Chinese Government Run Media Shows Plans for Nuke Strike on U.S. Cities

On Monday, the Government run Chinese news media revealed Chinese plans for conducting nuclear strikes on U.S. Cities.

The countries leading news outlets including, China Central TV, the People’s Daily, the Global Times, the PLA Daily, the China Youth Daily and the Guangmin Daily all ran identical stories highlighting China’s ability to strike the U.S. with their new strategic submarine nuclear force .

The news agencies showed over 30 graphics that detailed the power of the People’s Liberation Army navy’s strategic submarine force. The graphics included damage projections for Seattle and Los Angeles after being hit by Chinese nuclear warheads.

Chinese Nuclear Fallout Projections
This image shows the Chinese damage projections and radiation fallout after a nuclear strike on the West coast of America. The radiation fallout stretches all the way to Chicago.

Emboldened by what the Chinese perceive as a weakened America, the People’s Liberation Army Navy has been increasing their show of power across the Pacific, especially in staking claim to disputed maritime territory in the South China Sea.

Earlier this year, the Chinese participated in joint war games with Russia, who has also been flexing their nuclear muscles at the United States. Yesterday, Russia launched a large-scale military drill that including launching four long-range nuclear-capable missiles.

As America slashes military budgets, and cuts troop numbers to the lowest levels in decades, China and Russia are spending billions of dollars growing their military, and increasing their nuclear arsenals.

Chinese nuclear submarine
Chinese nuclear submarine Conducting Drills in the Pacific
Chinese Nuclear Submarines
Chinese Nuclear Submarine Images released by the Chinese News Media

The Chinese Plans are absolutely Chilling!

The plans released by the Chinese Media are disturbing to say the least.

To maximize American casualties, the Chinese plans included targeting major cities on the west coast to “increase lethality.” As reported in the Times article, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego were chosen as key targets because “Midwest states of the U.S. are sparsely populated,” and targeting the west coast would increase casualties and radioactive fallout.

Even more disturbing were their plans to send nukes over the North Pole. The Chinese Media reported, “If we launch our DF 31A ICBMs over the North Pole, we can easily destroy a whole list of metropolises on the East Coast and the New England region of the U.S., including Annapolis, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Portland, Baltimore and Norfolk, whose population accounts for about one-eighth of America’s total residents.”

While I doubt the Chinese are stupid enough to actually launch an attack on the U.S. – in my opinion these leaked documents are more psychological warfare than actual reality – the fact is the Chinese have already got us over a barrel. Without ever firing a shot they’ve helped the U.S. destroy itself by bankrolling a huge part of our $17 trillion debt.

Remember, most of these submarines they’re showing off in the Pacific were paid for with U.S. dollars. It’s our debt that’s doing us in.

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  1. What’s really odd about this, and I know this was just a movie, but remember when the Chinese held up the release of Red Dawn because it portrayed an attack on the U.S. by Chinese forces?

    Pretty odd that this is lining up just like the movie that they demanded by changed form Chinese to the North Koreans.

    • That was my first thought, RED DAWN! Although I doubt china is stupid enough to do this, they’ve pretty much taken over the country behind the scenes anyways.

      • You got that right, Prepdon, at the rate we’re borrowing money from China they will just pick up the keys and walk in.

          • Not to mention what 99% of our goods are made in china?
            Heck china pretty much owns America in the means of economy and goods.

          • Then we need to stop buyin’ goods from China, right? I don’t unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, and I keep my butt out of Walmart at all costs! We don’t really owe China that much as far as our debt…most of the debt is owed to U.S. citizens who bought Treasury Bonds, but yeah, we do owe them, as well as a few other countries, one being Russia. Why are we borrowing money from our enemies? It seems logical that we could borrow from a so called ally such as Saudi Arabia, who I’m sure has much more money than China and Russia combined.

          • Look at the map, If the Chinese bomb the area of Yellowstone, you all are dead and so is the worlds clean air and sunlight.. dumb and dumber are people

      • those of you that have watched the new Red Dawn, did you happen to read the signs / banners hanging off the walls . The message was a little chilling…i did alot of rewind and pausing…n wrote everything down.

        • So what did they say? I’m intrigued.

          Remember the name of Hans Gruber’s alleged terrorist group in Die Hard? “Asian Dawn. I read about them in Forbes.”

