Another Massive DHS Ammo Buy: DHS to buy 25 Million Rounds of Shotgun Ammo

At what point does the American public start asking why?

In the latest mass purchase of ammunition by our federal government, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is yet again stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition for their “federal officers.” In a solicitation placed on the Federal Governments website, DHS is requesting bids for 25 Million Rounds of Shotgun Ammunition –12 Gauge “Slug” and “Buckshot”.

In October 2013, DHS estimated it already had approximately 159 million rounds in inventory, but as we’ve highlighted in the past, these numbers are probably much higher. In fact, in February of this year, we found a report from the Government Accountability Office which exposed DHS plans to spend $22.7 million to buy an estimated 75.1 million rounds of ammunition.

And let’s not forget the DHS purchase orders placed in 2013 for a shocking 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition – which is still in effect, allowing the feds to manipulate the ammo markets and take possession of this ammo anytime they wish.

At what point does the American public start asking why?

Multiple agencies following DHS example and starting to stockpile ammunition:

It’s not just the Department of Homeland Security; it’s pretty much ever federal agency who is now stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition. While the government scrambles to pass laws limiting the public’s second amendment rights, they are at the same time arming federal employees like nothing we’ve ever seen.

  • In August of 2013, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) placed a solicitation for 3,454,000 rounds of .347 SIG ammo.
  • In January of 2014, the United States Postal Service placed a solicitation for “proposals for assorted small arms ammunition.”
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration even got in on the action and placed orders for 56,000 Rounds of .40 Caliber 180 Grain Jacketed Hollow Points and 16,000 Rounds of .40 Caliber Frangible Lead Free Rounds.

At what point does the American public start asking why?

Militarization of Local Police Forces

While these ammunition purchases raise alarm bells, even more troubling is the amount of battlefield gear and equipment being pumped into local police forces throughout the United States – something that we’ve covered numerous times over the last couple of years.

government agencies

Questions every American should be asking:

  • Why do our local police forces need advanced weaponry and Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles intended for the field of battle?
  • Why does DHS need a fleet of battlefield drones?
  • Why do so many government agencies – all of which have no real law enforcement power – need to be armed?
  • As the Feds cut billions of dollars to our military, and purge over 20,000 marines, why are they shifting that money to arm local police forces and government agencies?

At what point does the American public start asking why?

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  1. With all these prepper sites saying you need this gun and this gear why would you be shocked when the US government “preps” whether its to counter us civilians or some terrorists within its borders?

    • because it is the responsibility of the citizens to ensure their liberty, the government does this to take that liberty away.

      • Depends on the landscape. If there is a blackout and thugs are roaming the streets, I’m all for law enforcement mowing them down. Hard to tell how the munitions and vehicles will be used.

    • Amazing how brainwashed American Citizens are ans how the liberals now have no problem with the government attacking its citizens.

      Same idiots who screamed the loudest when Bush pulled this crap are now the same idiots who sit in silence.

    • Are you one of those people who believe that in event of a disaster, the grid going down, whatever, that our government can and will protect and feed your family? Protect your belongings?

  2. Who exactly said this was in any way ok with the American people?? Since 9/11 DHS has been able to trample our constitution and our rights to prepare to attack us is about what it sounds like to me. If this isn’t the reason then why aren’t they giving us a reason why they need all this ammunition and battle gear???

  3. The problem with most of the people in this country is….apathy. A friend of mine who teaches history has a word for this: isolationist. People, not the one per cent who really care , are more concerned with what is directly going on in their lives than what is occurring in this country. The problem with this is, like the way most people were in the 1930’s, isolationist, they never see a Pearl Harbor coming, and are shocked when it occurs. Speaking of Pearl Harbor, I once asked an elementary class on Dec 7th what happened that day. No one knew the answer, not even the student who had vacationed at Pearl. When the class came time to salute the flag in the morning, usually several students did everything, but salute flag. With that in mind, I’ll bet most people aren’t even aware of those MRAPs going to law enforcement. This a prime example of the apathy in this country. A man once said: “those who choose to ignore the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.”

