Church Mass Shooting in Texas Stopped by Good Guy with Gun

Two people are dead and one is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire during service this morning at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

The shooting was caught during a live internet stream of the church service (the streamed video on YouTube has since been taken down). A man dressed in a black trench coat with a hood jumped up and started shooting members of the church.

Luckily, at least five armed members of the church instantly responded and jumped into action as soon as the shooting started. Within three seconds of the first shot, one member shot the shooter and killed him before he could harm more people.

This photo, captured from the live stream, shows multiple good guys with guns instantly attempt to draw their firearms when the shooter rose with what appears to be a shotgun.
In this photo, you can see the killer taking aim and more members of the church attempting to unholster the firearms in response to the shooting.
Texas Church Shooter
This photo shows the moment the shooter was taken down, before he could shoot more members of the church (the rest of the video has been pulled off of YouTube, but can be seen below in the article). On the top left you can see the good guy taking aim at the shooter – less than three seconds after the shooting started, the shooter was shot in the head by the good guy!
At least five church members can be seen responding to the shooting; this image is seconds after the shooter was taken out by the member of the church. Four members can be seen aiming their firearms at the shooter in case he was still alive, another member was just off-screen rushing in to respond.

Emergency services were dispatched to the Church of Christ on Sunday morning around 9:57 a.m after receiving a call about a shooting and gunshot wounds. 

Mike Drivdahl, a spokesman for the Forth Worth Fire Department, said three people were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“A very tragic day when anybody in our community suffers,” he told reporters at a brief news conference. “Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families who are affected by this.”

Fort Worth police and fire were at the scene assisting White Settlement agencies, he said. Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were also at the scene.

WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reported that the church shooting was captured on a live stream of Sunday’s worship service. In the video, which has since been taken down, a person stands and pulls out a weapon, then appears to fire twice before another person shoots back, according to WFAA.

During a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in September, former VP Joe Biden slammed Texas for allowing church members to carry firearms to protect themselves in Church. When politicians like this tell you that guns don’t stop bad guys, remember this video!

Video From the Shooting

WARNING: This is extremely graphic! We are showing it for three reasons:

  1. The mainstream media and liberal politicians will never tell you how important good guys with guns are, and how your only option to stop this type of violence is to be armed yourself!
  2. The people who responded to this are heroes and should be recognized for their heroic actions! They saved countless lives!
  3. This shows you exactly how you should respond to an active shooter situation and how quickly these types of crimes can be stopped when you are armed! You are the only one that can save yourself!
Video 1:

The incident comes two years after a gunman opened fire inside another Texas church in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

Protecting yourself from Mass Shooters

I dedicated an entire section of my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, to self-defense topics and understanding the criminal mind because I believe social unrest and violent attacks are some of the top threats we face.

Here are some articles that can help:

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    • Was the shooter black and/or muslim? I don’t see any of that essential information. If you can’t post that, they you are just another wuss afraid to tell the truth!!!

          • Can you imagine the carnage if nobody was concealed and carrying? A very good possibility of a massacre. This is strong evidence as to why our 2nd amendment rights are needed more now than any other time. Besides having random shooters terrorize no gun zones to groups such as the Black Israelites (responsible for last weeks mass killing in Jersey City to perhaps the attack in Monsey last night at a Rabbi’s home celebrating Hanukkah. More importantly the 2nd amendment is going to be challenged in the state of Virginia. With their anti-Christ governor who has no problem killing full term babies or people who strongly believe in their God given rights of protecting their families from tyrannical governors.

          • Can wait till they say he was white you racist. Name a time a black man went into a white church and shot people……I’ll wait jack ass.

          • It is important to know just who your enemy is. That you would even have to ask that question marks you as a simple person. Gezz…What the hell is wrong with people.

          • The threat is coming from the portion of the HUMAN RACE that is being consumed with EVIL. And that evil is not prejudiced at all.

          • Google the name Timothy McVeigh to see where “threats” come from you biggot. Doesn’t matter if the shooter is white, black or purple. What matters is lives were taken, and lives were saved thatnks to the heroic and swift action of those involved and the importance of 2nd amendment rights.

          • What matters is pointing out liberal progressive trolls that try and make conservatives look like racists POS, color or religious beliefs isn’t important. The fact of the matter is that good men with guns (legally owned) saved many lives

          • There are more white serial killers. Extremists come in every color and creed. The threat comes in the form of an attack regardless. Protect yourself then. Don’t spew racism and or anti religion statements. Attack those that attack only and after the fact or you are the extremist the rest fear.

          • Weren’t the last 5+ church, mosque, and synagogue shootings white? Who gives a shit at this point

          • @ Walt .. And if the shooter was white ?? What matters is that innocent folks were shot and one killed and the shooter is dead.. I don’t care if he was purple as long as he is dead,because good people stepped up and lives were saved today.

          • Emanuel Kidega Samson, Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, TN. September 24, 2017. Not trying to add to the racist context, but you did say to “name a time.”

          • The news always covers the whites but the nigs do more shootings, fact you dirty nig lovers. And yes I put my e-mail up, come get some.

          • I don’t care what his demographic is, what’s important is he is in hell now where his torment is just begining.

          • I agree. There are many groups that spread hate and lies, and some of those need to be identified and called out for their hate. It is not racism to corner these beastly delusional people on their crazy harmful beliefs.

          • A person, by himself, wearing a trenchcoat , into a church in Texas, bears notice, same person stands up, during service, and strikes up a conversation, bears notice, Evidently was noticed by the “security group” Good Job, shooter neutralized.

          • His name was Keith kinnunen. He is a white male. Like the shooter in El Paso. More acts of terrorism in the US are committed by white men than any other group by a long shot, this one included. If you’re actually interested in identifying trends that should be the first one they jumped to, but the fact that your mind went to Muslim, and black for that matter, shows you are looking for a reason to be racist.
            I simply found it odd you immediately went to seek blame on an entire ethnicity and an entire religion. Release the hate, judgement, and fundamental racism and maybe we can heal.

          • It doesn’t matter what race. This type of threat can and does come from all types, race and nationalities. What I find odd is that the shooter was at the front of the church in open view of the camera as if they knew it was a live feed.

