California’s Water Emergency could Spell Disaster for Everyone

California residents are now facing a mandatory 25 percent cut in their water usage because of drought conditions that have hit the state hard during the last couple of years. As residents are told to slash their water usage, California’s water problems may have far reaching consequences that nobody is talking about.

California produces more than half of this Country’s fruit and vegetables

California is the number one food and agricultural producer in the United States. Despite the fact that a majority of the State is actually a desert – artificially made into farmland by pumping mass amounts of groundwater into areas that are unsustainable without it – more than half the nation’s fruit, nuts and vegetables comes from California farms. If the problem gets much worse, the effects will be felt throughout the rest of the country which now depends on these unsustainable farms for its food.

California is an Unsustainable Desert

The fact is California has always been unsustainable; when you have entire communities that look like lush tropical paradises in the middle of what should be a desert landscape, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the State is running out of water. While some of the problem may have been compounded from the recent drought, most of the state is essentially a desert and it was only a matter of time before California’s water problems came crashing into reality.

A look at some of California’s Disappearing Reservoirs

Lake Oroville in 2011
This was Lake Oroville on July 20, 2011. (Paul Hames/California Department of Water Resources/Getty Images)

Lake Oroville in 2014
This is Lake Oroville on September 30, 2014 (Image credit: California Department of Water Resources)

A Year’s Supply of Water left in California Reservoirs?

According to NASA, California’s water supply is disappearing so quickly that its water reserves may be gone in about a year.

Right now California has about one year of water left in its reservoirs. To make matters worse, farmers have been pumping groundwater from underground aquifers so fast that some areas of the Central Valley are sinking by one foot or more per year. The strategic backup supply is disappearing; once these aquifers run dry, there is no contingency plan for California.

If the California drought continues, what do you think is going to happen to the tens of millions of people who live in the middle of what should be a desert? What happens when the Aquifers stop pumping out water, and the nation loses its number one source of fruits and vegetables?

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  1. I am sorry, our Gov. has no time to do anything about the water supply here. He’s to worried about a high speed railway and gun control to have time to take care of our water supply. The other wonderful observation I have made is the fact that our state has turned into one massive fire pit with extremely dry brush everywhere you turn. With our low water supply and reservoirs to draw from this is gonna be one hella fire season. If your from Cali or by it I would strongly recommend being ready to bug out fast.

    • I live in Sydney and 10 years ago we were in the middle of a drought. A real bad one. The state government decided to build a desalination plant thinking the drought would go on for ages. There was a lot of opposition to it but they built it anyway. Cost hundreds of millions of dollars and it was built by a private company – one of those public/private partnerships that everyone hates. Took 3 years to build and they turned it on. Now we’re drowning in rain. Our dams are so full that when it heavily rains and they have to open the dam gates, it floods vast areas of lands. Meanwhile the desal plant has been turned off because we don’t need it. Only problem is we still have to pay rent on it to the company that built it because that was the deal struck under drought conditions. Love it…..yeah maaaaaate

    • You folks are welcome to move across country to Tennessee. We get rain at least once a week. We have T.V.A. (Tennessee Valley Authority) using our rivers to generate power and for our utilities.
      Its green here with lots of trees and beautiful mountains. Move before its to late. A very nice home is about $225,000 for over 2800 sq. ft.
      That would buy about a 1000 sq. ft. home in Ca. plus we have a yard..

  2. I beat it out of CA years ago. Taxes too high and way to many areas it was far from safe to live in. While there are worse places, I just didn’t want to put up with paying through the nose to live there anymore.

    We grow and can our own produce. The cost of living is cheaper, though jobs also pay less. But, we lots more for our money than we we ever did in California. You just have to decide you want to be somewhere else, then go there. But, do your research ahead of time, know what you want, and how you will live when you make your move.

    There won’t be much time left to make your move if you don’t do it soon. If the drought continues, there will probably be a migration the likes of which we haven’t seen since the dust bowl in the 30’s. If that happens, there won’t be too many places you’ll be able to afford to buy when there is nothing left for sale. Though, if you are selling in California, the money you will get will keep going down and down and down as the drought continues.

