Dead Birds showing up everywhere around the world

January 3, 2011

It looks like the dead bird story that we have been reporting on has now passed into the realm of pretty Damn Scary! It now seems to be a worldwide problem that the mainstream media has failed to report on.

These are just a small portion of the stories we have found coming in from around the world:

Dead Birds and Fish in Arkansas:

  • 5000 birds found dead in Bebee
  • Hundreds of thousands of dead fish along the Arkansas River

Dead Birds in Louisiana:


  • Japan Is on High alert after finding 23 dead migratory birds that are suspected of dying from the Bird Flu

New Zealand

  • The Ministry of Fisheries in New Zealand is reporting that they are investigating the death of hundreds of snapper fish that washed up on Coromandel Peninsula beaches on Monday January 3rd.  Visitors told Ministry officials that they found a large number of the fish with their eyes missing.

Dead Birds in Manitoba, Canada

  • Canadian Health Officials are trying to deal with thousands of birds that died suddenly. Reports coming out of Canada are suggesting an extremely dangerous strain of bird flu. (We are still trying to confirm this one….. We got a few reports from residents who heard the reports on their local radio. We were also sent press releases from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that confirmed the presence of an avian influenza virus in a commercial turkey farm in Manitoba.)


  • Ministry of Natural Resources spokesperson Jolanta Kowalski confirmed that both the MNR and Environment ministry were alerted to hundreds of dead fish that washed  on shore in the north end of the St. Clair River late last week.



  • Tens of thousands of dead fish started to wash up along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay last Thursday (dec.30th) UPDATE:  The Maryland Department of the Environment is now reporting that an estimated 2 million fish have been reported dead in the Chesapeake Bay.

Brazil – More Dead Fish:

  • 100 ton of dead fish wash up on the shores of Parana

South Korea:

South Korean officials reported 20 dead speckled teal ducks that they suspect were infected with a  powerful strain of bird flu.

Thousands of birds fall dead from the sky: (sorry this is not in English)


Shortly before midnight on Tuesday, residents of Skövde found 50 to 100 jackdaws dead in the street. The local morons are using the same excuse as in the Arkansas case, saying they suspect that the birds were “scared to death” by fireworks. The area has been closed off from the public and samples are being sent to the National Veterinary Institute.

UPDATES  1-5-2011


A stretch of the Goldstream River in Goldstream Provincial Park turned bright green late Wednesday afternoon. The fluorescent green substance flowed down into the environmentally sensitive area of the river.

Green River in Canada


A large number of dead birds started showing up today on Hwy 155 near Ore City. Wildlife Department’s Media Communication Director, Tom Harvey, says it has nothing to do with the Arkansas case.


40,000 Velvet swimming crabs were found dead along the shores of England beaches. The Crabs started washing up just before Christmas

UPDATE:  1-6-2011

South Carolina:

  • Thousands of dead fish washed up on Folly Beach this morning. DNR Officials are of course blaming it on cold weather. I guess they forgot about all the other winters where mass amounts of fish didn’t die.


  • Thousands of dead and dying turtle doves were found scattered throughout the streets of Italy yesterday. It’s being reported that the dead birds were found with a mysterious blue stain in their beaks.  The WWF in Faenza sent the birds off for testing.


  • The Swedish National Veterinary Institute put out a press release saying that the birds in Sweden died due to “sudden, hard external blows.”  They added  “We have determined that the birds have died from severe internal bleeding caused by external blows.”


  1. I heard the report earlier and I actually found it on the web and no it’s gone…. There is something weird happening here and I hope that the cover up has not started.

    I’m so sick of hearing the morns on the news saying that this is related to fireowks. B.S.!!!!!

    Something is making these birds die, and I can bet it was done on purpose. Really wish the governemnt and the media would stop treating the population like a bunch of kids and just tell us what the hell is going on.

  2. i give this page like another week before the athoritys step in. and it magicaly dissapears. our goverment tries to contain things fromus so we dont have a world wide panic. but isent that kind of the oppisite. people panic more when they dont know whats going on becuase there scarred. they dont believe the bogas explanations so they come up with there own. its quite frustrating. but they have the legal right to do it.

