This is What Gun Control Looks Like: 532 Murdered in Chicago in 2012

If gun control laws work, why were 532 people murdered last year in the Anti-Gun City of Chicago?

According to statistics compiled by the Crime in Chicago website, 532 people were murdered and 2,670 people were shot during 2012 in the city of Chicago. The number increased by 71 deaths from the previous year.

That means in a city, where it’s virtually impossible for a law-abiding citizen to legally own a gun, an average 7.3 people were shot every day.

2013 off to a deadly start:

Chicago CriminalsIn the first 12 hours of 2013, 15 people have already been shot on the streets of Chicago; 3 have lost their life. When you see numbers like this, you really have to ask yourself why the politicians are so interested in taking law-abiding citizens guns? In my opinion, Chicago is a prime example of what happens when these Anti-Gun policies get put in place.

Stronger gun laws will not stop the violence. In fact, as seen in Chicago, it will only result in an increase in murders and other violent crimes. The only thing these gun control laws do is put law-abiding citizens in a situation where they have to choose between becoming easy victims or criminals themselves in order to protect their life and property.

The criminals are not going to obey these laws, if they did they wouldn’t be criminals to begin with would they?

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  1. 99% of those murders were committed by people with illegal guns killing other people with illegal guns. That will happen regardless of laws. Gangs rule certain areas of every metropolis. The average citizen is not in a gang. All having guns in the house of average citizens will accomplish is an increase in crimes of passion or nutbars shooting up schools. I get your point; I really do. However, I think you are engaging in false equivalency.

    • So let me ask you when one of those people come to your house to kill you with a gun wouldnt you wish you had one? Also is it the guns fault or the gangbangers and nutjobs fault?

  2. If gun control works so well…Why don’t we make drugs Illegal? people will still find ways to kill others. Fun Fact. Knife wounds are much more gruesome, Many police claim to rather get shot then into a knife fight.

  3. stricter laws only addresses the result of the problem. They rarely address the cause of the problem.

    If not for prohibition, there wouldn’t have been organized crime. In America, most of organized crime roots began during prohibition with bootlegging and rum-running.

    Once alcohol became legal again, and their income stream cut off, thats when gangs turned to drugs for money. That’s one of the major reasons why America has had so much problems with drugs in the past several decades.

    So in essence, banning alcohol was historically one of the worst moves the government has ever done. If not for prohibition, then many gangs would never have come into existence.

  4. How many of those 532 are bangers killed by other bangers? Should not count those as homicides, more like taking out the trash.

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