Detroit Police Warn Enter City at Your Own Risk

Detroit SignThe Detroit Police is admitting that they are grossly understaffed and can no longer keep the city safe. In fact, they are actually warning people that they believe the city has become too dangerous to enter.

The Detroit Police Department is holding a rally today to let the public know that the explosion in violent crime has turned the city into a war zone that they can no longer police. The “Enter At Your Own Risk” rally is meant to inform the public that the officers have become fearful for their own lives, which they blame on an epidemic level of violence caused by budget cuts and a grossly understaffed police force.

Detroit has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world with one of the highest homicide rates in the country.

Here is the flyer that police are distributing to the public:

Detroit Police Enter at your own Risk Rally Flyer

Epidemic Level of Violence on the Streets of Detroit:

In this video, security cameras caught a group of criminals storm a Detroit gas station and then the violently beat the clerk. Residents say that these flash mobs have taken over the city, and say these violent beatings have become a daily occurrence.

Welcome to Detroit…. Is this coming to a city near you?

Detroit abandoned

Downtown Detroit

abandoned drug homes in Detroit

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    • I agree I am from s.w. Detroit as a kids it was bad… now its total BS …I took my family to visit with grandma and I got In a fight at mcdonalds ….wow string them up give the city back to hard working people the ones who help build our country

  1. I would pull the trigger. Are you kidding me? Who cares about these failures of life? Pull the trigger and rid this city of these thugs. Clean up the blood and move on. Who cares if they have loved ones? If they loved them so much then they would teach them how to be honest citizens. I honestly would kill these idiots. Make them think twice about stealing a candy bar. Would you risk your life to steal?

    • I agree with “angrycitizen”! No one in the United States, trying to work a job making an honest living should have to put up with their life be threatened!! This liberal mentality just proves that those that are in the “entitlement” age group feel they are entitled to everything!! And they don’t give a damn rat’s butt if they mess you up to get it. The majority of this countries youth is just pathetic.

      • Its NOT a liberal thing…..its a thug mentality during a recession. Seriously? Do you think they give a sh!t who the President is? Do you think if Romney gets voted in, the criminals in Detroit are going to go “Oh, we should probably stop doing this…” Its not a liberal thing, its not a republican thing. Its crime…and a lack of authorities to deal with it. Get a grip.

        • It’s not even a recession thing!! It’s complete and utter disregard of RESPECT, UP BRINGING, ETHICS and MORALS. I was born and raised in Detroit and my parents moved us more then 100 miles away because Detroit was becoming an unrulely and unsafe city in the middle to late 60’s. This is because everyone is afraid to properly punish their kids. No reaction to their actions will result in just what Detroit is getting what it’s created!! Sorry but the truth people!!!

    • a lot of people ARE “pulling the trigger” : that’s why Detroit has had a huge surge of justifiable homicides. PEOPLE ARE SICK OF BEING BULLIED BY THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. Detroit is a textbook example of why “liberalism” is a bullshit philosophy that has no place in the real world

    • Angry citizen, I think you and I are on the same page but with all due respect allow me to pose this question? What is a ‘clean honest citizen?’ If the econommy is so bad and an unemployed desparate father sells a little cocaine to a grown man so he can feed his family is he the criminal or is the dirtbag politians and CEOs that created that situation who are are responsible. If somebody like Obama bans guns, and I decide to say “fuck you, you are in viollation of the constitution” and violate that law, am I a criminal or an American? I have learned that just because a man is wearing a badge and uniform does not guarantee that heis one of the good guys and the man in the yard wearing the orange jumpsuit may happen to be a very good peron who was put there because of a stupid law prohibiting a ‘victimless crime; put there by ‘real criminals.’ our
      tyrats. Lastly we are all sinners? I am curoius to know what you think about my opinion. This is not a fight or an argument. We are just exchanging views so what can you say that?

  2. Naive Americans still think it is a matter of “bad people”, instead of looking to their rotten and corrupt capitalistic-oligarchic system in the eyes. Cowards. There are no “bad people” or “honest citizens”, there are only corrupting social systems which create frustrated, forgotten, uneducated, with nothing to loose human beings.

    • There may be corrupt people, as there is in every profession, but that is no excuse to steal and murder. There ARE bad people AND honest people, it’s called having a conscience. Blaming others for your faults and wrong doings is irresponsible and immature.

    • Hey Rony, do you actually LIVE in Detroit? For that matter, do you live on planet Earth? I’ll bet you my next paycheck that you’re just the sort of pasty white finger pointing crybaby that these “misunderstood” people would rape and sodomize before cutting your throat and laughing while you choked to death on your own blood.

      Your mommy’s calling Rony: she wants you to finish your coloring book while the grownups do the talking

    • Michigan as a whole is corrupt. In Detroit they cant fight crime on the street because there busy raiding the elderly and sick for there legal medication.

  3. Elections have consequences. 40 years of the welfare state and electing black Democrats have resulted in this. It’s a case study. I have no sympathy.

