Is the Department of Homeland Security building a domestic military force?

We’ve talked about it a number of times in the past – the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to militarize our nation’s police forces –  but it seems their efforts have been kicked into high gear as the DHS and local police forces around the country are about to take control of over 13,000 MRAPs  (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Trucks).

This isn’t the first time the Department of Homeland Security has secured these military vehicles, but it is the first time we’ve seen so many taken at the same time. Over the last couple of years, local and state police forces from around the country have secured similar armored vehicles, military weapons and even drones through so-called “terrorism grants” from the Department of Homeland Security.

With these grants, DHS essentially paid to turn local police forces into a de facto homeland military force for the Federal Government. Billions of dollars have been spent arming police forces throughout the country with military grade weapons, body armor, helicopters, tanks, and armored personnel carriers. Some of these police forces are actually better equipped than the soldiers fighting overseas.

Now, the U.S. Army is giving away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each. These high-powered military vehicles, which were built specifically for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, will now be patrolling the streets of America.

Here are some of the MRAPs that are already on the streets of America

tampa swat vehicle
Tampa Florida’s New Police Vehicles Look like something out of a Sci-Fi Movie
waterloo armor vehicle
Waterloo Iowa’s (yep Iowa’s) new Urban Assault Vehicles Purchased with a Department of Homeland Security grant for their Police Department’s “tactical teams”

Larimer County MRAP

Congress starting to take notice:

Although most of the warmongers in Congress fully support the idea of militarizing our local police forces, there are a few that are starting to express concern. In fact, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) has just introduced what may be the first bill aimed at actually limiting the amount of military weaponry taken by DHS and local police forces.

In an Op-Ed Piece written for USA Today, the congressman explained the need for his bill. He wrote:

Something potentially sinister is happening across America, and we should stop and take notice before it changes the character of our country forever. County, city and small-town police departments across the country are now acquiring free military-grade weapons that could possibly be used against the very citizens and taxpayers that not only fund their departments but who the police are charged with protecting . . .

In fact, in the last several months, the following towns around the country, many of them small, have acquired free MRAPs from U.S. war zones: Texas’s McLennan and Dallas Counties; Idaho’s Boise and Nampa; Indiana’s West LafayetteMerrillville, and Madison; Minnesota’s St. Cloud and Dakota County; New York’s Warren and Jefferson Counties; South Carolina’s North Augusta and Columbia; Tennessee’s Murfreesboro; Arizona’s Yuma; Illinois’s Kankakee County; and Alabama’s Calhoun County.

Seem like a lot? It is. And that’s only in the last few months. This trend is not only sweeping America’s small cities, it’s hitting American college campuses as well. Ohio State University recently acquired an MRAP. Apparently, college kids are getting too rowdy.

We’ve covered a number of these stories in the past; so many now, that it’s hard to believe more people aren’t concerned.

  • Why do our local police forces need advanced weaponry and armored personal carries intended for the field of battle?
  • Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying a fleet of Predator B Drones for homeland operations?
  • Why are our local police forces and government agencies now better armed and trained than some branches of our military?
  • Why is DHS still buying record amounts of ammunition?

In my opinion, we are witnessing the complete takeover of America. Not only is most of this completely unconstitutional, but it completely ignores the principles this country was founded upon.

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  1. We are more than concerned but what can we do?
    If the ammunition factories continue to ship bullets to the feds instead of selling them on the open market how are we to stop them?
    If you complain to congressman you are put on a blacklist, even if you complain legitimately. That blacklisting has been going on for decades of which I have personal knowledge.
    that is one reason I rarely communicate with them anymore, the other reason being they actually pay little attention to what citizens have concerns about. They have already made up their minds before issues become public knowledge.
    Ron Paul is about the only one with a grain of sense.
    I just don’t see that citizens have any access to a say in the fate of the nation.

    • When the Government stops doing the will of the people, according to our constitution we have the authority, obligation and the duty to change the gard,of what or whom i cant figure. The American people should occupy peacefull every foot of the district of columbia, and fire 95% of the federal government, And we the people will hire real Americans for importaint offices, The tree of liberty needs watering

  2. Remember when Liberals used to oppose this??? Pretty ironic isn’t it? Same group that used to claim to be against this sort of crap is now the same group pushing it down our throats.

  3. All I can say is that I am more than concerned. I am a pretty good idea, a soldier’s perspective, of the capabilities of these vehicles and how dangerous they can be. The thing that frightens me the most is these fiction books I read about what happens when there’s an economic collapse are no longer fiction, but becoming fact.

