Government Allows China to Train with U.S. Military on U.S. Soil

For the first time in our history, the Obama Administration invited Chinese troops to train with our military on U.S. Soil.

Chinese TroopsThe shocking move comes only weeks after the Chinese government admitted, through their State controlled media, that they have detailed attack plans on how to conduct nuclear strikes on multiple U.S. cities.

Last week, U.S. and Chinese soldiers trained in field exercises at Bellows Air Force Base, on a Marine Corps training area on the east side of Oahu, Hawaii. While the White House dismissed the training as nothing more than a disaster relief exercise, they refused to give details on why they were allowing Chinese troops to train on U.S. Soil.

In my opinion, especially after China made their provocative nuclear plans public, allowing them to train with our military is troubling to say the least. Why we would allow them to learn any of our military tactics is beyond puzzling.

Even more troubling, is news that the White House has also invited China to take part in next year’s RIMPAC war games off the Hawaiian coast.

RIMPAC, the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, is the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise, which in the past trained for the possibility of China invading Taiwan. So why we are now allowing China to take part in these exercises, considering the primary reason for having them was in case of a Chinese attack, is something of mystery –one that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

China’s Military Buildup

Chinese DroneChina is making huge investments into building up a military powerhouse. Early this morning, news broke that China had tested its first stealth combat drone, something that in all likelihood came from stolen U.S. military technology.

According to military analysts, China is thought to have the world’s second-largest fleet of military drones, second only to that of the United States. Much of their technology has been obtained through hacking attacks on U.S. defense contractors.

By all accounts, the Defense Department sees China as a major threat, making these latest developments even more of a mystery. In 2009, Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, warned that China’s military modernization “could threaten America’s primary means of projecting power and helping allies in the Pacific: our bases, air and sea assets, and the networks that support them.”

But even earlier this year, the Pentagon was still warning about China’s rise in military power. In fact, back in August of this year, Air Force Gen. Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle, commander of the Pacific Air Forces, stated the Navy and the Air Force were moving 60 percent of its warships to the Pacific. “The Air Force is turning to that in the Pacific,” he said, noting the addition of 12 F-22s at Japan’s Kadena Air Base and 24 F-16s in South Korea to bolster jets already based there.

Half of all U.S. F-22s, which the Pentagon confirmed would be the lead aircraft in any conflict with China, are now deployed in the Asia Pacific in Alaska and Hawaii.

With an estimated 1.483 million troops, China has the largest military on the planet. While the U.S. may be ahead as far as technology, we are also sending trillions of dollars to China, who is using that money to build up its military at an unprecedented speed.

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  1. This isn’t new. USAF was training Iranian troops @ Lackland AFB in ’78, while I was there. Just prior the Iran Hostage Crisis.

    • They din’t train the Iranian troops on U.S soil though, did they? And compare Iran and China, The states already have most control over those small countries in the middle east. China worries me and doesn’t sound right at all.

      • You bet they did. Trained to fly Fighters. But first, they had to teach them how use a light fixture(plug); cross the street; and use a western style toilet(no feet on the seat).

        • We had Iranian ground personnel at NAS Memphis also, where they were being trained to maintain the Aircraft and systems that the US was selling them. Most of them were really nice people.

    • I guess some people just don’t want to give up their cheap Chinese made crap. But seriously come on, IRAN? you do realize China has the largest military in the world right?

    • The Islamic Revolution began in 1979. Until then, Iran was a US ally. This is, in fact, entirely, new. US military exercises with Iran in 1978 are irrelevant.

    • Yep. We sure were. Always watched the bastards goose stepping across base. It was during the time the Shaw was getting ousted. But, that comes nothing to we tearing Chinese Troops in America. That makes about much sence of teaching a grizzly bear to chew the asshole out of sailor with a pork chop tied around his neck! This is absolutely seditious!

  2. In 1978, Iran was an ally by treaty. The Shah’s son Prince Reza Pahlavi was a student pilot at Reese AFB in Lubbock, TX. China, in 2013, is the most dangerous adversary to the US Government in the world behind the US people.
    Chinese military on US soil is a very bad thing. It’s as bad as letting Russian’s put ELINT/SIGINT monitoring stations on US soil.

  3. I read this somewhere else where the author made a good point. ” make sure they don’t leave a made in China when they leave.”

