Decorated Combat Veteran arrested in New York: Charged with 5 felonies for possession AR magazines

This is an old article, the article on the situation in Putnam County New York can be seen here

Army Vet Nathan Haddad

In the latest attack on the American people, a decorated War Hero has been arrested and charged with five counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, for having empty 30 round AR-15 Magazines in his vehicle.

On Sunday January 6th Staff Sgt. Nathan Haddad, a decorated combat veteran, was driving through Jefferson County New York when he was randomly pulled over for a vehicle check. Haddad, who had five 30 round empty magazines in his possession, was arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and charged with five felony counts.

According to Haddad’s brother, Michael Haddad, Nathan thought these magazines were legally made before the New York Assault Weapons Ban. When Nathan Haddad was arrested the new ban had not even been fully enacted yet.

This is not a criminal, this is not some thug looking to hurt people; this is a decorated combat veteran who was recently honored by the Philadelphia chapter of Blue Star Mothers and the Union League’s Armed Services Council for helping disabled vets get back on their feet. What’s happening to Army veteran Nate Haddad is an absolute attack on liberty. Here we have a man who honorably served his country, who was trusted with weaponry that far exceeded anything he was carrying, that now finds himself facing the possibility of spending years in prison.

Still think these gun control laws are meant to stop criminals?

Nathan Haddad’s brother has set up a legal defense fund for his brother who cannot afford to fight these charges on his own. We ask that you share this story with everyone you know so that this attack on Hassad is seen for what it is, an attack on every law-abiding citizen in America.

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  1. Are you clowns serious…..? Quick fact check here… If you are in the military then you will have in your possession at some time or another 30 round magazines.. And for all the Leo’s out there that can’t use a little common sense in the U.s.a. Then go ahead and turn in your badge, do us a favor and GTFO of this country.

  2. Everyone is over reacting. The true story is this.
    The incident occurred in Mayberry. The deputy sheriff was Barney and Andy was on a day off. Incidentally, Barney could never get in trouble as he only carried one bullet.

  3. Wise up men. If this dude had illegal stuff in his car and got popped for it, he’s responsible. And if you don’t like the law, change it. If he needs some money to pay for his lawyer, and the fund is legit, I’m in also. Even someone doing something stupid (and being a gun-toting veteran one would assume he has a higher level of understanding and responsibility) deserves help getting out of trouble. But this isn’t anyone’s “fault,” in any other country he might have been shot on the spot, here he has due process. Cops make arrests based on their judgement, sometimes they are way off base, that is life. Not the system. But if this has gone past the preliminary hearing and he was actually charged with a crime, there is MORE to the story than is stated. That is ALWAYS the case.

  4. “Ours was the first revolution in the history of mankind that truly reversed the course of government, and with three little words: ‘We the People.’ ‘We the People’ tell the government what to do; it doesn’t tell us. ‘We the People’ are the driver; the government is the car, and we decide where it should go, and by what route, and how fast. Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which ‘We the People’ tell the government what it is allowed to do. ‘We the People’ are free.” – Ronald Reagan, Presidential Farewell Speech, Jan. 11th, 1989

  5. The law in NYS is that it is illegal to have more than a 10 round mag unless made before the 1993 AWB. The new ban brings it down to 7 rounds and no grandfather clause. But we have one year to either destroy them or sell them to someone outside of NYS. If you have a ten round mag (made before this ban) you may keep it but not load more than 7 rounds in it. These new laws here are the silliest laws yet. The fact that they even included the not loading more than 7 rounds in the law is just absurd. The best part of all is now we need to do a NICS background check just to buy a box of ammo. As if its not hard enough to get ammo right now. Now you need to wait upwards an hour to buy a 20 round box and its now illegal for residents to buy online. These new laws help no one and only hurt people like in this story. I am hopeful that the NRA finds the silver bullet to strike down this law. The state senators were given the law 20 minutes before they had to vote on it. I personally let my rep know that he lost my vote and I will knock him every chance I get, since he voted for the law and he is in the GOP. I told him he should run for his true party next time around b/c I dont think the party members will forget this.

    When will you people in NYS ever learn that you must force your state legislators to pass statute law preempting municipalities from passing any laws pertaining to firearms, or for that matter …taxation.

    New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states have preemption so only the state can enact firearms laws.
    a.That eliminates hundreds of towns and counties from adding to the confusion.
    b. Gives the voting groups more power to shape the laws.
    c.Lays a groundwork for legal standing in suits against municipalities.

  7. Facts:

    1. Mr. Hassad was not currently engaged in active military service, respectively.

    2. Mr. Hassad was not on a military installation at the time of the arrest.

    3. Mr. Hassad was in possession of Five: 30 (Thirty, Three Zero, 10+20) round magazines, which were outlawed in 1994.

    4. The magazines were marked “Restricted LE/GOVT Use Only” which proves they were issued after 1994 (post ban and illegal since 1994 in NYS) and they also had date of manufacturing proving they were made after 1994.

    5. The new S.A.F.E. law Cuomo jammed down the peoples throats does not take effect regarding 7, SEVEN round magazine capacities until April 2013.

