Survivalist Cody Lundin Sues Discovery over Dual Survival Controversy

Cody Lundin and Joe Teti filming Dual Survival

Former “Dual Survival” host Cody Lundin is suing the Discovery Network, claiming the scripted survival show’s producers purposely made him look incompetent and paired him with a problemed soldier who threatened to kill him on multiple occasions.

The trouble came to a head during the filming of the fourth season of “Dual Survival,” after the Discovery Network fired Lundin from the show and then made it seem like the Survivalist could not hack it during the so-called “wilderness survival situations”. But according to Lundin, the show producers may have been putting the crews, and the viewers lives at risk.

In a Facebook post, shortly after he was fired, Lundin wrote on his Facebook Page,

“It’s shocking to me that Discovery would treat anyone in this manner,” he wrote. “Programming of this nature must be produced and marketed in a responsible manner with the highest level of regard for the safety and health of the hosts, production personnel, and members of the viewing public. I have shared this message with them many times. Failure to observe this standard could have tragic consequences that, with proper precaution, can be avoided. There can be no compromise when dealing with people’s lives.”

Shortly after he told TV Guide:

“You’re dealing with people who have no experience in my profession who are making a show on survival skills,” Lundin says. “They asked me many, many times to do stupid s–t that I refused to do. ‘Fall into cold water so you can get hypothermic.’ ‘Scale that cliff.’ ‘Can you climb that coconut tree?’ I try not to put out dangerous s–t that’s going to be replicated by someone to their detriment. They hated me for it.”

In the suit against Discovery, Lundin is claiming producers made it look like he was losing it during filming; but Lundin claims the real problem came after co-host Joe Teti waved an ice axe around while threatening to bury Lundin on a mountain in Norway. He also claims that while shooting in Hawaii, Teti threatened to impale him with a spear.

Lundin alleges Teti, a former CIA operative with a disputed military record, said, “You better not blow this for me … I think you know what is going to happen to you,” TMZ reports. Lundin claims Teti showed him pictures of people he killed while in the CIA.

The bizarre saga of Discovery Channel reality star Joe Teti has taken many twists since he replaced the original Dual Survival co-host, Dave Canterbury.

Almost immediately Teti became embroiled in controversy after a number of his former military commanders accused the host of padding his military resume, some going as far as accusing him of lying about his combat record and violating Stolen Valor laws.

According to a number of his former military commanders, Teti has been embellishing and perpetuating falsehoods about his military career.

“He’s an embarrassment to the Regiment,” retired Army Sgt. Maj. George Davenport told the Army Times in October 2014. “Teti was renounced by the Special Forces Association after nearly two dozen Special Forces soldiers accused him of misconduct. “He is no longer a member and cannot rejoin,” retired Army Col. Jack Tobin told the publication.

The Discovery Network has refused to comment on the lawsuit, or why Teti was eventually fired from the show and then barred from entering the Discovery Networks headquarters.

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  1. Joe always seemed like a bit of a wildcard on the show, but Cody wasn’t any different. I don’t understand how someone can purport to be a survival expert yet won’t wear shoes. That always seemed like a gimmick to me. I’m sorry to see that the show ended the way it did, though.

    • Humans lived for thousands if not millions of years in the wild without shoes just because those things exist now does not mean we cannot do without them again.

      • Yeah, people can and do live without shoes. But it is stupid to go without shoes or boots when you know you are going to be in freezing weather or surrounded by acacia trees with those sharp thorns that can go all the way through your foot. It’s a foolish thing to do.

        • Actually walking in bare feet has many health benefits. Ancient peoples did not suffer from pronation, supination, or collapsed arches. They had healthy feet that did not hurt after standing for a couple of hours. And as for humans not being around for millions of years you are wrong. We are hominids just like Neanderthal man, Homo Erectus and the rest of the hominids that eventually evolved into Homo Sapiens Sapiens or modern man.

          • How would you know? Were you Dr. Shoals the hominid “millions of years” ago in an earlier life?

      • not 14,000. ft with only four pair of wool socks maybe with manoth fer on the feet but what he hech would they go that high to hunt what?

    • It’s not that he prefers to go barefoot, or that he is trying to build callus. He has stated in interviews and in writing that he is actually “changing the mitochondria in the cells of his feet” to allow his feet to become immune to the elements. That is simply ludicrous on its face and may indicate a fanaticism about his techniques that cannot and should not be emulated by the general public.

      That said, it is obvious that most of these survival shows are scripted for ratings, not practical survival advice, particularly with Bear Grylls, who for a medical fact simply has no gag reflex – the man can literally swallow anything, no matter how putrid.