    • They have been planning this for a long time. I honestly believe Obama will bend over for them so long as he can have some power. Remember the mayor in the movie. I guess the Chinese are in Hawaii atm conducting a joint military exercise. I am not sure what is going to happen, but I do feel like a war is coming to our door steps and I eel like whites will pay the ultimate price in the long run if we don’t do something soon.

      • The saddest part is that our children will be effected the most….dealing with loss, possibly a death, debt to climb out of for their whole life….possibly being slaves for china/Russia…..its scary. America needs to get on its knees and pray

    • The real threat is the Islamic forces working behind the scenes to perpetuate a decrease of American Values and Constitutional rights in this country. China doesn’t care on bit about the American People in any but a financial sense. However the current state of the union is remarkably similar to the 13 original colonies and their mistreatment just before the revolutionary war. Also the way our government is passing laws that not only sap our freedoms but effect our pocket books are looking more and more communistic all the time.

      • There are no Islamic forces behind the scenes.. Quite the opposite actually. Zionists control the banks and media. Zionism has nothing to do with Islam and tries to promote Islamophobia. Trying to make people believe that all Muslims are bad. That’s like eating a piece of rotten fruit and blaming the whole tree. So perhaps you should do some research on political Zionism.

        • maybe you should do some research on islam, you say about islamophobia, well for that to exist islam would have to be an irrational fear which its not, its rational fear as theres a good reason to fear an ideology that has killed more innocent people than the nazi’s did, and your saying about zionism, they are all as bad as each other, the elite want to kill of the population, islam wants to rape pillage and plunder the worlds population in the name of a peaceful religion, wake up you silly foolish person!

        • Zionism IS what controls Washington D.C. Most Americans don’t have a clue what really goes on behind the screen of corporate propaganda from their controlled media.

          Zionism (Ashkenazi Jews who control the state of Israel, not Torah believing Jews) IS in control of Washington D.C. Our “representatives” do their bidding. Of course, Zionism is only part of the big picture. There are many groups who are being controlled by the Illuminati. One of them is Freemasonry. All of the “isms” are a part of this big picture. It’s all about control. At the top, is Satan, who controls this earth, within certain restraints put on him by God. This is all prophesied to happen. This march toward their New World Order has been going on from the beginning of creation. It HAS just been picking up speed with the Bushes, Clintons and Barry Soetoro.

          The U.S. government is completely controlled by the Zionists who are also controlled by the Illuminati who are controlled by Satan. All three branches of government are corrupt.

          The DHS has been built and armed to control the people when this government pushes us too far. They expect that the people will, ultimately, begin to rebel against their corruption. They now have many armored vehicles and millions of rounds of ammunition to use against the people. They have FEMA camps built all across this nation to put the survivors in.

          It takes a lot of study and digging to really understand what is happening. Most people aren’t willing to do this kind of research. That’s why people continue to vote (the balloting process is corrupted). They continue to play the game of voting for a Democrat or Republican while there “representatives” continue to work against the people behind closed doors, and ignore the Constitution.

          The people that say China is in the driver’s seat are more correct than incorrect. The global elites have deliberately destroyed America in the effort to create a world system. And they’ve moved a lot of assets to China. They have assets in all of the nations of the world. They still don’t control North Korea, Cuba and Iran. That’s why they’re working so hard in the Middle East to remove support for Iran.

          Christians need to maintain a strong relationship with God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. Things don’t look good for America. Let’s pray that God will keep us safe as things deteriorate around us.

          • When over half of the USA population is dependent for our daily bread on government payments, who is going to revolt, as you imagine?
            Romney underestimated the recipients of government largesse at 47%.
            Receiving government benefits:
            Social Security
            Medicare – premiums do not cover payouts
            Medicaid – welfare
            SNAP (“Food Stamps”) – welfare
            AFDC – welfare
            Section 8 – welfare
            Government jobs
            Government contractors and their subcontractors and employees
            Grocery companies whose major business is SNAP, WIC, government employees and contractors and their subs and employees
            Military pensioners
            Federal government pensioners
            State & local government pensioners
            Pharmaceutical industry from Big Pharma down to your local druggist – major business is Medicare, Medicaid
            Millions receive benefits from more than one of the programs
            The list of people dependent 50%+ to 100% on government payouts is enormous. Do you really think that they will revolt? With what, against what?