          • of course by now we all know the evil person was a white guy who wore a wig and a fake beard with an overcoat. Has the look of a skinhead. Not saying he was, but that he “looked” like one.

          • I don’t know about the “black” part, it’s the muslim question that concerns me. I’m from Canada. God bless those poor families I will pray for everyone in that church because the PTSD is a real thing as well. I’m afraid I have to pray for the perps soul too, and his family. Why are we so lost? The devil attacking right in the house of the Lord. Too sad

          • You mean western Christians are in Muslim lands getting killed by Christian invaders?

          • Emanuel Kidega Samson at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee – Sept 25 2017.

            Well, you asked..

          • It’s time for this to be known….massacre on Christians in many places going on nowadays…

          • The biggest serial killers and random shooters are usually white. Look it up. Btw…Democrats dont want to take the 2nd amendment away, they just want reasonable background checks.
            Thank you to the heroes that stopped the gunman!

          • Christian’s are killing anyone and everyone all over the world. But that’s ok. Christian’s are kidnapping babys at the border. Some of those children have died, some have been put up for adoption, some have been raped. “This is a christian country” hahahaha

          • @Christine Goldstein That is a bold face lie! You obviously have NOT been listening or reading enough. Try the whole Virginia Governor’s actions. So YES,Democrats ARE looking to take them away.

          • It’s a sad a you people’s wondering what color that dude is for real people’s are ya’ll blind to the facts that caucasian have kill destroy and stole on this whole damn planet what does it matter what color he was he was a sick azz person to do that period smdh.

          • I agree. We need to root out these threats even if they lean into racial groups and divisions. That is not racism. That is recognizing a potential threat and trying to remedy the situation.

          • ‘Camp Lejuene Marine’reported. may the real Marines drop kick you into the brig and hand you a dishonorable discharge.

          • The nasty knee jerk responses here over one person’s post exemplifies part of the problem,
            By the way, I am on my church’s security and safety team. What happened here is what we train for.

          • Glad they nail him. This is not about stupid color of any kind. U can always tell when Demonic Demorats talk. Color is there favorite talking point. People are sick of it. Expect more shooters going down. Wish i could have pulled the trigger on the shooter. He went to church today and either met God or the devil today. Lock and load, time to bring these people down. Prayers for the familys.

          • Correct they try to portray us as evil men. It that we are not. We will be violent to defend the innocent from the evil.

          • The News always tell over and over if the shooter is white! If the shooter is not white the news will not even talk about it! Regarless, What color he is, I am glad he went straight to hell by a bullet!

          • Christine Goldstein that is a bold face lie! Democrats only want to make you register your weapon, restrict transfers, ban certain guns, limit magazine capacity, prohibit carrying them, ban or limit ammo, make many more arbitrary laws as with California, Illinois, and New York, and, if they catch you violating any of these made-up rules, they will throw you in prison… At which point they will take your guns!

          • You’re absolutely right. It’s not considered when it’s any other race, except white. That’s targeting the whites. Makes every other race only pin point whites.

          • LEJUNE MARINE–Are you a moron? You don’t read is that it? You never read history! Have you heard go the Ottoman Empire/ Probably not. All of North Africa and the Middle East was Christian–Orthodox Christian for hundreds and hundreds of years. Don’t call yourself a marine until you get your brains cleaned! Serious stupidity.

          • He was white. Not that it mattered. Sick comes in many shades. Even the devil was an angel once.

          • Just because a killer is a certain race does not mean you can lump all people of that ethnic background together. The devil hated all of us and wants us all dead. Jesus saves anyone who comes to him

          • It does not matter if it was a “hate crime”, the guy is dead there isn’t going to be a trial.

          • Enoch LXXXV-XC. Jubilees 10: 27-32. You can determine certain things about a person by race. These scriptures are from the Ethiopian Orthodox church’s Bible in the deuterocannon

          • While it is true that the devil will do anything to keep us from worshipping God, Satan gets a lot more credit then he deserves. I think what happened at this church just shows the depravity of twisted minds and how far people will go with their hate. Satan on the other hand, is an angel of Light and a deceiver – the greatest liar this world has ever known.

        • It is important to know just who your enemy is. That you would even have to ask that question marks you as a simple person. Gezz…What the hell is wrong with people.

          • Camp marine dude .. how about the black gut in South Carolina in Sept 2017 that shot up a white church .

        • Because, Michelle, we are at war with Islam. Where have you been for the last 15 years. Many Muslims are black; most are not. Muslims think they will take over the US but they are sadly mistaken. People want to know and have a right to know WHO is doing the shooting. Not that they will live very long, but identity is an important factor.

          SO…pull your head out of your ass, Michelle. Identity MATTERS.

          • Knowing the race will not help one bit the race is not the problem it’s a problem with people in general not a whole race. Wanna better protect yourself? Carry a gun save yourself an the ones around you. Y’all are so fast to jump on the race wagon. News flash this kinda shit isn’t new mass murder has happened forever taking the Vikings for instance….y’all wanna pull the race card ? Bet your all white asking what the race is it’s typical scared of the black man or any color different from white. You wanna keep yourself alive an your family an friends? Carry a gun run towards the fire not like most of the people in this video all hitting the ground actually fight for your life. No where in this does race matter…your enemy is the one trying to bring you harm regardless of race

          • Islam has been at war with Christianity for over a thousand years. So far the Christians are winning……but for how long?

          • I cannot believe the amount of ignorance being displayed in this chat.we are in the 21st century and idiots are still focused on skin color. A favor please all the sheeples of these United States find a corner and die while we move forward as a society.

          • Hey Marquita, I will repost my response. Your hate for even my asking why it was important to that man is so alarming.
            The suspect is Keith Kinnumen. A white male. More acts of terrorism in the US are committed by white men than any other group by a long shot, this one included. If you were actually interested in identifying trends that should be the first one that you’d jump to, but the fact that your mind went to Muslim shows you’re looking for a reason to be racist with terrorism in the states.
            If you release your judgement, racism, and hate we can all heal.

        • Who the the shooter is and any group affiliation is very important; history has shown that Islamic Terror groups usually attack multiple locations at a time, so knowing if there was an affiliation in time to warm other churches of the risk of attacks is a serious necessity. Take your sore ass drama elsewhere; we are taking about safety of our citizens when under attack. People with military history should know this very well.

