CDC Monitoring for Cold-like Symptoms after African Lab Monkeys Get Loose

Death Monkeys

An African lab monkey is on the loose after a transport truck containing around 100 lab test macaques crashed and allowed four to escape just off Interstate 80 near Danville, Pennsylvania, sparking fears it was carrying a deadly and infectious disease.

Local residents are raising alarm bells, after CDC officials swarmed the area looking for four of the escaped lab animals. The test monkeys were on their way to a laboratory in Florida when the truck crashed into a garbage truck on Friday near Danville, Pennsylvania, with four of the primates escaping.

According to FOX 56 Wolf TV, three monkeys were captured and “humanely euthanized according to American Veterinary Association guidelines” but another missing monkey and reports of CDC officials swarming the area only sparked further concerns.

The CDC is now monitoring local residents for cold-like symptoms.

The incident has fueled reports of the monkeys carrying an infection after a woman was warned as she stopped to help the animals, believing they were cats.

“I walk up back on the hill and this guy tells me, ‘Oh, he’s hauling cats. I said, ‘oh.’ So I go over to look in the crate and there’s this green cloth over it. So I peel it back, I stick my finger in there and go ‘kitty, kitty.’ It pops its head up and it’s a monkey,” Fallon said.

Michele Fallon, from Danville, told FOX 56 Wolf TV that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said she should monitor her health for any type of symptoms of an infectious disease after being close to them.

According to a CDC spokesperson, the monkeys were en route to a CDC-approved quarantine facility after landing Friday morning in New York. They are originally from Mauritius, a country in eastern Africa.

“We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, a pandemic that resulted from zoonotic transmission, or transmission from a virus from an animal to a human,” said Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel, a senior scientific advisor for primate experimentation at PETA. She alleged that these these monkey shipments happen frequently.

“These monkeys are pouring into our borders and every time they come in they come in with their own their own complement, their own kind of pathogens that they’re bringing in with them. This has huge consequences for the science, it has huge consequences for the welfare of the animals, and it has huge consequences for the taxpayer because we are paying for this,” said Jones-Engel.

The CDC, Pennsylvania State Police, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health conducted a public health risk assessment but those results are unknown at this time.

You would think after killing our economy and causing global chaos with the lab leak from Wuhan that these assholes would be a little more careful about experimenting with deadly pathogens.

While the media wants to pretend our government isn’t conducting these experiments, back in a 2011 op-ed, co-authored by Dr. Fauci, former Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins, called gain-of-function research a “risk worth taking.”

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