            Unless done for a show of force, the USG has no reason to nuke any USA city. Any revolt can be stopped by cutting off electricity, which would shut down water and sewer systems, which are all run by electricity. Gasoline and diesel fuel are processed and pumped by electricity.
            All you preppers who depend on gasguzzling Hummers, 4WD pickups and the like will be sorely disappointed when your monster truck dies in 200-300 miles with an empty tank.
            Your gasoline powered emergency generator? Better have a LOT of gas.
            Any tough nuts won’t need to be nuked. Nerve gas does the trick. The old killing nerve gases are crude and obsolete. Modern nerve gases are used to weaken and confuse with few killed.

      • I agree with you and King Edward…a war is on the horizon, but I don’t think it’s gonna have much, if anything to do with “Islamic forces”…it’s gonna be the Second American Civil war, based on the haves and have nots, and the politicians. Kind Edward….I don’t quite get why you say “whites will pay the ultimate price”…the U.S. is a multi colored Nation, so ALL colors will be affected.

      • it sure seems like there is an evil axis of america hating countries all working to take us down: venezuela, n korea, iran along with russia and china. they all have alliances treaites, agreements and otherwise friendly relations with one another. with each passing day, i am thinking this NWO/one world govt talk applies to communism. read the goals of communism, the last step is a world totally under commy control, no other forms of govt.
        makes sense to me… and look at o-sh-theads action/inactions- weaken our military (budget cuts, promote gays/ women), elave the southern border wide open (for infiltrators?), take away arms from the citizenry, beef up DHS to help take down any citizen rebellion, divide/polarize us to reduce/elimnate nationalism, natiol identity (racism, rich vs poor, denigrate the tea party, christians),exec orders to control all aspects of our economy, resources, does this really appear to be for our own good? he is weakening us for the invasion to follow

      • It was Koreans because the movie was delayed for over two years because the Chinese have so much power over us that they actually had the production company reedit the entire film to make them look like Koreans. They literally had to go in and digitally change all the flags and reshoot scenes.

    • If this does happen which (is possible) I need to get out of the red zones!

      I believe that we are all in for some big surprises.. Just wouldnt want a nuke dropped on me. Thats not even fair!

    • I dont trust any of tghese bastards…the chinese are our enemy, the Soviets have sucked on to the chinese becasue they hate us and the Islamist are their pawns…..Iran too….

  2. I wouldn’t advice it. Just because Obama is cutting our military does NOT mean we don’t have able bodied ex military and citizens that won’t lay down the law swiftly.

    • I agree we are one of the few places on the planet where most people are armed. That makes us one very large army and even the most liberal of all would more than likely take up arms to defend our country.

    • I agree… we have plenty of arms in the hands of the people. I’m one of them. I don’t like the idea of fighting under a mushroom cloud. The next big war will be mass casualty weapons and small regional conflicts. Who has the Navy to carry an invasion force big enough to take over this country?

    • i disagree, americans are more likely to shoot themselves than their enemy, this has been proven on more than one occassion

    • Are you ignorant, trying to mislead people, or do you just not know how the internet works. The article links to the Washington Times article who sites several Chinese News Sources who reported this on Monday.

    • He’s probably just one of the numerous government groups that troll the internet. Their sole purpose is to leave comments that disagree with articles no matter what they say. Look up Obama Internet Truth Teams as well as the DHS social media groups. It’s actually very shocking what this government does online.

      To use another movie reference..”you don’t think the government spends millions of dollars on a toilet seat do you?”

  3. Wow it looks like they would help get rid of our most useless state California. Maybe after we retaliated and wiped out all of China there would no longer be enough libtards left to elect idiots like Obama.

  4. You don’t think that the US has a plan equal to this. I read the Posts story and don’t see any intent to in the near future attack the US. Seems to me like a personal take kind of distorting the facts.

    • Seems to me like they are just reporting the news, I don’t think they ever claimed that we don’t have the same plans.

      It amazes me when people ignore this kind of stuff and ignore history. It’s like they’re living a different reality where WWII and every other war never happened. Have you ever heard of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Napoleon, etc..? You do know that we ourselves dropped atomic bombs on Japan right?

      These things happen and the world is filled with crazy people. The history of mankind is basically one war after another.

  5. To be honest, the map above looks like they’d do a few trillion dollars worth of improvements.

    But seriously, “able bodied ex military and citizens” would be up against the PLA, which (including reserves,) is larger than the entire population of the US. I doubt it will be us “lay(ing) down the law swiftly.”

