Wildfire Evacuees Targeted by Criminals – SHTF Threat

Last week we wrote an article about 10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For. While checking out the news on the Wildfires in Colorado, I stumbled on a story that reenforced some of what I wrote last week.


waldo canyon fireAs some evacuees from the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado were allowed to return to their homes yesterday, many found their homes looted and burglarized. So far at least 22 families near Waldo Canyon have reported that their homes have been burglarized. The number is expected to climb as more evacuees are allowed to return to their homes.

The evacuated homes weren’t the only criminal targets. Police in Colorado Springs have confirmed that as many as 60 vehicles have also been burglarized at nearby evacuation centers and hotels.

Fake Law Enforcement

Another one of the topics that we discussed last week was the dangers posed from criminals pretending to be Law Enforcement Officials. During a catastrophic event we suggested that you would likely see criminals preying on the innocent by pretending to be either police officers or military officers.

It seems this scenario may have happened during the Colorado Springs Fire. Colorado Springs police have arrested at least two men in separate incidents, where they found the men impersonating a firefighter, at the Waldo Canyon fire. Both men were found behind fire lines pretending to be firefighters.

Police are not saying if these men had anything to do with the break-ins, but I think we can all make a pretty educated guess as to what their intent really was. This should serve as an example of how certain people will use chaotic events to prey on the innocent.

criminalsUnfortunately there is a segment of our population that thrives off of chaos and misfortune. Like it or not, these people are very good at what they do.

While most of us have to deal with the many challenges of life, the criminal element in our society often only has one thing to worry about — becoming a better criminal. These people train day in and day out on ways to target and victimize anyone they deem to be a good mark.

When disaster hits, you will likely have to deal with more than just the initial disaster. Very few people realize how big of a threat these criminals will become during a catastrophic SHTF situation. What happened in Colorado Springs is unfortunately only a small glimpse of what will happen during a large scale disaster.

Remember these gangs, criminals and lowlifes have all the time in the world to train themselves on how to target you. They are a threat that must be taken seriously.

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  1. Though summary execution by violence should be meted out to looters, I assume that lawful authorities regards their due process fights far more than our safety.

    • They should just start killing all these criminals, they are a wart on society and we can not afford them any longer. Take them to those C-Camps out west and fire up the burners. Flash mobs should be hosed down, pepper’d sprayed, and beat down, it to dangerous and is only going to get worst when cities lay off more people, food sky rockets and dollar crashes and burns.

  2. Well, they were dressed as firefighters… perhaps they should be dropped right in the middle of the fire to perform just like a hotshot crew. Oh wait… you mean they were NOT firefighters… darn!

  3. Miscreants know how to work evacuated areas and they also know that all traditional weapons are banned from evac centers & shelters- there are times you are ‘defenseless’ if you are not a criminal.

    Mike has the right idea- impersonating a fire fighter? Guess what, you just became a hotshot crew member. If you are impersonating the profession, obviously you’ve studied them enough to perform their duties without further training or qualifications.

  4. It’s so sickening how evil some people can be and you are so right that this is a huge problem that will effect us all in the future.

  5. Only 1 of the firefighters was “working” on the Waldo fire. The other one was working on the High Park fire near Ft Collins. They also caught a few people in the burn area breaking into homes but they dont know if they were the ones who broke into all the homes.

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