CDC orders Americans to wear TWO masks on all public transportation

Welcome to Biden’s America – The Center for Disease Control has issued a new COVID mandate requiring all Americans to wear TWO masks while using all forms of “public transportation” in the United States.

From CNN:

The CDC announced an order late Friday that will require people to wear a face mask while using any form of public transportation, including buses, trains, taxis, airplanes, boats, subways or ride-share vehicles while traveling into, within and out of the US.

The order goes into effect at 11:59 p.m. Monday.

Masks must be worn while waiting, boarding, traveling and disembarking, it said. The coverings need to be at least two or more layers of breathable fabric secured to the head with ties, ear loops or elastic bands — and scarves and bandanas do not count, the order says.

The CDC said it reserves the right to enforce the order through criminal penalties, but it “strongly encourages and anticipates widespread voluntary compliance” and expects support from other federal agencies to implement the order.

On top of now having to wear TWO masks, the CDC has also deemed Bandannas and single layer neck gaiters unacceptable and are not on the list of Government approved masks!

The unconstitutional order, from an organization that isn’t even technically a government agency to begin with, comes after Biden signed an executive order last week requiring people to wear masks on federal property.

It is all one big phycological mindfuck!


As we’ve written about in the past, the masks area nothing but an attempt to destroy the soul and kill the spirit!

Less than a week after telling Americans that wearing two or even three masks would be ‘more effective’ against the spread of coronavirus, Dr. Anthiny Fauci is no admitting that even though these new mandates are being put in place, that there is no data to suggest it will make any difference.

So, for those keeping track: This POS initially said that masks were useless and just “Virtue signaling” then he flipped and claimed they were actually probably helpful. He then used his power to make them mandatory. Then he said It was just “common sense” to wear two masks. Now there is no data for that.

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  1. Hmm, about the only thing that will come out of this is the people who voted this cluster loving bunch of democratic communists will be suffering right along with the rest of us. but there still will be some or more than a few who think that they are in paradise, no matter how bad things get.

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