A Country Divided – Violent Political Rhetoric That’s Tearing us Apart

In an article last week we wrote about how certain people in this country seem hell-bent on promoting violence and hatred. It’s sad but we’re living in a time where political ideology has split this country in half; it’s also caused a segment of our population to become unhinged from reality.

When I started this website, I started it with the intention of helping people become prepared. Over the years we’ve allowed a free and open discussion in our comments section. In fact, I have promoted it as a place where people can have an open dialogue.

Because of recent events, I have had to start moderating the comments section.  

Without going into too much detail, because I’m not going to give hate mongers the publicity that they want, this site has come under attack from a certain group who claims to be a “patriot group.” It seems we can’t win. On one side of the coin you have those on the left accusing us of being a bunch or right wingers while at the same time being attacked from the right for not being conservative enough. And now, despite years of patriotic articles, apparently we have come under attack from a group who thinks attacking us and threatening us with violence will somehow help drive traffic to their website.

For the most part, the comments section of this website will function as it always has and I doubt most people will even be affected by the temporary changes. But for those whose comments wind up being temporarily held in our comment queue, I apologize for the delay. It’s probably nothing you said, It’s probably just our temporary filter placing your comment on hold.

The comments section of this site will always be open for free discussion on the issues. That being said, I will not tolerate threats to myself or other readers on this site, and I will not allow those that come here to spread their hate filled violent rhetoric. It’s one thing to disagree with each other; but when those disagreements cross the line into violence that’s simply not going to be tolerated.

I will also not tolerate threats towards the government or government officials. It’s one thing to disagree with them and to disagree with the direction the country is headed – we do that all the time here – but we will not tolerate threats of violence. This idiotic violent rhetoric does nothing to help our country, ourselves or the problems that we’re facing.

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  1. Well said. Internet comment sections are notorious for trolls. Unfortunately HAM radio, CB’s, and other areas where people can also interact semi-anonymously have their share of these types of people. Not sure what they gain from that behavior, but it is not funny or cool.

  2. Definitely support you in this decision. It seems that Preparedness has now become a market to be exploited by some. It concerns me that some people on these sites are perhaps more dangerous than any event we might be trying to survive.

      • I suggest that what is going on, is that the media is focusing on the fringe, and ignoring the normal preppers. The fringe doesn’t make the preppers look bad. The media looks at the fringe.

        • Yes, the media does look at the fringe when it suits them. If they can use the fringe against other groups, such as preppers, they very often will. They can choose either a broad or a narrow brush when painting their stories and it is their choice of brush width timing that seems more illuminating than the stories themselves.

  3. Good for you and also unfortunate. Those on both sides of the fence need to figure our that life is not black and white, it’s a buttload of grey. Thank you for your site, I have collected much information from here for over a year. Keep it coming. I hope those who are causing problems move on or figure it out and shut up..

    • Well said and extremely true. If people really sat down and looked at the issues, we all probably have more in common than what we disagree about.

      Unfortunately it’s often those who yell the loudest that receive the most attention.

  4. great website, thank you..invaluable resource..good job on weeding out the trolls. we have enough problems without anonymous idiots trying to stir up more problems.

  5. Your speaking the truth good sir…
    What ever we think we can survive….
    Mankind always survived the best when we worked together………

  6. Understand why you are doing it. Just wish it didn’t come to this. But of course it always seems to, doesn’t it?

  7. I see alot of the same people here posting constructive suggestions on a regular basis. I appreciate their ideas and have tried a few. I have also disagreed with some on certain issues but have valued their point of view as a learning lesson to how others might see things differently, a new perspective. Thank you to those who have posted and look forward to future post communications. And thank you to OFF GRID SURVIVAL for staying on top of this kind of useless violent nonsense.

  8. Growing up my elders were very strong on Praying for whoever was in government, weather or not they voted for them. This seems like the right approach to me. . I appreciate and need strong differences of opinions.
    I can’t stand the furious self richous anger. I believe this is comming from the Right and I can’t stand listening to it,what’s worse is that the people I love who are that way I can’t even discuss it with with out getting a Raft of Shit for it.
    Thank You for your stance

  9. there are always the few who make a concerted effort at ruining for the many what they cannot control and dominate… though a slight delay may seem like a petty annoyance, it will benefit all in the long run of things – maybe even drive the trolls away to look elsewhere for meatier prey… i visit this site daily as a part of my early morning routine and will continue to do so… carry on, OGS…

    • Thank you Prepping Preacher, and thank you to everyone who supports this site. You guys all make it worth the effort, and I appreciate everyone who spends time here and I’m thankful to everyone that contributes their opinions and thoughts to the site.

  10. One final note on this subject. So far it seems like our filters are working and most of the comments will show up on the site immediately. If there is a slight delay I really do apologize, but it was becoming a safety issue and I really had no choice in the matter.

    I had to ban a block of IP addresses, as well as implement a couple of other things that could cause a small amount of people to get caught up in our moderation queue. Thanks again everyone!!!

  11. i just want to say everyone is entitled to there own opinion but this place is supposed to be about tips and tricks and gear for living off the land or off the grid

  12. To be honest I think most folks run right down the middle of the political spectrum. It is sad that the people running things are so polarized which has that crap rolling down hill effect on the rest of us. Personally I try to be a person that looks at both sides of the coin and make a decision that ethically provides for the best result for the most involved. There is an old saying about walking a mile in someone elses shoes that I think if people thought about that statement before they open their mouth (or let loose their fingers) with the vitriol and hate this might be a better place. Sorry OGS that you have to deal with the kids.

  13. OGS,

    I know exactly where you are coming from on this issue. The problem is that while people are quick to shout and enforce THEIR rights upon others, they never stop to understand that they are keeping others from doing the same.