  4. Stop supporting the law enforcement departments that decide to use these types of vehicles. The local sheriff’s department does a yearly booster drive to support the department. Stop giving them money, spread the word, they have the finances to have a $500,000 EDO rig (yeah I know it is through a grant, but they have operating costs like fuel, training, maintenance) why am I chipping in to aid my own oppression?
    I noticed that it does mention the U.S. Army is donating these, startling!!!!
    I wonder if it is by choice or the political twist of an arm.

  5. Does the DHS really believe that all these cities police department will follow there orders? Will many turn on them with these vehicles? Do some of these police departments play the game of getting the fund to buy these vehicles to be ready when DHS turns on the people?

    We do not know 100% what will happen but I can say that there will be many in the police departments that will turn on the DHS.

  6. I did the math and that equals out to 260 per state pretty scary if you ask me. It’s like they’re expecting a fight. I wonder why?

  7. what in the world do local sheriff dept. & or the cops need vehicles like these ? stop building these—save $$ spent for such non since.
    or is Obama planning on a outright war against Americans & letting his Muslam brotherhood take over.

    • Would you rather have another small town massacre and a police force not equipped properly for it? I don’t, and yes, they need it. After the Bundy Ranch incident, yes, law enforcement needs it.

  8. Has anyone considered the possibility of Executive Orders possibly paving the way for no more Presidental Elections. Wow, to have a King Obooboo

  9. im more worried about irans nuke than i am about this can we get an update on irans nuke common im more scared about that than anything

  10. All this is satans way off taking over.He will use the ignorant powers that be to take over.Our own government will be used against us.We won’t be able to buy or sell or get any type of assistance without bowing down and following this government that is ultimately trying to control all aspects of our lives.It’s getting to the point right now that when you encounter law enforcement,your life is in danger.They are trigger happy and just wanting you to just act like you want to resist and your tazzed or beating,and at the worst shot.I don’t feel safe encountering police.Should we as citizens get out with guns drawn when police are present?There the ones with guns and shooting everyone.They definitely don’t need more equipment to terrorize the public.The end is near and our government is a tool for satan to use.We don’t need to continue to arm them.

  11. America is about to experience the Second Bolshevik Revolution ! The same ” Tribe ” behind this war on Americans was behind the first Russian Bolshevik Revolution ! Exactly 100 years since the first ! America is an occupied country ! Now the Great culling of Christians , Veterans , and Constitutionalist !

  12. This is them beefing up. And, trying to whittle us down. Another good story for this blog might be the a-holes at the ATF raiding EP Armory over selling their completely legal 80% lowers. And, threatening Ares Arms to turn over all the names of their customers… Making up the laws they want to enforce as they go….

  13. After reading and listening now for awhile, it would appear that DHS is building a military force that will work for Obama, to what end is anybodies guess.

  14. Put those vehicles out here ovomit! When the SHTF happens then I am going to get control of those and create an army for God’s people and protect them from being overrun of Godless people that are hungry for money and power. I will not attack but will stand on the front line and defend good people from bad. I pray daily for God to tell me how to stop this or tell me if this is the true end that is described in Revelations. I feel much pain in my heart for God’s people because there are not enough to fight off a nation. I have asked God to remove the hatred from my heart for the evil doers but it gets stronger everyday. Sometimes I think that I might become a vessel for His wrath and that I will give myself to His army for him to command as he sees fit.
    Call me crazy I really do not care but I am not worried or concerned because I am outright scared to pieces that satan has his hand in this this time and Revelations is unfolding before us.
    I will pray for all of us as best as I know how and hope that God’s people will be safe even if I am not. I just stood up to be a soldier on the front line, who is next to stand beside me….God forgive me and the people that do not know what they are doing and who are but puppets of evil. Lead your believers to your protection Lord and sheild them from the evil that is trying to consume them. AMEN FATHER GOD!!!

  15. I’m convinced that DHS is trying to build an Army, having said that I don’t think that local PD willing turn on the people they took an oath to protect. The days of what we have learned to take advantage of will be ending soon. Prepare your family for hard times, one recent thing that should concern every American is who has that plane? I think it’s going to be a delivery system for a bomb.

  16. Just after I read this article two things happened:I observed one of the vehicles pictured nr where I live and I tried to find the specs on the vehicles pictured. I found the wgt and history of one of the vehicles and nothing else. What does that tell you?

  17. Chris, these people you apparently trust are not on our side whatsoever. Maybe there are a few here and there who are but most are not. They show that by their own actions and words daily. They’re worse than the scumbag politicians.

  18. Glad everyone is FINALLY catching on ! The Fed’s started this during Slick Willie & Bull Dyke Hillary’s terms it started after Ruby Ridge and picked up pace after Waco.. has been going on ever since.Obammie the Commie has just pulled the shielding off and doing it in the “wide-open”

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