One of the World’s Top Investors Warns of the Coming Economic Collapse

Jim  Rogers, one of the world’s top investors, is warning that we’re heading towards an economic crisis that will make the 2008 crisis look like a walk in the park.

In an interview with CNBC this week, the infamous investor said it all comes down to debt. Our country is borrowing somewhere around a trillion dollars a year, and it doesn’t take a super investor to figure out what’s coming.

The U.S. is sitting at $17 trillion in debt with over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities; one way or another the country is heading for a disaster.  If you haven’t started preparing for what’s coming, you might want to listen to Roger’s advice.

As Rogers said in his interview with CNBC, “eventually the world is going to collapse” and “this is going to end badly.” And he’s right; the whole system is basically one big Ponzi scheme, and like all Ponzi schemes this one must come to an end as well.

Like we pointed out yesterday, our government is in the middle of yet another fake budget battle. Because of this, the threat of another partial government shutdown is looming, and when it comes, it’s only going to add more instability to an already unstable market.

It’s going to be worse than the Great Depression

Although the media tries to paint a rosy picture, the fact is, if we measured unemployment the way they did during the 1930s, today’s real unemployment numbers are much worse than they were during the Great Depression.

Since 2001, our country has lost 5.1 million manufacturing jobs – 2.7 million of those jobs were lost to China. Not only has China become the number one buyer of U.S. debt, but they’ve destroyed what was once the largest manufacturing base in the world. This country is never going to get those jobs back!

Bread Lines During the DepressionThe only real difference between now and the Great Depression, and the reason most people don’t realize how bad the problem really is, is our government is now supporting almost half the country.

Instead of the bread lines of the 1920’s, we now have 47 million people on food stamps and half the country counting on at least one government program to pay their bills. If it wasn’t for these programs, our country would have collapsed long ago. But like I said above, all Ponzi Schemes eventually come crashing to the ground and this one will be no different.

Even if you could somehow magically wish away our $17 trillion in debt , we’re still borrowing at a rate of almost $1 trillion a year and the over $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities is a whole nether beast. There’s simply no way this government can ever make good on its promises. One way or another, this is not going to end well.

At he end of his interview with CNBC, Roger’s warned that when the next big collapse comes, it will be far worse than anything we’ve ever seen. He ended the interview with telling people to “Be prepared, be worried, and be careful“. My advice is not to worry, but to prepare. The only way to really come out ahead is to watch out for what’s coming, and make the proper preparations to survive it.

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  1. This has been in the makings for a very long time. If Obama wanted to fix the economy-like he promised-and the other issues, he would have but he hasn’t and that is very telling. I don’t think he’s inept, just part of a cog in the machine, a “puppet” so to speak.
    I was going to invest in the stock market for the first time, I guess I’m not, but will most likely invest in being prepared.
    Being in my early 20s, I worry about my future, my parents, my friends and those I care about. I worry that America has become, not what I had once read about in history, but knowing and seeing Socialism is at work. It’s depressing I admit.

    • The problem is not Mr Obama,its the people who care nothing for the people in it.This country got itself caught into a noose a long time before Obama came along.The fact that this country that is supposedly a Christian/Judeo society,cares not nothing for law,God or any of the other principles that is claimed,speaks volumes on where the people or should I say families who run country.I choose to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

      • So what is “the solution” please, enlighten us. Because if it that easy to run such a diverse group or country with so many people and beliefs and you have the solution right here on this forum…. I am on pins and needles in anticipation waiting to hear how we can be part of the solution as well!

        • The “Solution” is that billions of people around the world are going to starve to death in the next 2-5 years and the rest of us will be slaves to a technocratic government…unless we all fight right now and demand our country back from the control of the fortune 500.

  2. It is not socialism at work here…Canada has been socialist all along. It is communism which is very dangerous as we lose our freedoms daily. Socialism does not make it mandatory to buy Obamacare…communism is illegal in a democracy and they do not want the economy fixed because it is too late and they are grabbing what they can while they can at the expense of life on this planet.

