California to Ban all Semi-Automatic Guns, Confiscate Firearms and Limit Ammo Sales

California legislators are in the process of rolling out what will be the strictest gun control laws in the country. Democrat state Legislatures rolled out a list of proposals that will instantly criminalize most of the state’s law abiding gun owners.

The new law would outlaw all semiautomatic weapons, criminalize anyone who has more than 500 rounds of ammo, and require a permit to buy ammunition in the future. California, which already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, is also looking at a proposal which would call for the immediate confiscation of 166,000 registered modern sporting rifles. This is why people are against Registration!

Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, unveiled the gun control package in a news conference Thursday at the state Capitol.

The package includes:

  • Banning the possession — not just manufacture and sale — of magazines holding more than 10 rounds.
  • Making possession of hollow point bullets and similar “assault bullets” a felony.
  • Requiring anyone wishing to buy ammunition to first get a permit by passing a background check.
  • Requiring the registration and reporting of all ammo purchases. Limits the number of rounds anyone can have at one time to 500 rounds.
  • Requiring all gun owners will have to be licensed like drivers, and will be forced to carry gun liability insurance.
  • Banning any gun that has a detachable magazine, and requires a 100% prohibition of all fixed magazines greater than 10 rounds.
  • Making all previous grandfathered magazines become illegal, and it will become a felony if you keep one.
  • Prohibiting anyone barred from owning a weapon from living in a home where weapons are kept
  • Expanding the list of crimes that would bar a person from gun possession.
  • Letting the state Justice Department use money from the state’s Dealer’s Record of Sale system to eliminate the backlog of people identified as no longer allowed to own guns but not yet investigated and contacted by law enforcement.
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  1. That “Sometimes they don’t know they are sick!” Comment is true enough. But, if you don’t recognise the source of the problem, exactly where do you begin to fix it.
    Often the rubric “attack the problem, not the person” belies the existance of the problem. These do not spring up as if by magic. Power hungry politicos create these oppresive issues for their own increase of control and wealth! No problem will be solved without removing and punishing the creators of it. I have been in CA. (Mostly southern) I have friends and family still there unable to leave for various reasons. I read various news reports, I check sources, in short, I try to pay attention.
    Dimly disguised attacks of people truly concerned with this sort of illegal, immoral hijinx, does NOTHING to help solve ANY issue.
    As far as “pointing fingers” goes, every time you point a finger at me, you have 3 more pointing back at you.
    For the record, dimunition of any other group of people not directly related to the given problem does not do ANYTHING to solve it.

  2. We get just as much if not more from Florida, Mexico, or Hawaii. Trust me California is no longer the bread basket I drive truck and deliver most all your meat from the Midwest. Most all your potatoes come from Idaho, most all your corn comes from the Midwest and yes I know California grows this. But very very little come out of it anymore sorry to burst your bubble I see it as I pick up and deliver first hand

  3. So we’ll see lots of people dying in their belief to keep and bear arms. Wonder how many cowards from the state of Commiiefornia; passing this legislation will be going door to door during the confiscation. The next revolution begins.

  4. The mass shooters are demoncRATS cali will turn into another Chicago let’s see how that confiscation goes for you a special kind of stupid fkum.

  5. That’s so awesome. Go California!
    Are there any other sources on this? I can’t find anything on a google search.

  6. about time . the right to bear arms is out dated. get the guns’ll help people to stop being paranoid.

  7. Very soon all semi-auto weapons will be banned nationwide!
    And you can thank pro white supremacy & pro nazi supporters for gun bans & restrictions. I say its a good thing. These types of weapons have been used to kill our own America people! Most were severely injured.

  8. 2nd Amendment … “..Shall Not Be Infringed.”
    Totally UN-constitutional
    You’re going to have a civil war on your hands.

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