! …why is it you think this government has been after firearms regulation? They don’t want an armed populous capable of organized armed resistance. They want obedient workers just smart enough to run the machines and dumb enough to just passively accept all of the increasingly fascist policy’s encumbered upon them.
    I laugh when people state that the president or our so called representatives are communists or socialists…no my friends this is not the case. Communism or Socialism at this point is a step in the right direction, no these people currently in power are no more communist than Stalin, Mao, or Kin Jon ill. All of the worlds dictators and our current batch of tyrants are opportunists. They use rhetoric, pandering, and your plain apathy to their advantage. They are bleeding this nation dry and lining their Swiss bank accounts in the process.
    Obama has stated many times that he shall rise taxes on the rich. This is clearly not the case. His administration has givin more breaks to corporations, wall street, and the upper 1% than any other president in recent history. Albeit only select corporations with strong lobby’s honest good company’s are punished on a regular basis. This government has also expanded entitlement programs aimed at the lower classes, creating a large apathetic uniformed voting block, all at the cost of the middle class.
    Why do you ask? Because my fellow Americans revolutions are incited by the rich and fought by the poor. Past governments when in severe debt tax the rich as a source or quick income. And due to the fact that the rich are typically the most influential members of society and wish not to be burdened and inconvenienced by taxes they rally the poor to fight their cause. This government has done well to learn well from history and instead is exploiting the middle class as a cash cow. This is safer as the middle class is more likely to put up with such matters as they are more concerned with their careers and their children, they are less likely to rise in protest. Well my friends i saw enough is enough. Governments are to fear the people, not the people fear their government. I advocate a new government to be created, to better suit the people. For Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
    It is time to remind those who enjoy a lavish life on our dime who truly is in control of this land.
    I advocate full and outright revolution! Arise thy masses for the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Arm your self’s Organize! resist the puppet masters and take back what is yours, Your God givin Natural Rights!

  5. Funny how the arguments against all of these bills sound a whole lot like the arguments against other back-door laws from the “pro-lifers” intent on ridding the land of any access to abortion. The same tactics are at work here. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander. Besides, just like the pro-lifers, the intent is to save lives. Quit whining.

    • imbecile!…taking guns from law abiding citizens will increase violent crime and gun homocides,only the criminals will not comply,and it will be “open season” on homes,and families,…home invasions burglery,and armed robbery will skyrocket,….watch and see (or read it and weep)

  6. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

  7. Your “law abiding citizen” argument goes out the window if you don’t abide by all the laws, including the new laws. You have options, comply, go to jail or leave with your assault weapons.

    • So, basically a “law abiding citizen” is suddenly a criminal the moment these laws go into effect? Why is it that we have to pay the price (monetarily and personally) so that these laws can be put in place simply to disarm the people under the guise of “safety”? None of the laws here will do anything to prevent violent crime. The guns they consider “assault weapons” are only called that because of cosmetic features. Because they LOOK scary. They aren’t full auto and fire multiple rounds per trigger pull. They fire one shot per pull. Making a 10 round magazine illegal is really not going to do anything. I can drop a magazine and reload pretty fast and I am sure most criminals can to so I don’t see how law is going to prevent any crime. Anyways, my tax paying family IS moving and taking our money to another state. I am sure Cali will be in a great place financially when the “law abiding”, tax paying, gun owners all pack up and take their money elsewhere. Who will pay for the hundreds of frivolous programs this once great state offers?

  8. This law may be somewhat annoying to law-abiding gun owners, but it is a small price to pay, if it prevents even one murder by a criminal or mental defective. Please, people, be willing to compromise with those who want to protect their family members from the REAL gun nuts, the lawless and deranged.

    • None of these proposals will prevent crimes. All they are aimed to do is be another step in disarming the citizens. They say they are for safety but that is not the case. How will any of the laws listed above going to prevent a criminal or crazy from stealing or otherwise acquiring a gun? If someone is willing to kill someone with a gun, what will stop them from being willing to steal one? If someone is willing to commit murder, they are most likely willing to commit other lesser crimes as well. I should not as a human being have to turn in my guns and then spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to replace them with weapons Dianne Feinstein and her friends think are “safe” enough and then spend extra money to get approved to buy ammo. Luckily, my husband makes our ammo, so we won’t be affected by that last one, but nobody should. I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery any day.

  9. Unconstitutional…This will get overturned give it time. The real Americans will file suit against it. 1st stop the illegal immigration. That’s how you keep getting Dumbassocrats voted in, remember 86. Borders aren’t patroled like it was promised and welfare needs to be cut as well. No money for them and no medical treatment they will stop coming here. My dad lived in california in the late 60s and died there in 2010. His exact words were to go back to Louisiana and stay there. This state is gone to junk, its now for the hoodlums and the queers. As I can see he was right

  10. Thank God I live in Alaska.. the last lib douche bag that came up here to tell us all fish had feelings still hasn’t been found. Besides.. it’s to Damn hot in Texas :P

  11. It is time for the shooters of Kalifornia to learn to reload ammunition. You can buy a heck of a lot of powder, bullets and cases for $50 bucks… The liberal loons want to disarm us and they are doing it one step at a time. If all gun owners got off their lazy rears and voted, perhaps this stupidity would stop. As long as you allow the minority of loons to run things, you get what you deserve.

