Costco Places Purchasing Limits as Big Box Retailers Struggle with Coronavirus-Related Supply Shortages

A number of Costco stores around the country have started limiting the number of certain products that can be purchased because they are struggling to keep things like toilet paper, rice, canned food and water on the shelves as Coronavirus panic buying sweeps the world.

This weekend saw the continuation of large crowds of people trying to stockpile supplies in anticipation of a Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak.

In New York, where a State of Emergency was just declared by Governor Cuomo, there were cars lining the street just trying to get into Costco parking lots. The number of cases skyrocketed overnight in New York rose to 76, including one involving a driver for a taxi or ride-sharing services in Queens.

At least 100 households in New York are under a self-quarantine order.

In California and Nevada, hundreds of people could be seen lining up just to try to get into Costco in hopes of finding supplies:

These scenes are playing out in the United States and throughout the globe:

In Austrilia, we’ve had mulitple reports of fights breaking out over toliet paper!

Hell, even OJ Simpson is getting in on the action:

But you know what’s not sold out?

Yes, we live in a world where people are now scared to buy Corona Beer (these morons really believe it might be related to the Coronavirus outbreak) and they are buying toilet paper instead of food! Kind of hard to wipe your ass if you failed to buy anything to put in your stomach!

This is why we have said for years, that during a crisis people and panic will likely become the biggest threats!

So Should you Prepare?

Yes, but you should have done that already and not just because of the Coronavirus. The scenes above are why we have been telling people 24/7/365 for over ten years now on this site to be prepared.

Listen, bad things happen. Whether it’s the Coronavirus today; social unrest tomorrow; an earthquake next week; or supply line interruptions from the current crisis or some future pandemic, war or long-term disaster; the fact is, preparedness is something you need to think about –especially if you have a family who is counting on you!

So while we don’t know what is going to ultimately happen with the Coronavirus – opinions seem to be all over the place with some claiming end-of-times type numbers and others saying, don’t worry it’s not any worse than the flu – WE DO KNOW ONE THING — one of the biggest

Our advice remains the same with the Coronavirus Crisis as it has always been for any potential disaster or emergency situation:

You need to have a 4 week supply of food and emergency supplies on hand at all times. Most of the stores in this country only stock a 1-2 day supply on hand before they need to be restocked from a central supply warehouse; and as we are seeing throughout the country, big-box retailers are struggling to keep goods in stock.

Other Preparedness Resource:

Mindset: How to overcome Fear and not Give into Panic!

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  1. We’ve been prepping for over 15 years now and we got really serious back in 2009 after the equity markets crashed. We are talking the full spectrum… health, medical, security, food, water, neighborhood watch, gold, cash, energy (this is a big one) and commo just to name a few.

    • Fighting over toilet paper and paper towels. Oh my God! What’s next? Fighting over food then ammo? …and there’s no pandemic. It should be interesting.
      Good reporting. Don’t quit.

  2. If you think it’s bad now, just wait until every state has cases confirmed, then Oh Boy, it’s going to be like Black Friday x 10 times. I’m personally glad I topped off on what we needed starting in early February.

  3. I feel like we’re in for some really bad times and most people are no where near prepared for any type of emergency situation. Just look at what’s starting to happen at some stores! I watch with trepidation the daily march of COVID-19 cases in my state getting closer and closer to my AO. I’m as prepared as I can be with long term storage supplies, but I worry about restocking of perishable daily use items.,We have a food delivery service we use so we don’t need to go out which is good. I worry more about if/when the supply chain breaks down, then what will the sheeple do? Go nuts probably as you see fights in big box stores already. Our government is inept and basically useless at this point. I wish every American good luck, and good health!

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