Carry Cash? Government says you might be a Criminal! Man Has $22k Stolen From Him by Tennessee Police

money with cop carFrom the FBI circulating memos warning business owners to be on the look out for people paying with cash, to the Feds illegally seizing farmers bank accounts, we’ve highlighted a number of examples of how the government is trying to demonize the use of paper money. But never did we think that something like this could happen so easily in America.

This story should serve as warning to those who carry cash….

A New Jersey man had $22,000 dollars of his hard-earned cash stolen by the Tennessee Police department, and apparently it’s perfectly legal!

George Reby was driving through Tennessee on I40 when he was stopped for speeding. The officer asked him if he was carrying a large amount of cash to which Mr. Reby, thinking he had done nothing wrong, replied that he had around $22,00 in cash. Mr. Reby was on his way to buy a car that he bought on ebay and was using the cash to pay for the transaction.

And here is where the Government Criminals step in….

Although Mr. Reby had committed no crime, was not arrested for a crime or even issued a citation in this case, the Tennessee police department confiscated his money. According to the law in Tennessee, carrying a large amount of cash makes you a suspected drug dealer or terrorist and gives the police department the right to confiscate your money. No Due Process and No Recourse.

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  1. Believe me this is happening everywhere not just Tennessee. Although Tennessee seems to be the place they test this stuff lately. DHS has a huge presence down there.

  2. David Sarti got all his weapons taken in Tenn. Now this guy. I am staying in my small town in Southeast Kentucky. I will never leave here. No more traveling for me.

  3. Our government is out of control. There’s a revoloution coming and I think they are pushing people to the edge in hopes that things get ugly. There is only so much abuse that people can take before they say enough is enough.

    • This is true that revolution is coming the sad thing is the majority of people don’t even realize this country is slowly headed to hell in a handbasket.

    • our government has realized how easy it is to push the ppl around. so many ppl have gone soft cause they have not had to fight for our freedoms as americans. they dont see our own government as a threat.

  4. what a bunch of Gullibles the money wasnt confiscated it was JACKED. even a suspected drug dealer has to be suspected of the crime evidence has to be built and buy this time his house, car,childern would all be at risk.if he didnt go to a lawyer about this chances are theirs more to this story then your hearing. their usuly is and all you conspiracy theoriest belive anything that you want to here. and no im not some republican jurkoff. im a person in touch with reality

    • Are you retarded? The cop in the video admits the guy did nothing wrong and that they had no proof of any wrongdoing

      • Obviously the truth is too scary for this person. It’s understandable. When you are programmed to never question authority, to trust it unconditionally, and only commies (terrorist, or any other term that represents the “other”) distrust the goverment, it’s difficult for most to accept the fact they were lied to all along. It can feel like one’s world is coming apart at the seems.

        As well, science has clearly demonstrated that once someone has an emotional investment in a belief, the mind tends to ignore information that contradicts or disproves that belief. Fear is one of our strongest emotions, which is why the gov keeps the country in a stae of fear of the “other”, when in reality, the people should fear the very people who have created the illusion, not the scape goats they keep everyone’s mind focussed on.

        There’s a reason some of the founding fathers enshrinedthe right to bear arms. It should act as a deterrant against those who would abuse the power given to them by the people. In a healthy democracy, the government should fear the people. But they’ve succeeded in keeping the citizenry distracted and focussed on the fake enemies they keep creating.

        On a side note, ypu can always tell what a psychopath is up to. They tend to accuse others of the very things they themselves are doing. So, when you hear about the latest external threat, it should give an indication of what is really being planned by them.

        I find it fascinating how every terror attack the authorities have foiled involve the authorities playing a role right from the get go. The latest underwear bomber is a perfect example, when you learn the role that the security establishment played ininstigating the whole thing. There’s no shortage of willing idiots withenough encouragement.

        Now why would a government want the people to stop using cash and only using debit cards and credit cards? Could it be so the people become unaccustomed to real money so people will be continuously in debt to the wealth class? They’ve already made acquiring gold in any significant amount illegal. Mark of the beast, perhaps?

