DHS Ammo Purchases Raising Eyebrows: Michael Savage Guest Say’s DHS Manipulating Ammo Market

ammo cartridgesThe large-scale procurement of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, is finally raising a few eyebrows in the Mainstream Media. Last week Forbes released an article asking why the Department of homeland security was buying over 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, and now a guest on the popular Radio Show Savage Nation, told listeners it was all part of a broader gun control plan.

Michael Savage, one of the top Conservative radio talk show hosts, talked to a firearms manufacturer who supplies the federal government with ammunition. The guest told Savage, who has argued that the purchases are an attempt to control the ammunition market, that he believed the Department of Homeland Security’s large scale ammunition purchases were an attempt by the federal government to dry up ammo supplies.

While this definitely doesn’t fall under the category of a smoking gun, it is good to see people finally asking some questions, and I do believe the theory is more than plausible.

For months it’s been almost impossible to find ammo; while I do believe that much of this has to do with fear, I also believe a lot of that fear is centered around those massive DHS purchases. When we have a non-military government agency who is buying up 266 times the amount of ammo that was used during the entire Iraq war, people tend to get a little worried.

The U.S. based weapons manufacturer went on to tell Savage,

“What Homeland Security is doing here, is they are issuing a contract to buy up to that amount of ammo if they wanted. They’re probably not going to buy it… it’s a way to control how much ammo is let out onto the commercial market.”

“As part of their contract, everything has to go to the government priority one, before it goes to the commercial market.”

In my opinion, this interview is something that everyone needs to listen to, especially those that wonder what’s coming. There’s a lot of good information on how ammo is made, and why the supply may be drying up. Savage also goes into why he believes the economy has maxed itself out, and how there’s a finite amount of raw good that will eventually effect every sector in this country. Here is the full interview from the Savage Nation.

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  1. I think this is one of the top theories I’ve heard and I bet this is really whats going on. I don’t think they ever actually intended on buying that much ammo they just want to screw with the market.

    • Spot on. DHS doesn’t have to purchase the rounds, they only have to solicit an order big enough to keep supply low and get their back door option for gun control. They can’t pass these gun control laws through congress, so they’ll make sure we can’t stock up.

    • ATK is the Facility Operator of Lake City Armory. They also own CCI, Speers and Federal. They are like an Arms-R-Us for the NATO friendly countries. The Government purchases using IDIQ Procurement contracts. http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/103926 An example (we’ll use the current scenario) of how it works, the government orders 1.6 billion rounds of ammo over a 5 year period. There is no delivery schedule, it is a call PO. The government says we need 10 million rounds. The 10 million rounds must be delivered from the factory to the government first before any other customer can get their resupply.

      So if the government is saying give us 10 million here and 30 million there and the public is panic buying as it is right now, the government is controlling the supply chain of ammo to the public. Ammo needs primers to be made and there is only so many primer manufacturers. ATK and OLIN are the big boys.

  2. While this makes some sense, if the ammo was not purchased then why did Big Sis refuse to talk to Congress about it? If they were blameless, they would have testified and said “We have not bought it, we have an option to do so.” Also, there is no doubt, no doubt, no question, that DHS DID buy a gross amount of ammo, days ago, that was sent to NM for training purposes…….And what about the MRAPC “tanks” that were purchased? Too much smoke and flak here to buy the theory that the ammo has not been purchased! Someone needs to contact the ammo makers and see how much ammo has been delivered…

    • I agree the .22lr shortage is very strange. I think a lot of it is price gougers who bought up large quantities for resale, first time gun owners who are buying it because it’s cheap and not intimidating to shoot, and lastly fear is a huge driver.

      • BINGO!!

        It’s also the reason for all the other calibers as well…

        Just that magic market at work-supply and demand. Drum up fear with wing nut theories and watch the supply go !poof! When everyone with a gun runs out and buys ammo!

        Now set your hair on fire about the hoarding of DHS and lack of ammo.


    • I believe this is partially due to manufacturers tooling. They do have all calibers running simultaneously, as they run them in blocks based on demand.

  3. The DHS mass purchases of ammunition has impacted the public supply of ammunition. Is this intentional as an alternate means of gun control, i.e. ‘sure, you can keep your guns, you just can’t get any more ammo.’

    Other thoughts are that the DHS is ramping up for a large scale revolution / civil uprising and are going to retaliate, or hording ‘undesirables’ to fill all those FEMA Camps mass coffins.

    While either of these speculations are plausible, one thing is certain… those that DO know are not going to tell.

  4. So what would be the point in an option to buy? There is no money to be made unless an actual purchase is made? Ammo manufactures don’t get paid unless they deliver the goods. The govt doesn’t cut a check for an option.

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