Church Mass Shooting in Texas Stopped by Good Guy with Gun

Two people are dead and one is in critical condition after a gunman opened fire during service this morning at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

The shooting was caught during a live internet stream of the church service (the streamed video on YouTube has since been taken down). A man dressed in a black trench coat with a hood jumped up and started shooting members of the church.

Luckily, at least five armed members of the church instantly responded and jumped into action as soon as the shooting started. Within three seconds of the first shot, one member shot the shooter and killed him before he could harm more people.

This photo, captured from the live stream, shows multiple good guys with guns instantly attempt to draw their firearms when the shooter rose with what appears to be a shotgun.
In this photo, you can see the killer taking aim and more members of the church attempting to unholster the firearms in response to the shooting.
Texas Church Shooter
This photo shows the moment the shooter was taken down, before he could shoot more members of the church (the rest of the video has been pulled off of YouTube, but can be seen below in the article). On the top left you can see the good guy taking aim at the shooter – less than three seconds after the shooting started, the shooter was shot in the head by the good guy!
At least five church members can be seen responding to the shooting; this image is seconds after the shooter was taken out by the member of the church. Four members can be seen aiming their firearms at the shooter in case he was still alive, another member was just off-screen rushing in to respond.

Emergency services were dispatched to the Church of Christ on Sunday morning around 9:57 a.m after receiving a call about a shooting and gunshot wounds. 

Mike Drivdahl, a spokesman for the Forth Worth Fire Department, said three people were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

“A very tragic day when anybody in our community suffers,” he told reporters at a brief news conference. “Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families who are affected by this.”

Fort Worth police and fire were at the scene assisting White Settlement agencies, he said. Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were also at the scene.

WFAA-TV (Channel 8) reported that the church shooting was captured on a live stream of Sunday’s worship service. In the video, which has since been taken down, a person stands and pulls out a weapon, then appears to fire twice before another person shoots back, according to WFAA.

During a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in September, former VP Joe Biden slammed Texas for allowing church members to carry firearms to protect themselves in Church. When politicians like this tell you that guns don’t stop bad guys, remember this video!

Video From the Shooting

WARNING: This is extremely graphic! We are showing it for three reasons:

  1. The mainstream media and liberal politicians will never tell you how important good guys with guns are, and how your only option to stop this type of violence is to be armed yourself!
  2. The people who responded to this are heroes and should be recognized for their heroic actions! They saved countless lives!
  3. This shows you exactly how you should respond to an active shooter situation and how quickly these types of crimes can be stopped when you are armed! You are the only one that can save yourself!
Video 1:

The incident comes two years after a gunman opened fire inside another Texas church in one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

Protecting yourself from Mass Shooters

I dedicated an entire section of my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, to self-defense topics and understanding the criminal mind because I believe social unrest and violent attacks are some of the top threats we face.

Here are some articles that can help:

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  1. I am a 52 yo married mother of four in Alabama. I teach Sunday School in the fellowship hall, I guess I need to teach facing the door (lock it) and start packing?!? I mean REALLY????
    So I have my beautiful church kids, I can’t even walk outside (sometimes we have lessons on the grounds when it’s pretty). So now, I have to have a checklist: bible, Sunday school books, crafts, snacks, pistol. I mean, what IS this world coming to???

  2. I think when someone is coming to take lives. it doesn’t matter to much who they are or what race they are from.they pass a point of. Caring any more

  3. Why all this talk about the shooters race? He was a piece of shit… Period! The facts so many of you seem concerned with will all be brought to light. Thank God for the armed citizens in church this morning! My husband and I plus most of our family have been trained and have concealed carry license. I would never want to be in a situation like this but if it came to this I would not be afraid to defend myself and others.

  4. There was an opportunity, a moment, for the closest guy, the second guy that got shot, to have engaged the attacker.
    When the attacker redirected his line of fire to the active threat, the first victim, he could have redirected and controlled the attackers line of fire, possibly saving the first victims life, and neutralize the threat with Krav Maga.

    At Churches, and generally in civilian life, it’s easy to become complacent because it’s so rare for it to happen. Bad planning, bad positioning, lack of profiling, and poor training all contribute to a possible loss of life.

    Proper mental programming in scenario-based training is critical.
    The physical skills are all driven by the mental programming. My experience working with Krav Maga organization is mostly aggression based hand to hand combat, and short sighted for these types of threats.
    The Israeli special forces guys that I train under specialize in prevention, deterring, de-escalating, as well as Krav Maga, and firearms to neutralize a threat or threats.

    John Peek

  5. Stop calling this bs a “mass shooting”!! 3 people being shot with one being the aggressor, is not a damn “mass shooting”!!

  6. God bless my ancestors for refusing to sign the new US Constitution without it having amendments 1 to 10 attached.

  7. From the FBI. Blacks are 13 percent of the US population yet commit more murders than whites which are 72%. That’s not racist, it’s a fact. You can’t fix a problem until you identify it. And all you race baiting liberals are the reason these statistics are so skewed.

    Offender Race

    Black or African American 6,502
    White 5,091
    Unknown 4,804
    American Indian or Alaska Native 150
    Asian 145
    Native Hawaiian 32

  8. no black people just pull driveby’s daily and kill all kinds of innocent people..A lot of innocent babies and children..Because of gang about all sick and twisted

  9. Yes it’s so sad that in today’s world , you are not safe from people that wounts to kill just to be killing. We as a nation needs to pray for each other,love one another.I was born white,but that gives me no reason to think I’m better the other PEOPLE! I have some of the best friends are black and I love them just the same and they love me. I believe with all my Heart that in most cases like this,The Devil him selve is in PEOPLE mind . Let’s pray for one another . Yes there is bad people out there, White,Black Mexicans and others that just wounting to hurt and kill. I pray that tonight that all Americans. Pray for God To Heal our nation and Pray for it. GOD BLESS AND LETS ALL PRAY FOR THOSE IN TEXAS.

  10. Reply to Camp Leguene Marine: when was Last time a black man entered a white church and shot up people? September, 2017, Antioch Tennessee. Killed one, injured 7. Google it.

  11. because the devil and his evil crew go into places where the sheep lay. a good shepard keeps a good protecting sheep dog to watch his flock. less sheep are lost.
    you could have threw the bible at him also know as a Biblical sword. it would have had no effect at this time. Fire with Fire sir!

  12. People get upset when we wonder about color or race. No, it doesn’t really matter but it would be nice to have all the information rather than the “media’s “censored version.

  13. Why does this conversation turn to race, religion and particularly politics? My heart is broken that yet again an individual (regardless of agenda) is so enraged, entitled or indoctrinated can take innocent lives. Can we simply start respecting each other’s differences? By ranting and laying blame on this forum aren’t we playing into the hatred? Let’s take a breath and assess humanity. Please share love and kindness! It is the only way to do away with anger and hatred. Blessings to all!

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