Emerging Threats

Wildfire Evacuees Targeted by Criminals – SHTF Threat

As some evacuees from the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado were allowed to return to their homes yesterday, many found their homes looted and burglarized. When disaster hits, you will likely have to deal with more than just the initial disaster. Very few people realize how big of a threat these criminals will become during a catastrophic SHTF situation. Like it or not, these people are very good at what they do….. […]

Police State

Obama Administration Working with U.N. on a Global Gun Ban

June 15, 2012 Robert Richardson 34

The Obama administration is in the middle negotiating a Small Arms Treaty with the U.N. that would effectively place a global ban on the import and export of all rifles, shotguns and handguns. This ban would affect all private gun owners and will be used to implement a international gun registry of all guns and ammo….. […]