CYBER POLYGON - cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics
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World Economic Forum Pushes Internet Shutdowns & Blackouts to stop ‘Cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics’

The same group that has been breathlessly pushing for the Great Reset, using the COVID crisis to fundamentally undermine Western-values in an attempt to crash the world’s economies and rewrite history, are now attempting to push COVID-style shutdowns for the web to stop a so-called “Cyber-War with COVID-like characteristics”. […]

Colorado Mass Shooter
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Radical Muslim Terrorist Kills 10 in Colorado Mass Shooting, Media blames White Trump Supporters

After 24 hours of the liberal media trying to blame the latest mass shooting on a white Trump Supporter, today it has come out that the suspected mass-shooter who killed 10 in Boulder, Colorado on Monday was not white at all, and was in fact a Syrian born nutcase named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. […]

COVID Isolation for Kids
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Peak Mental Illness: Parents Locking Kids in Quarantine Because Schools Told Them To Do It for Virus Protection!

With public schools opening under limited ‘in-person’ learning, public schools are telling parents that when their kids are dismissed from school because a classmate has tested positive for COVID, they must quarantine the child *alone* in a separate room for 14 days […]