CYBERWAR!!! Internet Blackout Thousands of Sites Targeted

A large-scale cyber-attack has hit the U.S. taking out the internet throughout large portions of the east coast and taking down thousands of American-based websites.

As usually our corrupt government propagandist’s news networks are completely ignoring the story, instead they choose to run hours of nonsensical coverage on what Donald Trump said back in the 1990s. We no longer have a media, and the freedom of the alternative media and the internet are under attack.

At around 7 a.m. ET Friday, Dyn — a company that hosts domain name systems — announced it was under a cyber-attack. They said the attack is responsible for the major problems we are seeing sweeping throughout the internet. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, the attack is targeting the same system structures that our government just lost control of thanks to President Obama giving away our control of ICANN.

Numerous websites are down, including large sites like Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Netflix, Vox Media sites, Reddit, Disqus, and PayPal. The website Downdetector, which monitors internet connectivity and outages, was reporting vast areas of the United States were having trouble connecting to the web

Downdetector Map
Down Detector Map showing widespread Level 3 Problem: Level3 Communications offers telecommunications services to business customers. Level 3 services include internet connectivite and managed services such as VPN, collaboration, voice and video.

The White House is aware of the attacks, and the Department of Homeland Security is taking a close look at the “malicious activity,” a CBS News reporter said on Twitter, minutes before Twitter itself went down.

According to Dyn, the attack they are experiencing is a DDoS style attack. DDoS stands for “distributed denial of service” and is a common tactic used by hackers and rogue governments to take down Internet-connected servers. In a DDoS attack, malicious users build a network of computers that then send massive amounts of traffic to particular servers with the goal of denying the use of those servers to other users, according to Cisco.

This cyber attack comes as Wikileaks was threatening to release some of their most damaging material, causing some to speculate that this could be an internal attack by our own government. Around the same time the attacks were in full swing, Wikileaks tweeted “Heavily armed ‘police’ appear outside Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange has political asylum.” minuted later Twitter went down.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to start a Cyberwar with Russia.

“We released this information to put the people doing it on a notice that they’re not, quote, ‘getting away with it’ for free, as well as to put states on notice that we’re serious when we say they need to take every measure possible to guarantee the integrity of our elections,” Kerry told The Internet Association’s Virtuous Cycle Conference. “And we will and can respond in ways that we choose to at the time of our choice.”

We are in big trouble folks. During the middle of one of the largest cyber attacks on our infrastructure in quite some time, not one of the so-called 24/7 news networks is even talking about it. Should the internet be hit with a larger attack, sites like this, Twitter and other alternative news sites could go down for good, leaving you with only the government propagandists on FOX, MSNBC, and CNN.

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  1. Funny how this happens right as Wikileaks says armed guards are about to storm the embassy and get Assange. Just look at the sites that were targeted. The fact that Twitter, Reddit and Disqus are down should tell you exactly what they are doing. They are trying to control the REAL-TIME flow of information!

  2. I agree, this is bad. Personally I think this is a test run, I advise all people to put their preps into overdrive, as the election gets closer and the hackers keep leaking stuff on our crooked government and rigged system I think things are going to spiral out of control.

  3. You are so right, if anyone doesn’t see what’s happening at this point you are blind. With all the Wikileaks emails showing the collusion between the government and ALL the mainstream media networks, is it really a shock they are not covering this. They take their orders directly from the White House.

    I have no doubt about who did this. The simple fact that there is a media blackout on the story tells me it was our government attacking our own infrastructure to control the flow of information.

    • This started happening almost 10 hours ago and the bastards at Fox just now mention it for a couple seconds. What a joke. The biggest hack attack yet and they pretend this is not going on, no let’s all talk about Trumps every single flaw. Come on!

  4. I have a funny feeling like this is only the beginning. I’ve been very worried about connectivity issues since Ukraine had a electrical grid attacked and crashed.

    I visualize sitting at my dining room table in the near future and suddenly the power just quits. The silence will be very weird indeed. After an hour of reflection, I’ll be activating my emergency Comms using battery power, putting up my solar panels, and double checking and doing an inventory of all supplies in the house not in BOBs and already inventoried. God help us because we’re in for hell on earth then. I’ll be okay for about 90 days as it stands now, but just imagine all the fellow citizens who live on their electronic devices! What will they all do now?

  5. If we have to go back to publishing our news on physical paper with real ink. That leaves the door open to journalistic entrepreneurship. We all might start out by writing to our relatives and friends on a Christmas Card. I like old fashioned typewriters and carbon copies. Just in case. But as long as the grid is up, print out a news letter with your electronic devises.

    Pen and paper are going to be important again. Home made dyes and old fashioned printers to roll off copy.

    We need to not give up. Not watch tv lies. We can communicate but it will force us to work together. May be the worst thing for tptb. I think from now on, every thing tptb do will wind up backfiring. The instinct to survive is too powerful. Tptb are not stronger, they are on their way out. These are the actions of scared and desperate people; desperate to hold on to power, as it disappears.

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