  3. communism is only a problem if its used in the wrong way!! if used in the right way it has the potential to solve most of the worlds problems!!!

    • Jay B,

      Never has Communism solved any problems in the world history, NEVER!! Communism is not a solution but a dictator’s dream.

      I know for a fact because I am a Cuban-American.

      Communism is NO FREEDOMS for all, they control you by food, no freedom to talk what is on your mind if you do they will put you in jail for a very long time. I have a family member that spent 23 years in jail for not liken Communism!

      The lie and use another lie to cover the first lie.

      In Cuba the first thing Castro did was collect all the private owned guns and jewelry/gold. Then all properties became owned by the Government. So if you owned a house paid off the Government said it was there property now.

      The potential for Communism is control of everything by Dictators that will live like kings and make the world there slaves!

      Do not believe the lies! Communism has failed all over the world and will never work!

      • SOCIALISM — You have a cow, the government takes your cow, and gives you some of the milk.
        COMMUNISM — You have a cow, the government takes your cow, and throws you in jail.
        CAPITALISM — You have a cow, and buy a bull!

  4. Jay B… please give us an example of when Communism “used right” has solved a nations, or a peoples problems. Cuba? USSR? Cambodia? North Korea? Your brain has been pickled.

  5. All it takes is for China, who we set up to make all this a reality, to say since you won’t pay back your debt…no more exports…and BAM! Our economy is gone, notto mention the gigantic ripple effect globally. 2008 was set up by removing the Glass/Steagle whatever act that kept the banks in check, allowing a foresight into how things would pan out globally. Greece is still in shambles. It is coming. I would rather be in a lawless usa than a martial lawed one where our freedom to use our preps wasn’t squeezed, but if our govt was completely down, what would stop another country from attacking or taking us over for resources. Either way we are screwed, initially.

  6. This is plain China baiting! Why in the nineties the same thing was mentioned of japan……
    Anyway the point is the whole of western world is living beyond its means….France legalize 3days work week, Switzerland wanted to mandate minimum salary or base income for all her citizens…..
    ?? The rest of the world is working hard n keeping their currencies weak against the western world’s to support the west High standard of living….otherwise how do u think u can buy a shirt for only $5!!
    The only way to get out of this financial crisis is to lower the standard of living n make sure that everyone works

  7. Try making the effort with tangible results and put away supplies for at least three years and be able to stay where you live or would plan to so as not needing to leave there or trade for as long or longer. Simple answer…next please.

  8. I’ve been hearing this since 2008. Still has’nt happened. Sure we go kicked in the teeth between 2008 and and 2012, so why did’nt we have a total melt down then.

    If your going to spread doom and gloom, have a date on when it’s going to happen or drop the expert bullshit.

    • The collapse will come when the Fed can no print fiat money. When that ends the collapse will come quickly and completely. It will probably happen when you least expect it so be ready.

  9. Communism is a briliant system, on paper until you add people to it. The real question becomes how do you fix a system that is broken? Things are bad and weather you sit on one side of the fence or the other. You need to be prepared forthe worst no matter what. Preping right is what really matters if the government fails who has to protect us? Us!!! But remember if we fall the world falls. Like if germany fell europe would collapse. And then eventually us. No one wins

  10. I don’t doubt you myself, as I have read the same thing elsewhere, and really, its not that difficult to see it myself. But really, you don’t have sources cited at all! So how is anyone supposed to check your facts, see for themselves, or know how you got your information?

  11. What is we followed in Icelands footsteps and we stood up to our government and we demanded new people that WE THE PEOPLE elect rewrite a constitution to better suit our needs for this day and age. We could write specific things banning corporation greed and giving the country back to the people. The banks needs to be nationalized and not private and we should be backing our money with gold.. What do you guys think of this idea? I am new to this all and would love your input.. We need laws banning the same people from staying in politics, it should rotate yearly or every two years but no longer. and if theyre caught getting kickbacks they should be imprisoned because that is wrong. we elect these people to take care of us and they are failing to do just that!!! we need to take our country back in the safest way possible… sitting back and doing nothing is not helping!

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