CDC warning about Coming Superbug Outbreaks

The CDC is ringing the alarm bells after a number of so-called superbugs have now been reported in at least 42 states.

The CDC is currently investigating an alarming outbreak of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae — or CRE — that has infected 44 people in Illinois over the last year. While that number may seem small, how the disease is clustered, and the fact that similar pockets are showing up throughout the country has the CDC and other medical professionals very worried.

Another troubling trend, one that could have dire consequences, is how CRE and a number of other superbugs, bacteria that have become resistant to even the strongest antibiotics, can share its resistance genes with other bacteria. If these bacteria start sharing that resistance with common bacteria like as Strep and E.coli, we could be in for a world of hurt.

Once easily treated conditions could become entirely untreatable – turning things like urinary tract infections, sinus infections, and even diarrhea into a potentially fatal condition.

Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told USA Today that he believes we have only a narrow “window of opportunity” to act before these superbugs become unstoppable.

Unfortunately, there’s very little financial incentive for the drug companies to develop new antibiotics, and there are very few new treatments being developed.

Pandemics & Superbugs: One of the top threats we face.

We’ve covered similar topics in the past, mainly because I believe the threat of a deadly pandemic outbreak is on the top threats we face. The way we work, travel, and even buy our food has left us incredibly susceptible to outbreaks; and in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before we see another pandemic.

But unlike past pandemics, I think the next deadly outbreak will be far worse than anything we’ve ever seen, particularly because of how connected the world has become. Diseases that were once able to burn themselves out, because populations stayed relatively close to home, can now be spread anywhere in the world within a matter of hours.

What can you do to prevent Superbugs & Pandemics?

  • Strengthen your Immune System: In my opinion, one of the best things you can do to prevent any type of disease, is to give your body the tools it needs to fight them itself. Working out, eating healthy, and living a stress-free lifestyle can all do wonders for your body’s ability to ward of disease.
  • Multi-Vitamins: Over the last couple weeks vitamins have got some pretty bad press. You can choose to believe studies that are paid for by the drug companies, or you can listen to years’ worth of solid research that shows your body needs these vitamins to stay at peak operating condition. I’ll do a longer article on this topic in the future, but to start with you should at least consider taking a multivitamin and make sure you’re getting an adequate amount of Vitamin C.
  • Hygiene – Just like you mom told you, make sure you’re washing your hands. It’s still the number one thing you can do to prevent the spread and transmission of pretty much every pathogen out there.
  • Social Distancing – Common sense should tell you to stay away from anyone who’s sick. Unfortunately, society seems to be lacking that these days, as I can’t tell you how many time I’ve seen some idiot hacking his brains out in a line full of people who just stand there smiling.
  • Hand sanitizer – Keep it with you, and use it. Look for something with around 70% alcohol, as this amount will kill 99.9% of all germs.

A note about hospitals:

If you’re sick, then by all means you probably need to consult with a medical professional for medical advice. That being said, during a pandemic outbreak hospitals are going to be ground zero in the war, and should be avoided if at all possible.

A recent tuberculosis outbreak in a Nevada hospital shows just how negligent some hospitals have become. A hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada allowed a pregnant woman who was exhibiting TB symptoms to be placed in a neonatal unit without informing or protecting other patients. 59 people were infected with TB, and another 1,000 are being tested.

Don’t ever assume the hospital knows what they’re doing, you need to take your own precautions and be mindful of your own safety.

  • Ask for a mask upon entry into the hospital.
  • Don’t be scared to ask the doctor to wash his hands, or put on a new pair of gloves.
  • If you’re put in a room, or near someone who is exhibiting respiratory symptoms ask to be moved.
  • Always keep an eye on what’s going on around you. Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor or nurse questions.
  • If something seems dirty, don’t accept it. Don’t be scared to ask for the doctor to switch out instruments which you think might have been used on someone else.
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  1. I just got done reading this and totally made me walk over to my economy sized hand sanitizer and use a whole crap load of it. Reminds me of the book Jakarta Pandemic. Creeepppyyy

    • LOL,I was thinking a similar thing. Jaw dropped when reading this was like holy shit time to shut myself in for the next few years, lol.

