CYBER POLYGON - cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics
Emerging Threats

World Economic Forum Pushes Internet Shutdowns & Blackouts to stop ‘Cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics’

The same group that has been breathlessly pushing for the Great Reset, using the COVID crisis to fundamentally undermine Western-values in an attempt to crash the world’s economies and rewrite history, are now attempting to push COVID-style shutdowns for the web to stop a so-called “Cyber-War with COVID-like characteristics”. […]

Mark of the Beast
Emerging Threats

You won’t be able to participate in commerce without the Vaccine: Ticketmaster to Verify Vaccine Status for Concert Attendees

Throughout the world, corporations are getting ready to enact digital barcode tracking of every person in the world which will include mandatory vaccines and COVID testing to be able to participate in commerce. […]