CDC, DHS, FEMA Preparing for Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie GirlIn order to prepare the citizenry for hurricanes, pandemics, earthquakes and terrorist attacks, The Department of Homeland Security has decided to push their preparedness message by urging the public to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. No seriously, they’re actually using the zombie apocalypse to “prepare people to respond to disasters.”

While I’m all for helping people learn how to respond to disasters, I find it a little weird that our government is using tax payer dollars to play dress up and run around as zombies. Especially when it’s the same agency who routinely monitors prepping websites and considers preppers to be a threat to the country!

In case anyone forgot, our country is 16 trillion dollars in debt. I’m pretty sure none of us signed up to spend our hard-earned money on government employees playing dress up.

Actual Government Zombie Events

government zombie run


cdc zombie poster

cdc zombie graphic
Zombie Preparedness Day

Video footage from the Government Zombie Events

In case anyone actually thought this was a good idea, check out our tax dollars hard at work.

Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Zombie Event

Do these people look prepared for anything?

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  1. it seems to me the zombies will be on the march durring election day other wise they just mill around at starbucks and grumble and moan.

  2. Whats with all this zombie crap? Even gun and ammo makers have zombie guns and zombie ammo. I know its probley more P.C. for them to say they have come out with a gun or some ammo to “stop zombies”. If they called the ammo “crackhead stopers” or came out with a “meth head” killer gun, the left would have a field day with it. But why is out govt. wasting money on stuff like this?
    I know this might be the only way some people will accept the fact that they might want to think about putting some supplies back and prep, but do they need to dumb it down so much?

  3. It’s not going to be zombies, but anything that makes people comfortable with the notion of killing another human is a good thing.

    In December, there will be a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun that will overload almost all of the world’s electrical infrastructure. It will not be the end of all electronics or electricity, but it will more or less end society as we know it. If you’ve seen “The Road Warrior,” or “The Road,” then you’ll have an idea of what to expect. Things will be bleak, but humans can and will overcome. Prepare now – guns and ammo are fine, but they won’t feed you when you get hungry and game is hard to find. Stock up on non-perishable food, medicines, antibiotics, and building supplies. Keep seeds for food, but also useable things. Grow Marijuana, both for the herb and the hemp. Learn how to operate amateur radios and how to repair simple electronics and household appliances.

    There are some ugly things you should be prepared to do to survive, as well. Learn who your local drug dealers are, and when the lights go out, find them and kill them immediately. These people will be the ones who will turn to theft, assault, and rape and will have a following of addicts and criminals who will loot and pillage your community. Take control of their stocks and you will have easy slave labor.

  4. It’s comments like fhe one above that scare me more than impending doom or shtf scenarios. Seriously. I’ll watch out for you and the drug dealers…

  5. hey! That was Zombie Squad’s schtick first! Lol DHS should stick to it’s strengths and let us handle the walking dead when the time comes.

  6. as per article i can understand one’s concern in gov. spending but at least the cdc is trying to reach people in a on the level approach to raise awareness. its to bad most still wont listen

  7. Very interesting. Why would the gov encourage people to become preppers when they have declared preppers to be potential domestic terrorists?
    Is this a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing or is it, in fact, some type of setup to remove more of our liberties?

    • This way the feds can play both sides of the coin… until it gets to the point they reverse their ‘initial thoughts’ by throwing all prepper’s into the same category and declare the country is being overrun by terrorists (including those that follow the DHS recommendation to prepare for a zombie apocalypse).
      Sneaky Bastards!

  8. Just a thought: the largest recent example of the government taking away the American citizen’s liberties occurred under a conservative administration when the patriot act was put in to effect.

  9. They’ve explained this before. The zombie outbreak is actually a pretty effective simulation of any sort of biological attack or widespread pandemic, these types of emergencies would be handled in much the same way as a zombie apocalypse (short of shooting the infected/Rigging your vehicle up with chainsaws). Frankly, this is just a very effective marketing campaign to get folks involved in disaster preparedness and start them thinking about survival, as well as putting them in a real life situation requiring survival thinking. I’m not mad at it.

    The cost of this pales in comparison to our bloated defense spending and growing medicare burden. Cutting this funding (as well as cutting nasa’s, for that matter) don’t even make a dent in the bigger problem, and this spending is actually providing some sort of benefit.

    And they don’t have issue with preppers, they have issues with delusional preppers. There’s a fine line, unfortunately.

  10. A few years back, with some of our scouts working on their Eagle Scout required Emergency Preparedness merit badges, we participated in a regional EP test event, which included local, state, military and federal agency interactions. I even played a role of a patient that started foaming at the mouth when vitals were being taken (Alka Seltzer chewed while being examined) to see if the medical response team would recognize the increased severity of the patients’ condition.

    These types of events help make sure there is some level of continuity between the various organizations that would normally participate in a “real” event in order to identify any breakdowns… just like anyone practicing on the range or bug-out exercises.

    Who knows, maybe with so many people enamored by shows like “The Walking Dead” the notification may be a way to actually reach more people and help make them aware of “a potential imminent disaster” and doing so in a manner which any schmuck can relate to. Besides, all those sheeple that have made little to no preparations will likely closely resemble hoards of zombies.

    • Personally I have been involved in “disaster response” scenerios and unfortunately the real deal, the scenerios range from small to 10 or less patients to huge 50+. With any and every sort of patient you can think of along with the “simulated” dangers. What they don’t prepare you for is the actual mental stress that comes with dealing with the many different patients, infant to elderly, minor cuts to massive trauma, and if the “event” is big enough “how to take care of your own family also.” I’ve been a medic for 20+ yrs and consider myself to be mostly prepared for minor enviromental disasters (less than a week). Knowledge is needed first and actively running your own preparedness drills even if it “honey this is how you start the generator if I’m not here and here is the shotgun and shells point and shoot” international language of “I’m gonna have a bad day” to bad guys is the racheting of a shotgun. And yes my wife God love her is sometimes lost when SHTF but she too is a great medic to non-family members. I am very thankful for my neighborhood can’t beat em we hang together and help take care of each other.

  11. I think that the ads for the Zombie events are probably for Halloween if you look at the dates. Not that our government doesn’t waste money, that is a fact we can all be upset about. I am a bit afraid of the fact that someone is telling us to seek out anyone to kill, my thought is survive not start a “gang” war. I really believe in preparing even if I don’t know what I am preparing for, I do know that things will get bad at some point and I will need all my knowledge and supplies to help my family to get through this.

  12. Maybe they are planning to spread that drug that makes you obey any suggestion. That way they can control you and use your ‘daze’ as justification to lock you up.

  13. Are these biologist or micro-biologist doing some experiments with bacteria that have the side affects of zombies? It makes me wonder..

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