  3. @Jack, the Government won’t come clean with the truth because more than likely it is the Government who has caused the animals death. My guess is it is either through the chem-trails they are spraying in the sky every day all over the world, or some experimental poison, which they have releases to kill their own peoples…just like 9/11 you can bet this is all to do with an inside job. We can no longer trust those we pay to look after our infrastructures, health and welfare, instead THEY are controlled by powerful greedy people above them only interested in forming a new world order, where we will be the slaves.

  4. Obviously, I have to agree with Jack. Not that I live by paranoia, or look to place blame on the government, but come on. Most of us, know simple math. If you add two plus two , it will always equal four. In Arkansas, these birds dropped out of the sky a couple of hours before dusk. No major fireworks displays until, dark, at least. Your random bottle rockets & black cats aren’t going to tramatize 5,000 birds. Yes, Arkansas experienced deadly tornados late that evening, early Sat. morning. There were no active storms in the area at the time these birds fell from the sky. So, my question is, why are they grasping at straws & using whatever excuse happens to cross their minds. Autopsies found nothing. Only that they were were tramatized. WHAT?????

  5. My guess that this is a domino factor due to pollution, thousands of dead fish equal hundreds of dead birds, which the major bp oil spill that happened in the gulf. I am really wondering if the toxins are causes malfunctions in fish, hence why they have no eyes, and if the birds eat the fish that are contaminated this could be why there is a quote on quote “bird flu”

    this is just my opinion as i have done a lot of observations on the bp oil spill and that shit spread EVERYWHERE.

  6. Better gear up for the apocalypse. Just because it’s coming from the government instead of nature doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen.

  7. It certainly looks like Armageddon is upon us.
    Sad about a suspected gov. cover up. Seems
    logical that they would till they are sure.

    I guess I will be shopping to store more non perishables
    but really what difference will it make?

  8. Starting to look like end of days. What is the chance of this die-off going on in the last week? and around the world. Dang!

  9. The end is at hand. Better start making it right with him reallY i mean fast. Hes trying to warn us but if youre not paying attention to his warnings youre gonna end up in a bad place that you dont wanna be in. This is the time to restore a relationship with him. Hopefully everyone will wake up. “No More Fairy Tales” This is really happening. Everything that the bible says is comming true. God Bless People :)

  10. Just seen your comment on Facebook about that idiot Glenn beck making fun of people who are reporting this story. It’s people like that Fake over at Fox news that make it impossible for the truth to come out.

    I wish people would realize that the Guy is not a real conservative. Thanks Offgrid for keeping up on this story…. anyone that thinks that this many animals dying at one time is not a story is delusional!

  11. How the birds fly and follow a right orientation? Electromagnetic
    waves from North Pole? Probably something is cooking these thousands of fish around the world ,is there something cooking down there? 2 earthquakes of 7 in South America in one week?
    I believe we have to be alert the next 2 weeks because this is a very serious issue……….

  12. I don’t think Glenn Beck was making fun of the reports of the dead birds and fish. He was making fun of the NEWS media that doesn’t report these things. You kinda have to know his humor and what he’s been talking about. He was pointing out that the New York times tell you on the front page that our economy is doing well and on the same page, it shares how our food and gas prices are about to soar.
    No, he is concerned about this. He is the one who brought us the truth on George Soros, don’t discount him so fast. He checks on his material and then dives in and investigates.

  13. How nice and easy we are! Today in Canada, we have many infos about a “possible” sick cow in Alberta and a single batch of bad cheese potentially infected in Quebec provinces, lol…But when 5000 birds die a day, 100 000 fish the other, then when it continues during 1 week with tons of events around the world, of course we have no infos at all. I mean, we live in Northern america and we need to go on the internet, or try to find the infos by calling directly peoples in others states to know what’s happening exactly!…No doubt that the media cover up is not sufficient and no doubt that the gouvernement and the chiefs of media are all trying to stay low profile with these events.

    Your power is fadind…There is no Truth in your powers

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