Connecticut Lawmakers Reach Deal on Magazine & Gun Ban

Gun Ban ImageDemocrat and Republican Lawmakers in Connecticut reached a deal today to pass some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation. Included in the gun control package is a whole list of regulations that do very little to go after actual criminals and instead seem to target average law-abiding citizens.

Here is a breakdown of some of the measures in the new Connecticut gun control package.

A Ban on the Sale & Transfer of High Capacity Magazines & the Mandatory Registration of existing legally bought magazines

The new state laws will force law-abiding gun owners to register all of their so-called “high capacity” magazines as well as any weapon which is considered an “assault weapon”; it also bans the sale and transfer of any magazines that are capable of carrying more than ten rounds of ammunition.

Ammunition Eligibility Certificate

In what’s probably one of the most ridiculous parts of the Connecticut gun control package, citizens will now be required to show an “ammunition eligibility certificate” too legally be able to buy ammunition in the State. To qualify for the new revocable state issued certificate, a Resident must now pass a national criminal background check.

Long Gun Eligibility Certificates

Under the proposed gun control package, which lawmakers tentatively agreed to today, all state residents will now be required to have a “long gun eligibility certificate” to purchase any rifle or shotgun. In order to qualify for the eligibility certificate, State Residents must submit to being fingerprinted, pass a State run firearms safety training course, and submit to a national criminal background and involuntary commitment /voluntary admission check.

Expands State’s Assault Weapons Ban.

The new gun control package will also add over 160 specifically named firearms to the States list of prohibited firearms. It also classifies any weapon which displays one or more “military characteristics” as an assault weapon, making it illegal in the State of Connecticut. This means something as harmless as simple pistol grip, which in no way makes any firearm more deadly, will now make those firearms illegal.

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    • Starting to wonder that myself. It’s almost like they have broken the public down so much that they can get away with pretty much anything now.

  1. This is the most offensive bill I’ve ever heard of. The citizens of Connecticut should be cramming their long guns and shot guns right up the lawmakers a$$€$

    • Every last good amendment loving American should pack their stuff and leave that state. vote with your feet, and sooner or later these assholes MIGHT figure it out…

  2. Awesome, my 10/22 is illegal in that state. Just because I have a butler creek furniture for it. What kind of crap is that?

    Back ground check to purchase ammo? That is fucking absurd.

    Yet another state I can add to the “never moving to ever” list. There’s more and more of those these days. Guess I better get to work on buying my own island.

  3. Absolutely! 100%!!!! Unconstitutional!!! Why are the people standing idly by and allowing this to occur?? Breaks my heart to see what this country has turned in to :(

    • It’s not so much the people “allowing” this to happen. A lot of it is people DEMANDING this happen. After the Sandy Hook shooting, the media just lit up with anti-gun propaganda. You know how easily influenced people can be, especially after something like that. One of the latest stories I heard on the shooter, a few days ago, was going into an AMMO COUNT on him. Saying he had 1,500 rounds (GASP!!) at his household. Instantly, anyone who knows nothing about guns is appalled by the fact that anyone has/could have that many rounds, while the pro-gun people realize that he had a .22 and that’s less than 3 5″x5″x5″ boxes of the 525 round Federal.

      The media is just so good at spinning things that anyone who isn’t pro gun, i.e. if you’re indifferent or already anti-gun, will be so shocked at the way these stories are presented, that most of them will back ANYTHING at a time like that.

      I blame the media, and whoever is controlling it.

  4. I think drunk drivers need a “Gasoline Eligibility Certificate”, after they pass a national background check, to pump gas into their own cars…

  5. Unfortunately, Connecticut is a majority leftist state. The population in the cities votes democrat to keep the taxpayer dollars coming. We’ve been overrun by liberal New Yorkers who have flooded in and brought thier liberal New York politics with them. Republicans are so outnumbered in this state it’s become a one party system. This is a good example of what happens when the liberals take complete control. Colorado and New York? That’s nothing. Just look to the Socialist Peoples Republic of Connecticut if you want to see where the democrats/socialists intend on taking you.

  6. I hate to say it, but seems the best option if you live in a place like Connecticut or Colorado is simply enough to leave. Even Iowa got WAY too left for my taste, so I live in Arizona. Gun laws here make Texas look “draconian” and Sheriff Joe is the shyte. If you’re outnumbered that heavily by these idiots, you might as well come help bolster our numbers elsewhere (and enjoy the restoration of your rights in the process).

  7. The Progressives pushing these radical laws has accomplished a valuable service. We now have a very specific idea where “not” to live or visit. New York, Connecticut, California, Illinois, etc. If Liberals are in charge, you know the State is a trainwreck.

  8. I live in CT and it is the worst state to live in,especially now. Dictator Malloy clone of Obama was going to do anything he wanted. We are a blue state for as long as I can remember, the liberal legislators will always be in power. If my circumstances were different I’d have moved out years ago. Pray that your state doesn’t follow suit!

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