President Trump Calls on Americans to Avoid Travel, Social Gatherings and Restaurants

Donald Trump

Today, at the White House Coronavirus Press Briefing, President Donald Trump called on all Americans to avoid gathering in groups of more than 10 people, avoid discretionary travel, avoid eating and drinking in bars and restaurants.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci urged the public to follow the guidelines announced today in the press conference.

Shockingly, during the Press Conference President Trump said this thing could last well into August, maybe even longer. He also admitted to reporters that they have been discussing things like a national curfew, travel bans, and shutting down the borders, but so far they are not calling for those actions. 

The news comes as governors from around the United States are implementing their own mandatory curfews, shut downs and National Guard deployments. All 50 US states have declared some form of state of emergency.

During the press conference, it was annouonced that all movie theaters, gyms, bars and restaurants will close in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut at 8 p.m. until further notice, New York Gov. Cuomo said.

COVID-19 vaccine trial begins today in Seattle.

During the press conference it was announced that vaccine trial begun today in Seattle. The open-label trial will enroll 45 healthy adult volunteers ages 18 to 55 years over approximately 6 weeks.

The vaccine is called mRNA-1273 and was developed by NIAID scientists and their collaborators at the biotechnology company Moderna, Inc., based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Finding a safe and effective vaccine to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 is an urgent public health priority,” said NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “This Phase 1 study, launched in record speed, is an important first step toward achieving that goal.”

Prepare for Coronavirus Chaos

If you can, I would avoid stores for a while and if you need supplies order them online — if you can find them. Many retailers have started limiting even online orders, and Amazon is out of large amounts of grocery products. But if you can, I would see what you can find online and use services like Amazon PantryAmazon Fresh, Bulk Emergency Foods, or Amazon Grocery.

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  1. We have slowly but surely been creeping into a soft version of Martial Law for years. But now it has come to pass. All we need now to seal the deal is to start restricting free travel, closing the borders and setting up road blocks (closing the boarders would be acceptable). I do not fear any known enemy -or- virus out there but I do FEAR OUR GOVERNMENT: Federal, State and Local!

    Thanks to “Off-grid Survival” for the outstanding reporting and prepper products, services and information. With the guidance and recommendations over the years you have possibly saved lives now and in the future.
    Thanks a million.

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