    Go where you can grow your own food. Where you have access to fishing and hunting. Where it isn’t a problem to live as you want to, as our grandparents did.

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      You see the poor will always take what they don’t have, and who do you think you’ll take it from?
      You take our guns and tell us not to shoot our neighbor and then they come and make your home their home because we don’t have our guns to protect you, you guys say we’re nuts because we have automatic weapons and thousands if not tens of thousands rounds and you think you are coming into my house? Well you think that I am going to go to site their or those rounds are for display? So you and your gun control can stick it because when the poor take from veterans like me they get shot and buried in the backyard and don’t give BS about that it is like guys like you, you can think about your gun control and but it’s your dumb white neighber that has and will protect your dumb white butt so quit taking away our guns and quit playing God because it doesn’t work.
      Even the blocks that have money will always turn to the guys that know how to use the guns to protect them because someone’s giving them a home invasion and it usually a black guy or Mexican or poor white guy that’s doing the home invasions because nobody cares when your poor your hero in prison but you’re dead if you think that you can take the guns away from those that know how to use them.
      We will fight for our rights and yours we are Brocken as a country but strong and though I’m 49 you will remember that in the 1776 we wone a war with our squlirel guns and we will do it again.
      So keep your gun countrol but don’t call me if your world has a reality check.

  3. If they started water restrictions back in 2012/13, there could have possibly 2/3’s more water than what there is now.. It’s poor management is what it comes down to.. The whole Pacific coast is in the same vote, and if nothing is done in the next year, all Hell will break loose, which this is just the beginning.. Also there is a way of using salt water, it just has to go through a filtration system to extract the salt to make fresh water.. It’s been proven it can be done before, so why not do that for watering plants and vegetables and lawns, it saves on the natural water source.. Just my thoughts..

    • “Also there is a way of using salt water, it just has to go through a filtration system to extract the salt to make fresh water.. It’s been proven it can be done before, so why not do that for watering plants and vegetables and lawns, it saves on the natural water source.. Just my thoughts..”

      What???!!!!??? And cancel the bullet train and free unit for illegals? no, no, no, no, no…..

  4. tough luck. I imagine you will be invading canada to take their water soon. what do you want? sympathy? pffft

  5. When I worked in the Middle East all our drinking water was desalinated seawater. The only way for California to have any future is to massively invest in desalination plants. After all, there is limitless supply of seawater from the Pacific Ocean.

    • Too late for desalibation plants, the water in the Pacific is full of Fukushima radiation and there is no way to get rid of that.

      • There IS massive investment in desal and our plant in Cambria, side in only a few months, even recycles sewer water. Our residents using only 40 gallons water per person per day, a statewide record. Other plants are being built all along the coastline. Carlsbad, Monterey etc.

    • California’s Central Valley is comprised of two sections, the Sacramento Valley in the north and the San Joaquin in the south. The San Joaquin is drier than the Sacramento, and the southern part of that is actually considered semi-arid, not quite a desert. Still, semi-arid doesn’t support orange groves without added water from somewhere. So the growing areas of California aren’t entirely self-sufficient in terms of water.

  6. Kissinger said there would be a de-population through starvation eugenics plan to starve 6 billion that TPTB CAN indeed control the geo-engineering/chemtrails,we are witnessing the grand de-population of the U’S. & soon the rest of the world..TPTB knew if they could control the weather that they could indeed get their new world world anti-Christ ruled,hell on earth…”novus ordo seclorum” a new world order..its printed on every single one dollar bill folks..TPTB aren’t fooling around..they fully intend to exterminate about 6.5 billion souls to reach a world population of 500,000,000 as per the Georgia the guidestones,& see for yourself

  7. I would suggest the microwave pulse that appears to be off the Northwest coast of the US (for the last 4 years I believe)is being caused by the huge TT Array in Antarctica. Coordinates around 70 degrees 9’S by 87 degrees 5’E . Easy to see. Just track the discoloured path leading away from it. Usually no one takes any notice of this information. Strange attitude considering what’s at stake.

  8. I live in the Phoenix area and we get some of our water from the snow pack in California so while they are all screaming about California, no one has mentioned the other surrounding states that get their water from California. We are all screwed!!!

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