          • @ American: thanks for your good comments….this is serious, and serious to see a pattern here for now and for our future……the other stuff is arguing for nothing….

          • Kharry Trammell, your idealism is “nice” and I might agree except that there is an agenda behind Islamic extremist. No, I agree that the question is not race. But those who have come out of Islamic Extremism can tell you there is an agenda to kill Christians or anyone who gets in the way of gihad and that is symbolized by the broadsword and dagger!

          • It damn sure doesn’t matter. FIRST AND FOREMOST RACISM IS HATE. IT IS TAUGHT. SAME AS RELIGION. YOURE NOT BORN RACIST OR CHRISTIAN. YOURE TAUGHT BOTH!!! Teach your kids not to hate. That’s wtf you do to start making a change. WE ARE ALL BORN WITHOUT HATE AND RELIGION. we’re taught both. Stop teaching your damn demon spawns hatred.

          • Holy crap, people. There is some serious hyped up fear-mongering going on. For the love of God, stop watching news that uses sensationalist terms. Fox Media is for entertainment, and the same can be said of their news.

            Spoiler alert- if you are a majority population with power, you are not under attack. That means if you’re white and Christian in America, you’re ok. We didn’t scream “they must be against kids!!” when schools get shot up. Or a theater. Or a concert. Some people are just broken.
            So please, stop being racist. Or anti faith if it ain’t Christian. Don’t justify it. If you have to explain it, you have negative bias going. You’re adding to the problem.

          • I know, because all the white people in the world that are being killed by black people….. blah blah blah. Crawl out of the racist hole you’re living in and come into the world. Blacks are not out killing all the whites people, and white’s are not law abiding citizens. This is NOT a black or white issue.. This is evil in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s as if it’ll make whites happy and keep their racism going if he’s black man that’s done this. Now what will you think if it’s just another white man just killing to kill.

        • It’s not. Silly arguments about what race. If you want to know who your enemy is I’ll tell you, it’s Satan that’s who. Any person who does this no matter if they’re green, they are consumed with hate and are doing the devils bidding. The whole point of the post was that a good guy with a gun prevented more killing.

        • Armed “good guys” is the only answer to terrorism. As long as the “bad guys” think they’ll have all the time in the world to do their evil deeds they will continue. Fire with fire, not hope the police can get there in 30 seconds will the evil understand. I would have NO problem taking down a threat to my family and friends.
          Ssgt “Moondog” Mullins Nam 66-70. . .fight back send them to hell

        • People are freaking out because some want to know what race the original shooter was. Why would that come as a surprise to anyone? The MSM pushes nothing but anti-white garbage. Of course people are going to wonder what race the shooter was.
          He most definitely wasn’t a decent Christian or human being. Thank God a good guy was armed and took him out.

          • @ Shelby, yes I agree with you…….people do want to know who it was, why, what origin, what pattern, and even more…….you cannot go by the mainstream media who wants us to hide the fact that it might be terrorist………it usually is. We are not stupid anymore and want to know all the facts……we will pray and trust God- but nothing is wrong with us wanting to know all the facts……..thanks to God for having the armed people around us…..I hope they never succeed at taking our guns…………

          • I didn’t wonder what race he was. The thought never crossed my mind and I watched it a number of times. My thought was what a tragedy especially for the girl screaming / crying “No daddy. No” My heart is breaking for that girl. I can’t imagine my dad dying in that way. My thought was also for the terror the other ppl felt as they hit the ground. My thought was about the man who stood there and pulled his gun, but wasn’t fast enough and got shot. My thought was about the second man shot. My thought was about the man who drew his weapon, shot him and brought it to an end. Not once did I even think about what race he was. I did wonder WHY? Why did he do this? Was that daughter his? How horrific if it was. There were many thoughts going thru my mind. Not one, was about his race.

          • Motivation doesn’t help after the fact- people died- all murders are hate crimes- explain what good it does to know the motivation? The shooter is dead- we will never know the motivation- only speculation

        • Michelle, think with your “thinker” and not with your “stinker.” It is more important to know where any more potential threats may come from, than it is to be politically correct.

        • Of course it’s important to know in order to fully understand why this horrific event happened and if possible address it at all levels In order to perhaps preventing this from happening again.

          • Number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and December 2019, by shooter’s race and ethnicity
            Number of incidents
            White 65
            Black 19
            Latino 10
            Asian 8
            Other 5
            Unknown 5
            Native American 3
            © Statista 2019

        • Please do not answer the stupid question about race. The comment was obviously written by a troll trying to make gun owners appear racist. Please do not feed the troll.

          • Scott, I realize multiple people have used “Michelle” as their name but I am just not responding. I am a gun owner. My husband is a police officer. He hunts every year and we own a gun safe for our guns. Calling out racism and hate has zero to do with guns. I am not sure how asking questions and trying to create dialogue is being a troll or any of the other hateful things people on here have called me. We cannot heal as a country if hate, racism, and bringing the “gun debate” into ever conversation is your go to.

        • It’s very important….In case you are unaware, Christianity is under attack in THIS country as well as others.

        • It IS VERY IMPORTANT because there are factions in our country that have come over the boarder, usually illegally whose religion tells them they MUST kill us. That in itself raises a red flag. Take your head out of the sand lady.

          • Those who pretend to be oblivious (“Whaaat?”) or convinced “they won’t be bothered” because “everybody knows they aren’t racist!” (pant-pant-whew!) Are not the brighter tools in the shed, actually bug everybody and we have 5 times too many. I let virtue signalers make 2nd graders out of their selves repeatedly overcompensating for the obvious in every post they make, for the 1000th time and just figure “darwin” moves in comedic ways….

        • Because most of the shootings these days ( that are at churches) in Muslim or Islam related or afilliated. It’s just the world we live in this days. My husband and I pack every where go these days.

        • Exactly…the point should be that a bad guy had a gun and a good guy evened the odds of survival and dropped his ass

      • First off… I am one of the only sites who actually posted the video so take your BS and shove it. It’s also not clear from the video who the shooter is, so I’m not going to make shit up, you can watch the video and come to your own conclusion.