    • Black Democrats ???? Where did that come from, the last time I checked there were way more white folk getting government handouts including corporate welfare soooooo I would say electing those wicked white folk have resulted in “THIS” lolol WAKE UP !!! Reality sucks but at least it’s real !!!!

      • You’re right; it’s about the liberal, socialist, Democrats (no matter their color) that have created this MONSTER!!

    • I agree with jbourneidentity. I grew up Downriver and spent many years working in Ecorse (no garden spot, either). As kids we used to ride the bus downtown to go to Hudson’s and spend the day. Detroit started to tank when Coleman was elected. I get tired of seeing photos showing destruction as if it’s unique to Detroit. Some of these buildings have been abandonede since the 50s, and you can find these kinds of areas in all big cities and most older, manufacturing based mid-sized cities.

  4. Meh. Sounds to me like the police union is getting ready to demand a pay raise. They blame violence on the lack of police. PLEASE.

  5. i wonder what would happen if God got put back into schools…for the naysayers…better a moralistic brainwashing than the extremely poor quality of students coming out of city schools. read any study on what’s happened after they took God out, and my point will easily be proven.

      • Catholics and extremists? Yes (the Catholics were responsible for the Crusades, not Protestants.) they caused atrocities. But compared to most every group in the world, I’d put my trust in Protestant Christian hands long before any one else’s.

        • Darksteel: Please keep your anti-Catholic bigotry to yourself. And read some history while you’re at it. It has no place here.

          Protestant hands are just as bloody if you want to look at it that way. They martyred many Catholics.

          And you’re right about the Catholics being “responsible” for the Crusades. Most if not all of them occured before the Protestant Revolt came along.

          By the way, you can thank the Catholics that you aren’t a Muslim. It was the Crusaders that prevented them from overtaking Europe.

    • AB, I left LA because of people similar to you, with your convictions (or lack of them). There is a statue in a suburb of Massachusetts called the Matrix of Liberty. You should check it out. It is a road map to Freedom….something you have lost.

  6. Someone should take a look at the comparison between Hiroshima 65 years ago and Detroit today, as well as Hiroshima today.
    There are many location out there, the one above seems to be a better layout.
    The point is, after a nuclear attack, our country threw money into rebuilding Japan and look at it now. On the flip side, out country threw welfare money into Detroit and look at it now!

    Hey, you know, you could be considered quite the entrepreneur if you have 15 children with five different women and collect over $125,000 a year in welfare funds, just for sitting on your arse and making babies, that will continue the pattern.

    HEY, sign me up, I’ll vote for any liar of a politician that will keep giving me something for nothing (sarcasm).

  7. Do any of you even live in Michigan? Sorry for this storybook rant… but your comments confuse and piss me off. :D

    Besides Granholm, who had 2 terms and was democrat (but not black), we’ve had ALL WHITE MAN REPUBLICAN governors as far back as I can remember, at least 20 or so? After Granholm came Snyder… and ALL 3 of them put Michigan in the tanking state we are in today. Snyder keeps it like this, not having done a THING to help our economy. Every measure he’s passed has just made it worse.
    Back to the news story, it’s not as bad as they make it out to be. Yeah, yeah… America’s most dangerous city. I live smack between Flint, Saginaw and Detroit, which all 3 (I’m pretty sure) have been in the top 10 for like, ever. I live 2 hours from Detroit and this is the first I’ve even heard of this. We have a great, conservative dominated community with absolutely nothing going on and we’re only 20 minutes from Flint. In fact, a bunch of us were just in Detroit for a football game and the only thing we noticed were the handfuls of homeless people begging for food and money… so welfare making these people like this? I highly doubt it. Republicans and their wealth squelching, poor stomping, not giving a crap about the 47%, cutting teachers and police enforcement (the cutting teacher, law enforcement, rescue responder issues brought to you by REPUBLICAN governor SNYDER btw), I think so. He’s cut our state police, local police, teachers, fire and emergency services to the point where Flint and Saginaw are practically burning to the ground. And while some may say good riddance, others would say… what a shame, now we have ### this many more homeless people with no where to go, no help to get, AND no jobs to have. Snyder made those cuts. Snyder is the CAUSE of all of this going on Michigan.
    Some may point at Granholm… “She made it worse!” That may be the case but Engler, another white man tanked us to start.

    So then, you need to take a moment and think really hard about where welfare came from. The first forms of it started with a WHITE MAN, republican president. Records show that Republicans have messed things up just as bad if not worse in the last 25 years as liberal, “black” elected officials. Which is sort of funny… because I remember all these years of white men presidents? Only recently having the 1st black president, so maybe I’ve been living under a rock? Where are all of these black elected officials who created this mess because we’ve been living in it for decades now.