    • I observed Cody as showing and telling how it really is in survival mode. I would like to see a series with Cody and Matt together in various survival situations. Showing us skills! What to do and how to do it. With or without shoes!

    • It wasn’t a gimmick that’s Cody I’ve seen behind the scenes footage that’s his real personality that wasn’t done for the show

  2. It’s not a gimmick if you live it. His feet have obviously seen some gravel. I watched him go through the Wyoming snow wearing socks. I live at 8500 feet in CO. I’m impressed with his pain tolerance!

    • There is no doubt it’s a gimmick, it’s really the only reason he was on the show. They knew it was good for ratings, had nothing to do with any skill he did or didn’t have.

      And yes, he may live that way, which I actually doubt, but it’s irresponsible as a survival instructor to do something like that on a T.V. show. You have to be a complete moron to trek through the snow without shoes. And by the way if you really think he didn’t have shoes or a way to warm his feet just off camera then I got a bridge to sell you. I can also guarantee he had something under those socks protecting his feet from the cold.

      Everything on the show was scripted, they actually moved from scene to scene in vehicles and just film it to make it look like they are out there doing it. All the locations are scouted ahead of time and they are provided food and water despite pretending they haven’t eaten or drank anything.

      • I have no way of knowing if it’s a gimmick or not, but I will say that it’s about as idiotic as the Naked and Afraid show!

        But from first-hand experience with these survival T.V. producers, I know they fake just about everything and create pretty detailed back stories on people to make them fit the part. Hell, some of these people don’t know the first thing about survival; they are just fed information from experts who are sitting just off camera – I’ve had those offers as well to be the guy who feeds the info.

        I actually talked to these people long before Cody and the Original Dave were cast, and have talked to at least 100 different producers and shows who have pitched me ideas since then; I have refused to do any of them because of how unethical they are and how little these people care about actually teaching people real preparedness skills.

        I’ve had producers actually come to me with a specific part for a so-called reality show with a backstory that didn’t match my life or my skill-set. I’ve had shows similar to the Bullshit Alaskan Bush people type shows that wanted me to pretend I lived somewhere that I’ve never been with some BS back-story that didn’t match my life. IT’S ALL FAKE!

        • I loved the show it was a cool thing to watch the things those guys built or caught or climbed and I don’t know how you can fake walking knee deep in snow or swimming from an island to another or alot of the other stuff they did I liked it and I wish it was still on codi and Joe and Dave rocked

          • Footwear is very likely the second thing ‘man’ invented after weapons. They let ‘him’ travel further, faster, in more weather conditions than he could barefoot. Add to that protection from various injuries that could cripple or kill him. Besides witch, in most really primitive societies, being crippled was an automatic death sentence. Few clans, tribes, family groups, &tc could spare the resources to support a person not contributing to the common weal. It is know that among some native American peoples, the aged or infirm would take themselves out to the wilderness to perish, taking it upon themselves to not be a burden to their people.
            Faced with all of the above, few would have willingly chosen to go barefoot when an alternative was available. In light of that, Cody’s refusal to wear appropriate footwear (socks in 2′ of snow is hardly “appropriate”) under ANY circumstance is not only unreasonable, it’s ridiculous. He thereby comes across as a fool and doesn’t need any help from others to be seen as such.
            The only positive thing I can say for Cody is having a deep respect for his unquestionable skill in producing fire by many means under even the most trying conditions. He’s pretty darn good at building shelters but that’s not really that big of a deal. I am a “country boy” and have made a few shelters myself along the way.

          • [quote]I don’t know how you can fake walking knee deep in snow or swimming from an island to another[unquote]
            EASY! How long did you actually SEE them walking. In one episode I saw Cody put about two slabs of wood and 1 of moss against a tree then there was a completed shelter.. who ACTUALLY built it? Ever notice they are supposed to be walking in 100+deg. desert or jungle but… nobody is sweating? I’ve been in both environments and you don’t have to be walking to sweat and if you are walking and not sweating well… you are about to die of dehydration!
            Concerning swimming a couple of miles through shark infested waters, even if the actors were willing, I very seriously doubt the insurance types would ever allow it. Nicht wahr? Get the picture?

      • Its not a gimmick if he has been doing it for 30 years. If I was stranded somewhere Cody would be the one I want to be there with me.

      • Agreed, the hosts never looked remotely tired, hungry, or thirsty. I bet they slept in rv’s at times and ate gourmet meals. Best survival show imo was the guy who roughed it for a week and filmed himself, forgot his name.

