Despite Mandatory Power Outages, Multiple Fires Breaking Out Across California

Fire crews are battling at least 4 different wildfires burning throughout the State of California; this all comes as California residents are facing mandatory power blackouts that were supposed to prevent these fires from happening.

Firefighters in Los Angeles, Sonoma, and San Bernardino counties are battling fires that have spread throughout the region.

Kincade Fire: The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County has spread to at least 10,000 acres this with no containment. The fire is about 80 miles north of San Francisco.

Old Water Fire: Evacuations were ordered this morning for a portion of north San Bernardino after a brush fire started at approximately 2 a.m. today.

Tick Fire: The blaze scorched 5,000 acres and at least one building in northern Los Angeles County today.

Sepulveda Basin Fire: Crews are battling a fast-moving brush fire that broke out at the Sepulveda Basin. The fire has grown to 30 acres and is currently 20% contained.

The fires come as California’s electric utility companies had just cut power to almost half a million residents in order to “prevent” these wildfires from starting. But of course this is California, so the good liberals did nothing about the homeless encampments where many of these fires are suspected to have started.

In fact, the Sepulveda Basin fire started at a known homeless encampment, and many residents are asking why they were forced to live without power while degenerate drug addicts were allowed to  build fires during the Red Flag conditions.

And in Orange County, another fire that looks like it may have been purposely set by 2 “homeless” men…

California failed to manage its forests, allowing environmental groups to create deadly conditions.

While idiotic politicians in California blame the hoax known as climate change, they’ve allowed environmental wackos to write state policies banning controlled burns and the clearing of dead wood and underbrush. California has become a tinderbox because its forest floors are left untouched, blanketed with dry kindling.

During last year’s fires, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told reporters “When lawsuit after lawsuit by, yes, the radical environmental groups that would rather burn down the entire forest than, than cut a single tree or thin the forest,” Zinke told reporters. “And it’s easy to find who, who is suing, and who promulgates these destructive policies.”

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  1. As long as people build homes where they do, and natural fire hazards exist, there’s going to be fires. No getting around it. It’s like all these people who continue to build on the seaside after a hurricane or superstorm, if one comes your home is toast, I have little empathy for California as a state anyway!

  2. Maybe do something to change the overwhelming homeless population for the better. Stop taking in immigrants for a few years and maybe there will be money to help the homeless and broken people of California. No longer doing controlled burns in forested areas is just stupid and dangerous. This could all mostly be prevented now you will spend millions/ billions to fight these fires, clean up and rebuild. Makes no sense. #thisshitdonthappeninsouthjersey #gardenstate

  3. It’s a combination of very dry conditions, poor management, lack of preparation, over population (the homeless) and eco terrorism. During the winter the brush, shrubs and small trees will come back and you will have the same thing over again. It’s really sad.

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