Detroit Police Warn Enter City at Your Own Risk

Detroit SignThe Detroit Police is admitting that they are grossly understaffed and can no longer keep the city safe. In fact, they are actually warning people that they believe the city has become too dangerous to enter.

The Detroit Police Department is holding a rally today to let the public know that the explosion in violent crime has turned the city into a war zone that they can no longer police. The “Enter At Your Own Risk” rally is meant to inform the public that the officers have become fearful for their own lives, which they blame on an epidemic level of violence caused by budget cuts and a grossly understaffed police force.

Detroit has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world with one of the highest homicide rates in the country.

Here is the flyer that police are distributing to the public:

Detroit Police Enter at your own Risk Rally Flyer

Epidemic Level of Violence on the Streets of Detroit:

In this video, security cameras caught a group of criminals storm a Detroit gas station and then the violently beat the clerk. Residents say that these flash mobs have taken over the city, and say these violent beatings have become a daily occurrence.

Welcome to Detroit…. Is this coming to a city near you?

Detroit abandoned

Downtown Detroit

abandoned drug homes in Detroit

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  1. As a native Detroiter, I can honestly say that Detroit has gone down due to lack of good honest leadership. Coleman Young started out good, quelling the riots in the late 60’s and diversifying the police force, but then he was in office too long and his administration including his neice and former Police Chief Hart became corrupted by the drug trade.

    Hart, the then Detroit Police Chief, went to Federal Prison for his involvement with the drug trade and his Coleman’s niece, who dated a major drug dealer, the infamous “White Boy Rick” avoid serving time in the federal pen by turning state’s evidence against Rick. Fast forward 30 odd years and the corruption seeds are now sprouted with Kwame Kilpatrick and now Police Chief Godbee abusing the power of their office for a little “booty”.

    I pray that the city doesn’t rise host to the Satanic Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, that is run by former corrupt Mexican special ops military and who regularly behead people and brag and show their atrocities on Youtube…that is where Detroit is headed.

    And when that happens, the United States Military will be forced to come in and institute Marshall Law, with curfews, the State of Michigan taking over the city government and completely eliminating all remnants of past cronyism, nepotism and corruption. It’s sad and scary, but if no leadership rises up and says enough is enough, then it will inevitably get darker. And unfortunately, the National Guard and probably the United States army and special forces will have to control the city until extreme crime is controlled and law and order re instituted.

  2. It started with Coleman Young, right through to Kwame Kilpatrick. They ruined my beloved city! Level the city and start over.

  3. The news is scum. They reported this in Orlando and I still hear people say “did you hear about Detroit?” … “yes I know , War zone” it makes them feel better about the shit city they have

  4. I live in Detroit and never saw that flier. Detroit is not as bad as people make out. Just out of towners getting their rocks off here. Look in fhe mirror your town sux too.

  5. Detroit is bad, there are a few pockets of good hoods and secure areas. We have great potential to consolidate and revitalize. The burbs are getting just as bad due to rats fleeing sinking ship. Bleeding heart from Flint, get real. Head north out of D oops Pontiac, Mt Clemens, Southfield, Warren, Try south Ecorse, Del Ray go west Jackson, KZoo, Muskegon. Carry a gun my friend and keep a knife in your pocket.

  6. Even a sleepy city called Lake Worth in WPB FL is having trouble from juvenile thugs. Three different ocassions of mugging and strong armed robbery I know of. Was with a MMA Fighter friend strolling with two ladies when a thug ripped her phone from her hand and the gang scattered like roaches. They got the jump on us and got away. Another night and the ending will be different now that we are aware of the ambush dangers.

  7. They run in packs, like dogs, 4 or 5 from the shadows. It’s getting crazy when middle aged women start talking about carrying a baseball bat for protection. True story, after an only-son got mugged and his jaw broken and wired twice.

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