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Against Taxes & Large Government? For the Constitution? FBI Issues warning calling you Dangerous Anti-Government Extremists

Are you against Large Government, High Taxes and just want to be left alone? Are you Self Reliant? Do you believe in the Constitution? If you answered yes to any of those questions The FBI now considers you an Anti-Government Extremist with beliefs that they consider part of a domestic terrorist movement. […]

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Obama Signs National Defense Authorization Act, Americans can now be held in jail without trial.

December 31, 2011 Robert Richardson 36

It’s official folks, President Obama just signed the bill that will kill our 4th Amendment Rights. From his Resort in Hawaii, President Obama has just signed The National Defense Authorization Act into law. This means that any American Citizen can now be indefinitely detained without trail, without a warrant and without legal resources. […]

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National Defense Authorization Act passes and gives President power to detain U.S. Citizens

The National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the detention of U.S. citizens, has passed through congress. President Obama’s Veto threat was withdrawn after he was given authority to detain, without due process, anyone who is considered a threat to National Security. […]