  12. Wow! This is great news for criminals in California that specialize in armed invasions of homes. The State is making it much safer for them to continue their work by providing a supply of unarmed citizens!

  13. One state shows the good sense to pass long overdue gun control laws and every redneck is up in arms (yes sadly they let these idiots own them) crying like the shit scared retarded little bitches they are. The only need for assault weapons and large capacity magazines is to defend yourself from a fully armed militia/army. Well fuckos got some news for you. If the government had any plans to round you lot up and guns could help durrr THEY WOULDN’T LET YOU HAVE THEM IF THEY WERE SCARED OF THEM. If the government moves against you they aren’t coming with guns, they are coming with Apache longbows with vulcan cannons that can shoot you from a mile away, or more likely they will use biological/chemical weaponry weapons. So all your little dick compensaters aren’t doing shit except making it more dangerous for those around you. It is so easy to buy weapons but all you redneck dumb bastards aren’t satisfied. You are like spoilt brats whose daddy won’t let them have the latest toy. Every argument you guys have is just shit (I know, I’ve heard them all, and having a far higher I.Q. than 94% of you I understand them better too). Be happy you got what guns you have and stop fucking bleating every time someone tries to make your country a safer fucking place.

    • Hey there. We aren’t all rednecks. Most of us are well educated, middle class, tax paying, citizens. Thanks, though.

      Oh, and by the way 10 rounds in a magazine is no way in actuality “large capacity”. Also, an “assault weapon” simply describes the “scary” cosmetic feature of a basic, semi automatic (i.e. shoots one round per trigger pull, automatically ejects the casing and chambers a new round) rifle. It doesn’t actually fire multiple rounds with one pull like a full auto weapon.

      • liberals are purse scum..they take your money and your rights away they are socialists and scumbags. .every state they run unto the ground and this country will become a 3rd world nation with the liberal scum in charge

    • Craig Darrell you sound like so many people that I’m seen over the years. You talk tuff, call people names all the while hiding behind your computor.I’ll bet you had your milk money taken away from you, your whole life.Stating your IQ tells me your one dumb motherf—er.


  15. I understand not all from California are the same I have family in southern California and I’m sure their neighbors and friends have had heart attacks and strokes since they have trained my nieces to be proficient in all varieties of firearms. But I do believe there is more that could be done to curb the insanity. Protest get loud make them hear you. And for those of you that want wanting yo get away from the whack job liberals you are welcome to Washington and I’m sure Oregon. We could use more people to counter balance the liberals( yes I understand there are moderates but they’re a minority in California too)

  16. I am 3rd generation Californian. I’ve lived here all my life. I raised a family, and watched all four of my children grow into responsible adults. I’ve also watched this state go from a wonderful place to live, to some sort of over taxed, over regulated hell. Most of this has been caused by people who moved here from other states. NO ONE who has a brain, and lived here during the 1970s would have voted for Jerry Brown as Governor. Back then, 75% of the cars had a “If It’s Brown…Flush It” bumper sticker, so I doubt they would have changed their minds. I’m sad to say that this is the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.” I just can’t see staying in a State that has no regard for the Constitution, not to mention taxes the hell out of my now fixed income. I don’t know where my wife & I will be moving, but we will be moving. I need to get back to the good old U.S. of A, and out of the People’s Republic of California. The Libtards have won here, the battle is lost. It’s sad.

    • I feel your pain mercenarygrip. I have really deep roots in the state going back to 1849. Like you I’ve watched this state just spiral into this mess…

  17. Any Californian with a brain will STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS. Any Californian with a brain will be sure to be registered and will VOTE AGAINST EVERY DEMOCRAT running for any office including dog catcher.

  18. I don’t live in Kalif, I moved some time back because of all the libtards and their laws, but this shit is over the top……I hope all the conservative(working) people leave that state and let it rot in in it’s own juices. Maybe when this happens, the f’n morons that are passing this crap will lose their jobs, NOT of course. But when they have to take entitlements to support and run the state, someone will take notice…

  19. If military service were mandatory for all able bodied citizens, none of this anti-gun crap would fly. This whole charade is about disarming the U. s. citizen thereby reducing the chance of armed resistance to outlandish government intervention shush as we are seeing in other countries. Do not submit.

  20. Yep- this seals it. Commiefornians are seriously stupid.
    Keep your anti gun selves in California and wait for the next riot to break out.
    Funny thing here is that the cities/states with the strictest gun control regulations seem to be the places where more of you idiots are killed by them.
    Tell me again how “unsafe” my home is because I own firearms, and I will point to the LA riots and your inexcusable lack of response as members of the community….
    Haven’t ever seen a riot in the great state of Texas- oh yeah- that’s because we haven’t given up our rights like you sheep.

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