      • RIGHT! I am already a germ a phob this does nothing to help that lol. On the bright side because I have a thing about germs I probably won’t get sick lol. If it didn’t make me look stupid I would wear a face mask every time I go outside!

        • The flora on your skin, which are killed by hand sanitiser, act as a barrier to disease and are part of your non-specific immune system. Washing your hands all the time actually makes you more susceptible to disease.

    • Honestly things like hand sanitizer are only making things worse by making us weaker. Using hand sanitizers and other such products not only kill off good bacteria but they also hamper the build up of natural immunities. Youd be better off with the face mask.

  2. Hand sanitizer is fine if you have no water but hand washing is far batter. Sanitizer kills the good bacteria on your hands and makes your immune system work harder.

    • And some hand sanitizers and almost ALL antibacterial soaps contain a chemical called trichlosan which has very recently been proven to get absorbed through your skin, especially the soft, tender skin of children, and cause all sorts of problems. Best to use plain old soap and water. MOST germs are gotten through surface contact, so while is it wise to wear a mask in a setting where contact with a respiratory infection in high, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, mouth, food, or really anything at all, without first washing your hands is your best protection.

      • Don’t forget most hand sanitizers are also a poor mans Greek fire. While it doesn’t last as long as Greek fire. Water actually spreads it out and it burns super hot. It will eat through most objects not made of tempered metal. Try putting a glob in a glass cup and lighting it on fire. Won’t take long for the glass to explode under the heat as it melts. Please please don’t try this experiment in your house or near anything. If and when it explodes the liquid fire gets on anything it touches. Makes you feel safe to put it on your hands huh?

  3. Great question Cole. Meanwhile, taking vitamins is good however make sure they’re derived from food. Synthetic vitamins do you no good as the body doesn’t digest them well enough to benefit yourself. Wash your hands before touching your face, always. Even at home. And wash your hands upon returning home, first thing. Plus people don’t realize how dirty their shoes are. Beyond wearing mask in public ( as Asians do,) they also remove their shoes at the entry. Think, people spit on the sidewalks, step in poop of all kinds,, dead things, food, gum, bugs, public restroom floors, etc. So why would you want to track that into your home? And please don’t let your toddler chew on shoes! Why???

    • Synthetic vitamins may not work as well, but they DO work, and the food based ones are way too pricey for a lot of people. The big tank of vitamin that is fourteen bucks at Costco works just fine at our house, thankyouverymuch. They’ve been keeping my seasonal allergies at bay and bolstering our immune systems for at least a decade.

      • vitamin C, that is. Keeping vitamin D levels up should be mentioned in the article, too, by the way. Vitamin D deficiency makes you hugely more susceptible to respiratory infections…and pretty much everyone is deficient, unless you live in SoCal or FL.

  4. Great reminder. Hard to avoid a hospital if you work for one. Immunity boosting during this season is a great reminder. Another reason to get fit for the start of the new year!

  5. Anitbacteria rubs and/or soap also kill the “good bacteria”,which is part of your immune system, you know the ones that you need to stay alive. Regular soap and aot of friction rubbing will usually do the trick

  6. Using hand sanitizer constantly is the fastest way to WEAKEN your immune system, as it never fights off anything by itself. This article is “infected” with paranoia. Getting sick and healing is the natural process of your immune system, if you never get sick-you never build up the proper antibodies to fight off infection, in FACT the reason these “super-bugs” (READ:sensationalism) are not going away is become people have become IMMUNE to alot of commonly use antibiotics:
    ‘Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria that cause infection. However, in the process they can also kill so-called good bacteria (the human body hosts about 100 trillion).
    The Missouri Department of Health explains it this way: “Every time a person takes antibiotics, sensitive bacteria are killed, but resistant germs may be left to grow and multiply. Repeated and improper uses of antibiotics are primary causes of the increase in drug-resistant bacteria.”