        • Unfortunately..MAINSTREAM MEDIA has made the people WANT TO KNOW the religion or nationality of a shooter..BECAUSE they ALWAYS pump the people with non-stop coverage when a WHITE MAN kills people .And they IGNORE or minimalize a story when the shooter is a minority or an illegal .. THAT is why he asked .and that’s sad.. but THE MEDIA HAS CREATED THIS SITUATION

          • I agree; if you check out our other articles we talk about that fact all the time. In this case though, I just don’t know enough yet to add that to the article.

            Either way; what’s important here is these guys are heroes and everyone needs to understand how important it is to carry and be ready to go at a moment’s noticed!

          • You are correct. The MSM love it when white men kill innocent people. They always make it a race issue when it is a white murderer. They just leave out the fact that nearly 100% of them are democrat psychopaths. They always slant their propaganda so it appears that these evil liberals are conservatives. You won’t hear crap about this terrorist because he is not white.

          • amen, I agree with you — we have to find out things for ourselves cause the mainline media is bent on influencing our minds in their way…….it never pays to ignore…..

        • You’re doing the right thing by waiting for the FACTS to come out instead of making ASSumptions. The answers to the questions as to race etc Will come out. Eventually. Not enough info from the video from what I can see to make an accurate determination one way or the other. THIS scenario is EXACTLY WHY we MUST defend our 2nd Amendment rights! AND, when responding to that exact threat, I’m Sure that not ONE person stopped to ask what race, etc the shooter was. At that moment, in that instant, it does not matter! What DOES matter is diffusing and/or eliminating the threat/perpetrator. The time for analysis is AFTER the FACTS have become known. Great job on the Good guy with the Fast response!!

          • Great response. I’m a white Christian but would never make the mistake of thinking all shooters are a specific color or nationality or religion. It can be anyone, including another white Christian who has become a hater thanks to the devil.

        • Off grid Survivor, Do you temrmbet when the anti-gun nuts used to have a bumper sticker that read: When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns
          Then these snowflakes realized what they were saying. I am an ex vet and have no problem killing someone if they attack my family.

        • So are you going to report that the guy was a white repeat criminal? Or does it fit your agenda to just keep your readers guessing and not report on the details as they come in?

        • I think it’s important to know what nationality and the possible motive. Yes Muslims are pushing their way of life and beliefs, and they will be killing and burning churches before too many more years. I don’t believe I will be alive but I hope that everyone takes this threat seriously.

      • Why not as if he’s white? I hate to have to tell you that almost all mass shooters are Caucasian males. Why is that essential? If you can’t accept that you’re just another racist.

        • Because the amount of black on black crime proves that Jubilees 10:27-32 in the Ethiopian deuterocanon is correctly assumed to be about african americans too. Marcus Garvey was much wiser than Martin Luther king jr for wanting to start a black start in west Africa.

      • Don’t know what his color in this case really doesn’t matter in any case as long as the threat was neutralized. But since color matters to you the knife attacker in New York was a person of color attacking a Jewish place of worship. Who’s the bigot now

      • Or white? Or did you forget the race trend on mass shootings–which this would have been had a good guy not stopped him…

          • Pastor, you are a dumbass. By saying guns shouldn’t be carried into churches shows that you are a fool. Without these good guys with guns, many more lives would have been lost. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

          • Pastor, really? I bet you never knew those guys that stepped up and killed the shooter even had a gun, but I bet you were glad they did. When will people realize that good guys/women with guns harm no one? I thank God for the second amendment.

      • You are an idiot. It is people like you who make assumptions that hurt our 2nd Amendment cause and hard work. Can YOU tell from this video who the shooter is? That is literally all the info they have, a livestreamed screen grab. The name will be released by the authorities soon enough. Are you that much of a moron that you cannot just be thankful for the video itself?? Tossing off insults like a chump. This site provides you with a gift and you gotta show your ass and ask for more. Child.

      • Was the shooter white and/or Christian? I don’t see any of that essential information. If you can’t post that, they you [sic] are just another wuss afraid to tell the truth!!!
        Or maybe Ted is just dumb ass…

      • Jesus dude you’re part of the reason people don’t take gun owners seriously. That isn’t essential at all. Get that racist shit out of here, asshole.

      • My guess , hes white. Thats why they r not saying. Whites kill more people statistically then any other race in this country.

      • Could have been a white edomite. People with hairy arms are very cruel to Jacob. But no, they don’t cover black crime in the light of the truth of Enoch LXXXV-XC and Jubilees 10: 27-32

        • Without those GUNS IN CHURCH sir the killer would have been able to get by with killing more. All we need to do as Christians is pray for this situation and not judge, for our God is to be the only judge and the one to handle this tragedy. Let’s pray people there is enough going on around us then what people have to say negative about this tragedy. I lift all of this to you Father God for guidance and for this church family to heal. Amen

      • You’re an idiot! The threat was a mentally deranged individual with hate in his heart. It does not matter the color of this asshole! There are plenty of crazy people out there of all races! Go take your keyboard bully racism ways out of here!

        • All this arguing is an insult to the Christians who were violated to day. Offensive language has no place in this discussion either. Stifle yourselves and remember those who lost their lives, the injured and the families and the house of worship that was violated today. We are thankful that citizens who are licensed to carry had their weapons and that one was fired within 3 seconds and all the lives that were saved. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!

      • Race or Religion doesn’t matter. A bad person is a bad person.
        Sounds like you are looking to point blame. (What if the shooter was white, female and a Christian??)

      • Why does the shooter have to be black or Muslim. White folks have more killers than any race. Stop race baiting!!

        • @ Vanessa- blacks commit more than 50% of all murders every year in the U.S.. Way out of proportion when compared to the pop. number. Whites far less in proportion to their numbers.

      • Why black or Muslim historically white people specifically white males do these types of shootings. You should educate yourself because you sound stupid.

      • Let me guess, if the shooter is black or Muslim then Teddy boy here will scream terrorist but if it’s a white guy he will just say mental illness…

      • My guess would be Antifa related. But that’s just a guess. Probably some kid on brain-bending drugs making him a zombie and perfect tool to be used for such a sinister purpose.
        But that’s just my guess.

