Columbia University Tells Students Getting Vaccine is about UNITY

If you do not get the vaccine, you are now are racist who is against Unity!

Rapper Darryl DMC McDaniels of Run-DMC guilts students into taking the vaccine

In a bizarre move, colleges like Columbia University are now using Social Justice Propaganda, featuring Rapper Darryl DMC McDaniels of Run-DMC, to guilt students into taking the vaccine by claiming it will help racial Unity.

You get that?

In other words, if you don’t take the experimental vaccine, you are now a RACIST!

The propaganda videos are part of a five-part series that colleges and a group called HipHopPublicHealth are using to guilt kids into taking the vaccine. In the first video, which dropped this week, college kids are told “Let’s all get the vaccine” … “It’s about Community Immunity, I’m talking UNITY FOR YOU AND ME”

Here are some clips that show parts from the upcoming propaganda videos which are set to tie anyone who disputes the effectiveness of the vaccines to Donald Trump “insurrectionists” and “conspiracy theorists” — because you know, it’s all about UNITY!

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