    • Steve, whatever they wish to use against us has to travel many hours by air or many days by sea. We’d put up a pretty good fight, I think.

      We might not chase them all home, but many would die honorably in the attempt.

      If you have tools that would be helpful in that effort, hang onto them. Make sure you are willing to use them.

      Don’t let those with no NEED to know have a clue as to what you have where.

      Nosy people don’t usually have your best interest at heart.

      Remember that.

  6. Where there is smoke there is usually fire…I think we need to be fired on as we have become so complacent. We think we are a bully when our people have become nellys. No one believes anything or stands up for their rights. Yeah, I know we have demonstrations and protests but those people are not the fighters they are the political opinionated cowards. When those people attack us and they will the real heroes will emerge and everyone will see the real America!

  7. Ya well were 2 hours from.seattle. don’t think they’d be dumb enough to do really
    ..we have plenty of nukes to send their way!! :-)

  8. “Without ever firing a shot they’ve helped the U.S. destroy itself by bankrolling a huge part of our $17 trillion debt.”

    What you may be missing is the fact that the Chicoms have their own bubbles about ready to pop also. They also have made enormous acquisitions of gold, Silver and REM, (reportedly ALL of our gold also)and they may just preempt the whole simultaneous collapse as they, not us are the ones who will rise from the ashes as the undisputed economic front runner. China will be announcing their gold holdings soon to the public, the elite already know…the end is near!

  9. OH NO the Chinese have plans for how they’d nuke America if it ever came to that!

    Oh come on. Every country has piles of plans for every scenario they’ve imagined possible. It doesn’t mean any of them are planning to use any of them, only that they’ve considered the scenario. Don’t you think that someone in our gov’t has plans for nuking every conceivable and most inconceivable threats?

    Yawn. Chill out guys. There are far, far more likely threats than China starting an all-out nuclear war.

  10. Anyone see war games? That one movie about that kid and the computer that almost created a nuclear war?
    The computer was wrong. To win, you have to move first.
    The Chinese know how to counter the economic collapse, that’s why they bought all the silver and gold. It’s that it will always have value. The nuke plans are most likely plans, without a doubt, but also to inspire their people that they can defeat the “American menace” if you want to call it that. And being armed does NOTHING against nukes. Having anti-ballistic missile defenses does stuff. They do NOT want to take over America, they don’t want the AMERICANS. America doesn’t have much they could want anyways. The Chinese HAVE THE BEST PLAN I’VE EVER SEEN IN A COUNTRY. They have economic stability in physical ways, they have a good military, they have inspired people. Nuclear war is an unlikely event, although possible. Real problems lie with the economy, not necessarily with other countries. So many things could happen, the best you can do is take it as it comes. Pay attention to what’s going on, always be ready. Other than that, there’s not a lot I can say. Salva nos xan! (I think that’s how it’s spelled)

  11. There’s a dot over Lancaster, PA. Good thing, too, because if you don’t take out the Amish in a first strike, there’s no telling what they’ll do once they mobilize.

  12. I do not believe this is likely. China has equally as much to lose since the vast majority of their population lives near the sea and much of the country is very difficult to inhabit. This would certainly be mutually assured destruction.

    I believe the most important threats to USA are domestic in the form of cultural degeneration through spread of entitlement mentality.

    I (a man) believe attacks on mainland USA are very unlikely because we the toughest, bad ass capable women on the planet (thus more than doubling capable fighters). Throughout history during times of great stress women stepped up to fight, build, and serve any roles required. MoFo’s don’t mess with mama bear! I would also like to point out the population of USA includes citizens and non-citizens alike that work so hard to live the American dream not for themselves, but for their future generations. My relatives (naturalized citizens) would do ANYTHING to keep their family safe.

    I would also point out the genetic makeup of the USA makes us able to blend in any ethnicity and any culture flawlessly. It may be true that we would be hit first, when we hit back it will be a death blow.

  13. This is pretty lame. They already own us. lol. Why would they want to harm us? Practically everything we own is from China. There is a old saying, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you and don’t feed dogs that bite.

  14. Why is there a dot on the map over Boise, Idaho?
    Is it really a target? Or do the dots mean something else. No dots on San Francisco? I don’t get it.

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