      • No one knows yet….come on dude. Now is not the time for calling someone a wuss! I love 15 mins from the shooting and the 1st victim was my former nurse manager. So get off your high horse and chill out! When the media releases the names, it’ll be everywhere.

      • If race or religion had anything to do with this, we would have seen that information already. Mass shootings are generally done by white men though, right? Who did the stabbings in NY at the Rabbi’s house? Did you get race and religion info on that one?

      • Camp Lejuene Marine ask when the last time a black man shot up a church, it was 2017 Church of Christ in Nashville Tennessee, One person killed and 2 injured

      • What does race, color, ethnicity have to do with it at this point in time!? It’s HATE … pure HATE and evil is what it is. You feed into the messed up world we live in with this being your only concern…. prayers for all involved and present during this hateful disgusting moment in time.

      • How ignorant do you have to be to ask that question? How dare you try to stain an entire population with such dip-shit perceptio. Un-fucking-believable!

      • People have been in fear for their lives because of their religion since biblical times. God has seen us through it all.
        It’s called “FAITH”

      • We don’t need to know that. He was an animal. Period. His race and religion have nothing to do with it. That is just the media bumping up and making it a race issue vs a hate crime

      • This is Just Muslims , encouraged and indoctrinated by people like Obama, Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jackson , Jerimiah Wright…..this plan was instituted the day Obama was elected when he refused to ket the black panthers be investigated by the Justice Department after they bullied little old white people with billy clubs. Or have yall forgotten. Race based ? What in hell you think?

      • That is always important info and always was. This probably is a white guy in a white church but no one will care. It’s really important if a white guy shoots up a Muslim or black church tho. The Jews who were attacked were by a black man. So, we need to know what color to learn why. As far as I’m concerned any killing is a hate crime. We can all agree that too many church’s are being targeted. If u can’t be safe in church then WTF CAN U BE SAFE.

      • This is what is wrong with the world. It doesn’t matter what race or religion they are. They are killers plain an simple. They come in every shape, size, color and religion. Maybe if we stopped worrying about color and religion this senseless violence would stop.

      • “Black/Muslim” what the fuck kind of bullshit is that. You could’ve asked for essential information by not making such a fuckery comment

      • The color of the murderer is not essential. They are evil. That answers your question. Color of one’s skin is not important it is what is in their mindset!!!!!!

      • Shooters don’t have colors unless you’re racist. They don’t have religions unless you’re racist. They are simply criminals who have shot someone and are threatening someone else.

      • Call or just have no place in this act of madness it was an evil person with a big black brown white yellow doesn’t matter the man was in sane pay for whatever needs to be taken out he was taken out fringe groups such as the black Israelites and Louis Farrakhan do not make up the majority of Americans who are honestly some people

      • Ahh are you assuming that the shooter might either be black or Muslim? It may be… but, you have already made only two race choices!

      • You want to know what he was he was “a piece of shit” It doesn’t matter what the shooter was all that matters is he’s DEAD.

      • In case you did not notice that they take the shooter and that’s what counts. And also you’re watching church video you’re not watching the news video because we know the news is bias.

      • Your an idiot to ask the question if the “shooter was black or Muslim” stop thinking that White Americans can’t be a treat to the human race. It was an attack on human people and the issue isn’t about race. Don’t comment if you have a small mind.

      • I’m sorry and since when did skin color become the problem?? Because that man who saves the day could have easily been African American or Muslim or Hispanic! The problem in this world is that people like you for some reason think you are better than others based off of skin color sad part is you might not be black but your heart sure is!

      • Maybe that information wasn’t available to the public yet. The simple fact is a threat can come in many shapes & sizes so we should be vigilant regardless. These parishioners did one hell of a job protecting their congregation, I think that should be the focus. It might end up being some white kid who has been on psychotropic drugs most of his/her life. It could end up with some loner who was brainwashed by the news media. Part of the problem is that people want to focus on a particular group of people to be mad at & that does nothing but perpetuate hate. I understand that there are religious factions that are down right evil in their teachings but I personally don’t think it’s very Christian to jump to conclusions & start judging. Just my opinion & I want to say God bless you all & I’m praying for the families of the victims. I’m also praying for the family of the suspect because regardless of how horrific this event was, my lord says that’s the right thing to do.

      • That is not the essential information here. Regardless of whatever background this person came from, it was an evil act. This comment just looks like another way to point fingers towards minority groups.

      • He was a deranged WHITE MAN from Texas. It’s a good things he’s dead, we don’t need anymore whites walking around like that:-)

      • What if it was a white guy? Ohhhh man your heads gonna explode if it is wont it? It doesn’t matter what race you are, it matters what state of mind your in and if you can keep sanity present.

      • He was White.
        “The man who fatally shot two people at a White Settlement Church on Sunday before being killed by church security has been identified as a 43-year-old Keith Thomas Kinnunen, a River Oaks man with a criminal record, according to two law enforcement sources”

      • Exactly, you can believe if the shooter could have been linked to a white supremacist group all the details would be given.

      • No, the shooter was a bald white guy Ted. Maybe they didn’t have him ID’d at the time this story was posted.

        I guess this story just lost interest for you?

      • He was white. Does this confuse your small mind, knowing that people of your skin color are capable of killing people with the same skin color? The threats aren’t coming from any ONE race or religion. Sorry to break your white bubble.

    • Churches once were safe havens. Now, NOWHERE is safe.

      • First off, having a permit to own a firearm is unconstitutional. I agree that every American citizen has a right to own a firearm (or 2 or 3). And every American has the right to defend themselves. But, to have to have a permit to own a firearm is illegal. If you don’t like firearms, don’t get one. But don’t try to take away the rest of Us law-abiding citizens the right to own a firearm. I also agree that if you get one, learn how to use it safely, clean it, maintain it and how to carry it.

    • That’s why my husband, our son, and both of our son in laws have open carry licenses. You can bet your sweet ___ that they’d respond the same way as one of these good guys. They all hunt… remember, hunters are used to shooting moving targets. God bless the guy that got him. I hope that he doesn’t have nightmares.

