CEO of Country’s Largest Food Bank Warns of Coming Food Stamp Riots

This Friday, November 1st, food stamp benefits will be cut for 47 million Americans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The cuts, which will trim about $5 billion from federal food-stamp spending over the coming year, have a number of people worried about how people will respond.

Last week, it was reported that the Department of Homeland Security had spent $80 million dollars on private security forces, in preparation for the food stamp cuts. Now, the CEO of the Country’s largest food bank is warning the food stamp cutbacks may cause riots.

Margarette Purvis, the president and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, told Salon Magazine:

“The fact that they’re going to lose what’s basically an entire week’s worth food, it’s pretty daunting.” … “If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people cannot afford to eat food.”

While the first round of cuts is seemingly minimal, Purvis says it amounts to a cutback of “16 meals a month for a family of three.”

November 1st SNAP Benifit Cuts Chart

Even more cut are coming which could add fuel the fire:

On top of the $5 billion in cuts scheduled for this Friday, a Farm bill that’s currently making its way through the Senate is expected to cut another $4.5 billion from the food stamp program. A bill making its way through Congress goes even farther, and could slash another $39 billion from the program and completely cut off 3.8 million people over the next year.

While I think the food stamp program has grown out of control – we currently have over 47 million Americans receiving food stamps – I also believe the cuts could have some major consequences. We have a country of people who have become completely dependent on the Federal Government; once these programs start to make their mandatory cuts, these people are going to be in for a huge wake-up call.

Will there really be Food Stamp Riots?

LootersWhile the cuts may be small, I think we have to remember how easily riots can break out. Like we’ve pointed out in the past, today’s society is so morally bankrupt that it doesn’t take much for them to take to the streets and riot.

Their team wins the Superbowl; let’s riot. The election doesn’t go their way; let’s riot. It’s sad, but I’m afraid we live in a time where a lot of people are just looking for an excuse to commit crimes and cause chaos on the streets. Whether these coming cuts will cause a spike in crime and chaos I’m not really sure; but I am sure the riots and the chaos are both eventually coming.

The country sits at over $17 trillion dollars in debt, with no real way to continue to pay for these welfare programs. At some point the system implodes; when that happens chaos will follow. And you better be Prepared!

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    • After reading a dozen or so comments that scratch the surface of what’s really going on with our country let’s get to the meat of the matter Government doesn’t run our country they are bought and paid for by the corporations elite bankers etc. follow the money and you will know who runs the show this is a world problem wake up Americans and get off your knees and fight for your country in whatever way you can before you don’t have a country to fight for anymore .

    • Grocery stores reduce prices on selected items to maintain market share in the local market. When items you use goes on sale buy extra. Track your food purchases and expenses. Understand your purchase pattern. Plan one trip to store each week and spend no more than one weeks budget. Check local food pantry, senior center and church for assistance.


    • hey walter some of us actually have full time jobs that pay shit so it may be a long term thing. we live in a capitalist society, it is meant to keep the poor working with only the elite getting ahead. most people by now should know this.

        • u stink

          If it was not for the many foreigners who has invaded our soils we would not have so many jobless people and more US CITIZENS on WELFARE the GOV could care less about the blood of the citizens who fought to keep the foreigners from invaded our soils!!!

      • Wait till the Congress passes the TPP Treaty ( Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty )More American jobs to be off shored to third world ( cheap Labor )countries ! To add insult to injury , the American tax payer is to pay for the infrastructure improvements ( port facilities , roads , communications , etc.) that their jobs will be out sourced to ! Corporate America owns ?

      • Maybe you should have paid more attention in school – then you’d have a higher paying job…

        YOU made your life decisions – YOU now have to live with the consequences. Why should I have to pay for your family as well as my own? That’s not fair to me or my kids.

        • What higher paying jobs? The ones that will teach you how to be a blood-sucking, money-hungy, dont-worry-about-the-other-guy educated adult. That is how we got here. Someone was thinking about their child who wanted it better for them. Let me tell you hard work is just that…HARD. Rake, mow, shovel, enjoy!

    • good speaking there Walter, I totally agree – as a mother of two who is on it presently, not in the states, mind you, but I do know that in some provinces in Canada, like BC, you actually have to repay the assistance you have received – in full, and in a timely manner.

    • There are tons of people who work 60 hours a week on their feet and still do not get paid enough to feed their family. This is a documented fact. The cashier that rings up your food and gas, the lady at the drive through, the lady who takes the trash out at the hospital, the secretary at your Dr.’s office. Wake up! Stop just thinking of yourself and join the real world.

    • Dear Walter: I am legally blind, & I have MS, & I can’t work,I only get a very amount of Food Stamps, but I spend them very carefully for much needed work. Walter, I am not a dead beat, I can’t work, & I am not lazy. Please catergorize me as a lazy person, I am not!!

  2. make corparations pay tax, cut back on the millitary and they could easily fix this problem, but hey corparations run america so who cares if their still making a profit right?

    • Corps. allready pay taxes, cutting back our millitary is what obumble is allready doing and this is causing large scale problems on a world level,,,,,thinking like you will put us in more trouble,,,,,read more-talk less.

