Have we been Scammed? New Coronavirus Numbers Show It’s Not as Bad as We’ve Been Told!

For weeks the mainstream media and hysterical politicians have been basically screaming that it’s the end of the world with frantic estimates of millions of people dying from Coronavirus. Every time someone dares questions the numbers, we are yelled at like children by the media who keeps saying just wait in a week, we are going to see mass numbers of people dead…

But over the last week, many of the models that were used to scare the world into shutting down have now been revised, and the new estimates are showing the Coronavirus is nowhere near the Pandemic they told us. In all likelihood, the millions of people dying in the United States hysteria was just that, hysteria!

Models being Revised; it’s not really that bad!

One of the first major models used to push for the shutdowns was the Imperial College model that claimed 500,000 deaths in Britain and over 2 million in the U.S. could be expected. But after world governments started putting their countries on lockdown over these models, the projections were abruptly revised down to show fewer than 20,000 U.K. deaths and 200,000 in the U.S. could occur from the COVID-19 virus

Today, we are learning that another leading forecasting model, used by Dr. Anthony Fauci to convince the President to go along with the unprecedented shutdown of most of the country, was also wrong. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) now says their model shows that the United States may need fewer hospital beds, ventilators, and medical equipment than was first claimed.

Just last week these models were showing that even if we went into full lockdown mode, that the best case death toll would end up being between 100,000-240,000 dead Americans. Those models are now saying that those numbers could be as low at 49,000 deaths – so not much worse than your average flu season.

How dare you compare this to the flu.                          

Even the hyperboles jackass Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been using these estimates to scare the hell out of the word into shutting down for months now, seems to have done a complete 180 on using the models. While he is still pushing for extended shutdowns, he now says the models can’t be relied on.

“I’ve looked at all the models. I’ve spent a lot of time on the models. They don’t tell you anything. You can’t really rely upon models,” Dr. Fauci told other task force members this week, according to two officials with direct knowledge of the exchange.


Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates

Despite what looks like to be a complete overreaction, people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are doubling down on insanity and claiming the world may never get back to ‘normal’ after the coronavirus pandemic.

“If ‘back to normal’ means acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t think that’s going to happen until we do have a situation where you can completely protect the population” with a vaccine, he said. 

Gates is pushing the same mass-vaccination propaganda, saying that until large numbers of people can be vaccinated against the virus things like large gatherings “may not come back at all.”

Let’s Look at the Numbers that have Caused the Worldwide Pandemic Hysteria

Remember, this is actual math, not bullshit models. MATH DOESN’T LIE!!!!

  • There are 7,771,772,400 people in the world.                        
  • As of 6:30 EST on April 7th, there are 1,427,044 COVID-19 Infections WORLDWIDE!
  • That means (going by China’s word that this started sometime in November) in 5 months the COVID-19 Pandemic has infected less than 0.018361886% of the world’s population.

Only 0.01836188615% of the world’s population is infected, yet hysterical assholes like the Governor of New York are claiming 40 to 80 percent of the state’s population is going to be infected. How is that possible if we can’t even hit 1% worldwide after 5 months?

WORLDWIDE INFECTED: 0.01836188615%
of the world’s population

Now for the Death Tolls

Every death is, of course, heartbreaking. But if we are going to shut the world down over a “pandemic” we should at least look at what the numbers are really showing, right?

  • There are 7,771,772,400 people in the world.                        
  • As of 6:30 EST on April 7th, there are 81,772 COVID-19 deaths.         
  • That means we shut down the world for something that death wise that has only affected 0.001052166% of the world.


Media Hysteria and the Crackdown on Civil Liberties

Keep in mind; a majority of the “scientists” who are saying millions of people could die are the same assholes who have been telling us global warming was going to kill us for the last 40 years!

Here are just a few examples of the civil liberties that have been lost:

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Please read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Actual Numbers — At his point, panic and hysteria are doing more damage to the public than the actual coronavirus itself! There seem to be a whole lot of people pushing agendas and profiting off spreading fear and hysteria.

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  1. From the beginning I have been saying it wasn’t that big of a deal.
    Deaths weren’t that bad, mainly already compromised people would be affected..
    All the over reaction was stupid, and funny in some
    What I was wrong about was that it was mainly an
    asian problem..

    The names I was called by the paranoid was pretty bad.

  2. This all there adjenda of crap..there gonna have Americans to rise up…there fake adjenda is not going to go on much longer Americans are awake

  3. What’s the old saying, “What you don’t know might kill you!” I look at the lock down as good preventative care until we get better data from actual cases. Additionally this has been a most excellent time to see just how well the so called prepper community was really prepared for a SHTF situation, and great insight into how the sheeple will act if we had a situation that would be worse.
    In my own emergency planning and supply situation I found numerous shortfalls as I never really factored in actual daily food use and what pantry items I might/will need more of. Additionally it’s opened my eyes to shipping delays, out of stock items, and just what items I need to increase supplies of, just in case, as the just in case done came this past few weeks.
    Plus, it’s not over yet. We can all pitch a bitch after we have stopped this disease or mitigated it to a point it’s impact is negligible. Personally, being in a age and medical group that needed to be cautious, I’m damm glad I did. At least I’m not on a infected list yet! Stay Frosty no matter What!