    Freedom of Religion – This doesn’t mean freedom for an elected politician to enforce his religious views upon citizens. Freedom of Religion starts with Freedom FROM Religion.

    Freedom of Speech – I guess people have failed to realize this tenet of our Constitution is there so that everyone “has a voice”, not so that you can say anything you want no matter how biased, threatening, demeaning or distasteful it is.

    The most common thing I hear lately is “If ‘so and so’ wins the election I am ready to get my gun and fight!” In other words if the majority vote doesn’t go your way you will be willing to kill American soldiers and citizens to ensure that YOUR opinion is the one people listen to? And you are supposedly a PATRIOT?!?! What a joke.

    The truth of the matter is that neither of the political parties currently poised to control the White House will make the average American’s life any better than it is right now. Taxes are going up, no matter what. People are going to suffer, no matter what. Our military is going to be engaged overseas in places we don’t like, no matter what.

    Stop threatening people. Stop shouting down people. Stop blaming this party or that one. BOTH parties are guilty for their part of the current economic and political situation.

    Voting will be based on your personal needs and your personal history, at least it should be. I am voting for who I believe will try to take this country where it needs to go. If you disagree with me that’s fine, but it doesn’t mean I am stupid, lazy, greedy, white, black, poor, rich or anything else.

    I hate election season.

    • Well said ZAG. I’m a firm believer that the 2nd amendment exists so that if the gov’t were to degenerate into something not provided for in the Constitution (i.e., a dictatorship), then we would have the ability to push the reset button as a last resort. Seeing as we’re still having elections in Nov. (even if it is a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich), I’d say we’re a long way from that point. Election by revolution is how they do things in parts of Central/South America and Africa. Anyone wishing to incite an overthrow of our gov’t should ask someone from one of those countries how well that’s worked for them.

  14. May I also suggest – if you have the capability – to inform anyone who do make threats, that their IP address’s will be forwarded to the proper authorities. That might help curb the violent rhetoric.

  15. Though i understand some of the frustration with government officails. threatening each other here Makes no sense. Most of the info here is a great resource, take what you like, Ignore what you don’t. Why draw attention by making threats

  16. My suggestion is to avoid political topics altogether, particularly ones that ask leading questions such as “will violence erupt on election day?”, anything suggesting any faction of our government is planning a hostile takeover of the country, anything based on any political candidate or other anti-government propaganda. These rumors have been circulating since right around the birth of our nation and have always proven to be just that: rumors. There is a wealth of good, well thought out and vetted survival information on this website that I hope is the main reason people visit your site. Almost every article in the “news” section of this site invites these kinds of comments. I’m sure they drive your hits, but it’s not worth the risks to you or your readers.

    Stick to survival. If you truly believe the NRA chain email stuff that is posted in the news section, that’s your prerogative, but keep it out of the public forum. If you want to help people be prepared in the event that these far-streched rumors become a reality, find a way to write a preparedness article for that contingency without actually reporting the “news”. You aren’t helping anyone be prepared by simply saying Obama’s gonna take your guns away or the blacks are going to riot if Romney wins the election. Instead, write an article about tactical survival in a riot, or making sure your assault rifle meets local regulations, or how to use a pistol and shotgun in tactical/survival situations where an assault rifle would be best, but you don’t have one at your disposal.

    I love your survival articles, but the news section (and it’s comments) make me unsurprised that you’ve attracted these contingents to your website. Keep up the good work boss, and don’t invite the conflict!

    • To say that these rumors have always been proven untrue ignores a huge part of this country’s history. This country has seen it’s fair share of rioting, political uprisings, acts of violence, a civil war, terrorist attacks, political killings etc.. To ignore that and pretend that it hasn’t happened would not be doing any justice.

      Part of this websites mission is to keep people informed about any possible threats that might be on the horizon. We are not a leftwing nor are we a rightwing website; we are a site that is dedicated to promoting preparedness, this sometimes includes posting preparedness related news and articles.

      Like I’ve said many times on this site, we are an equal opportunity offender. This is not by design and not done purposely to offend anyone; unfortunately we live in a time where almost anything you say winds up offending somebody or some group. It’s also unfortunate that there’s a large number of people who can’t have a rational debate or conversation.

      To specifically address a few of your comments.

      • I never said a specific race of people was going to riot if Romney wins, you are the one talking about it being blacks, I never said that or suggested it. In fact, I’m pretty sure the idiots promoting violence in those videos that I posted are white, and I’m also pretty sure that the recent occupy riots was also primarily middle class white kids. If you look through our news archive you will see that we wrote about those riots while they were happening, so I hardly think this is an issue of race.
      • As for your NRA comment; I have never been a member of the NRA, and I do not receive their emails or write articles based on anything they say.
      • As for saying Obama was going to take people’s guns… I simply pointed out exactly what he said during the debate, which was he was “going to look at reinstating the assault weapons ban.” In that same article, I pointed out Romney’s long Anti-gun history, so I hardly think I’m catering to either political party.

      Anyways, thank you for coming to the site, and remember you always have the option of ignoring the news section.

      Also thank you for your article ideas. I’ve done a couple on surviving riots and active shooter situations in the past, so I think your suggestions would be a great for our tactical defense section. If you have any experience or tips that you would like to share, please feel free to send me a message and I can include them in the article. Part of what makes this site great is the people that come here and share their experiences and knowledge.

  17. Well, I read this surivival page more than the others and this has been the most beneficial to me as a whole. Doesnt bother me if you moderate the comments I am here for the knowledge and the wisdom in survival only and the pissing contests are not worth my time.. Carry on Soldier..

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