COVID Fear is waning so Media Pushing Ebola, Nipah, H5N8, and Bubonic Plague as Next Possible Pandemics!

Medical Propaganda

The media and the elites who helped crash the economy and bankrupt hardworking Americans are pissed, there are simply not enough people living in total fear of the fantasy virus. So what’s the media to do, bring on the next pandemic of course!

Wear Your Masks for ever Sheep!

From Ebola and the Nipah Virus to H5N8 and the Bubonic Plague the media is pulling out all the stops to try to find the next fear-inducing pandemic to push on the populous.

MSN Pushes Nipah Virus as next global pandemic

Over at MSN, they are pushing the NIPAH virus as the next pandemic. According to MSN, “Scientists are worried about the brain-swelling Nipah disease, which has a death rate of up to 75%, potentially becoming the next ‘big’ virus.” The mortality rate of Nipah ranges between 40 to 75%, far higher than the 1% rate for coronavirus, says the CCP controlled World Health Organization.

Russia reports first human cases of H5N8 bird flu

And then we have the Bird Flu, where this morning a number of news organizations gleefully reported that 7 people test positive for H5N8 bird flu at poultry farm in southern Russia, making them the first ever human cases!

Ebola in Kentucky?

Nope not yet, but that didn’t stop the news from reporting that it could be coming!

Flesh-eating disease carried by possums, Hell yeah says BBC!

Over at the BBC they are trying to push all sorts of crazy shit! From flesh-eating disease carried by possums to monkeys with yellow fever, the BBC has a list of coming pandemics that they are sure are just around the corner!

Oh no, Bubonic Plague in the Congo!

And not to be outdone, we have to get the so-called conservative media jumping in there with their bet, the Bubonic Plague!

Of course we know, just as we’ve said throughout the COVID SCAM, none of this is actually about a virus, it’s about pushing fear and making sure they can control every aspect of your life!

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  1. Be vigilant and live your life. Don’t let the bastards get the best of you. Adjust fire when necessary and make work-a-rounds when ever possible. Use logic, common sense and the truth if you can find it and move out. PREPARE!

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