    • Careful Old Soldier. We might offend someone honoring Our Country, Our Flag, Our Warriors. You know we make students learn a bunch of crap. But not Our history, Respect, Honor and Morals. Thank you for you service, Sir.

    • Last night and today it has been brought to our attention who these MRAP’s are for. Hell I had to go back and check the spelling. I was. Trying to see if my town had them when I stumbled on this article and the replies.

  4. I sure wish they would post more things about survival and less about the news. I am well aware of how crappy and corrupt our government is, which is why I come here to get useful survival info to help me when the government really goes rogue.

    • What do you mean “when they go rogue” They already have. That just shows that you are not really “aware”of what,s going on and need to read the news posted here

    • You can only prepare for the climate your in. It would do you no good to learn and prepare for desert survival in Florida.
      The ‘climate’ that you should be preparing for is in this news, not what you see on TV.

  5. The Feds are placing the vehicles all over the country so if/when they move in, the Feds will commandeer these vehicles. In the meantime, the duped local law enforcement maintains these vehicles at their own expense. How many local officials have the balls to stand up to the Feds? They bow to the Feds out of fear the money flow from the Feds will stop. Never bite the hand that feeds.

  6. Between what happened from 9/11 to the Boston bombing, issues with Russia, and other terrorist threats of late. I don’t believe the Governemnt can protect us as they say they supposedly can! Our forefathers put in the second amendment for ALL people to have the right and ability to carry arms in the event for protecting ourselves and country from foreign or domestic instead of taking those liberties away! It SHOULD NOT be left up to just our Governemnt agencies to protect us, as we have seen time and time again how that very Government has failed miserably to help in times of crisis!
    It should be up to ALL law abiding citizens to have and carry a firearm in accordance to our second Amendment rights!
    The statement by rumpledone is correct, that Government agencies are storing the vehicles for the time they need them having local agencies care for and maintain them.
    With the way things are going in our Fed. Government I have a sinking feeling that “We the People” are headed down a road that may be detrimental to All! It may not be long in coming I believe! Most of the kids nowadays don’t know and don’t want to know about Our history and how we came to be here! They would rather live day to day blind to the obvious going on around them, thinking everything is ok…. how sad to see that most of the population of the United States have become nothing more than sheep to be led to be sheared and slaughtered!

  7. Why are you people so paranoid. Law enforcement officers are facing huge threats from well armed gang bangers and domestic terrorists live Clive Deadbeat Bundy. I want my fellow law enforcement professionals to be prepared to take on the Crips or any seditious militia that would seek to overcome our democracy. I am a law enforcement officer and I will personally arrest any so called promise keeper who fails to carry out a lawful order to keep the peace and maintain order! I will however defend the constitution and the laws of the United States. I will respect the chain of command from the President of the United States on down! W

    • And you are obviously a leftist idiot. No longer denigrate the name liberal by using it. Change your name to the idiot leftist pig.

    • Even if it is an unlawful, unconstitutional order? If so, you are the type we fear. And I have never seen a gangbanger driving a MRAP or anything similar. Have you?

    • Molon Labe there are a lot more of us than you buddy. Come and try it bring your MRAP you’ll need it. Long live the republic.

  8. Cliven Bundy is the last rancher left in the county. The BLM forced out all the others. Developers have been after his property for years. Have you seen all the golf courses and country clubs around Bunkerville? That used to be ranches owned by Americans. He doesn’t want to sell. So what do you do? Send in the government goons (like lib perp) to take the property and turn around and sell it to the developers for a tidy profit. The BLM has revenues 5 times its operating costs. The militia kept the peace and the constitution in tact. The ‘crips’ you speak of will never fight for anything but personal gain. And you want to shoot us? molan labe goon.

  9. whatever companies sell to the gov rather than citizens no longer deserves our business. please stop doing business with these companies who help make it hard for us to restock our supplies. please

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