Connecticut tells Gun Owners to Turn in All Unregistered Firearms

Last year we told you about how the State of Connecticut had passed some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, requiring state citizens to register their guns and banning over 160 specifically named firearms.

This week, Connecticut sent out letters demanding gun owners turn in their unregistered firearms or face felony arrest.

Connecticut firearm confiscation letter
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The State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit began mailing out notices to gun owners who attempted to comply with the law, but missed the January 1st registration deadline. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gun Registrations always leads to Confiscation.

The letter demands firearm owners:

  • Render their firearm permanently inoperable.
  • Sell the firearm to a licensed gun dealer.
  • Remove the Firearm from the State.
  • Or make arrangements to turn their firearms over to the Connecticut State Police.

It goes on to tell residents they must dispose of any magazine that do not comply with the newly passed law as well.

The law bans the sale of any magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition, and makes it a felony to own any so-called “assault rifle” that was manufactured after 1994. Residents who own firearms from before that date were required to register them with the state before January 1st 2014.

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  1. Say that every person who received such a letter all agreed to send back the same response:

    “Come get them”

    What are the Connecticut police going to do? Raid and gun down hundreds or possibly thousands of otherwise law-abiding Connecticut citizens?

    I think some lawmakers would change their minds first

  2. #3 Remove the firearm from the state, preferably with the owner, too. If it is not possible to move, well.. I have relatives in 6 states other than the one where I reside. That particular firearm, of which they are now aware, would change family hands & go for a permanent trip out of state. Whatever was borrowed in trade (as in still belongs to someone in another state with different laws – like a brother, or cousin, etc) would keep its little magazine shut & stay out of sight.

  3. stand strong,the u.s. constitution is on your side!! and how will they stop 525,000- 375,000 people from sayin no!!?? a opprotunity to change the balance of power in your state!!soon California will be at this juncture also!!

  4. Funny how this letter is dated Jan 2nd! Our gov. Doesn’t work, let alone that fast to get the notice to the sporting firearms owner! Mail takes more than 1 day to get to my house, I say “F” them come and get them’ if u got the balls

  5. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!!! Send them to family out of state and then have them brought back after they have searched for them go to the police station and say you where robbed and someone stole your guns!!!! the government is going to massacure the people once they disarm them do you want to see your familys die horrible deaths starving in the streets being raped and murdered by the police it’s coming DONT DISARM!!!!!

  6. So how will they know you have a gun if it’s unregistered? How will they get a search warrant to search your home for a gun you may or may not have?
    Really are we this stupid?

    • I believe they got the names becuase these are people who actually tried to register but their files didn’t go through on time

      • @Tim. Exactly. Douchebag James didn’t bother to read that part where it says “The State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit began mailing out notices to gun owners who attempted to comply with the law, but missed the January 1st registration deadline.”

  7. I say stand firm with the constitution. IF they come to confiscate refuse and fight back. IF that means shooting someone trying to enforce an unjust, unconstitutional law so be it. To me if I own a firearm (and I do) then I have an obligation to not just sit down and allow a tyrannical government to take my property, unwarranted.

    • And also i would move out of the state. I wouldn’t want a cent of my hard earned money going to support a state that doesn’t represent my wishes.

  8. ALL who try to enforce this Unconstitutional law and those that are responsible for its existence …will be held accountable by ‘we the people’….as the English were in 1776….arrogance and evil ..will not prevail….imho

  9. the washington d.c. protest needs to be moved to Conn… support of all its new ‘felons’….push has NOW come to shove….and it is time to end the advancement of evil in this country….Freedom and Liberty are at stake…all else is is just noise……..imho….Molon Labe…

  10. One bully…millions of people against that one bully…why are we so scared? I say no to Obama…I say no to government control…I say no to them taking my guns…I say NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    THE GOVERNMENT WANTS MY GUNS THEN THEY WILL GET THEM BULLETS FIRST AND MY STOPPED HEART SECOND!!! I will not let any piece of crap tell me how I am going to live and what I can do. they take our guns then what’s next our knifes? How many times do you morons have to be pushed before you get mad? I want to just walk around and just start shoving people just to see how long it takes before they get mad and then explain to them that is what the political criminals are doing with laws. I am going off grid soon and I AM KEEPING MY GUNS AND MY BIBLE! I will pray to Jesus Christ my lord and savior I will shoot true and straight to stop my oppressors that plan to stop me from not accepting their sinful world in which I am surrounded with. I promise to all believers of the one true leader, God, the almighty and father of the Lord Jesus Christ, that I will stand on the front lines (with my guns) to defend you from tyranny and oppression from those who are not following the ways of God.

    Back on subject freedom fighters we need to wake up, put down our bon bon’s and crappiccinos and pick up our rifles and Alladin thermos’s full of coffee, and, not say but scream HELL NO WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR OFFER TO COME IN. We need to stand up and defend ourselves against liars and thieves and bullies and deceivers and tyrants and dictators and NON-Christian beliefs and moral wrong doers. I am ready to fight but I can not do it alone because I will be bulldozed and I am ready to give my life so my family may have the freedom that our fore-fathers wanted us to have and put God back in control of the government like it was supposed to be in the beginning of this country. I pray so very hard for everyone to be safe from evil and to not be consumed by it either. I hold so much hatred in my heart for evil and so much love for good. God bless each and every God-fearing person who is trying to survive this brutal time before the great cleansing.

  11. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe this website needs far more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

  12. Just wow people.. Lot of people here are saying things that will only get them into trouble. First rule… You don’t talk about it. Second rule YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT IT!. Especially on the internet. One word for you tools talking about shooting people (NSA)This only effects people who tried to follow the law. IE people stupid enough to register their cough cough “assault weapons”. Grow up people

    • P.S about the B.S. We are already in trouble. I also apologize for the name calling that was wrong but was need, I thought, to express my feelings.

    • Dont resist lay down your weapons. You must be listening to benedict arnold jones. When the feds got guns pointed at them by citizens at the bundy ranch they ran and when the jews in the warsaw ghetto fought back a whole nazi division got decimated.

      So I guess in 1776 the colonists should have voted against armed resistance because king george might declare marshall law.

      And branson missouri is evil.

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