    • I’ll agree that we should cut back on the military to *easily* fix this problem if you can answer three simple questions.

      1- How much revenue does the US Gov’t bring in?

      2- What are the expenditures?

      3- Of those expenditures, how much can be attributed to the DoD?

    • Corporations don’t pay taxes. They pass them on to their customers as the cost of doing business. If we raise taxes on them, all of our prices go up.

      If there was one change I would make to our education system, and its tough to narrow that down to one, it would be to explain how money flows through the economy. And do that lesson every year.

  3. it’s always the poor that suffer. never the rich> Why is tht? yes, there are people abusing the food stamp system, as well as the rich who also abuse the system as well, but we never hear of the rich being penalized through the government. The people who cannot get jobs because there are no jobs to be had, the ones that live in rural areas and cannot afford to move, the ones who NEED the help are being penalized because the government screwed up.

    • When was the last time you cooked a meal for a homeless person?
      Don’t blame the rich for every problem,,get off your ass and make your own.

    • Im tired of hearing all the excuses for poor people. Get off your ass and get a f—ing job. Dont tell me walmart, mcdonalds and other places arent hiring. Suck it up and get a job. If it was between eating and not, I would even work fast food. My wife and I could easily qualify for food and welfare but dont take it because we have something called pride. Work hard and youll be fine. Problem is when people are and have been handed stuff their whole lives, why go out and work when you dont have to and the food and money keeps coming in? Not to mention having 6+ kids so they get more money via tax payers and government. Pathetic people have sympathy for the poor. No one makes them poor other than themselves, minus a handful of people who may be the exception (aka medical bankruptcy) aside from that, people have no excuse. Get a job, whether it sucks or not and make money. Be a man and work for your family, or woman if thats what it takes. Stop having kids when you cant afford it and stop drinking and smoking and spending all your snap money on garbage like I see all the time. You have money for a new iphone and gold chains and new clothes, but cannot afford your own house or food. Give me a damn break

      • I didn’t used to be poor….I’m a hairstylist and self-employed. Recently my dad had brain surgery and I became his caretaker,his social security barely pays his insurances policies.! I can’t work as much as I used to but we still manage to get by. Dad could qualify if he wanted food stamps….but we don’t believe in mooching off the govt. U make sacrifices. U stop getting ur extras like hair and nails done. Bacon and eggs and tuna can go along way! I know plenty of gals that pop out kids for more wic and food stamps and free apartments. IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!! then they come pay me 100 bucks for their hair color…. and drive off in their nice car and go buy a bunch of steaks and junk food too. Crazy fuckin world we are living in

  4. Does this surprise anyone?
    Make the poor suffer more food prices and hygiene items are making it harder to live yet the stores are increasing prices 50 cents here dollars there and if on look at every thing you would be surprised how little is made in the USA.

  5. 47 million Americans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, that is ridiculous. Can you figure out why its being cut? People need to get off their fat asses and quit expecting to be supported by the government.

    Ive been working my entire life. I take a personal responsibility in ensuring my family has plenty of food. There are jobs everywhere if you are willing to work.

    • IF you live in an area where there are jobs, AND have a way to get to work. I was the same way. been working since I was 12. came to texas to take care of my mom and dad. took everything I had just to help them, now I need help, but the town I live in is 400 people. and if you aren’t related, they will NOT ire you. I have no car, and the closest town is 30 miles away. I cannot afford to move.

  6. Rioting over a $36 per month cut for a family of 4 – what a joke. Its Walmart popaganda. At $5 billion, their the biggest losers

    • And this would be the perfect storm for obumble and the left,,,,,they cut the money off and then shoot you if you get out of control,,,,,,

  7. I don’t know how much rioting we will see on the 1st, perhaps a few isolated stories leaking out from a few cities… but by the end of the month I expect the kettle to start whistling. I expect they will shop like normal the 1st week or two, and around thanksgiving they will be out of money.
    I’m sure we will hear all sorts of tear jerker stories on the news about how “I don’t know what we will do for thanksgiving diner.” etc, etc…

    I know growing up as a kid my father was a disabled vet, and he got his check on the 1st every month along with the soc sec check from our mother whom had passed away. The 1st week of the month we ate great, but by the end of the month we were going through the pantry trying to find what would taste good on a cracker.

    I am shocked that they think the rioting will take place at govt buildings. I don’t think free money recipients will bite the hand that feeds them, (and clothes, and cars, and TV’s, and mobile phones them)… I think they will opt for the flash mob and armed rob. Everything worth money that’s not cemented down will start getting “lifted”. People will be getting held up all over, and stores will see shoplifting explode. Of course these stories will not be mentioned in the news. Not enough time to mention with all the turkey pardon stories, the homeless diner stories, the school thanksgiving play/carnival stories, and the black friday stories. Then after commercial break it’s on to holiday weather forecast followed by thanksgiving football talk.