        • Ya I’ll teply a year later . You are either referring to Les Stroud (Survivor Man) who is the real deal and would film himself for a week at a time and actually bared the elements with only a few items….. or you are referring to Matt Graham, who was actually on Dual Survival at one point. Which has me puzzled because he also the real deal and, like Stroud, as good as it gets to be a survivalist. He lives his life about as primitive as it gets and super knowledgeable. I’m puzzled why he would be on such a staged show with how legit he actually is.

  3. your hands and feet will make its own glove or shoe, iv met ppl that worked sawmiling there hands made supper thick calluses thicker than leather gloves the foot will do the same thing

  4. Off Grid:
    Nice to here you would sacrifice personal advantage because of your ethics. Good for you.

  5. Have known Cody for approximately 25 years. He is a man of honor, integrity and compassion. He walks his talk 24/7 and will not compromise his ethics.

    • Really?! Can you introduce me? :) He made that show! He’s made me seriously consider relocating to Arizona! LOL They certainly don’t make men like that in my home state of
      Vermont! His no BS and sense of humor in my opinion made the show! Not to mention he’s
      not exactly hard on the eyes! :0

  6. The Discovery Channel has the door locked for Joe – sounds like Cody’s claim of death threats and wild behavior is spot on ….

  7. I have hiked and camped the southern back country for years! I can tell you that the only way to make a viable show about survival is for all documenting and camera work to be done by the guy who is out there with no safety net. Beyond telling someone where I would be, I never had anyone standing by. Knowing that in the back of your mind while you are out there changes your decisions no matter who you are.

  8. A really good show would pair Matt Graham and Cody Lundin. Not necessarily a “survival” type show, but maybe an informational type for when SHTF.

  9. I think all but one of these comments are based on stupidity. You don’t know him nor been in a survival situation with the man. Easy to cast stones from your couch. Get a life

    • Thank you! I don’t know anyone of those people but I’m sure they don’t know Cody
      or Joe. Im very happy with the new guy taking Joes place. Drop dead georgeus!

  10. I actually like Dave more then Cody(only just) as he seemed more grounded then Cody. But I still like Cody and I don’t for a second think Cody is not genuine and actually lives the life. Yea the no shoes thing is foolish from the standpoint of people seeing it and maybe thinking they could do it. Cody should have been more careful in how it was shown.

    I would like to see Cody and Dave teamed up again, maybe on the net or U-Tube. I think they make a good balanced team that could teach a lot of people about survival and also make an interesting show. On U-Tube they could easily maintain control of direction and content and market to the fact that it’s real applicable advice and not scripted garbage from a producer that thinks roughing it is a motel room without room service.

    From the first show with Joe on it I started to loose interest in watching it. Joe always seemed unstable and an ass to me. Looks like this was / is the case.

    • Out of all of them, I liked Matt the best. I would like to see Matt and The Survivor Man together.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Les Stroud is as legit and as true as they come with actually enduring and surviving uncut and unscripted with the absolute bare essentials.
      Matt Graham is also as legit as they come and actually lives a primitive life. Which makes me wonder why he would be apart of this Dual Survival scripted soap opera. But with him living so primitive that he doesn’t actually work a job, the money probably sounded good and I don’t blame him because no one can question the validity of his skills and lifestyle.

  11. I’ve worked in reality TV and know a lot of people who make their whole career pumping that stuff out. None of the production crew hold the shows we work on in very high regard. We know they’re all fake and dressed up. This account all sounds about right to me. While I don’t know because I wasn’t there, the claims Lundin are making about producers not having a care at all when it comes to the reality of their reality shows is not at all suspicious. I’ve never worked on any reality TV in my entire career that was “above” faking whatever was necessary to increase drama.

  12. Everyone who has met Cody will tell you he is a truly genuine guy. I loved the show when it was Cody & Dave they seemed cut from a different cloth, but they respected each other and that’s what you want when SHTF. I hope they get stuff up soon that teaches you what to do because this scenario terrifies me. I can handle myself to some extent but my kids & dogs are another matter.

  13. Cody Lundin is a walking survival encyclopedia. He has written books on urban and wilderness survival skills specializing in teaching primitive living skills. He has forgotten more about survival than the producers and suits at Discovery Channel will ever learn. It was a shame seeing Dave not asked back after season 2 and an even bigger shame when they replaced Cody instead of replacing Joe Teti who was clearly the problem al along.

