DHS to Order 21.6 Million Rounds of Ammo: 1.625 Billion Rounds Ordered in 10 Month Period

Think it’s hard to find ammo now, just wait until DHS gets done ordering another 21.6 million rounds.

Department of Homeland Security EmblemThe Department of Homeland Security has placed yet another solicitation for millions of rounds of ammunition. Late last year we outlined a number of large ammo purchases from DHS, including one for 750 million rounds of high-power ammunition and another large-scale procurement of 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo from Alliant Techsystems.

The newest bid for ammo requests 10 million .40 caliber 165 Grain, jacketed Hollow point bullets; 10 million 9mm 115 grain, jacketed hollow points; and 1.6 million 9mm ball bullets. That means in the last 10 months, the department of Homeland security has requested over  1.625 billion rounds of ammunition.

At the same time Americans are finding it almost impossible to find ammunition for their own defense, it seems the Department of Homeland security may be making the situation even worse, as they will likely secure supplies before they’re ever released to the general public. This has some asking what DHS is up to, and why the federal government is making so many large-scale purchases of ammunition.

1.625 billion Rounds is a lot of ammunition to buy up in such a short period of time. This news, combined with the fact that the government is trying to restrict what the public can buy, has some wondering if DHS is purposely trying to influence ammo supplies. If they are, it seems to be working.

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  1. the time is near for martial law…part of the agenda for collectivism our country by the Obama Marxists.Muslims in charge. Half the population will be killed by their own tax dollar purchased ammo.

  2. They know what is coming. This ammo is for domestic use only against american citizens. When this country boils over and there are riots on every street in america, the federal police force will be placed into action. Stop and think about what happened when the banks starting failing. They had to bail them out. They could not let the american people know that the FDIC did not have enough money to cover all insured deposits if the big banks failed. If you think your money is safe and sound because it is FDIC insured, you had better think again. If a single bank failed, they would cover the deposits, but if several large banks fail, they will be paying pennies on the dollar. Then all hell will break loose.

    • I was a bank engineer for 12 years, responsible for designing, implementing and managing physical and cyber security systems. Banks typically have only 5% of deposits in cash and that’s spread across all branches. A run on banks will last about the first 100 customers, and then it gets ugly. If you have have money “on paper”, then all you really have is something to start a fire with. The current revenue-tax-budget deficit problem can ONLY be fixed by 1) raising taxes, 2) cutting expenses and 3) devaluing the US Dollar. A run on banks or printing money (inflation) will devalue the dollar. The difference is printing money will take a lot longer to fix the propblem than will a “National Emergency” which would precipitate a run on banks.
      I have 80% of my wealth in real estate and my advice is if you can’t touch it, it’s not yours or it doesn’t exist. Your pension, Social security, or 401K is not yours until you’ve cashed the check in for gold or silver.

  3. Maybe this asteroid that’s in the news is not going to miss . It would explain a lot of things that are happening . The Field Exercises in City settings . The wanting to control all guns . The buying up of ammo. I’ve thought it might be that the Earth was starting a pole shift too. I don’t know but it maybe just Obama trying to become Dictator . Something is in the wind and it’s heading this way . Get as ready as you can .

  4. They are afraid. They are trying to squeeze us from every direction, and instead of getting more and more blood, they see us getting ready to fight back. All bureaucrats and tyrants know is how to oppress, and oppress harder. Jack-boot thug armies and weapons are the only methods they know, so when they are afraid, they just double down on those methods. They are doing that now. They’re buying lots of ammo because they think we’ll run from the paramilitary squads with pistols, like those will protect them from deer rifles and Mosin-Nagants.

    The American people is the worlds biggest army by more than 10x, and they would have been wise to let this giant sleep, but they didn’t. Now he’s yawning and they’re seeing BIG teeth – 140 million of them – and are afraid. As well they should be. They’re going to think the French Revolution was a walk in the park compared to the Second American Revolution.

  5. One theory I’ve been hearing is the Gov is buying up the ammo to take it off the market. At first I laughed it off. Now, with the quantities being purchased, I’m not laughing anymore.

  6. they all need to be thown on a hole and lit on fire THE TIME IS NOW!!! we’ll see this land wiped clean of this plage

  7. This rogue cop they’re all talking about. Imagine if there were only 200 of this sort (except patriots not psychopaths of course…). The only reason the US Constitution has not been restored is us. Just a few hundred in every city. That would be enough to really “change” things. Look how badly they handled this one “rogue cop” … It made them pee their pants.

    • I think there is something more to that story than is being told. If you have heard on the news about his manifesto the stuff he says isn’t crazy, it’s him trying to get revenge for something that happened to him. I’m not saying it’s okay what he did, but it seems like there is a reason for what he’s doing.

  8. It’s not only shortages to the public. It seems that local police departments are having shortages as well, especially for training. QUESTION: Against whom does DHS expect to use all that ammo on? We fought WW2 with only about 4x the ammo!

  9. I Think that our government is preparing for an economic collapse and social chaos that will follow. I will testify that ammo is hard to come by and more expensive. The price of a descent rifle has doubled and tripled in some stores If you dont have a way to protect your family or yourself DON’T be that guy what would you do if the grocery store was closed or all ammo and Firearms were sold out.. DON’T BE THAT GUY

  10. media outlet.
    DHS is comprised of various agencies to include USSS, ICE, CBP, HSI, TSA and Coast Guard. There are approximately 54,600 gun carriers/law enforcement officers in DHS. The average gun carrier is required to qualify on a quarterly basis and fires approximately 560 rounds of ammunition per year. Here is how the numbers break down:
    54,600 gun carriers x 560 rounds per year = 30,576,000 rounds needed per year for re-qualification purposes. If we divide 1,500,000,000 rounds by 30,576,000, this would mean that DHS has a 49 year supply of ammunition. I find this number astounding. Why does DHS need a 49 year supply on hand? I think the conspiracy theorists may be on to something.

  11. I think it is a compromise of both DHS and civilian purchases. I go to acadamy and they get there ammunition in every Monday, Thursday. They open at 8:00 am, but there are people waiting before the doors open and the clean the shelves of the ammo every day within 10 minutes. This is at every store a across the city. So it’s a combination of people who think they are going to outlaw guns, and bullets. Fear mongers who think the worlds going to end. Just wait a few more months after any new gun law passes and you will be able to get ammunition at a discount from all these people who were hording it. Also since the school shooting many people have started to get there CHL and get a weapons which required bulltes. If you break it down the 9mm and other hand gun ammo’s being bought up by the increased CHL. The .223 and other assualt weapon ammo is being bought up by the fear mongers and psychos who think that all assult weapons are going to be banned. Nobody wants to be in the position either at work home where someone can break in and hurt them like in the school disaster or recent home invasions. Good time to be in gun sales and bullet manufacturing though and it should create more American jobs.

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