Generation of Wimps: 40% to Avoid Public Spaces after So-Called Pandemic Ends


According to a new survey, we have apparently evolved from the generation who stormed the beaches of Normandy to a generation of manbabies who are begging the government to extend the lockdown for years, and say they will put themselves on lockdown long after this so-called pandemic ends.

According to a new study, 40% of Americans plan to avoid public spaces unless “absolutely necessary” long after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided. One in six are unsure if they will ever feel safe in public again.

Earlier in the month, a Harris Poll’s survey study showed that half of American feared they would die of COVID-19. Keep in mind that only .0016% of the American population has actually died from COVID-19 since it showed up in the United States back in January – and that’s after many states have inflated their numbers by adding so-called coronavirus deaths that have never been confirmed like the 4,000+ in New York who were never tested.

So over 4 months of spread in the United States and we have locked down our country over something that has only managed to kill .0016% of our population!

Only today’s generation could be narcissistic enough to call something that has not even hit 2017 seasonal flu numbers a pandemic. But, many of them seem to want to pretend they are in some sort of walking dead cosplay fantasy as they pretend sitting at home watching Netflix is equivalent to a real pandemic like the Spanish Flu, which killed an estimated 100 million people.

It’s like some of these morons just learned that germs and viruses exist!

Have we lost our Freedom because a bunch of panicked millennials are willing to trade their freedoms for the illusion of safety!

Our country has turned into a de facto police state, thanks in large part to a bunch of narcissistic millennials who have sold out our country.

Here are just a few examples we’ve covered over the last couple of months:

Preparing for Government Tyrants and the Coming Economic Disaster

Despite a bunch of people trying to cosplay a walking dead fantasy, COVID-19 is not the global killer they want to pretend it is. That being said, there is a very real preparedness threat that these morons have helped usher in – the end of our freedom and prosperity.

Many of these idiots are the same dipshits who have been attempting to crash our country for years with their bullshit global warming hoaxes, green energy deals, and socialist wet dream takeover bullshit.

From the start, we’ve told people to read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers.

Preparedness Resources:

Shirts of Liberty

OFFGRID Survival book


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  1. This was an awesome article! I feel just the way you do. Someone needs to educate my wife though. She calls me names because I don’t believe in this government propaganda! Have not given in yet and will not!

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