    • I’m glad that it ended so quickly fast reaction time. And the skill to respond. 3 people dead very sad. The shooter took out the first guy because he pulled a gun. Unfortunately. But it gave the other members the time to react with haste. This could ha e been a lot worse. Thank god for the armed members of this church. Prayers for the families.

    • Yes it’s so sad that in today’s world , you are not safe from people that wounts to kill just to be killing. We as a nation needs to pray for each other,love one another.I was born white,but that gives me no reason to think I’m better the other PEOPLE! I have some of the best friends are black and I love them just the same and they love me. I believe with all my Heart that in most cases like this,The Devil him selve is in PEOPLE mind . Let’s pray for one another . Yes there is bad people out there, White,Black Mexicans and others that just wounting to hurt and kill. I pray that tonight that all Americans. Pray for God To Heal our nation and Pray for it. GOD BLESS AND LETS ALL PRAY FOR THOSE IN TEXAS.

    • I do not live in fear. I live prepared to do what I can to protect myself and family. Evil exist and we must be prepared to confront it…

    • A follower of Christ has no fear, we have read the Good Book and that God has a place for us. To know God is to live without fear.

    • That guy who stood up and put that skell down immediately derserves an award and a thank you from every person in that building. True hero and only way to treat a situation like that never be a sheep and always be I. The fight until your not. Good job sir and RIP to victim not that dirtbag the other parishioner

      • That victim was named Tony Wallace. He was an excellent nurse who cared for everyone and lived out his faith. He didn’t deserve to die in front of his family at church serving communion. But he is in the glory of God at this moment, and I have no doubt, would’ve sacrificed his life for his family.

    • Just think of the fact if there weren’t good guys with a gun. He would have taken a lot more out. Think about that when you think about taking guns from people. God bless those patriotic men.

    • Maybe these type of people will think twice going into a church to act out their violent behavior if they realize there will be other people with guns. What the world is coming to is fear is taking over. Kids being obducted and women being sold. It comes down to people need to be alot more focused on their surroundings and each other. People are trying to turn others from the Lord. It comes down people making the right choices in kindness and faith. Praying for all that had to experience this type of tragedy. So sorry!

    • Camp LeJune Marine, I am a Retired Marine living in the Bible Belt Buckle. I Carry to Church Simply because of the RAG HEAD POPULATION in our Area

    • So this is what it comes to this is what the Bible talks about okay Corral shooting in a church what about picking up your cross if I’m going to be shot I can’t think of a better place to give up my life and in a church worshipping my savior

    • People are dead. That is what matters. At this point their color doesn’t matter. Everything has to be about color when the problem is hatred and evil and those things come on all colors. Pray for America and pray for each other.

    • This is so scary thank goodness they had their firearms with them this could have been much much worse I hate that anyone was killed or hurt but these men saved a lot of lives this morning this is what we need I bet they would think twice about shooting in churches and everywhere if people shot back we need to get the message through to our politicians you don’t take our guns good people need to be given guns to fight back a criminal will get a gun no problem this proves we need the RIGHT to bare arms.Congrats to these men for saving lives this morning and risking theirs.

    • Mark 7:20-23
      20 And He said, “What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23 All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”

    • This is the radical Black Israelite Cult that believes they are the true Israel. We had one in front of our church and our men confronted him and he left. Many of the men in our church carry concealed weapons lawfully to protect the congregation. Learn to carry and shoot a pistol. This is the state of the world and worse before our Lord returns in Great power and Great glory.

    • You’re really SICK dude. It was one of your people that shot and killed. But it was one of your kind that killed your kind.
      And beside he killed a black deacon of this white church if that makes you feel better. But i guess black deacons don’t exsist in all white churches huh?
      It’s people like you that makes me sick. You must be a trumper? You need Jesus. You cause people to want to not like color. You make me sick.
      But God loves you.

  1. Unfortunately people that follow Jesus have a target on there head because Satan hates us. He is there to kill steal and destroy so no church is safe. Protect yourself.

  2. Yes, it is horrible we go to Church & wonder.. safe? Etc. Sad times. But thankful some were armed & stopped this gunman b4 it was worse. I read article where it said carry pepper spray for sure.. get prepared & carry a hand gun. Times are increasingly EVIL.

    • Not true. Times now are better than ever. Humans hurting and killing each other is statistacally lower now by far. It’s just that the instant and mass media is far better, so are subjective thoughts are affected. The data though is very clear. We’re more safer now than ever.

  3. “The mainstream media and liberal politicians will never tell you how important good guys with guns are, and how your only option to stop this type of violence is to be armed!” THIS IS PATENTLY FALSE. We don’t deny that good guys with guns can stop violence. We want proper vetting so the bad guys don’t have guns. Right wing morons are ignoring the fact that there was a mentally ill shooter that the “good guys with guns” had to take down. We want fewer guns in the hands of the bad guys and we want truth instead of scare tactics.

    • Glenna Perry, what planet are you from? Many times a shooter has had a legally bought gun. You nut jobs are going to see after gun confiscation that the bad guys will STILL HAVE THEM. And as for mentally ill people, HOW are you going to determine WHO they are before they kill? Only a few make threats before hand.

    • Imbecile! You want to be a sheep go right ahead. Some of us prefer to take a stand against evil. Whackos will manage one way or another to procure a weapon and use it. You honestly think this clown would have been deterred by any written law? The more times regular people put these idiots down the less this will occur. Take away the soft targets and most of this issue goes away.

    • We are sick of you liberal wackjobs trying to turn us into defenseless sheep, and you have to be mentally ill to see this and still not understand the importance of the second amendment! The fact is, the only way to stop this type of violence is to arm yourself! The bad guys will always find a way to get firearms (or use knives, cars, etc) and your bullshit bans will never stop them. The only thing your bans do is stop good guys from protecting themselves, their families, and their communities.

      • Good guy v bad guy is a false narrative. Christians should reject it and embrace the way of Jesus who defines love as laying down one’s life for others and who refused to kill but rather to suffer and forgive.

        • I am a Christian and The Bible says to protect the innocent. Someone armed with a pistol shooting at innocent people is a murderer That’s what the Bible refers to in thy shall not kill

        • Utter nonsense. Romans 13 establishes that God has ordained good guys with a sword (firearms, in our age) to punish evildoers. Because paid LEOs cannot be everywhere (and that’s a good thing) every county in America should have a well-trained ready Militia working closely with its Grand Jury, and every able-bodied American who can become competent and responsible, should carry — at all times, if you live in a city.