    • No Navy Seals, former top military and any current military who are LOYAL to the USA need to do something. This is out of control. We CLEARLY have traitors in the wh and the capitol bldg., in our current military, and obviously in the fbi, cia, doj, nsa, etc.

  4. With respect, all of this is completely irrelevant. Everyone continues to think in a “USA” kind of way. The globalists who bring about Red Flag operations to condition the minds of the sheeple who think skyscrapers freefall are the same ones ensuring out corporations do business with the Chinese. Why? They are the military arm of the New World Order. I know. Some of you are thinking, “That’s all conspiracy theories!” Well, that would mean you haven’t been listening to every sitting president for the last 25+ years. There will be a world war concentrated in the Pacific within the next five years. You’ll likely need 1000 SPF sunscreen in particular American cities by that time period as well. Face it, folks. Time’s almost up. Get away from largely populated cities. Get to know your neighbors. Prep’ for hell, because it’s coming. Two words: “Great Culling”.

    • U are right CLINT C its coming and the people of the U.S. should get ready do all the preping u can and then do more & more u will need it soon

    • Clint, ur spot on by advising people to prep …… but to say that China’s military is the military arm of the NWO is way off base. It is the militaries of NATO which serve that purpose.

  5. And again science fiction seems to have some predictive glimpses… Firefly has an interesting take on where this kind of thing is heading to…

  6. Just a thought, and I hope maybe someone can elaborate, but it seems like if China wanted to take out the whole of Japan and make most of the west coast uninhabitable, in a stealth manner, all you would have to do is strike Japan’s damaged nuclear power facilities.


  7. Guess where the prez’s private national police force is coming from? Did you really think that US citizens would man a police force against their own families?

  8. Better the enemy you know. The U.S has a larger standing army, if you include National Guard units, than China. Actually “training” with the Chinese will show them the foolhardiness of going to war against U.S interests when the average Chinese service person sees for themselves how capable and well equiped the U.S military is.

    • Have you seen our joke of a Commander In Chief (CIC)?!? Do you actually think our current military is strong when the top leaders allowed the president to ask that we hand over billions in military equipment and weapons to terrorists in Afghanistan?! You think this same CIC is capable of ensuring our military wkg with the chinese in Hawaii isn’t exposing secrets about how we operate?! I highly doubt that. I don’t trust this fa– administration, the top military, or much else in our present so-called “leadership” in this country. It’s disturbing and unnerving as to why and how this was all allowed to happen to begin with.

  9. LEWIS BRAND that is the only optimistic viewpoint I’ve seen so far in this thread. I would add on to that the more interconnected we are the harder it is to pull away from each other. Which is the lure but also con of globalization. We’ve lined ourselves up as a series of dominoes, just one slips out and we all go tumbling down. Thats why the “great recession” wasn’t localized but spread like wildfire throughout the world. It only begs to reason that war could spread in the same manner.

  10. Nobody seems to remember what Japan was doing 75 years ago.. Most people. Just shut their eyes, and fought rearmament! See where that got us! I was high school junior, I remember.

  11. Hi guys,

    It only makes sense – since China owns so much of the US due to this government spending like nuts on free cell phones etc. it only makes sense they want to come and see their property in action.
    Don’t you see what this guy was doing to the country in such a short time? What he has destroyed in 5 years will take 50 to fix.

    • Yeahper thats all been prophesied and i think your spot on
      Presidents are only puppets for thevshakers like the ROTTENCHILDS

  12. I was stationed at pearl, and have participated in a few rimpacs… It’s a no joke, hunter killer deal… Plus a great way to size up your enemy… This moron in our house has no idea what he’s doing. He’s gonna get us all killed. Thx oprah!

  13. I would like to hear from some of our military members who were there as part of the training? something doesn’t smell right.

  14. You guys are paranoid. Listen not everyone is a war mongers. Sometimes you have to extend and olive branch and show cooperation with foreign powers to finally end this hate and hostility.

  15. Insider: and it’s soon. China will attack, then Russia. Our military being swapped out. Only mercs and foreign military will fire on US citizens. It’s coming soon, eyes up, stay armed always, powder dry, head on a swivel. Trust no one, listen for God’s voice. Deceptions are on every corner including the next red flag event.

  16. This joint relief training exercise agreement between China and US in Hawaii has been going on since 2013. In 2018 the US cancelled it because of China’s aggression in the South China Sea.

    You can Google Chinese troop US training and see this is nothing new, people need to explain more details rather than make this appear something new is going on.

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