Charlotte Riots: Looters Burn and Shutdown Major Highway, Attack Motorists and Police

Our country is yet again experiencing significant social unrest as the radical terrorist group Black Lives Matters took to the streets late last night creating widespread chaos throughout Charlotte, North Carolina.

The terrorists took over the I-85 Highway in North Carolina attacking motorists, pulling them out of cars, and looting semi-trucks right on the highway. At one point, about one hundred looters surrounded some delivery trucks and started ransacking them, pulling the goods out of the trucks and starting the contents on fire across the highway.

I-85 Ritos in North Carolina

Charlotte Motorists held Hostage

For hours, these terrorists essentially kidnapped thousands of Charlotte motorists, forcing them into a chokepoint on the interstate where the thugs then attacked their vehicles and started fires around them.

The police were basically non-existent throughout the night, allowing these rioters to terrorize the city virtually unchecked. We are not sure if they were overwhelmed, or if someone gave them a stand down order, but the fact is they unable to stop these thugs from terrorizing the city.

At least 16 Police injured in targeted attacks on Police

The rioters were so brazen in their terrorist activity that they even attacked the few police who were on the scene, smashing them in the face with bricks and attacking their vehicles. In the video below you can see some these violent thugs attacking a police SUV on the highway.

While motorists were being held hostage on the Interstate-85, another group of Black Lives Matters radicals headed to a Charlotte, North Carolina Walmart where they looted the store.

More Civil Unrest and Violence to Come

Black Lives Matters protestors, along with the Nation of Islam are already threatening more violence. As I reported after the Dallas, Texas ambush on police earlier this year, these groups are highly organized and are preparing for in their words, “a War.” In the video below you can see one of the terrorists threatening that more is coming:

As for the shooting incident that supposedly sparked these riots, WCCB reports:

Police say a person was killed in an officer-involved shooting in the University area.

The shooting was reported Tuesday afternoon just before 4pm on Old Concord Road near Bonnie Lane and John Kirk Drive.

Police say officers with the Metro Division Crime Reduction Unit were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant on him at The Village at College Downs.

Officers say they saw a subject inside a vehicle in the apartment complex. The subject allegedly exited the vehicle armed with a firearm. Officers say the subject got back into the vehicle and then the officers started to approach the subject.

That’s when police say the subject got back out of the vehicle armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject. The officers immediately requested MEDIC and began performing CPR, according to a news release.

It should be noted that while the Black Lives Matters organization is trying to make this into another race issue, it was a Black Cop who shot the Black suspect. Once again this group has shown they are not concerned with black lives, but instead is only concerned with spreading their terrorist activities throughout the country.

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  1. Thank you for not mincing words like the mainstream media propagandists. These people are terrorists and I’m glad someone is recognizing that. We are under attack, and I read your other article on Dallas and it is very concerning that these gangs are uniting. That’s a 1 million plus strong army that is armed to the teeth and is ready and willing to commit far more than just simple acts of violence.

    • I’m feeling the same gut twist that I had before going in harm’s way.I feel that pig in the white House is aiding and abetting those terrorists so he can take over. Mr. president many of my family served and died for this country and the end results is we’re trained and will never give in to terrorists.

      • Don’t be stupid the president did not cause this they all have a mind they don’t need to be pushed they had already planned this he did nothing wrong and shame on you he is the president not a pig he,deserves respect for the office

        • Our president is a pig and we still have the right to say it. He has done nothing but incite these people to riot…he is responsible.

        • you earn respect and he HAS NOT !!!!!!!
          He is a lying america hater.
          HE SHouLD BE SKINNED ALIVE. He and HITLARY created ISIS.

        • the president IS A PIG! hes aiding and abetting the BLM groups to do this. hes supporting it so he can declare Martial Law and stay in power!

        • Shirley you are sadly mistaken if you think for a minute that Obama does not encourage this your as stupid as he is.And here you go if these Black lives Matter and Nation of Islam dont like the USA get the hell out/And if you think for a minute that former Military Police and other Military officals wont defend the streets against these TERRORISTS you are really a damm fool/

        • respect the office…not necessarily the man. I served in a capacity to have to protect the President and many of his administration. I’d do so to the end, but I still think he’s spineless incompetent buffoon. His policies and personal failures have brought us to this brink. His support of radical thugs and his black activist glasses through which he sees the world, have contributed to this mindless state of “revolution.”

