Media ignores Mass Shooting: 82 shot, 14 killed in Holiday Weekend Mass Shooting

The mainstream media, who loves to report on mass shootings in order to push their anti-gun agenda, is oddly silent about a mass shooting event that happened this weekend in Chicago.


Over the weekend, 82 people were shot with at least 14 of them being killed from their wounds. One would think this would be headline news all around the world, but sadly, it’s just another week in the American warzone known as Chicago.

Over the last couple years Chicago has routinely seen violence like this. While 82 people being shot is certainly high, Chicago routinely sees weekends where as many as 50 people are shot. But where is the mainstream media coverage? Where are Anderson Cooper and the rest of the mainstream morons crying about the evils of guns and how we need to pass more gun-control legislation? Where are the speeches from our President condemning those evil “assault weapons”?

Well, you’re not going to hear from any of them. You see, Chicago already has that legislation in place. In fact, Chicago is an Anti-Gun politician’s Utopian view of how the world’s supposed to work. Only, what’s happening in Chicago is exactly what us law-abiding gun owners have been warning about for years; the place has fallen into an absolute state of war.

In a city where it’s almost impossible for a law abiding citizen to buy or own a firearm, criminals have flooded the streets with illegal weapons and have turned the city into an absolute nightmare. It’s so bad, that residents actually refer to the city as “Terror Town” or “Chiraq”, because there are more murders and violence that occur in Chicago than during the war in Iraq. While the mainstream media may not want to cover what’s going on in Chicago, because it would expose their agenda and prove that their policies are an utter failure, it’s kind of hard to ignore the reality of the situation.

Over the weekend a shocking 82 people were shot, with an additional six police-involved shootings, two of them involving teens who were killed.

You would think this would be a wakeup call; a realization that their policies have failed. But, it seems the city seems to be doubling down on Stupid.

Chicago Police spokesman Martin Maloney released a statement saying, “without better state and federal laws to keep guns off the streets and out of the hands of dangerous criminals we’ll continue to face an uphill battle.”

The problem with that statement is Chicago already has those laws on the books. But, something most anti-gun politicians fail to recognize is the fact that criminals don’t care about the laws. THEY’RE CRIMINALS.

Instead of passing more gun laws, which only penalize law abiding citizens, and restrict them from the ability to protect themselves from this madness, why the hell are they not targeting the city’s gang members who are causing this? Why are these people allowed back on the streets after committing crime after crime after crime?

Oh yea, that would be politically incorrect and it would shine the spotlight on the failed policies of the anti-gunners who care more about taking your freedoms than they do about protecting innocent lives.

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  1. We banned guns in the uk a long time ago. The streets were not flooded with illegal weapons after. It’s the people that are the problem.

    • Ha, bullshit, now you have a serious problem with knife attacks and are in the midst of a knife control campaign.

    • These are the laws in the UK. You can read it or here is a paraphrase for it…… “STUPID”

      Fully automatic (submachine-guns, etc.) are “prohibited weapons” and require explicit permission from central government to permit ownership. Generally, such permits are not available to private citizens. Semi-Auto rifles over .22 in (5.6 mm) and pistols are similarly “prohibited”, although there are exceptions for short barrelled breachloading semi-auto and revolver pistols for use for the humane dispatch of animals. There are also very limited exceptions for pistols both to preserve firearms of historic or technical interest (classed as section 7 firearms)and to enable use by elite sports teams. Semi-auto shotguns are legal. All other rifles and their ammunition are permitted with no limits as to magazine size, they may include target shooting, hunting, and historic and muzzle-loading weapons, as well as long barrelled breachloading pistols with a specific overall length… but not self-defence; however if a home-owner is threatened they may be used in self-defence.Shotgun possession and use is controlled, and even low-power air rifles and pistols, while permitted, are controlled to some extent. A firearms certificate issued by the police is required for all weapons and ammunition except air weapons of modest power (of muzzle energy not over 12 ft·lbf for rifles, and 6 ft·lbf for pistols). Shotguns with a capacity of three rounds or less (up to guns with a magazine holding no more than two rounds, in addition to one in the chamber) are subject to less stringent licensing requirements than other firearms and require a shotgun certificate; shotguns with higher capacity require a Firearms Certificate.

      Keep your laws and your government away from me and my country.

    • Dont be innocent and silly. Please:

      illegal weapons will never be banned. they made chicago, detroit and brazil places unworth to live in.

      don’t be fooled by the world cup sense of security: there are more policemen and Army personnel because of the games. When there are less tourists we suffer with violence and crime.

      we just can’t go to walmart and buy a pistol, rifle or shotgun. You must be 25yr old at least and if approved, the police will take just about forever (more than one year) to permit your firearm purchase. And then theres caliber restriction. Do you think we can stalk deer with a .243? Dream on… The rich people who can afford the annual permit taxes (owed to the Army) and horribly expensive “restricted firearms”, aka bolt action rifles are the only who can get decent home defensive weapons and the right to carry the from place to place.