    • Great comments all. Like Broadwing (kudos for your points) I have used this as a in field test of my preparedness and have found more than a few gaps, and surprises. Seeing is believing for sure. Would really be interested in any shortfalls, lessons, etc for Better fine tuning on prep in the future.

    • Huge learning experience, and 100% concrete proof that is a wise thing to be prepared.

      There are millions of people who once trashed us all as conspiracy theorists who are now operating in full panic mode. I honestly don’t think most of our readers were the ones standing in line since almost everyone who has emailed us privately seems like the most they did was top of supplies, but even that was a couple of weeks before the shutdowns and lines!

      I can tell you from talking with a lot of gun shops in Nevada, Arizona and even Utah, that they have been flooded by people coming from California. People who fought against our 2nd amendment rights and are now extremely belligerent in these shops when they find out you really can’t just walk in and walk out with a gun, that they do need a background check, that you can’t just have a firearm sent to your home through the internet.

    • I won’t go into to much of my theory on that, we are catching enough shit because we aren’t pushing 24/7 panic like the other “survival” sites. But I will say that I think your theory makes a lot of sense and explains the total freak out! It’s like they declared war and let everyone beat themselves without ever firing a shot.

  4. @ texan & off grid, I’ve been thinking about this happening as a bio-weapon myself, but from past experience of saying what I think, I’ve been called a lot of names and then some. So I’ve just set back and waited to see what is or will happen. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking along ( I’m not the only crazy one in the world ) these lines.

    • Yeah, unfortunately the same people who called us conspiracy theorists before this and are now running around screaming the sky is falling are probably the same ones who will call you crazy for even acknowledging the possibility!

  5. For those new readers and people with political agendas that think we are not taking it seriously enough. Let me remind you that I’ve been writing about pandemics and survival threats for over a decade.

    We have received hundreds of emails over the last week from readers thanking us because they didn’t have to stand in line for hours at a grocery store because they listened to our advice and were already prepared for a variety of crisis situations.

    And for those who are trying to equate the fact that we are not pushing 24/7 coronavirus fear porn as an indication that this site or its readers are not prepared are missing one of the main points of preparedness. Preparedness and Fear don’t exist together very well and once you cross over into a “survival” situation, fear has no place.

    I can guarantee you that a majority of our longtime readers are not the ones standing in 4-hour lines with thousands of people looking for groceries.

    They are not the ones hoarding idiotic shit like 10 years’ worth of toilet paper.

    They are not the ones standing in line for the first time at a gun store bitching about the waiting periods that they helped put in place by electing anti-gun politicians. They already had guns and ammo, no need to cry about waiting periods because we understood how to work within the law to make sure we could protect our families.

    We take preparedness very seriously. Our advice has not waivered or changed one bit. If you followed our advice over the last 10 years you can sit back, drink a little whiskey, and know that this isn’t that bad – part of that comes from knowing you are prepared.

    If you have followed this site for any length of time, you also know that we predicted almost everything that is happening including the loss of civil liberties. You would also be starting to see that the real threat isn’t the virus but the reaction to it. You understand that the economic threat is going to be a much bigger danger.

    But to those that want us to hope on board the fear train, if you want to panic and pretend this is the Walking Dead, have at it. I could push coronavirus fear all day and probably make some good money doing it; but this site has always been about helping people better PREPARE for the REAL dangers they may face and giving out HONEST OPINION of how we see things.

    As for those calling us deniers or hoaxers, etc… We have never said the virus doesn’t exist, we just don’t beleive it’s the end of days zombie fucking apocalypse that some other “prepper” sites, politicians, and news organizations are pushing. It’s certainly not even the 1918 Spanish Flu!

    That’s not being uncaring or pretending the virus doesn’t exist; it’s simply acknowledging what the data is showing at this point in time.

    Preparedness is about always looking at the intel and using it to inform your decision-making process; that’s why one of the first thing we tell people is to perform a SWOT analysis – https://offgridsurvival.com/survivalswotanalysis/. There are some people that may find this is their SHTF moment, based on medical history, location, etc… By the way, we wrote that article 8 years ago, this isn’t our first rodeo!

    There are enough people pushing fear; we are going to focus on being positive and providing solutions. Every single coronavirus related article that we have released over the last 4 months ends with multiple preparedness resources to help people who are new to this whole preparedness thing.

    And a big ass thank you to everyone who has come to this site over the years. You guys are awesome, even those that don’t agree with me I appreciate the hell out of those that can have rational debates.

  6. In England, 1.9% of deaths did NOT have underlying health issues. Recovery rate is about 98%. Chances of contracting the virus in NYC is 1/8 of 1%, in Phoenix it is 1/200 of 1%.

  7. Have been looking at this whi\ole con job, nothing they said made any sens,every one was saying listen to the science, the science has been wrong for a long time,

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