DHS to Purchase Another 75 Million Rounds of Ammo

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking to add even more ammunition to their stockpile, and will buy somewhere around 75.1 million rounds of ammo in the coming year.

According to a newly released report from the Government Accountability Office, DHS plans to spend $22.7 million to buy an estimated 75.1 million rounds of ammunition. The report says that DHS now has over 70,000 armed officers, and claims the ammunition will be used in “training drills.”

The large-scale purchase comes a year after DHS was accused of trying to manipulate the ammunition market, after placing purchase orders for over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in 2013. At the time, the purchase orders were ten times larger than what the U.S. Army uses on a yearly basis.

So what exactly is DHS Preparing for?

The amount of ammunition and military grade equipment being purchased for “homeland operations” is staggering to say the least. From DHS purchasing an entire fleet of Predator B Drones for use on U.S. soil, to them spending over $1.4 billion dollars to build Domestic Spy Facilities here in America, it’s really starting to look like DHS is trying to build their own private military force.

DHS Military Police Force

As we reported last year, not only has DHS been procuring large amounts of ammunition, but they’ve also been very busy militarizing police forces across the country.

Police armor vehicle

Through “terrorism grants“, the Department of Homeland Security has spent billions of dollars turning local and state police departments into a de facto homeland military force for the Federal Government. With these grants, local police forces throughout the country have equipped themselves with military grade weapons, body armor, helicopters, tanks, and armored personnel carriers.

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  1. That would give each officer 1000 rounds of ammunition. Such a number is not unreasonably high, but this is still suspicious. Not to mention all the other tech that they buy just to use here in America.

      • The article said DHS is buying 75 million rounds not 2 billion. My math skills may not be top notch but I’m pretty sure my previous answer was in the ball park.

        • perhaps he is adding this 75mm rounds to the prior rounds purchased, which exceed at least the 1.6billion mentioned in the article but I’ve seen higher estimates as well. The majority purchased have been high velocity and hollow points, not stuff I normally train with.

          Agreed though, 1,000 rounds per employee (assuming they all carry, which I’m guessing most do not) is about a year’s worth of training if they go once per month…

          • Have ya”leven read the report? DHS has only 150 million rounds on hand. How could they have purchased 1.6 Billion? Y’all spend too much time reading junk from Fatman Jones at Ignorance wars.

            Time to do you’re homework, kids. You win;t doing too good in math!

    • ATK stock symbol for company that owns brands such as FEderal Speer, CCI and they are contracted to operate the Lake City Arsenal that produces much of the Military ammo.

  2. if they NEED all this ammo, WHY? training to shoot WHO?
    is this a build up to take down America,.Obama’s New World Order (Muslom) take over? since they are allowed to do anything illegal,

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