      But dont despair. this is the beginning of the end. The Comunist Global Agenda includes firearm bans and terrorism. See the ex-USSR under Lenin, Stalin and Friends. Nazi German. North Korea. China. Every evil state fears armed citizen that can react to it.

    • When you don’t have good guys with guns bad guys hack people up with meat cleavers and videos end up on YouTube.

  2. There are a lot more issues going on in Chicago than the Anti-gun laws. The segregation of resources, the poverty, the blatant racism. Let’s not pretend this war is going on down Michigan Ave. It’s happening in the poor neighborhoods, the south-side where little is done to support the area. It’s just left to rot, like Detroit. That’s the problem.

    • “The segregation of resources, the poverty, the blatant racism.” Why are these things happening in places like Detroit and Chicago? Well, for one thing, Detroit hasn’t had a non-Democrat for mayor since 1962, and Chicago hasn’t had a non-Democrat since 1931. Really. Could that have anything to do with the quagmires those cities are in?

      • As for the poverty issue, a professor of mine stated, and he was definitely right because I’ve seen it, “you can take the people out of poverty, but you can’s take the poverty out of people.” I remember reading about a prom held at a really nice hotel and a reporter overheard one of the teenagers in attendance how turned off by the place because it was so clean. Some people live the way they do in run down houses and property because they choose to. Case in point, in the early 60’s, all brick and modern apt complexes were built in SE DC. Ten yrs later these were slums. They were so bad that cops had to watch their backs when they answered calls in these bldgs, since the basement apts were abandoned and dark and could have bad guys hiding in ambush. It has nothing to do with the lack of money. I was raised poor and, as an adult, took food clothes, etc to these “rundown areas”. These people first of all acted like it was owed them. Second, they tore up the rental property where they lived because they was they way they lived.

  3. Maybe everyone should get an illegal gun, soon you will need to protect yourself from Obama’s illegal alien invasion.

  4. Register firearms and their owners and set a mandatory jail sentences for anyone not registered to have that firearm. Simple……… Or am i missing the picture here? Surely you can have a second amendment and gun registration too. Cars are registered. Medication is registered.

    • Not disagreeing that guns should be registered, but your idea for nonparticipation is not an appropriate one. Because, going to jail and getting a free education, three squares a day, and a roof over your head, free internet access, televisions, and all the other things that we do to punish our criminals is working so well. In my limited opinion, until we make the prison system an actual punishment, criminals will not fear the law. Once you bring back severe punishments, then criminals will think twice. I am not encouraging inhumane treatment, but fair justice. Especially for aggrevated infringment. Bring back the chain gangs. There are plenty of quarries across america that could be mined by hand for free labor. There should be no sitting through your sentence. Incarceration for the sake of incarceration is not the same as rehabilitation.

      • I would agree with your statement, except that the problem isn’t jail it’s the privatization of jails, jail is BIG business, so the revolving door never stops. Just like the quarries and farms, all someone would do is payoff the right judge and then you’d have people getting 30 days for speeding etc. for the “free” labor. It’s modern day slavery.
        When there are more jails than schools, there is a problem!

    • Yes Tony, you are missing something. And that would be the Second Amendment and the intent of it. The intent was to be able to defend against a tyrannical government (which was what our Founding Fathers had just finished fighting against).

      Now I’m not saying that our government is at that point (though I know some will), but if our government were to hit that point then registration makes confiscation that much easier. This was also how the confiscation of guns in the UK and Australia happened. First they were registered, and then once they had a list they banned them.

      Now imagine that our government were to get to that point. They have the list already, then pass a law banning it. Now they can just go door-to-door confiscating them. Sure it would be unconstitutional, but by the time you could fight it in court it would be too late. Assuming that the courts weren’t already corrupted.

      So from a constitutional point the registration simply makes it easier for a corrupt/tyrannical government to gain control over the people (the exact opposite of the intent of the Constitution). But registration also ignores the fact that it will do nothing to crime.

      Why? Because criminals aren’t going to care and are likely to get their guns on the black market. I mean things like murder/rape/robbery/etc are all illegal and that didn’t stop them, so why would this new law?

      So instead of adding a new law that does nothing to stop crime and that just chips away at the Constitution, how about having proper punishment for the actual crime? Besides, why should crime with a gun be considered “worse” than crime with a different weapon? Or are you going to suggest we register all weapons? Because that would be a LOT of items, and I look forward to seeing people having to register their hands since they can be used as a weapon…

  5. Chicago has and will always be the most corrupt city in America. What scares me in a SHTF scenario these animals will soon grow tired of spilling blood just in their home turf and soon be branching out. There has been a recent rash of burglaries and vehicle break ins in my home town. All reported to be Chicago gangs venturing out to new turf. The only saving grace of the whole thing is that sooner or later these animals will pick the right house and then they will be spending an eternity in hell where they belong. We have less stringent gun laws and have a shall issue law here unlike the politicians in Chicago who are in actuality more crooked than the porch monkeys banging away at each other. This is probably why they don’t want law abiding citizens owning guns. They are afraid the people will take matters into their own hands and won’t stop with just. Leaning up the porch monkey’s but clean them out as well

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