          Laying down your life for others is fine; so you go do it, champ. But having evil men lay your life down when you least expect it? That’s just stupidity.

        • We are not all called to follow in the footsteps of Christ. This is why Jesus does not condemn the soldiers or speak against the death penalty. Nowhere in the New Testament do you find any suggestion that people must commit suicide by passivism.

          you idiot

    • Glenna Perry, That is never going to happen; laws only effect citizens that follow the law…If a bad guy wants to do harm he will do what it takes to take people out. This idea of vetting everyone to keep guns out of the hands of bad people is a pipe dream and has zero effect on their ability to obtain a weapon.

    • Only scare tactics I’ve seen have come from the Dems. And as far as you want proper vetting.. do u really think people that carry out these types of crime follow gun laws and buy them legally? No, they don’t…therefore more laws won’t fix the problem.

    • Bad guys will always have guns. Drugs are illegal, but people still get them. Legal drinking age is 21 but minors get it. What is not seen is you’re offering up the good people as a sacrifice when you take their guns as well.

    • You want gun buyers vetted & I agree that every precaution should be taken when selling weapons. BUT I AM ALTOGETHER OPPOSED to liberals taking away our right to bear arms.
      Also, what about photo IDs to vote? It is desparetly needed to stop dead people from voting or the drove of illegals from voting. If that is the only way liberals can be elected you don’t deserve to hold office.

    • I agree, Glenna. Quit using scare tactics that imply ” Liberals”, Democrats, ” The Left ” want to take guns away. How do you know if the ” Good Guys” were Republicans or Democrats ?? The ” Liberals” or whatever you choose to call them are proposing Universal Background Checks….as does the Majority of Americans. To drive a car you must have a license and background checks for jobs, mortgages….what is problem with having background checks to carry a weapon ??? NRA is threatened because of GREED. Follow the money !

      • Debbie, I don’t know where your from but I have had to have a background check for every firearm I’ve purchased in the last 10 years or so. Most shooters are using stolen guns or guns otherwise obtained illegally. Get your facts straight

      • OMG, another idiot. Chicago has the most strict rules. How’s that working out for them? Why don’t you learn something instead of spouting off liberal nonsense?

      • Just listen to the Presidential candidate’s platforms. All of the Demoncrats are pushing for gun control. Have you not followed the situation in Virginia? The Democrat Governor is pushing to make owning any gun illegal.

      • What a Crock! When you have anti-American politicians such as governor (blackface) Northam who are are openly stating that he will use the guard to apprehend citizens who have legally possessed weapons. And you have a zero concept of the NRA’s mission. They don’t lobby for guns, they lobby for the existence of the 2nd amendment. The NRA is and has always been a safety based training program for young hunters. This is what they have been doing for a hundred plus years. It’s laughable how the left tries to spin the NRA as a radical pro-right terror group. Liberals simply have no standards.

      • You’re another idiot. You are required to have a background check to purchase a gun!!! The criminals carry illegal guns…if they would actually enforce the gun laws on the books already, it would make it very difficult to purchase guns! We don’t have a gun problem, we have a human problem!!

      • Universal Background Checks is the Universal Registry. It is a bad idea because the federal government will know who has guns and what types of guns. Then when a second law makes some or all guns illegal, or just taxes the heck out of them, the feds will have the information they need. It’s happened several times in the last 100 years.

    • Oh, yeah. that’s the most idiotic statement. THERE are required background checks you idiot. The problem is HIPPA. But regardless, a bad guy will always be able to get a gun. No background check stopped him now — why do you think that is? We have proper vetting. Just like Chicago does too. Has it stopped the shootings in Chicago? Get educated.

    • Law abiding people get guns. Criminals steal those guys. Sell to bad guys. There those laws stopped it right? Do better on mental health help and there will be fewer bad guys killing. Spend government tax monies where it will actually help. Mentally ill are usually known beforehand but services are poor at best to help them now. I’d rather see more mental health buildings built than prisons to hold them afterwards!

    • Glenna, bad guys will ALWAYS be able to find a weapon (not just guns) to destroy human life. So, by putting more unconstitutional restrictions on law-abiding citizens just gives the bad guys the upper hand as far as terrorizing the public.

    • No amount of vetting can identify a person who loses it over some issue. Circumstances can and do cause a person to become unbalanced…

    • And just how do you propose we do that, madam?! Oh yes, the bad guys always follow the rule of law! Get a grip! The only ones punished by new restrictive gun laws are US…..the law-abiding armed citizens! Geez!!

    • You must think that just because a law exist that requires an individual to be “checked” to see if they are fit to own a firearm that everyone will just bebop right up to the cashier at the local gun store and comply with all those “necessary” requirements,
      Cause surely they have the common decency to purchase the weapon they intend to slaughter innocent people with legally. It wouldn’t be fair if they were found out to be mentally ill or have criminal intent with the firearm before they started their massacre,
      Would it? You common sense gun control people have no common sense, so how do figure common sense gun laws can be authored by those with no common sense?!?

  4. Thank goodness for these armed members could have been so much worse. Our church has a security team I think every church should!
    Prayers for all

  5. The criminal only got off two shot before he was taken out but the third shot from a normal man. How many more wild have he shot if normal people were not armed that day? How many more would have he shot if they would have waited for police to show up? This is a prime example of why their should be NO infringements upon the right to bear arms.

  6. Yes and thank u Jesus for the good guy with the tool to stop the bad guy with a weapon.
    I say that as a Pastor, man of God, and someone that lost 26 family and friends in a church shooting in Sutherland Springs. We are called to love but also to action and to be a Shepherd over the flock God’s provided and called us to minister to and protect. Love to u all and God bless.

  7. We need to Approve open carry ! We need to Keep 2nd amendment For Whole State ! We need you to Stand up and get this all done for our Great State Of Texas !