    6. A police officer in NYS has Zero, Zip, Nada, 000, discretion in making FELONY arrests, an arrest HAS TO be made when a FELONY crime is observed regardless of his beliefs about gun laws.

    7. Mr. Hassad was not randomly stopped, NOR at a roadblock, checkpoint etc. He was seen PARKED on the side of a back road, during the night time.

    8. Mr. Hassad was determined to be waiting for a guy to meet him on this back road to sell him the illegal magazines. Why didn’t they meet at a gun store?


    1. Mr. Hassad is attempting to raise money and profit from his crime and utilize the anger over Cuomo’s new laws and exploit Hassad’s former military career by gaining support from military servicemen and women.

  8. Do NOT enter a plea.
    If you do then you accept the jurisdiction of the court.
    The govt is de-facto now so make this ‘debt collector corporation’ prove
    a) legitimacy
    b) authority
    c) jurisdiction

    Make them prove that they, as public servants, have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution FOR the PEOPLE of the united states of America and that they will FIRST uphold your natural law rights.

    Good luck

  9. Ridiculous!!!!!! How about some discretion? If it was a random check. If all credentials were good and all was in order with the Vet other than an error in judgement how about a warning and thanking him for his service. Some laws u can’t overlook but in this case a little common sense would have went a long way. I’m in law enforcement and I go home and sleep well at night knowing I target the real criminals.

  10. Basically our government is doing exactly what Hitler did just before WWII. The lovely fools are making it easy for the criminals and will do nothing for the law abiding citizens , basic tyranny of the constitutional rights of every american.

  11. As a police officer in NYS for over 20 yrs, I have had numerous opportunities to be in contact with military personnel and from personal experiences, most have been pleasant. Unfortunately I have also had my share of cocky assholes. i highly doubt this guy is the innocent party you all are portraying. I’m sure there is a lot more to this than what is being told and if a felony was in fact committed, discretion goes out the window, highly decorated veteran or not.

  12. Sheriff Joe here in Maricopa County Arizona, would not ever arrest a law abiding citizen, let alone a decorated combat veteran. This is the Great State of Arizona where our civilans exercise their Second Amendment Rights with both concealed and open carry.
    Our officers uphold the Constitution, but, of course, this is not NEW YORK!!!

  13. “I,Retired Master Sergeant Ellery Gotay, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God”

    • Hey brother thanks for your svc. but if your planning on following this Obayme crowd until the make it or break it moment…feel sorry for you…if not “good on ya”.

  14. Greetings, while i disapgree with the assault weapons ban we must relaize that, as with any news article things can be taken out of context. AR-15 magazines are not allowed in NY if they are new than 1984 do not ask me why. I know that I had some to sell and i could not ship them to NY as i could not prove the date of manufacture. in stead of risking B.S. like this I kept them.

    we do not know why this guy was stoopped or what probable cause the officer had to search or if the guy just (stupidlly) gave consent. as an American citizen i absolutey refuse when a cop asks to search me or my car. i do not run drugs or guns but i am not going to let them look just the same. NEVER LET A COP SEARCH YOUR EFFECTS. period. i dont care if “you have nothing to hide” it is just not right to allow them to paw at your stuff.

    we do not know if this guy gave the cop a hard time.
    so when reading this article please realize that there is a lot of facts missing. and no offense to the people who wrote it, journaist have a tendancy to sensationalize a particlular point of view. this happens in about every article that you read in about every news source available. lets wait to see what the facts are before we pass judgement.

  15. To Rob,
    we do not have even close to what was going on prior to WW2 not even near the mark of Hitler. Hitler loosened gun laws, he wanted an armed citizenry, he needed them to be gun savy. Hitler did not even use body gaurds per se. there was no worry about him being shot by the people. Our type of government far from the type of government gernamy had at the time. not only to we have the federal government we have 50 individual governments. what one state does not make the whole nation . Obama has not outlawed the constituion nor could he. that has to come from congress. and it needs to be voted on by the senate. read the constituion. George W.Bush did more to harm the personal liberties of the American citizen than Obama. Bush gave us Homeland Security ,the TSA the Patriot Act, NDAA and he made the Coast Gaurd part of homeland security. Obama just wants responsible gun ownership. Bush wanted to protect the republican culture of slave labor an arm citizenry woukld threaten that.

  16. Well that is life in NYS…thanx Gov Cuomo you now made sure that the criminals of this state will be well armed as they always are no matter what kind of gun ban you enact. Now law abiding citizens who serve there country become targets of these laws…utterly ridiculous. I am ashamed to be a New Yorker after reading this. Most of my family have left this state, & I am determined to join them. I can no longer arm & protect myself as the 2nd Amendment allows & I also carry the largest TAX burden of any citizen in this country, thanx again NYS…but that’s another story.

  17. What is a random vehicle check? are you just pulled over and searched at random? Sounds like that alone violated his 4th amendment rights before the idiotic arrest.

  18. This would be an excellent test case for the courts. Hopefully the Supreme Court would put a stop to this nonsense once and for all. I’m sure that if he set up a fundraising website to hire an attorney he would get plenty of money.

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