    Dual Survival could have been a great TV series on survival skills, but instead it was perverted by the producers and the suits at Discovery Channel into a “danger show”, showing risky stunts that no sensible survivor would ever undertake. Things like risking death to slide down a long, slippery cedar tree in Olympic National Park, stealing honey from bees, rapelling down a waterfall, walking through an Everglades swamp and having Dave cut his forearm open, then cauterizing with ignited gun powder placed in the wound. Twice. The same kind of network-first, reckless, get-the-shot-at-all-costs approach to filming survival that cost Steve Irwin his life filming encounters with wildlife, ultimately leaving behind a widow and young child.

    Real survival is about the psychology of staying alive by remaining calm, thinking positive and staying busy. It is about making fire to stay warm, boil water and provide protection from predators. Making a microclimate of shelter to battle hypothermia, hyperthermia and the elements. Staying fully hydrated, warm and dry, working at a deliberate pace so you don’t get sweaty late in the day, signalling for rescue and foraging for food that doesn’t run fast or pose the risk of injury.

    Real survival is about 15-20 multi-functional kit items that will make it easier to survie that first night in the wild. a tarp, plus a wool blanket or sleeping bag, full tang belt knife, ferro rod or other ignition source(s; metal containers to boil water, cook or make wilderness medicines, cover elements like tarps, sleeping bag, bivvy or large three mil polyethylene garbage bags, cordage like rope, paracord or tarred twine, carrying a good compass with rotating bezel and signal mirror, a good headlamp with flash mode, a large canvas sail needle to repair your kit items and act as a tweezer if required and a 2″ roll of duct tape. Plus a redundant metal container, second cutting tool of a different type (axe or saw), a vial of 2% tincture of iodine for disinfecting wounds or water, a sharpening stone or diamond rod to keep you knife and saw sharp and some kind of small weapon like a sling bow to either use as a bow or as a sling shot to give the survivalist a chance to obtain meat. Other useful kit items are a large frog gig, traps or snares, a rite-in-the-rain notebook and a few pencils, a simple hygiene kit, a few first aid items, perhaps a few MREs and a “possibles pouch” with a few things to add comfort and any required medications. Plus a good backpack and a few neoprene dry bags to keep your sleep system dry.

    Only Les Stroud’s show Survivorman has come close to depicting real, risk averse survival techniques, perhaps the one guy who didn’t let Discovery channel bully him into perverting the essential tenets of showing survival techniques on television. Clearly we need more of him and way less self-serving “suits” at DC.

    • You have some good ideas but you’re not talking about survival gear… you are describing a camping pack. A “survival kit” is a bundle you can stuff in your pocket when taking a trip. Maybe a fanny pack when going fishing or hunting. It will be determined by where you are going and how you are going there, maybe to some extent what you will be doing when you get there. Going hunting out back for some days or a week? You can and should try to carry all that stuff you described. Circumstances will dictate how much and to some extent, what, you can carry.

  14. You need only look into Teti’s eyes while he spoke on his first show to know he’s not all there.
    Survival shows are such scams, even more than most of the other “reality” shows. They’re good for their tips and reminders, but little else. The situations are fake. The threats are fake. The drama is fake. Lundin’s surely an oddball, but he “smelled” more real than his partners.

  15. Cody does indeed live with no shoes. He also has an off grid home in which he lives. He makes a good living teaching people survival skills and wilderness skills. He has written numerous books about survival and anyone with a childs brain should be able to do a google search for his books, his school, or any of the other things he does in real life on a daily basis. The person who says it is stupid to go without shoes has no clue what survival is. Must be one of those couch potato survivalists. Bought a gun and some ammo, shot it once, and knows everything from U-tube. Btw, his off gird home is amazing ! If you haven’t visited you should. He uses thermal mass for heating and has a really awesome setup.

  16. There were times I want to reach through the screen and smack Cody myself Like the in the forth episode oF Duel Surviors when Cody would not dress properal with on only for pairs of wool socks come on if that was an animal(Dog) animal activices would sue Discovery If I was Joe I would have walked off set never to be seen again Another bust Discovery Like Drugs INC,

  17. Yeah i just watched the Hawaii show. Definitive figured something was happened when submitted and clammed up. Then the way he trapped and attack the boar, when he delivered the killing blow, i was like geez this guy is actually enjoying this. He got all crazy eyed and grunted like an animal. Then the terrified way cody was acting when he brought the boar back. Ive seen cody seem afraid of this guy watching the marothon, off and on. Like in the caves, and on the snowy mountain, which i guess was the norway incident. It was almost sad watching it.

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