  8. I belive that the military pay should not be cut because they have been cut so much already and these are the people who defend our lives. I belive that the congress members as well as the president should take pay cuts. As far as lazy people who get food stamps you don’t know everyone’s story. What about that single mom who was in a great relationship that fell to pieces because of outside forces, the father leaves and all the care of the kid or kids falls upon her. What about the girl who was raped but desided to keep and raise the child anyway. Or the girl who was being abused who had to break away from the man who was abusing her with none of her stuff but the clothes on her back. I believe that yes there should be job programs that teach carriers not just jobs that make minimum wage that will not get them ahead in life but the jobs that actually pay enough to support your kids and that would offer free child care as you learn and work until you can do for yourself. My story is I am currently pregnant even tho we used protection and I already have an 8 month old baby. It was not planed and no I can’t afford it but I desided to keep my baby instead of killing it or giving it away. I’m currently trying to get out of an emotionaly abusive relationship. I’m told day in and day out I need to get a job and help pay bills but never am I left with a way to go. You all talk about cuting this stuff out but what if it was cut and then I had absolutly nothing to say I have for myself. Food stamps helth insurance medicade some people need it and the servises they offer or they would have nothing. By car the closest place to me is about 20 minutes away job wise and remember I’m pregnant no buses or taxies where I live am I supposed to walk to a job an risk to long of a walk and be dobbled over on the side of the road having a miscarrage cuz I need to work. Not to mintion if you be honest and say your pregnant most employers will not hire you. Oh and if they find out latter you are and you didn’t tell them for a little minimum wage job they can fire you and find another person easily who wants a job to replace you in this day in age.

      • pay and perks. Chauffeured limos private jets dining expenses at fancy restaurants> hell airforce 1 takes a shitload of money every time it is ran for their vacations. What was is 7 times in one year? And do yu know exactly what they get paid? are you a congressman? I say make every damned one of them in government get minimum wage. including the potus. Let them see what we have to go through because the good jobs are being given to people who DON’T qualify for them.

    • I feel bad for the issues you are going through. However, I’m tired of hearing about I “accidentally got pregnant” , anytime you have sex that can be an outcome. How about not having sex? I’m not trying to be a jerk, but actions have consequences. I just don’t think it is right that people say “I used protection, but it happened anyway”, so now everyone else has to pay for your 5 mins of fun.

  9. i have an ideal. What if big corporations quit trying to make so much money on a roll of toilet paper.(example) Reduce their prices by say 10-20%. This would help so many people, not only the people on federal assistance. If a loaf of bread didnt cost $2.00, just maybe people could afford to live on what they make. Just a thought.

    • The reason a loaf of bread costs $2.00 (tho’ it costs more in my neck of the woods) is because the bakery has OVERHEAD to pay for. The profit margin on most food products is pretty slim. After the bakery pays for rent, insurance, payroll, raw products, energy & the rest of their costs, there’s probably very little left over as pure profit. I think it’s sad that so many people think it’s someone else’s responsibility to take care of them. I really believe that if we went back to how it was before government handouts, charities would rise to the challenge & fill the gap when people need help with food. Would they provide free cell phones & free cash…probably not. Would they expect people to eventually find work and take care of themselves…probably. Ben Franklin is quoted saying “When you make poverty comfortable, there is no reason for someone to try and get out of poverty” (or something to that effect). Our government has made poverty comfortable, and there’s no more shame in living off the labor of your fellow citizens, when there should be shame in that! I’m all for helping those that TRULY are unable to work to support themselves, but I am SICK & TIRED of supporting those that CHOOSE not to work (like my lazy-a$$ cousin!).

      • Corporations do pay taxes. I own a 25 year old small business, (5) people total. I pay most all my profits to State, Federal and the Franchise Tax board. I pay so much in taxes I haven’t been able to cash one of my or my wife’s pay checks in over (20) weeks and counting. If I did even cash one check. One of my great employees check might bounce. Not to mention paying all their health care. I only get paid $20.00 an hour. Peanuts. I used to make over $250.000 a year in salary before this president took OVER!!!

        • Sorry, my post above was supposed to be a reply prior to this.
          I do want to say this though. I do agree with many here saying that too many people could be working if they really wanted to, but they know it is now to easy to get “Free Stuff” and food…
          Look at what is happening right here. This government we now have is working 24/7 to divide us as Americans. We all love America and ALL the people. We fight and die for each other. But just read most of these posts. They are all slamming each other. This is exactly what this government has been doing since they got in office in 2008. Don’t you all know that the department of homeland security is planing right now to fight the American people. What kind of administration would do that to their own people. Stalin, Hitler, Moa!!! Come on, I think we need each other. What’s your thoughts people???

  10. My teen son has a job. My husband and I have jobs. My 70 year old mother has a job. And the four of us live in 1200 square feet because that is what we can afford. Our newest car is a 2001.
    If all of the adults on benefits worked, we could save a whole bunch of cash for the people who actually NEED help. And maybe our social security benefits would be still waiting for us when we retired. Just saying.

  11. All I have to say is thanks to all the people who are against these people who sit on there butts!! I was losing hope in America… if you people had to work or die… believe me… you would find and do any work you could!! Don’t tell me how you can’t work… show me how you can!!

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