  8. First off, I want to tell the defenders in that church that you did GOOD thing. I know you feel horrible about having yo kill this monster, but you saved lives in doing so. Thank you.
    To those who insist that there were other, regulatory, remedies available to prevent this. You are wrong. There are regulations already in place to cover what you are envisioning. Criminals are already ignoring and bypassing those, they would ignore and bypass any more put in place. The defenders took care of the problem. End of sentence. Period. Hard stop.
    I attend church in Texas. Have for years. Armed members are everywhere these days. Ever since Southerland Springs. Anyone foolish enough to try a church shooting in Texas is suicidal.

  9. The first person shot, appears to have been targeted by the shooter and was attempting to pull his own weapon out before he was shot and went down. The second person also seemed to a target and was attempting to get away when he was gunned down and it appeared at this point that the shooter was getting ready to take out someone to his far left when the concealed carry parishioner took him out; ending the tragedy before it went any further.

  10. Mass Shooting? Since when is two dead and one wounded “Mass”? Damned worthless blow it out of proportion reporters!

    • Hey Dipshit, it says the mass shooting was STOPPED. Learn to read! And if you are too stupid to understand that this would have been a “mass-shooting” had their not been armed good guys they I can’t help you!

      It’s amazing how many stupid ass people come here to troll the page. Sorry that this doesn’t fit your political Anti-gun agenda, but this time the good guys won!

      • The article clearly states “ Mass shooting was stopped “. The legal definition for a mass shooting is 4 or more people shot . Most of those are gang related or domestic violence! By the way ,I just found this article and I’m a instant fan! I can’t agree more with the only people that would be affected by gun control are law abiding citizens. The current mission of the Democratic Party is a gun ban! They have repeatedly said that exact fact. I was always taught “ if someone says something ,believe Them”! Very glad I found your site! God bless the people who stopped this from happening.

    • IT VERY well may have been a mass shooting if he hadn’t been stopped. Thank God there were some concealed carry members who stopped this.

  11. Those suggesting stiffer gun laws, would you stand in for any one of the unarmed church members if you knew the armed members were not there? Of course not! Now answer, Why not?

  12. Thanks to those that were legal to carry. Those that responded need everyones thanks. Your liberal views don’t save lives.

  13. For those asking if it was a blk or Muslim look at all the mass shootings. They are ALLLLLLLLL WHITE ME! Black me are no threat to people. But yet you always try to say it was a black me.

    • Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood shooter was muslim. Not all mass shooters are white. Most mass shootings, by the definition of the left, is black on black, in cities like Chicago or St Louis. That doesn’t fit what the media wants to sell though, so we only hear about the shootings involving white males.

    • Wrong. They are NOT all White (ME? what’s that, male?)Stop promoting this lie. As a matter of fact White males are underrepresented per per capita. Blacks are overrepresented in mass shootings. Not to mention that blacks who are only 13% of the population commit more than 50% of all murders every year in the U.S..

  14. This really saddens me as I watch the members take cover and screams from children. Watch as the minister crawled on the floor. Where did the shooter come from? It appears other men are all against the wall ready for something to take place. All seem to be dressed in black too. The shooter looks to communicate with the man in front of him before he shot. So am I seeing this correctly or not? Sad for this church but very confused on how it went down. Prayers for all involved.

  15. We all want to say and rightly so, that Citizens need to be and be able to. Be armed. But the anti rights people will always come back with their reasoning that banning all guns would prevent all people…including the bad pope from getting guns, so there wouldn’t be any mor shootings. We all, except them, know this is not and never will be true, but they will push their unconstitutional gun laws through for the “public safety” , thumb their noses at s and tell us to fight it in court.

  16. “A man dressed in a black trench coat with a hood jumped up and started shooting members of the church.”
    Why was this person allowed in the church without someone thinking he was suspicious?

  17. We’ll hear more details soon… Little thanks to the drive-by media.

    But, yes! If this doesn’t demonstrate the wisdom for the 2nd Ammendent and for wide-spread concealed carry, I don’t know what will. Get a clue, liberals: Bad guys wont follow your laws. As was graphically and tragically illustrated, the only cure for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

    I too was wondering if the bad guy was racially motivated. Dunno, but the hero, at least was black. Praise God! for this man’s very quick thinking and for him capping the bad guy with a first round *head shot* in under three seconds from over 30 feet!!! That’s like Navy Seal shooting, and that under incredible pressure. Amazing.

    Let us pray for all those touched by this, especially the family of the murdered church goer and the hero who has to carry the weight of shooting the murderer.

    • For GOD sake Steve, learn or re-educate yourself how to write in proper English and grammar before you bust a nut on your options!

      • Judy, I forgive you – your definition of a Chistian that kidnaps baby’s, raping … I became a Christian at age 17,and I am 72 now – I changed from hating people and being a phoney church goer, and living on the brink of being an atheist – Jesus Christ (John 14:6) changed me by the power of His Spirit, and filled me with love for people, and therfore in Christ I love you, because there are millions of phoney Christians, and all these years I have been persecuted by them in most suntle ways in the church – BUT THE TRUE CHRISTIANS ARE ALSO IN THE CHURCH AND THEY LOVE … but anyone who pretends to follow Jesus and commit crimes are NOT our brothers and sisters!

      • Not at all a random good guy with a gun though.

        A member of the church’s 10 year old security team who goes through regular training, target practice, and is registered and licensed to carry a weapon in public.

        Just like someone would be of they were living somewhere with common sense gun control laws. Thank you for posting! If you didn’t, others probably wouldn’t!

        • Alan, you are so right!! Not a random armed good guy. The response and the first shot to the head to kill, is because of training and on going practice that this good guy has been through. If this had to happen, the firearm display was spot on perfect!! Great job to the GOOD GUY!!

          • That is true! It appears that nearly everyone in the back were part of the security team, highly trained most likely and all watching him closely, ready for something to happen. As a current member of a church security team, I/we would have done the same except probably checked him out a little more thoroughly, given how he was dressed in a long black trench coat and a hood. Church teams need to use this tragedy as a training reminder to ALWAYS expect the unthinkable to happen and be prepared when it does, but most important be proactive and prevent it if possible, rather than reactive. Don’t second guess yourself or worry about offending someone when you see something that looks suspicious… may be the only person to stop a threat and save lives. The Bible says we have to be vigilant and prepared when we stand watch. Prayers for this church, the families and the community!

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