        • o waahh why dont we all just crowl into little holes becouse life is a bitch first i never said i trust the government but.far from it i also dont trust anybody else either. migual just that long ass parag.u wrote says you have no life but to sit around and complain about somthing you are doing NOTHING about tell u what wille the rest of us enjoy our lives will we have them why dont you go clime a tree and wait for them

        • I like the way you think I have been saying te samething but people often shrug their shoulders and think I don’t know what I am talking about but if this keeps up they are going to find out the hard way, now if the only way to buy or spend is electronically then if we lose electricity then how do we buy or sell ??????????????

    • Your first clue that mohave is a government plant is when he mentions not being a republican…. who the F said anything about pollitics? This should show how paranoid these people are that they are being exposed.

      As obumer said, watch the video. The cops admit that there was no evidence and admit that they never even arrested the poor guy. If you think this is ok then you have some severe problems. But like I said above I suspect that you are probably employed in some way to try to discredit anything that makes the government thugs look bad.

      • Second clue should be when he calls everyone conpiracy theorists. That’s there way of discrediting you.

  5. Thats horrible what happened to “innocent until proven guilty”
    and honestly “the safest place to keep your money is the bank” that cop is an idiot if only they required IQ tests

  6. copy are lying thieves, tools of the new world orde. be sure your children know this by age 5 or 6. Otherwise, all your efforts are wasyted with them.

    • Simple and Intelligent Solution..Carry a bank reciept to prove the money is yours and where it came from…Employment verification a plus…

      • and since when must Americans “carry papers”…????? “simple and intelligent solution” for those who believe the state reigns over us…

        • I’m on your side, but you asked “since when”. I’ll tell you since when…since the folks in charge in the late 1760s started kicking farmers off their land for not keeping their tax payment receipts or whatever other proof of ownership papers they could think to request.

          Keep your records or lose your *&#!

  7. this is but one more example of government in general gone wild and another straw added to the camel’s back – when will the back of this camel finally give………….

  8. Many police are on our side – they know and follow the US Constitution. Especially in small towns. But there will always be some who take advantage of their position, rather than functioning as the public servants they are.

  9. My step dad owned a business that was pretty much all cash, no checks and very few credit cards. So he had to keep a large change stash on hand just in case. His car was parked in the parking lot of his business, apparently someone was looking suspicious around the cars so someone called the police. When police arrived the man was leaning on my step dad’s car. My step dad knew the man and when he came out tried to sort out what was going on. The guy had weed on him. They asked my step dad if they could take a look inside his car because he was near it and they knew each other. Knowing he didn’t have anything to hide he said sure. My mom had a few prescription bottles in the consol and they questioned him about those since they were narcotics. Apparently all this raised their awareness, so when they opened the trunk they found several thousand dollars in cash, including bunlded money from the bank and a lot of quarters. Obviously this money was for a business. The police took the money anyways. They said due to the drug involvement they had a right to take it. He had to hire an attorney and file something with the court to get the money returned, which they finally did, but not before having to pay attorney fees.

  10. Just wondering, why did the cops stop this guy in the first place, and why would they know to ask him if he had a substantial amount of cash on him?

  11. This has been going on for years. The Bush senior administration got the ball rolling by creating the “Asset Forfeiture Law” in the so called war on drugs. It should have been called “the war on civilians”. Since the early 1990’s the theft by “law-enforcement” of private property of all sorts, including homes, planes, boats, and cars as well as large amounts of cash has been on the rise.

    Don’t expect this to improve any time soon, regardless of who is President. Our entire government now sees the civilian population as the enemy.

  12. carrying large sums of money is not very smart in the first place
    opsec is the name of the game this person failed at that basic strategy
    if he would have used opsec the cops would not have been able to get his 22 grand
    this is the reality of our modern world if you have it there is always someone willing to take it from you so plan plan plan then act

    • Mike,you miss the point. Of course you shouldn’t carry large sums of money. The point is, the government has no right to confiscate personal property without cause.


  14. Just wondering why everything with the government has to be a crisis or an emergency. Seems to me if they had the answers to it things wouldnt get to the point of crisis. But then again being a crisis it will demand more government involvement and new laws limiting the rights of people.the gov has perfected control through fear.For those that dont believe time will tell, I just hope its not to late to wake up !

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