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Is the government tracking survival websites and survivalists?

It seems the government is now tracking survival websites, survivalists and anything to do with emergency preparedness. Over the last couple of weeks it looks like Homeland Security and a number of other governemnt agencies have a huge interest in what my site, The Blaze and a number of other websites that mention survival topics are talking about. […]

OFFGRID Survival News

Powerline feeding southern California severed

September 8, 2011 Robert Richardson 7

More that 1.4 Million people throughout Southern California are without power after a major transmission line was severed. Officials are declining to comment on what caused the line to be severed but are saying that it was not a terrorist attack. […]

OFFGRID Survival News

Soldiers killed in Carson City Nevada by Gunman

September 6, 2011 Robert Richardson 6

Two members of the National Guard and were killed this morning in Carson City when a Hispanic Male walked into the local IHOP restaurant and opened fire. Witnesses said that the two were wearing their uniforms but officials are refusing to say if they were targeted. […]