Three New Studies Suggest COVID-19 Not Much Deadlier than your Average Flu

Since this so-called pandemic started we warned that the actual numbers were showing this virus was not the killer the media was making it out to be; in fact, from the very start, we warned that the real killer would be the mass panic, hysteria, and overreaction by governments from around the world.

Today, we have further confirmation that the COVID-19 pandemic may be more hype and hysteria than actual threat to the world.

New REAL-WORLD Data suggests COVID-19 Death Rates about the Same as the Flu

New data from Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) and the L.A. Department of Public Health suggests that even with the draconian lockdown orders, the Coronavirus is actually much more widespread, and less deadly than all of the models have shown.

On Monday, CNBC reported:

USC and the health department released preliminary study results that found that roughly 4.1% of the county’s adult population has antibodies to the coronavirus, estimating that between 221,000 adults to 442,000 adults in the county have had the infection.

This new estimate is 28 to 55 times higher than the 7,994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 [coronavirus illness] reported to the county in early April. The number of coronavirus-related deaths in the county has now surpassed 600, according to the Department of Public Health. The data, if correct, would mean that the county’s fatality rate is lower than originally thought.

If these numbers hold true, that would mean this virus is far less deadly than we’ve been told, and other researchers are starting to agree.

Stanford University researchers who looked at California’s Santa Clara County, reached similar conclusions, finding that the COVID-19 outbreak may be more widespread but far less deadly than originally estimated.

The Stanford University researchers found that between 2.5 percent and 4.2 percent of county residents had antibodies to the coronavirus by early April, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday, adding:

Though the county had reported roughly 1,000 cases in early April, the Stanford researchers estimate the actual number was between 48,000 and 81,000, or 50 to 85 times greater.

Using these data, the researchers calculated the infection fatality rate, that is, the percent of people infected with the disease who actually die: “A hundred deaths out of 48,000-81,000 infections correspond to an infection fatality rate of 0.12-0.2%,” they report. That’s about the same infection fatality rate the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates for seasonal influenza.

THAT’S RIGHT – NO MORE DEADLY THAN THE FUCKING FLU! And they’ve known it for a while!

In early March, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and member of the White House Coronavirus Taskforce, predicted COVID-19 could be 10 times deadlier than the Flu. His predictions were used as justification to close down the economy and implement the lockdown of the entire nation.

But even earlier this month, Economist magazine had already cited another study that found the new novel coronavirus had spread faster but was far less deadly than official data implied.

The coronavirus mortality rate could be as low as 0.1 percent, “similar to that of flu,” the researchers cited by the Economist found, noting that the faster the disease spreads and hits its peak, the fewer people will die.

Have we lost our civil liberties over a virus that has the same death rate as the Flu?

Our nation has been turned into de facto police state where citizens are being threatened with arrest and fines for playing at parks, attending drive-in church services, or even walking to close to each other. It’s appalling and frankly very fucking un-American.

Here are just a few articles where we document the crackdown on freedom over the last couple of months:

Preparing for Government Tyrants and the Coming Economic Disaster

From the very start, we have been telling people to read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers —

We’ve been attacked by fearful idiots who want to believe this is the Walking Dead and that while they sit at home watching Netflix they are somehow living out some end o days survival situation.

We take preparedness very seriously; that’s why we don’t consider panic and hysteria to be a valid response to any survival situation. The key to preparedness is knowing the threat, understanding the threat, and then taking the correct actions to protect yourself from that threat. So far the only threat we can see is the unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties and the destruction of our economy and small business infrastructure.

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  1. We have been duped by America haters into destroying our country. They won the war without firing a shot.

    • Our country is not destroyed…the US Dollar is being destroyed for sure just a little every check the Feds write. I believe that our country, no I know our country will bounce back like we always have and will be much stronger in spite of the Marxist SOBs that are traying to kill us. That piece of crap Pelosi needs to get off of her fat ass and do her frigging job that she is being paid to do. What a worthless piece of crap she is. Let’s fire her ass in November!!!

  2. Governments all over the world dug themselves into hole from which the dont know how to get out from without admitting the were wrong. Covid19 are used instead to reset the world’s political economy and to end and kill of the Dollar.

  3. You all want to go out and take your chances, please do! That way the dumb shits can be thinned out once and for all when they die from this pandemic. I’ll just follow my gut feelings, and medical advice and continue to hunker down. Being retired, having medical issues, and a steady guaranteed income I’m okay. If it does turn out less deadly or as deadly as normal flu it’s no skin off my ass.

    At least I’ve learned a valuable lesson that the so called preppers and survivalists are no better prepared for a long term SHTF issue then the sheeple they always laugh at! After only a couple of weeks their crying like butt fucked bitches, “Oh poor me,” they cry, I’ve been mislead by the same government and President they’ve followed blindly!

  4. No deadlier than the average flu? I have never seen a flu bug that put ordinary, healthy people on ventilators for a month. A Broadway actor even had to get his leg amputated from a clot complication. We’ve seen some really incredible complications, nothing like the flu. At least not the common flu. The most comparable thing to this seems to be the Spanish flu epidemic a hundred years ago, when the bodies were piled in the streets and death wagons picked up. (At that time also, they were forced to cancel the World Series and everything else.) Right now, they have run out space in the funeral homes and crematoriums. They’re starting to take bodies from New York to Pennsylvania for cremation because there is too much backlog.

    I would caution about drawing conclusions from the antibody testing. Just because someone has antibodies does not necessarily mean they are “immune”. They may have been exposed to a small amount of virus, which caused them to develop antibodies. A greater exposure down the road could still cause them to develop full blown covid-19 disease. Presumably, they would stand a better chance of survival than someone without any antibodies. But no one knows for sure right now. Much more research will be necessary.

    As someone intelligent above pointed out, you all can take your chances if you want. Despite all the hoopla about restrictions, everyone can still do pretty much anything he wants. Other than large gathering events, no one’s stopping you from going out and doing whatever. But don’t say we didn’t warn you if you come down with it and spend a month in a hospital bed.

  5. More Americans have already died from this in a month than die in an entire flu season, and there’s no end in sight. This is not just like the flu.

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