  7. I suggest reading “DNA Armageddon” it deals with this subject in depth and the possible use of combining pathogenic bacteria with innocuous or friendly bacteria as a biological weapon.

  8. Currently in medical school. In covering this topic I can say its only going to get worse. These superbugs are smart. They seem to thrive not only in its host but on how to defeat whatever is thrown at it to try and treat.
    1. Stop using antibiotics unless you need to
    2. If given antibiotics take the full regimen as prescribed. If you stop once you start feeling better as we are guilty of trace elements of the bug is left in your system. It will learn how to defeat the antibiotics so next time you take them it will be less effective.
    3. Of course standard hygiene.

    • Follow up with probiotics. Not yogurt with fruit= sugar, plain yogurt. and do your homework, most yogurts that claim to be greek yogurt are full of fillers. The test revealed, Fage Greek Yogurt is free of fillers and on of the best yogurts for health benefits. You can take probiotic pills found at Whole Foods if you don’t like yogurt.
      Yogurt restores what Antibiotics destroy and will improve your immune system.

      • Kefir. It is a lot better than yogurt and is stronger and better if you make it yourself at home. You can buy kefir grains online and learn how to feed and care for them. I suggest it for everyone.

  9. I work in a hospital. I take information the CDC puts out with a grain of salt. They push the vaccines likes candy on Halloween. The poisons IN those very vaccines supress the immune system up to 8 weeks, so one becomes more vulnerable to germs and viruses. Doctors give out antibiotics like Santa gives out candy canes and this causes bacteria to become resistant and gain strength. It upsets gut flora until one comes down with C-diff. Antacids reduce stomach acids that were designed to destroy bad germs before they become destructive. Now the CDC is soundimg the alarm about super bugs yet again to get the fear flag flying. Why don’t.they tell us

    • How to actually stay healthy with food and herbal supplements. They never mention how probiotics can balance the gut and keep it running smoothly. What about mushrooms or mushroom supplements?? Anti bacterial and anti viral!! Watch what you put in your bodies and on your bodies and allow you bodies natural ability to heal itself flourish!! We live in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria and viruses all of the time. From te to time it is completely normal to get sick. A fever is the body fighting and normal. Honey is a great healer. Be curious and learn what is good for you. Stop letting people who don’t know you or care for you to tell you what is good or bad. A grain of salt…try watching Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety. Look it up on the internet

  10. Please people, stop with all this friggin “hand sanitizer” junk. All it does is weaken you. If you use it all the time then the moment you don’t use it whatever tiny disease that your immune system would normally kill will easily eat its way into you. So basically your immune system becomes lazy. The best thing is to be completely independent so that you don’t have to rely on anything to survive

  11. The data points to our immunity’s strength is in our gut. I’ve been doing the master tonic, and have been quite happy with my overall health and rezealance. Master Tonic is basically super foods that are fermented in organic apple cider vinegar. 1 tablespoon twice a day and that’s it. Check it out for yourselves and make your own decisions. But this works quite complementary with other good practices. Here’s a link for the interested!

  12. NOTE:::: Antibacterial solutions made with alcohol will not kill Noro Virus… Soap and water is recommended for this. Soap and water will kill far more than the alcohol preparations. Alcohol preparations dry your skin out and leads to chaffing and cracking of the skin with over use.. open wounds/micro wounds are an avenue into your system… Your skin is your largest organ which provides a protective barrier against many things.

  13. Also, as far as flu shots, the CDC chooses only one flu strain to vaccinate against by basically making an educated guess as to what will be most prevalent. However, there are many flu strains that are circulating. So, getting a flu shot will not necessarily protect you from getting the flu…only a certain strain. Personally, I avoid the flu vaccine like the plague *wink*

  14. Why did you remove my post from the comments last nite? Too much good & true & helpful info that would help everyone? Sorry folks, obviously off grid survival censors info that could save your lives & the lives of your loved ones.
    Take care all.

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