    This WHITE PERSON is telling you to take your racism and shove it. It’s not a “black” official’s FAULT. I think you must have forgotten the whole last three DECADES, in which white men like Bush, Clinton, OH and Bush Jr! ran our country into hasty wars, wreaking havoc on the economy, giving corporations too much power, giving the rich major tax cuts, punishing the middle class, pushing a 3 trillion deficit to 10 AND EFFECTIVELY creating the barren wasteland that we are today. So, don’t point your finger at the Black dude… he’s only had the reigns for 4 freaking years. Granted he didn’t fix it the way everyone expected him to. He can’t turn water to wine! He can’t walk on freaking water. We’ve been damned since Bush Jr…. nothing is going to fix this. NOTHING.

    SO! I think we’re FAR BEYOND POINTING FINGERS at this point… pointing fingers is what has PUT US HERE to begin with. “Oh! it’s the republicans! They’re stealing our reproductive systems and not letting us say vagina!” to “Ohmygosh our black president is a musliiiiiiiiim even though we have freedom of religion written in the constitution, the same one that allows us freedom to own gunnnnnnns and I can’t tell when somethings photoshopppppped!” (My impressions of the complaining crap mouths from both liberals and conservatives)

    And I say this:

    Grow a pair… take responsibility and start actually trying to come up with a strategy to fix it if you care so much you’re going to cry about it! You don’t like it but not going to do anything about it?
    I was always told to shut up if all I was going to do was complain and cry about something like a baby and not try to actually come up with a productive answer… be it from finding tylenol for a pain in my leg to problems with my algebra homework to now not being able to find work (I started my own greatly successful business).
    There may be a whole slew of reasons why Detroit, Michigan and even the US is the way it is… but trying to lay blame on who’s fault it is instead of figuring out the why and what to do, is unproductive.
    Your racist, bigoted attitude is also unproductive.

    • So what you’re saying is that you don’t live in Detroit, either…but YOU have the right to talk about it while nobody else does. Yep, no double standard there, I guess.

    • Well thought out response notsobad. Its a hell of a lot easier to fall back on blaming an individual than fixing the problem.
      Another thing to think about is that the police at least have guns, imagine how scary it must be for teachers.


  9. It is not just one place this is happening folks. It is in your towns each and everyday. Drug use up due to poor economy, crime up due to lack of jobs and people sick of being poor, alcohol abuse is up too.
    More cops is not the answer. More people willing to fight for change is. No government solutions this time people must ban together and be the change they wish to see.

    • Unfortunately your plan relies on the blind, ignorant belief that people will do good things when left to their own devices. Detroit is proof that it doesn’t work.

      • the people in detroit were not left to there on devices. they were given money that they did not earn setting a precedence that getting stuff taken from someone else (by force) is ok. that is why they turned out the way they did. until people become self reliant any do not take money that was taken by force from others you will have this bad behavioral pattern continue. men actually left to there own devices, that are taught even the smallest amount of morality, will be generally good.

  10. this is exactly what happens when Johnny Q. is disarmed and self-defense is legislated out of existence… add to that the forced expatriation of the U.S. steel industry to foreign countries… top it off with unfair and unbalanced auto imports then add the cherry with exorbitantly paid union workers and their organizational leader thugs who believe, like the socialists, that they are owed a living off the backs of others…

  11. so we will send the army to another country in a minute, but won’t send them to police one of our own cities………really

  12. My only comment is that here is a city (and State) with the toughest gun control laws in the country. So what has gun control done in Detroit?

  13. Unless I missed it, I don’t see any mention of gang activity. Thier presence is huge, and it will take the national guard to sweep them out. They control the streets, the drugs, guns, and I wouldn’t be suprised if they don’t have some politicains working as puppets. And its not just Detroit. Flint, Saginaw, Muskegon, Lansing. I live in the northern part of the state and there has been recent grafitti in Traverse City. Scary stuff.

  14. Read a book called the “Battle Hymn”. Detroit may have the highest murder rate but there are hundreds of cities not far behind. Morals and values are disappearing all over the country. No republican, no democrat will change it, ever. The corporations have too much money to throw around to lobbyists in DC. The corporations can buy anyone, anything and change any law to make it better for no one but themselves and the people that support them. I was a RN in South Carolina for a while. I saw a mom in the hospital with her 16 year old girl in a hospital bed. She had just given birth to her 2nd child. All her mother would listen to is the welfare worker about getting the paperwork to receive money for an extra baby. She said as soon as her 16 year old daughter is ready she is gonna have another baby so she can get more money from the government. Something is wrong all over the country. No more prayer, no more god, no more pledge of allegiance, no more family. It’s too late, it will never get better. It will only get worse. Nobody can change where we are heading. The politicians will never agree on anything, ever.
    When war breaks out in Iran and they cut off the oil coming out of the persian gulf, things will change for the worse. Gas will skyrocket, food will too. What would you do to feed you own starving kids. These kids in the video do what they do because they can. They don’t have any, ANY morals or values, none. Get right and get ready, you ain’t seen nothing yet. When I come back I am going to rain down on you until you beg for for mercy, but there will be none. Get right and get ready. Is there a chance for redemption, no or maybe 1 in a billion…so I’m saying there’s still a chance. I am the ONLY way.

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