          • this is why America is falling apart, because we are always blaming our politicians, this can all stop with. but do you people really want it to. it is the true question

  2. Instead of standing down, how about enforcing the law, with a few rounds if need be.
    Scream march chant all you want. Attack burn and loot you will not.

    • Agree. They aren’t hurting anyone by looting and burning goods but their neighbors trying to make a living. It’s disgusting. What are they teaching the next generation? It’s adult sized tantrums. If you don’t get your way, loot, riot, burn it. Somehow this justifies any of it? And the media needs a moratorium on being able to spread this garbage too. The hate just keeps spreading and of their own making. It’s horrible.

  3. It can be stoped and untill we are given the go ahead to defend against this shit it will continue.that fucking slug that many of you call president started this shit and continues to let it happen.boot his ass now and take this country back………..

    • who gives the go ahead?
      police need to shoot them dead and all say they didn’t see the shooting, or ‘the bullets came out of nowhere’.
      o hope no one was raped or children hurt.
      they are criminals, not ‘protesters’.

  4. Fucking Terrorists. Someone kill this movement already before it’s too late. Obama? Fucking Obama do something about these bastards. Unless they’re doing exactly what you want?!

  5. I hate to put it blunt—-but I would have pulled out my gun had one came to my car—terrorist is what they are—I have a right to protect myself—Thank You Mr.Obama for you so call change—If the people would read his book they could see and understand why we are in this mess today—the title is( Living my father’s dream—Read it—Weap—or Stand Up.

    • stand up .me to i travel well armed i will not be afraid to protect my family. fucking complicit politicians get some balls call out the national guard with orders to shoot

  6. To the tent that we succum to the temptation to have a race war, we will find ourselves fighting our allies, while the real criminals in their corporate ivory towers laugh and rule us as if we were not the UNITED states.
    If you feel you are justified in using violence, then you have fallen into the trap. Beware the path of hatred it serves no one.

  7. Nation of Islam threatening violence? It’s not the religion of peace at all. Everyone involved are morons that just want something for free, they don’t even know why they were out there.

  8. If this innocent black man was murdered by a cop what’s to say she is not a paid subordinate of George Soros, his son Soros Jr., or some other commie billionaire trying to start a race war in order to institute Marshall Law and a full clamp down on all of us, black and white.

  9. These riots are an excuse for losers to cause trouble.
    In this case, there is no other reason.
    The man who was shot and killed by police would not put his gun down and became a threat.
    The police had no choice.
    Anyone with even half a brain can understand that.
    These rioters don’t.
    They just want trouble.
    We must respond in any manner in order to protect our country.

    George Vreeland Hill

  10. Why don’t they tear gas all of those idiots and then put their butts in jail where they belong ? They do not have a “right” to terrorize innocent people ! They do not have a “right” to destroy private property ! They do not have a “right” to steal ! They do not have a “right” to shut down freeways ! Damn!! It’s time to shut down the lunatics !

  11. Someday soon the good people will organize and squash the thugs!!!! Be prepared when this happens in a neighborhood near you.

  12. If I were to come upon this driving a BIG rig I would roll that steal through your blunder.
    And I’m just a girl.

  13. I am horrified bu the vitriol of your article and that an otherwise quality site would give a platform to the violence and racial hate that infects the comments section. Really, i expected better.

    • “Vitriol of your article”??? You did see the actual videos backing up everything I said right? It’s odd that you seem more offended by my words and reporting of the truth than you are with people rioting, committing acts of violence, and terrorizing a city.

      As for other people’s comments, I’m not the word police. Unless people are threatening acts of violence, I don’t censor my comments section. I count on my readers to be able to think for themselves, and I think most intelligent people don’t hold me responsible for what others say. I let you make your comments, right? Does that now mean that I agree with everything you say?

  14. Shameful what happened on the highway. Equally shameful and disturbing to read the comments of Intelligent people ‘ on here. I’m glad I don’t live in your country. Frightening on both sides.

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