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U.S. Military conducting massive training exercise in the streets of Los Angeles

Maybe it’s just the prepper in me, but when I heard the U.S. Military will be conducting a massive training exercise in the streets of Los Angeles I must say it made me feel a little uneasy. And how could it not? With the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act it makes one wonder why the military is conducting drills in Urban America….. […]

OFFGRID Survival News

Is the government tracking survival websites and survivalists?

September 22, 2011 Robert Richardson 23

It seems the government is now tracking survival websites, survivalists and anything to do with emergency preparedness. Over the last couple of weeks it looks like Homeland Security and a number of other governemnt agencies have a huge interest in what my site, The Blaze and a number of other websites that mention survival topics are talking about. […]

OFFGRID Survival News

FBI Says thinks preppers might be terrorists

August 11, 2011 Robert Richardson 44

The FBI has been asking military surplus store owners and Gun store owners to spy and collect information on people that would normally fall under the prepper category. Apparently anyone who buys MRE’s is now a threat to national security….. […]